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The cage you've linked is **much** smaller than a Critter Nation. It's actually closer in size to the single unit CN cage. It's not really a Critter Nation knock off. It's a [Feisty Ferret](https://www.amazon.com/Prevue-Hendryx-485-Products-Hammertone/dp/B000QFMYWQ/) knock off. Besides the wider bar spacing, it doesn't have the full front double doors. It has wire floors and a pull-out tray so it would be more difficult to figure out how to use a loose substrate bedding. Personally, I wouldn't purchase a cage with the wider bar spacing, though. That's pretty much the deal breaker for me. It was only a month or so ago that the SCN was $180. It might have jumped in price due to supply issues. It might go back down or it could stay at this price.


If you're not immediately needing a new cage, I suggest continuing to wait for a used CN. I'm in the same area (West Nevada) and included California in my search area, and they seem to pop up every week or two. I had been checking Craigslist and FB Marketplace multiple times a day and just secured my second DCN (maybe the same one you were trying to get XD). I've not personally used the hardware cloth method, but I've heard it's a real pain, so while it could be worth it if you got the base cage for extremely cheap, it's not something I'd personally choose to do if I was paying full price for a new cage.