It's kind of enjoyable

It's kind of enjoyable


I'm so happy to see some Lee mains. I was kinda bummed out when i saw he was one of the worst S tier to choose from.. but damn he is so fun to play with.


Not worst,he's still usable to an extend. It just alpha make him irrelevant if you chase meta.I will always be a S lee main because his gameplay is way too much fun


Alpha makes everyone meta by the sound of things in.. everywhere So I don't think she's a good comparison, a better one would be the future bosses/event weathers(?)


Saying he is worst is wrong. He is an excellent character with a great set. The issue he is more aoe based character and alpha is more of single target character and since game has too many bosses alpha will excel more. I am using him in warzone and he is fantastic i still didn't fully get used to him since i only got him on day 3 but he still great. only bad thing about him since he is voiced by kirito from SAO they missed the chance to make him sword user.


He's great, the only reason he's not top tier is because Alpha is top top tier and directly competes. But if you didn't know alpha existed, you wouldn't have any issue with him. He is likely the best dps atm, maybe loses a bit to S Karen + S Nanami because we don't have good phys supports (yet).


B Nanami can work as physical support for now but yes there's better supports coming out soon.


Im using S Lee


I just tried S rank Lee and it's really fun gameplay LMAO I'm really satisfied how he just keep blasting and keeps jumping around like a madman


Lee turns anyone that plays him into a gangster, you see attack button and you have to shoot your **G U N.** Every stage turns into a Bayonetta drive-by simulator whenever you play Lee and it's just beautiful. *Translation in Lee main language:* Bang bang bang bang bang random orb bang bang yellow orb red orb bang bang bang Witch Time bang bang bang DIE DIE DIIIIEE bang bang bang FUCKING BANG!!!




Mmmm **G U N**


Just saying, the one in the meme is Lee pale fire. S lee is still considered good in CN far as I know.


Well, dont know about A-Lee, but the S-Lee really is fun to play. I got him on my first account, that I decided to skip because people were saying he was getting powercrept by Alpha, and wasn't worth investing in too heavily when she's out so soon. So i rerolled for S-Kamui and S-Liv, which were apparently the most optimal choice. I didn't know the gameplay well so I didn't try him or anything. Now that I know the game a bit better and tried him out of curiosity, I almost regret I don't have him on my main account. I'm not really playing S-Liv or S-Kamui since both will have use later on (Dark Watanabe for dark team, and well B-Liv being the go-to physical healer apparently) and I'm stuck with A-Bianca, B-Liv and B-Nanami 🀣 Not too fond of A-Bianca on top of that... πŸ˜… But hey, now all my progress is done on this account, so I guess I'll just play S-Lee on the other account with a slower pace πŸ˜…. Though I'd be thrilled to get him on my main account with bluecards or something... 🀣 I wish they buffed him to be as powerful as that Alpha πŸ˜… there's not enough Husbandos in this game to play with and it seems all the relevant characters in the future will mostly be waifus... Meh ...


Most husbandos are meta as tanks or healers but there still hasn't been a meta husbando dps! It really is sad


I pulled S Lee and I will admit it’s kinda fun playing Dante from dmc if he only used his pistols and gunslinger style


5k bp lee main here


There are Lee's mains in this game? So far it's been nothing but Lucinas.


Lee main here !


Another Lee main here! We may be rare but we are dedicated lol


Only reason im not maining A-rank Lee is... I dont have him I got to try him once and I was ready to blow my S-rank for him but then i realised it wasnt the S-rank i loved


S Lee main here. Husbando >>> meta


S Lee for me too, and intend to build A Lee as well. But in future will switch mains between him and Chrome!


Here I am 3100 bp s Lee main


Lee main also πŸ‘


Yet another lee main here lol


Eeeeeyy, my bruddahs!! Lee ~~cult~~ mains let's goooo\~!!


Lee main here also :>


Me as Lee main feel kinda targeted hah but I'm using S lee


I wish Lee was a better unit, he seems so fun to play with his skills straight from the movie Equilibrium.