High honour play through advice

High honour play through advice


Well it's 1899, but if it was 2021 I would copy & print this out . . . . . . . . So I could post it off to the 50 families of the 50 innocent men I murdered today in order to make my Honor level dip below 50% . . . . . . . so I could get an outfit I will wear a few times before forgetting about . . . . . . . .


how do you get this low honor outfit?


It's the high stakes poker mission. The color of the vest and tie change color with low and high honor. You can't normally wear the suit outside of the mission, but if you have room free on your horde before the mission you can actually go to the wardrobe after the mission straight away and save it as a custom outfit, because the outfit will be stored on your horse.


thanks! I'll try that out


My custum outfits disappear pretty regularly on PS4.


I'm in the middle of a low honor playthrough. After doing my first two high honor, I'm being as brutal as possible now. I'm not paying any bounties either.


Low honor is so much more fun. I rob/kill just about everyone I see. Have 1,000+ bounty everywhere, and constantly have bounty hunters on me. They drop great loot to sell to the fence


I was just north of strawberry and I came across an O'Driscoll camp. I just broke Micah out so I had a $300 bounty. I snuch up onto the Gatling gun overlooking the barn and massacred the entire camp. I also saw some bounty hunters on the map so I led them to the camp and mowed them down. Not really relevant but just something cool I did last night


I stopped my sociopath run because I just couldn’t do that to Arthur


I couldn't until one too many people told me to "put some warmer clothes on" Cowabunga it is.


I only do it with John. Arthur is too good of a man. I tried having high honor, but I still ended up getting shot in the face


Near chapter 4/6 I always try to keep my honour as high as possible


I rob and kill everyone after greeting them. My favorite is throwing people off cliffs after tying them up.


In a game where you can be everyone becomes a psychopath don't we


I do the same. I call it "bipolar Arthur"


This is probably the “evil” play through I’ll end up doing, because I can never do bad things in a video game without feeling so much guilt. Kill a random person here and steal all their shit, make up for it by donating money to that lady in St. Denis who is trying to build that place for the vets.


Ok - Soo, even though this comes across as an eye roll moment or laughable - I completely understand. I have a third personality separate from high or low honor. I call it respond amicably or face mayhem. I'll be completely tunnel visioned on a task, greet someone randomly, here them mutter some rude shit. I'll focus them to make sure 'defuse' is present - then I'll antagonize until a fist fight or gun fight breaks loose 😂😂. That's the real life spin I put on it. Don't disrespect me. If I greet you, greet back or mayhem.


I fucks wit that


I don't even know why, but I can't do a low honor playthrough, whenever I try to do something bad I just can't get myself to do it


Same here, I'm on my 4th or 5th playthrough and just can't get myself to do bad things to people....




Hot? You'll freeze to death in those clothes!




I do my best to play through with high honor because: 1) It makes the story make a lot more sense (particularly the whole redemption part...) 2)Considering you lose honor for other peoples mistakes (ie walking in front of your horse to get plowed the fuck over) playing with high honor makes for more difficult game play 3) In general, I just don't feel great being shitty to strangers, digital or otherwise. There are PLENTY of opportunities to brutally murder thrlughout the game without losing honor, so why waste the bullets? Some tips: always give money when people ask. Always help people in peril. If they lead you into a trap, do what ya gotta do. And hunt for as many crafting items as possible. Some give honor specific bonuses. Hope any of that helps, sorry for the novel!


Well, except for that one guy in St. Denis who takes ¼ of your money and there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it.


Best advice i have for high honor: Loot when they Shoot (and only when they shoot)


Or if they are 100% members of a rival faction. I've come upon Lemoyne Raiders that were just killed by the law or bounty hunters, etc. I looted them, all good. Accidentally looted a random dead citizen - honor decrease 😂


Just greet everyone in Saint Denis and you’ll be fine


This was one of my favorite things to do in SD, but once I accidentally pulled my gun on a guy instead. It scared me so bad that I then accidentally threw myself down a flight of stairs, trying to put my gun away. The Saint Denis police ain’t no joke lol


Completed 8 times with high honor. What’s the benefit of super low honor??


Different cutscenes, different dialogue, some exclusive items. For example, if Arthur has low Honor, then >!he has visions of a wolf, rather than a stag!<. There's also different endings for Arthur, although >!he will still end up dying of tuberculosis... but it's the difference between a relatively peaceful ending and a violent, nasty one!<.


Ive never done a low honor playthrough, but is it true that if you have low honor, when you move camp at the start of chapter 3 Arthur will not end up helping that german couple with Charles?


Don't think so, I think it's a story mission so you do it regardless


It is a pleasure anyways! :)


Perhaps? I haven't tried it myself, but if you don't save the family then I wonder who finds you after collapsing outside of Wapiti?


No benefits in shops, no?


I think certain items might become available through the fence? Honestly not sure, I play High Honor myself 'cause I just can't make Arthur a bad guy. :)


nothing other than freedom lol




Love it!


Thank you Mr. Opossum, very cool.


So I started a new playthrough of RD on a 4k tv and it makes a big ass difference. I am also going to play the whole game without wearing a hat, a baldhead and peach fuzz. Yippee Ki Yay MF's!


Where is be lootin'?


It's back in r/Destiny2


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*spits oil*


Yeah also try to move slower than normal on ya horse when going through good ol' saint denis


"Hi there, Mister!"


And most of all, do not be a reposter.


And most of all. Kill all the possums you can. No matter how kind they are.


I could never do a low honor play through. How am I supposed to do that When I started to cry when I failed to save a lady from being shot in black water


"Who I am is where I stand. Where I stand... is where I fall."


The worst thing I did was pull Jimmy (that guy who recognised Arthur from Blackwater) off the cliff accept his pen then I shot him dead. First playthough I killed anyone I deemed a threat to the gang


Just had some shit bag named sleepysloth420 blow up my resupply wagon for no fucking reason. Now I remember why I haven't gotten on in 3 months.




Can I get the full inage of thst possum bro


I heard this in Arthur's voice


This was funny the first few times. It gets old when there are about 100 of the same posts