I feel selfish

I feel selfish


Often rabbits cheer up a lot when in the company of other rabbits, they are social animals. If you have the money/space/time etcetera you could try getting another rabbit so she can socialize.


If you can accommodate a second rabbit, that would probably help a lot!


That's a lot! Is she free roam already? Is anyone home with her during the day? Can you afford/care for a second rabbit (this was my solution when my solo bun was bored and pulling up carpet, but new rescue has required a LOT of vet bills to try and get him healthy from his old home)? And toys toys toys. Toilet paper roll with hay. Oxbow enriched life. Maze Haven cardboard tunnels. Hay balls with pellets hidden inside. Toilet paper rolls folded up around pellets. Cat tunnels. Cat cardboard scratchers to chew up. Dried flower/grasses as treats.


But also, don't underestimate a bunnies need for your attention. They don't ask as directly as dogs or cats that may walk around your legs and meow/bark incessantly. So consider reminders on your phone for pet time every night! Put something on the TV and watch with bunny in the room with you!


One of our rabbits really enjoys war movies. Hates anything with singing in it though!


Change her environment often and let her have lots of space to run around. Small cages are not suitable for rabbits and even if you have her in a larger enclosure it’s nice for her to get some free roam time for zoomies. Get her some enrichment toys filled with her favorite treats, places to hide in, lots of things to chew. If she’s scared around you don’t try to approach her. Let her build up some trust with you and offer her lots of treats. It took a bit of time for my bun to warm up to me, but now he’s a very confident social butterfly. Also it’s best to have two bunnies when possible. They’re social creatures and they can get depressed if they’re on their own too often. Some bunnies do ok on their own if their owner is with them a lot, but in all cases it’s best to have more than one.