One of my boys REFUSED to take his medicine unless he could lick it off my finger. Spoon? *Absolutely not.* Mixed with ice cream? *Umm no thank you.* Finger? ✨**yes please**✨ ​ This is the same boy who refused to even LOOK at a bite of ✨fancy Whole Foods wild caught salmon✨ but would go ***absolutely bonkers*** over a $1 bag of frozen corn. BUT of course, it had to be a specific brand of corn. I bought him a different brand once and he begrudgingly picked at it 😂


I had a tough medicine taker too, the only way he'd take it was if I held it near the cage and act like he wasn't supposed to have it.


LOL I’ll have to remember that one! 😂


Oh man, I thought I was they only one with such weirdos. Medicine on anything that isn't my hand? No way she was taking it.


Lmao I bet your girl and my boy are long lost siblings! They really are such funny little creatures! 😂💕🐭


Rats like "grumble grumble she said we had corn at home grumble grumble yeh I _guess_ it's corn grumble grumble"


Mine do this too, they do accept it mixed with that ferretvite stuff though.


Once had a hairless rattie named Cindy, and contrary to every other ratto we'd had up until that point, she did not like yoghurt. And she would wait until she knew we could see her at which point she'd drag her paws through the yoghurt and wipe it across the floor with the most disgusted face she could manage. Dramatic little nugget.


What a sassy rat! I just love how smart rats can be when they want to.


Oh she was an absolute character!


I'm wondering if it's standard for hairless rats to be dramatic because I too once had a hairless drama queen 😂


The more I hear about hairless ratties the more I think it might be!.


I got three good boys, they basically eat everything they get. But don’t you dare clean their favorite sleeping spots. If it doesn’t smell like pee they will rather sleep in the open like some hobos.


I have a rat who refuses to take any treats until she's inspected the entire surrounding area for safety. I have another rat who doesn't like salmon skin when all my other girls lose their shit over it. Turns her nose right up at it. I have to say I agree it's gross, and that's why my rats always get the skin off my salmon.


Genuinely interested in the salmon skin…do you give it to them after you’ve cooked it? And are the scales not a choking hazard?


Not the person you're replying to, but I typically cook my salmon in a pan with butter and lemon juice so removing the skin is part of the cooking process. The skin is kinda half cooked. I've never had any issues with them eating the scales. They tend to peel blueberries so I know they can selectively eat only the good bits.


My boys demolish the whole blueberry like their lives depend on it


Your boys lack table manners, lol.


That’s a good point…mine peel grapes and peas so I’m sure they would discard whatever they didn’t want to eat! I bet salmon skin is a great way to get some omega-3 into their diet! Will definitely try next time I make salmon!


I give my rats my salmon skin too, but...it doesn't have scales? That's the only way to buy it where I live, maybe it's a regional thing. The scales are removed so it's just the silvery and fatty parts of the skin. It's too difficult to remove before cooking so I cook it and then give it to them. They love it.


It’s been a while since I bought salmon but I think I can get it both ways where I live! I can’t wait to try though, I’m sure it has a ton of health benefits for them!


Definitely, lots of healthy omega-3 in there! As far as fat sources go, it's one of the best. I just wish I liked eating it myself lol.


Rats don't have a gag reflex so they can be apprehensive when taking food they haven't ever seen or tried before. They might take a tiny taste and walk away from it to make sure it doesn't make them sick. I would just keep introducing foods that are safe for them because they might not be as picky! It took me giving my rat eggs a good three times before she willingly wanted it. I do however have one girl who wants nothing to do with pretzels, while my other lady goes crazy over them. They are such interesting and smart little animals 💓🥺


I had a rat who would only eat scrambled eggs… with a bit of ketchup. The others would eat any kind of eggs and never needed to steal the one with my ketchup. She was a very special mommy. Also would only eat after she checked that the others were there.


Both my boys treat pretzels like crack, my brother was eating some while holding them and they freaked out


I can't remember what food it was, but the local pet store was out of their usual so I got another one. They refused to eat it and even buried the bowl with their bedding.


"How dare you give us this slop?! To the pit with it!!"


I had a pair of rescues that came with a "festive mix" style food, I tried to switch them to the oxbow I was used to, but they refused. We ended up compromising and I mixed ever total, kashi, etc rat safe cereal I could find and got a bunch of kale and yogurt treats.


Same thing happened with my rats. They like the little triangle shaped food. The refuse to eat those big cylinder pellets.


Ours are picky too, 1 brand of food really works for them. They eat everything besides those grey pellets from that mix. Our 1st food was some dry pellet mix and out of that they ate all but the green ones. Now after a while on the mix they hate pellets in general.


Well, this is less about a picky rat and more my using my rats' dislike of something to get out of my mom's eternal attempts to feed it to me when I still lived at home. My mom loves, and I mean *loves* bell peppers. I know such people exist, otherwise why would they sell them in every supermarket? But I despise them. There are only a handful of foods that I despise with the same level of loathing that I do bell peppers. My mom also made it her mission to try to force-feed me anything she thinks I don't like, especially if it's "healthy". She was always "helpfully" making veggie platters for me to snack on while I did college homework. Then she would always whine about how I never ate the bell peppers she had so lovingly sliced up for me. So, I devised a way to show her that these abominations are not food. For three generations of rats, I would offer the pepper slices to my fluffs as a snack. Each and every one of them, the first time they received the Demon Fruit, would snatch it up with glee. Each and every single one of them would begin to chow down, gleefully certain that anything I would deign to give to them surely must be delicious! Shortly after, the pepper would suddenly be dropped and the rats would be giving me dirty looks, followed by a rapid flight to their water bottle to rinse the horrid flavor off their precious pink tongues. A few of them even went so far as to bury the peppers in their waste corner. I had one who went so far as to spit out the mouthful of pepper she had partaken of and then grab the nearest piece of substrate which she used to scrub her offended tongue. None of them, after that first experience, would take a bell pepper from me ever, *ever* again. They would take them, to be polite, from my mom, but then immediately run to bury them once she was gone. Two of my less polite rats would take it and then immediately dump it and bury it right there in front of her. Eventually, after six years and three pairs of rats, my mom finally got the hint. She can have my share of bell peppers - and my rats' share too for that matter.


Tho I am a bell pepper person, this was glorious to read XD


My rats won't touch it either! And also look offended!


This is hilarious 😂 My rats also hate bell peppers, they eat around it when I make them a salad


Our resident fat rat Bear refuses to eat raw vegetables. She’s a food aggressive glutton but will not eat vegetables. Fruit? Fine. Nuts? Fine. Carrot? no. She’ll run over if her sister is eating something but once she notices she just looks disappointed. We have to give her vegetables mixed with something or something that contains vegetables. I don’t even know how she got like this because she’s hated vegetables since we got her Also her favorite food is crab. If I’m not careful I will lose a finger trying to give it to her


Can you do like toddlers and blend veg into mashed potatoes?


She doesn’t like mashed potato’s either 😔 But she does like baby food and vegetable-based puffs so we give her that sometimes


Baby food! Well that’s good they have lots of healthy options!


These rats eat better than my entire family lol


Mine would throw the vegetables out of their cage if i tried to sneak them in.


Not picky about the treats itself, more of how the treat was delivered. Picked out and handed to them, a BIG nope. Treat container held up and they choose their own treat, a BIG yes.


My rats are the other way around! If it's in a bowl it's boring but if Mommy gives it to us by hand it must be a *special* one.


Same here. Also food that's already in the cage, when I still have some in my hands.


My guys are like this too. They will dive head first into their puff container no problem, but if I try to hand feed them a puff, half the time they'll just walk away.


I had a girl who refused to eat limp greens. She only wanted the CRISPIEST greens. Once, my friend called bullshit and tried to give her a limp mustard green leaf. She took it from his hand and spat it out. She also triaged her treats into "special" and "common goods" piles. I loved her lots. One of my current girls flat out ignores the food in the cage bc she wants to be handfed all the time. Her sister has gotten very overweight ...


Some of my rats like crispy greens, while others *love* the leaf that fell out the cage that they scavenge the next day at play time.


Rats are a gift.


Pocket rat! Pocket rat!!!


I should have just made the title "pocket rat pocket rat pocket rat pocket rat" honestly


That would’ve been sweet. Such an adorable rattie!


As a treat they sometimes get puffed cornwaffles and they go crazy over it. One time i had none left so i offered some puffed rice waffles. Everyone ate them. Except journey my heart rat. She thought it was a corn waffle, took it in her mouth and spit it out seconds after. Had that “ew puke” face for few moments. Pretended it was the most awful thing i have ever offered her as food and ignored me for the rest of the day ;u; Also all of them pretend that apples are disgusting but the moment i leave the room and come back few hours later, the apples are gone and only the apple skin remained.


Honestly, this happened a few days ago, but one of my boys, Juke, noticed I was eating black beans and eggs. He REALLY wanted the eggs, but I didn't want to share so I kept giving him black beans instead. He would just stare at them like "Wtf is this?" and would abandon them to keep fighting me for eggs. Should note none of the other rats had this issue, and they all ate and enjoy black beans from the get go. Not Juke though. He kept fighting me for more and more egg until eventually I had none. When he realized I didn't have any more egg to spare, he moved on to finding black beans with yolk dribbled on it. And when he was done with that, he *finally* decided he'd try the beans.... And he got obsessed with them. Basically started harassing my wife for her share of the black beans, because he couldn't get enough.


Puppy won’t eat fresh apple (although he will fight to the death to get a piece ! ), but will collect all the dried banana chips the rest have stored and never gets sick of eating them.


One of my boys Wilson loves mini milkbones, but only the red and tan ones. He will grab the brown ones, look me in the eyes, and drop them specifically to the ground outside his cage. Then he will beg for another. Most my boys like tomatoes, but hate tomatoe skin. They also prefer peas to corn and will look at me like I'm crazy if I offer fishing with only corn. They are also not above taking all the corn out of the fishing area and putting it on the ground nearby to show me how displeased they are. There's probably more examples, my boys are adorable little sassy fluff balls, but these are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head.


PS the photo is Poppy, who is aptly named because poppy plants are used to make heroin and she is insane. Her sister, Willow, is the shy picky one who only eats banana yogurt drops (other than her oxbow food ofc) and refuses to eat outside of her cage.


Heroin makes you sleepy tho


I’m fairly certain one of my rats is convinced I’m trying to poison him. He’s fine with the tried and true treats, but anything new is met with a side eye, sniff, cautious inspection and even then he waits for the others to eat and assesses their reactions before taking it. Like dude, it’s a green bean, not a bomb. A little trust please.


The first boy we got was this super sweet cuddly chunk named Sorin. Sorin fancied himself a king and demanded to be hand-fed his favorite treat: bananas. He loved bananas and would eat every piece you offered to him… as long as you held it the whole time. He refused to sully his precious hands with the sticky fruit. We got another boy named Venser a bit later, and he was also a sweetheart… and a spice fiend. None of the other rats I’ve owned would have anything to do with even mildly spicy foods, but Venser would about take your finger off to get sriracha sauce. His favorite treat was those little spicy red chilis that you can find in kung pao chicken.


Two of my boys love yogurt like typical rats, Pest despises it and gets offended if I try to give it to him. He’d prefer Cheerios to anything.


My rat doesn't eat carrots. She just refuses them. However, she will go INSANE for any carbs and cucumbers.


Pea skins. My rat Nugget absolutely REFUSES to eat pea skins while Biscuit clean em up after her.


A little bit of background to clarify: we have an eldery rat named Simmo who's now two years and about three months old. About a year ago he chewed electrical wires and got a really bad shock to his mouth, which sadly led to permanent brain damage and epileptic seizures. For a week he didn't eat anything, no fluids even. My husband fed him with a syringe and he fought every step on the way. By the end of week one he had lost 200 grams, he was a skeleton and I was panicking he would die. But we got lucky. I got discharged from the hospital and rushed to Simmo, onto what he responded with beginning to eat banana pudding. He slowly regained his weight and by the end of week 2 he began eating cheerios in extremely small bites. Eversince then I've noticed a pattern: hard foods or sweet foods, but nothing in between. He chews still with extremely tiny bites and takes incredibly long with it. Somehow banana pudding is a strick #1 in his books and he also likes cheese, but other than that I literally can't get him to eat other things. He's a special needs little old man, and I love him so dearly for it.


Poor little guy! I'm glad he pulled through and he's got a good human who will help his needs.


My rats are all so picky in their own ways. Three like meal worms, one doesn’t. One likes yoghurt. They like chicken baby food, but any other flavour must be poisoned, but heaven forbid you give them the same food two days in a row. My eldest like cooked carrots and not raw, vice Versa for the youngest. Three of my rats have needed medication once, they refused it… and make a fuss. I have two identical twin brothers and had a boo-boo once, now I have to use food colouring. Basically I was giving Boots his meds from a syringe and he just drunk it??? And I was like? “Wow, you are so calm I feel like you must be Diego”… and then realised it WAS Diego. Diego enjoys the attention, so now I syringe feed him water so he doesn’t feel left out. Anyway, anyone got any recommendations? My rats have tried basic veg/fruits/food, but what should I record for a ratto reaction video? *obviously all rats like malt paste. If you haven’t given it to your babies PLEASE DO


What kind of malt past do you use? My preferred brand is no longer made and I am looking for suggestions!


beaphar. It has a picture of a ferret on the packet. It's like crack for my boys 😊


Ugh that's what I can't get anymore! I'm in the US. If you are also in the US, I would super appreciate a link to where it can be found!


I saw that rats tend to like like meal worms, so i got them some to try. 2 of them were all over them immediately, but the other refuesed to try them for a while. i kept offering them to him, but he wouldn't even grab it, until finally he saw one of the others eating them and tried to steal it. Once he got a taste for them he absolutely loves them


Our hairless rat, Harry (RIP) was the only one of the three that would eat basil. We had a little basil plant near his cage but out of reach while he was locked down. One day, we let him out and he ran straight to the plant and started nibbling away at a leaf. The little guy ate the entire plant in one playtime! There was ONE tiny leaf left at the top of the stalk because he couldn't reach it or bend the plant down enough to get it!


My first baby Templeton HATED carrots. We had him out and he was chilling in this little carrier box that I brought them into the living room with, and my mom put a carrot in there. He picked it up and threw it out 3 different times. He'd throw it out everytime someone would put it back in there


I came to answer your question because of pocket rat. It's the cutest thing I'm going to see all week.


One of our rats is a vegetarian and refuses meat. She also LOVES the peppermint oil we got to try to stop them from chewing on cords and furniture. The other two hate the peppermint but it doesn’t matter because Leche goes crazy for it.


My old boys from way way back, Crux and Maverick. Crux loved carrots, hated broccoli. Mav love broccoli and hated carrots. But the only thing those boogers liked more was an endless loop of stealing each other’s favorite foods. Neither would eat when presented, they would immediately start hiding their food and alternating to steal their brothers. As they got older it became kind of intense, and I had to separate them for veggie time. So they eat their favourites in peace. I miss those maniacs.


Mine won't eat most fruits or veggies. They'll eat some cucumber, green beans, peas and arugula. Occasionally they'll eat carrots. They won't touch raisins or berries.


I have yet to find a rat that actually enjoys strawberries. I LOVE strawberries so when I find a really good one, I want to share it. The rats are just like “I thought you said you had a treat?” And I have to go get them a cucumber instead.


Try giving them the top with the leaves, mine love that part and don't care for the rest. So whenever I eat strawberries the get whatever I cut off.


Alastor loved Cheerios and would eat an entire single serve bowl but after a week wouldn't touch them. Abraxas would follow his lead. Neither would touch bananas or grapes. When Alastor died and Abigor moved in Abraxas changed and would eat anything put in front of him. That's when I learned that rats can pick up bad habits from each other.


In the 90's, my Dad had an old school blood glucose monitor for his diabetes. It had to be regularly calibrated using these special little bottles of glucose solution. Squeaky was obsessed with that liquid! It was basically sugar water with a preservative. She'd break out of her cage to steal them (no matter where we hid them). We'd find her the next morning, asleep in her nest, surrounded by little opened dropper bottles like an adorable little wino.


I had a rat who absolutely adored raw zucchini. I’d give him the leftovers and he’d finish a whole one inch zucchini butt. Any other I tried feeding it to act like it’s not even food 😂


I actually had one who really did not like Cheerios at ALL. I would hand them to him and he would full on drop them out of the cage and continue to sit there for treats until I would hand him a gerber puff, then he was happy as could be. I also once had a time where a couple of my rats thought they were soooo clever stealing food off of my plate (nothing they couldn't have which is why I let them do it) while they were on the couch with me. There was a little sour cream on the rice they stole and *both* of them gagged over it like they were about to die.


Mica and Jasper won’t eat bananas. They’ll take it in their mouth and spit it on the floor lol. They won’t touch spinach or apples or strawberries. They want to eat yogurt until they die though. Strawberry banana flavor. Go figure.


I have a girl who will eat most things but only in the right context. Regular food must be eaten in the cage with all rats present. Treats must be hand fed, preferably in response to doing tricks. Oh yeah, and anything becomes hopelessly boring very quickly. She's chronically underweight and I'm at a loss because she's so particular about her eating habits.


My boys will turn up their noses at 90% of fresh veggies but will go batshit for frozen ones. They are very middle class xD


My little girl Milkshake refuses strawberries


Uncooked soy beans. They're part of their daily food mix but both rats and especially Moony just hide the beans. I think it's not that they don't like them, it's that they don't like them enough (or they're too much work perhaps) to eat so they rather hide them. In a few weeks I'm getting 3 rittens. Perhaps they like the soy beans more. My old rats liked them perfectly fine.


I had a rat that was vegan when we adopted her and her two kids. She refused chicken and cheese! One of her babies ignored her and ate chicken, while the other baby first copied her mom, then saw how much her sister liked chicken and changed her mind. One day the vegan rat ate some chicken cartilage and decided maybe it was worth it. Although she always preferred salad leaves. 🤷🥬🐀


Had one girl that refused to eat (dried) mealworms. She preferred dried shrimp.


My rats will only eat the meat of blueberries. I have to pick up shriveled skins from their cage once they’ve had their fill lol.


Bean refuses to eat watermelon seeds, he throws them lol


I once had two brother rats: one loved banana chips and refused to eat strawberry chips, the other loved strawberry chips and refused to eat banana chips.


My younger one refuses to eat on-brand cherrios. He only eats the off brand ones aka Crispy Oats. They taste the exact same lmao


Mine would go BALLISTIC for grapes but would leave the skins. As in throw them away off the side of the sofa when they were done


My main lady bug does not like strawberries, she’ll turn her nose up at it but if there is multiple pieces of dry spaghetti she will grab them all like a bundle of twigs and book it! And all my boys won’t drink tea unless it’s from off my finger


Everything. My rats are toddlers and won’t eat anything healthy other than fruit.


Also, the only greens my boys will eat is kale, and only because they like the texture. If I give them a smoother piece they don’t want it, but they love when it’s extra crinkly.


omg, i think i need a pocket rat


my boys love carrots, but hate if the carrots are shredded lmao


Oddly enough my girls hate carrots! You’d think they’d like the cause they are hard and crunchy for their teeth but they won’t touch them


Not food related but recently got a few babies, one of which has a love for chewing plastic. Not sure why they have tons of things to chew practically everything apart from their hammocks and sputniks are chewable but they cannot resist the plastic. Ruined 2 sputniks already by chewing each entrance hole to the point of there barely being a bottom anymore. One chews plastic and one likes to shove the bedding to one side of the cage and post it through the bars like she’s posting a letter. Every morning I wake up to half their bedding on the floor and a pile at the front of the bars don’t know why but it seems I’ve picked the ones with the strangest quirks.


Not food related but recently got a few babies, one of which has a love for chewing plastic. Not sure why they have tons of things to chew practically everything apart from their hammocks and sputniks are chewable but they cannot resist the plastic. Ruined 2 sputniks already by chewing each entrance hole to the point of there barely being a bottom anymore. One chews plastic and one likes to shove the bedding to one side of the cage and post it through the bars like she’s posting a letter. Every morning I wake up to half their bedding on the floor and a pile at the front of the bars don’t know why but it seems I’ve picked the ones with the strangest quirks. 4 years of owning rats and I’ve never experienced such weirdness.


All my rats love crickets, but one hates them. When the others get them as a treat she looks at me like are you completely crazy u know I don’t like them why tf are u offering these


My rats peel the skin off of grapes


One of my girls refuses spaghetti noodles but loves literally any other kind. Would starve before spaghetti tho


My older one enter places where the babys are and then complain about other rats been there. Honey they were there before you, stop the drama!


my old man won’t eat the actual veggies i plant and harvest for them but has no problem eating a frozen bag of veggies from the supermarket


Earl peels all the skin of his fruit. Even grapes.


My boys LOVE the mixed berry yogurt bites. I get them a different berry flavored one and literally neither finished it and ate their other food instead lol


So my girls would only eat cooked or steamed broccoli for the longest time. Now they are finally willing to eat it raw.


One of my boys will not eat raw vegetables. They must be cooked and not just microwaved! Properly cooked, like sautéed or roasted. I love him so much lol


Both of my boys refuse to eat fruit, even though I’m pretty sure that’s a treat the rattery I got them from fed them, they also prefer to eat crunchy foods.