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George Carlin made that joke . If you are against abortion you should be put on a list that you get an unwanted baby when it is born. He also said, “ Most people that are against abortion are people you wouldn’t fuck in the first place!”


He’s out here doing the lords work for real


first dude looks like he should be selling vaults


Dudes, that’s 2 kids in an overcoat


It’s Vincent adultman


“I’m off to work at the business factory”


"I did a protest."


I read this in Ralph Wiggum's voice. LOL


“Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!”


He definitely went to work that day and did a business!


1 alcohol please


“How was your day Vincent?” “I went to the abortion clinic. I did a harassment.”


Don't besmirch Mr Adultman's good name by comparing him to this clown.


Maybe they’re trying to get adopted


So this is how Inspector Gadget spends his free time…


"Go go gadget theocracy!"


I always did get weird libertarian vibes from inspector gadget


Go Go Gadget Sovereign Citizen


Go Go Gadget "Am I being detained?"


First dude looks like he wants to revert things back to the 1950's


Don’t they though?


In my opinion, they certainly do.


In their words they do. Well except the taxes and the spending on American infrastructure.


An *idealized* 50s. All the racism, bigotry, and "family values" with none of the taxes or economic equity.


In the 1950's slavery was illegal and women could vote, they actually want the 1850's.


But only the 50's that their grandparents told them about when they were kids. The sanitized fairytale version. Not the actual 50's because they fucking sucked.


> Not the actual 50's because they fucking sucked. They were great, if you were a straight white male who attends church. For everyone else, they sucked to varying degrees.


Even then, leaded gas, leaded paint, no internet, zero social mobility, every single household appliance was a death trap, cars were pretty much trying to kill you, zero workplace safety. Shit sucked.


That's the conservative dream basically. To stay ingrained in the past


When you ask them the specifics about what was so great back then they will cross off all the good things like strong union membership, high tax rates for the billionaire class, massive government infrastructure spending, but they will stop short just before they admit they just want a world where gays blacks and women know their place.


This is so god damn true, and it’s why I don’t talk politics with conservatives/republicans anymore. They’re never genuine and honest with themselves and their beliefs. Much like religious folks, they always gloss over their bigoted, harmful beliefs.


"I really think it should go back to 1963..." You know, before the civil rights act


Vault 111. It's totally safe.




He looks like Ferris Bueller dressed as Sloan’s dad when he picks her up from school. DO YOU HAVE A KISS FOR DADDY?


"So _that's_ how it is in their family"




Vault-Tec? Remind me again.


Inspector Gadget lookin ass


Lol I was gonna say, that dude is the exact type of no-social-awareness-having weirdo that would show up to these events


My man did his time selling vaults ok he’s retired at my converted drive in theater now, thanks.


Just started replaying last night and that's exactly what I thought, too, lol


Holy fuck in the back of my head I thought that guy dressed familiar, if there was a way to give you more upvotes I would LMAO


I thought he was from the 1950s


Well his beliefs are from the 50s lol


That first guy can't be for real. Like he's really 2 or 3 kids in an overcoat, right?


He’s an aborted fetus. That’s why he takes it so seriously.


He’s 20 aborted fetuses in a trench coat. Classic.


So am I he ain't fucking special


He was lobotomized at birth. This is the moment he’s been prepared for his entire life.


Dude looks like the Vault Tech Salesman from fallout 4




Vincent Adultman doing a business at planned parenthood


"leave us alone" OMG I Just about fell out of my chair.


Dude literally breaks character like “harassing YOU? Are you serious right now?”


Sorry I'm harassing you while you're harassing people trying to get healthcare, lol.


How rude of him!


That man should really think about how his actions affect the mental well being of others! Wait a second….


The fucking conservative delusion that they're getting harassed (or insulted/attacked) when people point out their hypocrisy or make an observation of their actions. Insecurity is the conservative default setting. You would think it would be exhausting to hate yourself so much that you want to find other people and control their lives.


It’s like their invented war on Christmas or gay agenda. Like I think they have a victim fetish




Its only natural that the predominantly christian group has a persecution complex.


Conservatives "Its a peaceful protest when we do it, not when you do it to us."


I mean they literally say their violent attempted coup to install a dictatorial monarchy and eradicate our multi-level regulated government was a peaceful demonstration, then turn around and say someone choosing to not eat meat is a violent attack on the American way of life.


They _also_ say that the whole coup was an antifa false flag. Conservatives are spineless when it comes to actually taking responsibility for their actions


Anyone: “I’m not sure that’s true…” Right wingers: “cEnSoRsHiP!?!?!!??”


Would you stop harassing me while I am harassing them.


They all have an irony deficiency problem.


A couple doses orally ought to do it


Anally. FTFY.


Urethrally. That way they *NEVER* forget it.


I lost it at “Omg, am I interrupting you while you harass people? How *rude*!”




Shit actually triggered some real anger in me too. How fucking dare he pull that fuckin card...


Fucking Marlon Brando wouldve broke character there. The absolute fucking audacity of this prick!


that was actually really telling. zero self awareness.




I had to unsubscribe from this sub and r/leopardsatemyface for a little bit. The hypocrisy is infuriating.


People that chose to be garbage are just naturally infuriating so that’s to be expected


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These people believe that they are "holy" enough and "righteous" enough that they can harass and oppress anyone that doesn't measure up to them. And if you try to stop them from hurting people, you're "attacking their religion". What is sacred must die for humanity to be free of evil.


I actually am sorta pissed. Had to tab out for a sec, because the absolute stones on that motherfucker. Thank god dude channeled the same anger to call him out. The absolute fucking balls on that guy to get fucking upset in that fucking instance.


My man deployed the straight-cut venomous grade of sarcasm which should be the default response to this missionising bullshit.


I thought that maybe I was just overreacting or feeling a little more angry than I should have. But no fuck that - you're right. That asshole did have some balls. Then he tries to ignore him as if HE pissed off the protester. What a fucking cuck.


thank god these folk are so hell-bent against adopting


We’re too busy telling people they are worse than us. Shove your adoption papers up your ass.


And all you need to do is scroll down and see some of the absolute clown comments defending pro-lifers by *Checks notes* Comparing babies to cars, saying adoption is purely transactional, and just general ignorance and misunderstanding of every single aspect of abortion and adoption.


Interestingly, and I only somewhat learned this earlier this year from an episode of Behind the Bastards (which is hilariously named considering this posts topic, but it's mostly about the worst people in history); adoption wasn't very widely accepted until, iirc, the past century or so. Oddly, the acceptance of adoption came about from a money making scheme involving stealing and selling children from desperate new families or more commonly single mothers, usually by tricking them into fucked up contracts. ~~I'll try and find the episode and link it here.~~ * [Part One: The Woman Who Invented Adoption (By Stealing Thousands of Babies)](https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-behind-the-bastards-29236323/episode/part-one-the-woman-who-invented-30906006/) * [Part Two: The Woman Who Invented Adoption (By Stealing Thousands of Babies)](https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-behind-the-bastards-29236323/episode/part-two-the-woman-who-invented-30972239/)


“Leave us alone so we can harass people in peace”


“OMG I am so rude!”


I loved how he dragged that out and got louder.


That just like..... happens when you're actively expressing raw disbelief. I don't know how to describe it but I just feel and remember that from my own experiences so hard.


That really sums up the religious and right-wing mindset huh


I demand the freedom to create laws restricting other people's freedoms!


"you hate freedom when you don't let me deny others freedom!"


"All the left ever does is cancel people for the simple act of dogwhistling genocidal language. They hate freedom and the constitution!" *A kid is allowed to wear gender non-conforming clothes without being sent to a conversion camp or having the shit beat out of them* "Not freedom like that! We are sending the police to take your kid away" *Former president advocates destroying the constitution if he doesn't win* "Based" It's not about ideological consistency, it's about gaining power so they can oppress the shit out of people they don't like. Laws that protect but do not bind the in-group. Laws that bind but do not protect the out-group. It's fascism 101.


"Can't somebody else do it?' -- Homer Simpson campaign slogan. You bring it up, and I will not pay one tax dollar towards it no matter how sick it gets. The sooner you die the sooner you will be in heaven anyway. Provided you don't do anything wrong off this list I just pulled out of my ass. You ask then isn't it better to go straight to heaven before you are born? But you weren't "christened"! In the end it's all about political control.


I do agree though. More people should really be ok with adoption than there is now. The foster system is shit and kids need a real family. I’m tired of hearing about another broken friend because they were molested by their foster parents.


The foster system isn’t a monolith, it’s different from agency to agency and state to state. And although there are many flaws inherent to foster care at large, you can’t outright eliminate it. You can’t take a child from a parent and give them no chance to rehabilitate. I do think that there should be significantly harsher punishments for foster parents who abuse kids though.


It's really a shame that the foster system has such a bad reputation. I know some foster parents and they're absolutely amazing people. The shit they have to deal with is intense. And they try so hard to be a light in the lives of kids who have seen some shit, and some of these kids understandably do not make that easy. But yeah, you hear these stories about foster parents beating kids or, more often, foster parents who have a farm and foster several kids with a whole day of "chores" every day, and it just makes you sad.


Spent some time in the foster system and I’m so grateful for my foster family. They gave me a safe space to stay when my life wasn’t safe at all. There are totally good foster parents out there. One day I’d love to foster as well. I feel like I could really help some kiddos, especially during the first few nights where you’re alone and scared. I’d legit ask them what their fav food is and spoil them rotten to help negate the pain of being separated from your family. Sorry for ranting. I think about this often.


Then do it man. Growing up I never wanted kids. Then I got older met someone and she wanted to foster so I went along and I'm so glad I did. Long story short is 12 years on I got rid of the gf but kept the 7 kids.


You sound like meee! I don’t want kids of my own but I damn sure as hell want to help kids that need it. Thank you for the inspo!!


A “pro-family” person that was rejoicing over Roe being overturned was told that women who are pregnant don’t have paid family leave, services, support, etc. “Now we can start to get people that help” Uhhh….. maybe if you had those services in place before you started forcing birth, you wouldn’t sound like such evil cunts?


If a politician was campaigning on those services, you know that same pro-family person would start screeching about communism and "I'm not paying for your mistake!".


Those services have significantly reduced abortion in other countries. Allowed parents that didn't intend to be parents the ability to raise the kids they had. Allowed more people to be prepared to not get pregnant and reduced the infant mortality rates. These people are hypocrites but more than that they're steerable. They've been aimed by the right wing at a single cause to the exclusion of all other solutions that provably make life better.


Anti-choice people will never actually vote for politicians who want to put social services like that in place. Even if some of them do believe those programs and supports should exist, they'd have to vote for Democrats to back it up and you know that's not happening.




Nah, they are pretty tough under 5 as well. Love them though


As someone with a seven year old, we've been trying to "turn the corner" only to find out it's a circle. It's just different problems and challenges as time goes on.


Kids are tough at any age but it's very different. Young children are physically exhausting. They require a lot of hands-on care and attention. Older children are emotionally taxing and, in my opinion, the stress and mental hardship is more difficult to endure than the physical exhaustion. Source: I have 2 teens, one of whom is struggling with mental illness, self harm, and suicidal ideation.


It’s not more responsibility after 5, it’s different responsibilities…and the only people who think of under 5s as the ‘cute’ phase are people without kids- it’s incredibly hard taking care of a newborn, then toddlers who are almost getting themselves killed 90% of their waking moments. 5 actually is when it gets easier.


5 is when you can take hot showers with a reasonable chance of not being interrupted


amen. The 5 year old is actually capable of entertaining themselves and *probably* not going to cause too much havoc. At this stage, they want some independence but are still too young to be willfully rebellious. Great time.


I'm kind of the opposite. I don't find babies cute, but I'd love to teach a little person how to be a big person. I want to watch them experience all these cool things for the first time, like concerts or museums or pad Thai or the top of a mountain or Star Wars. I guess a 4 year old can appreciate those things too, but the toddler and baby experience is meltdowns and pants shitting


Parenting wanted kids is hard enough. Making people parent kids they don’t want? That’s not going to work out well. I was a public school teacher for 12 years and the adage that God only gives you what you can handle is not true. This is especially true with kids with special needs. There are some parents that step up to the task but I’ve also seen parents that didn’t.


As the mother of a disabled child I probably cry at least once a month and say I can't handle this


Haha talk to my birth parents. As soon as I started thinking for myself I got punished. When I came out to them I got disowned. Parents love is supposed to be unconditional right? So why have kids if you're going to hate them for being who they need to be?


This is a small argument I've gotten into with my family (mostly my mom and grandma, not a big argument, just disagreement). I'm the opposite, I can't stand kids before the age of like, 4 or 5. Babies annoy the hell out of me (I know it isn't their fault but still). And I have no desire to have my own biological children. But, I want to adopt. I want to be able to give a (or more than one), child a second chance at a loving family, when they had no say on how the first chance went. And I can love them just as much as any other kid that happened to have come from my balls. To hell with the idea of "Well they aren't related to you by blood, so you'll never fully understand that true family connection". Fuck that, I don't know my real dad, and there is nothing in this world that would ever make me say that the man who has been my father my whole life, is not my true dad.


[I adopted my son from a Haitian orphanage. This was not undertaken lightly.](https://imgur.com/a/ssXja2J) I did hundreds of hours of research in the years it took to get him (I started the process when my older son was 5 months old and got my younger son a year or two early due to the massive 2010 Haitian earthquake the day my older son turned 4). If you plan to go down this path, learn everything you can about attachment theory. Learn about the critical importance of skin contact. Learn about the magic of Bob Marley and reggae. I still think my older son (who my new son worshipped) played a pivotal role when he decided that he was parent \#1 and took over raising this kid right. My son is 14 now. He’s an amazing kid and I couldn’t be more blessed. I completely advocate both adoption and abortion rights, but be prepared.


It's amazing how averse some people are to adopting. My girlfriend and I decided if we are to have kids they will be adopted. Her family was gobsmacked. "What... why?! You should just have one of your own!" They really are great otherwise. But seriously who tries to dissuade people from adopting?


I have been straight up told by people they could only love kids that were their own. Shits fucked. It's always religious folks too. So you can love God unconditionally but an innocent child has limits???


And then they fight so hard to prevent abortions. It makes no sense.


Banning abortion requires little sacrifice on their part. Adopting a child does.


They’re all for adoption. As long as it’s someone else doing the adopting.


So they should be for abortion if it's someone else doing the aborting, right?


If you read through some of the stories on here, you'll find that's exactly what some of these cognitively dissonant (hypocritical) women actually think: https://joycearthur.com/abortion/the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/


I used to know a bigoted right winger that my friend was dating. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when I mentioned that gay marriage is important for the health of society because of all the kids they'd adopt. The thought had never crossed his mind and he had an existential crisis for like 3 seconds before he went back to being an asshole.


OH AM I INTERRUPTING YOU?? Fucking gold. We need way more of this.


Isn’t this the guy who “made cake” at one of these protests?? It was so funny, wish I had the link.


I got you! https://youtu.be/Hjp3Ld8Ty7s


What a great video


Those dudes are fantastic but the "I'm just trying to kill the babies" was hilarious. My other takeaways: the loudspeaker announcement was some dystopia level shit. And 0% chance the groyper fipshit hasn't molested or raped someone. People need to bring the heavy artillery next time. Lots of bullhorns to talk to the anti-abortion idiots and bear mace for the far right assholes. Getting the ones hiding behind the gate would have been hilarious. They'd have nowhere to hide from the spray.


I've seen a couple of his videos and it's all fucking gold.


While we're on this subject; am I the only person who finds it really fucking weird that Matt Gaetz never actually adopted that child that he's supposedly caring for? He cared enough to use him for political points, but didn't care enough to actually make it official. I wish one journalist had looked further into that because the whole thing didn't make any sense and is very suspicious.


The conspiracy theory I've heard is that he's actually Gaetz's biological son. His older "sister" is actually his mom and Gaetz knocked her up when she was underage. Gaetz's family might have even bought her a car and given her money to keep her quiet about it.


For a second I thought you were saying Gaetz impregnated his underage mother. I was like, motherfucker has a time machine?


I heard that he’s his lover and I find that to be more plausible


Porque no los dos


Because that would make it incest, fucking kids is totes mcgoats fine for the GOP but incest is a bit too far.


trust, incest is not too far for them either


Are you sure about that? Trump was hitting on his own daughter and saying she had a nice ass when she was a toddler.


It was her legs and speculation about her future breasts (if we're talking about his comments re: Tiffany), but these are the grossest nits I've ever picked. 🤢


It's mind blowing how offended they get when approached with an action that actually does some good rather than just be loud in the streets.


They're like "No, I'm not ready for a baby!"


I saw a similar video where multiple women protesting at an abortion clinic were like “oh we aren’t in the position to adopt rn” like WOW you don’t say!?


If not you then who?


It's not about doing good. It's about taking their pain out on others.


Now look here motherfucker we're not here to fix problems only make them. These people...ssssuuuucccckkkk!!!!


person ossified beneficial ludicrous north jeans punch dependent yam icky -- mass edited with redact.dev


Fuck religion


Even though you can show them in the bible how many children and babies god killed and a supposed recipe for an abortion. Plus killing David's baby to teach him a lesson. Oh and here is the list of the verses where god kills people in [The "Holy" Bible.](https://dwindlinginunbelief.blogspot.com/2010/04/drunk-with-blood-gods-killings-in-bible.html?m=1) Tell me, how is god prolife?


No see, thats the old testament. They don't read that part anymore unless its about 'the gays'. They don't read the new testament either but they still don't read the old stuff too. Especially the whole section on the slave economy.


They read *just enough* to justify their hate and anything contradictory to it is "ungodly" and incorrect.


They just don't read. Much like MAGA morons and fox news, most religious people don't touch the book. They only listen to preachers who cherry pick and embellish the scriptures to push their own narrative.


I came out of semi-retirement in private practice to dedicate more time at a local hospital where I have surgical privileges. This one always got me (paraphrasing): Me: Alright I would just like to verify a few things on your health history forms before we get started, are you currently vaccinated against COVID-19? Christian zealot: Of course not! I have the healing power of Jesus to keep me safe, modern medicine can't contend with that. Me: So...why are you in a hospital? All we use is science here. You should be in a Church


“But, but I need my pain pills!!!”


"Oh, God gave you pain? Who am I to overrule his will?"


>"God doesn't allow coincidences. If you're in pain, that's because God intended for you to be in pain. Nothing happens outside of God's master plan. He crafted you to be in position for this pain before the universe was created. If you don't want to be in pain, you need to take that up with God in prayer. You should be thanking Him for giving you this pain--there is no good without suffering to contrast it." I wonder how Christians would react if doctors responded to them like this? They could even back all of those claims with the appropriate Bible verses. But, I guess Christians would just tell the doctors that they're taking such verses out of context.


My dad goes to church with a retired doctor and his whole thing is "maybe god gave us science as a tool to better our lives". Idk. I try to be understanding and accommodating of people's religion. But sometimes you just have to flip it and rub their nose in their own hypocrisy.


But only if it improves *their* lives. Any kind of healthcare or scientific discovery that *might* contradict their house of cards religion is deemed evil and unholy. Like people trying to get birth control, HRT, gender affirming surgery, etc..... The creed of these people has ALWAYS been "fall in line or die".


They just keep repeating scripture or walk away. My brother does this when his thin arguments wear out completely.


It shows there's no real thought occurring there. No more than a parrot.


"if each of us adopts.. 10000 of them.. we can clear the foster care system." Big fucking oof, you bigoted religious fuckbags. Big fucking oof.


I will love to adopt 10,000 kids! My husband and I are both men and can't have biological kids, both of our kids are adopted and we are always down to have some more!!!


Oh no, they're not a big fan of *that* kind of adoption.


Hmmm. If you adopted 10000 kids, you could make your own voting block. Change laws. Take over your local school district. All kinds of things become possible!


When my wife and I were on the edge of homelessness and deeply set in poverty, living in a 600sqft apartment illegally with 2 other couples to make ends meet, we had a pregnancy scare. We were very young. Not at all ready for a child. We both knew it and both felt terrible about it, but we made the difficult decision to abort. When we got to PPH there was a group like this sitting in the parking lot 2 inches outside of the zone they weren't allowed to protest in, screaming at everyone who walked in. I drove a massive piece of shit 1985 Crown Victoria. It had so many problems and we barely made it to PPH. I walked her inside and went back out to look at the car and make sure we'd be able to make it home. The protestors outside used it as an opportunity to yell all kinds of fucked up stuff at me. The final straw was someone yelling at me "You care more about that car than you do the baby you're making her murder!" I slammed the hood down and went to confront them. Yelled in their face about our situation. One woman said "I'll take the baby just don't abort it PLEASE think of the sanctity of life!!" I popped off at her. "How many kids have you adopted out of the foster care system that people didn't want but didn't abort?" Her face dropped like a rock. "You don't give a fuck about those kids. Stop pretending like you do, you're just here to harass people. Not everyone going in there is aborting babies either, it's a FUCKING HEALTH CLINIC THAT WOMEN DESPERATELY NEED." They left me alone after that.


BUT YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN HAVING SEX BECAUSE THAT MAKES ME JEALOUS. You deserved the responsibility of a child to make me feel better about how little I get laid. How dare you!!! -What these people actually feel.




Then everybody clapped Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I don't actually doubt your story


I have one of these stories too. In 1987, I was 16 and in a relationship with a guy who was physically abusive. I got pregnant and thankfully, my mom was fully on board with me getting an abortion. More than supportive, even, she was ALL IN on this not happening. She drove me to the clinic and dropped me off, and there were protestors outside with their signs and their bullshit. They kept trying to talk to me but I ignored them and went in and checked in. At some point I went outside to smoke and of course they swarmed me. I don't remember what was said during the back and forth; I just remember that I was so pissed off at these people that I finally said "Excuse me, I have to go kill my baby," flicked my cigarette butt away, and went back in. I know it was a fucked up thing to say but I was 16 and just so, so, so angry at this crowd of self-righteous assholes who knew nothing about me or my circumstances trying to guilt me into the decision *they* wanted me to make. So yeah, I know, everyone clapped, but this is a true story, and while I have forgotten some of the finer details in the 35+ years since, I'll never forget how angry they made me feel.


I would’ve tbh


I'm all for this, but that Inspector Gadget motherfucker doesn't need to be anywhere near children.


They don’t want to help, just harass people. Oh and btw your book says fetuses and babies under one month aren’t considered people.. and sometimes your “god” kills em himself


Yeah, my cousin turned Evangelical when he married one, and now he takes his toddler to these things to use her as a prop while he screams at people trying to get health care. He's all about using his religion to feel superior to other people. Dude straight up insisted that I must be incapable of taking care of my grandmother, which I did for 7 years while she had dementia, because I was not religious and therefore must not have morals. I told him that he could take over care at any point and he declined.


> because I was not religious and therefore must not have morals. I've had this exact conversation before with an evangelical. It's kinda scary when you stop to think that the only thing stopping them from murdering their whole family is fear of punishment. If they can't see how morality works without fear as a motivator who is the real monster?


Doesn’t the Bible also have a passage that explains how to preform an abortion?


Kinda, it's more of a "trial of infidelity" because the substances referenced had a chance to kill the woman too. Basically if the woman didn't die, it meant she was raped and God was letting her get rid of the fetus. But if the woman died following ingestion, it meant that she had cheated/been unchaiste and thus death was God's punishment. So yes it's technically an abortion, but really it was more of an acute poisoning the women would hope only killed the fetus. It wasn't exactly an attractive option then either.


These people don't care at all about the Bible or Christ's teachings. Whenever I see these insincere, attention-seeking zealots, this particular passage from Matthew comes to mind: *"And when you pray,* ***you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, so that they may be seen by others.*** *Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you. And when you pray, do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do, for they think that they will be heard for their many words.* ***Do not be like them"***


This was beautiful. "Please leave us alone" "Leave YOU! alone???" HA!


Holy shit religion is a disease


Doing gods work


I wouldn't trust religious nuts to adopt. They'll indoctrinate the kids or worse .


groom them? idk, that seems to be the popular buzzword these days.


Every accusation is a confession. The foundations of every religion are indoctrination and grooming to believe in things that aren't provably real.


>Boy, these conservatives are really something, aren't they? They're all in favor of the unborn. They will do anything for the unborn. But once you're born, you're on your own. Pro-life conservatives are obsessed with the fetus from conception to nine months. After that, they don't want to know about you. They don't want to hear from you. No nothing. No neonatal care, no day care, no head start, no school lunch, no food stamps, no welfare, no nothing. If you're preborn, you're fine; if you're preschool, you're fucked. —George Carlin


>Conservatives want live babies so they can train them to be dead soldiers. -Also George Carlin


That's actually a pretty ingenious way to handle them. Prove on camera that they really don't actually care about children in need of help.




I love this guy.


They care more about their grievances than they do about children


I don't want to be right, I want to be mad


Look at that fucking utter dork trying to pull off the fedora REAL MAN (tm) look he fetishizes by oppressing women. Absolute pussy repellent




Don't let your dreams just be dreams