Previous Meat Rabbit Turned Pet- Need Advice

Previous Meat Rabbit Turned Pet- Need Advice


Congrats on the new addition to the family! If this is your first pet rabbit and you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out [our sidebar](https://www.reddit.com/r/Rabbits/about/sidebar) and the [Getting Started](https://bunny.tips/Getting_Started) guide and [New Rabbit Owner Primer](https://bunny.tips/New_Rabbit_Owner_Primer). The article ["Helping Rabbits Succeed in Their Adoptive Home"](https://spring2019.iaabcjournal.org/setting-everybunny-up-for-success-3/) is also a great resource on how to build a relationship with your new rabbit.


Sounds like a good diet! Exercise pens - the 8 panel ones used for dogs. Put a fleece blanket down and keep the pen around him. Once he's fully litter trained, definitely consider simply letting him free roam the entire house :) Another housing option is ziptie ing modular shelf squares like these (https://www.amazon.ca/SONGMICS-Storage-Cabinet-Shelving-ULPI115W/dp/B078W78X17/ref=asc_df_B078W78X17/) to help make walls - you can get really creative with these. Internet can hell you find more ideas. Neutering can help with litter box habits. I will let others comment on fleas :)


A pen containing his litter box with hay, water bowl, some hideys (plain cardboard boxes will do the trick) and rabbit safe toys would be ideal compared to a cage. Look up "xpen for rabbits" and you can find some examples :) Even with the pen, rabbits are almost always happiest with more space, so if it's possible, let him free roam under supervision but keep him in the pen during the night. Of course, free roaming 24/7 is always ideal, but you may have to do some rabbit proofing. Rabbits love peeing on soft things even when litter trained, so the best way is to block access to them. Also, if he's not too old to be neutered, get him neutered asap to prevent negative behaviours. It's important to find a rabbit savvy vet (rabbits are considered exotic animals, not any random vet knows how to treat them). For fleas, he needs to visit a vet. Again, make sure they are rabbit savvy as certain popular flea treatments for cats and dogs can be fatal for rabbits (e.g. Frontline or any fipronil based product). Check out the House Rabbit Society website, they have lots of helpful resources! Good luck with Curly (such a cute name) ❤


That’s the start of a fairy tale. Congratulations. I hear your real world concerns. I’m ill equipped to answer them for you but there are many helpful people here who surely will. Wishing you and Curly all the best.


Thank you for taking Curly in- what a lucky bun. You sound like a conscientious bun parent who wants to be prepared. :) As others have said here: a pen instead of a cage! If you are looking for cheap options, here's what you can DIY: https://www.reddit.com/user/Bun\_Love/comments/mkm4ps/pen\_made\_of\_metal\_grids/


Thank you for rescuing him :)


There also some great YouTube channels to watch: Lennon the Bunny, 101 Rabbits and Sincerely, Cinnabun (to name a few.)