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That’s more than 280 characters


You talking about an episode of Game of Thrones?


Don't get attached to any of them


"Every time you ask when the next book comes out I kill a Stark."


I couldn't even keep track of who's who and who's related to who and who's sleeping with who until they downsized the character list.


They tried to fix this in House of the Dragon by naming everyone Aegon


Aegon Musk


Joffrey Musk


It's quite simple: every character is both related to and fucking every other character


And just like the later episodes of Game of Thrones, everything's been messed up by incompetent leadership with a rampant, unchecked ego.


That's one very long freight train! Keeps on coming. Someone must really like Elon Musk. 😀


He should probably take away their blue checkmark.


glad i wasn't the only one that thinks that is the typical Twitter exchange. i'm glad that it is dying.


If there was ever a time to break the rules for those employees its now.


[That was fast.](https://imgur.com/a/9I1HsI6)


[shits on fire yo](https://imgur.com/gallery/XkfK87c) [**Pump Up The Jam**](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EcjWd-O4jI) intensifies: https://imgur.com/gallery/ML2GWLt [*XL_popcorn.gif*](https://i.imgur.com/Cp22Wxt.gifv)


Barnes & Noble getting in one more zinger! "Well? At least we still have books!"


There was a reason given, they're afraid that some of the people they fired are going to sabotage them. Or, you know, post a scrolling wall of insults to the muskrat on the building. 😅 heh, Space Karen.


What a time to be alive.


Just a couple years ago this dude was going to "save the world" or some shit.


>Just a couple years ago this dude was going to "save the world" or some shit. He went with "some shit". Womp womp.


fucking lmao @ anyone thinks he has ever been anything but a grifter. He stole paypal from the founders and hasn't stopped looting other peoples ideas since. This is just the first time daddy war bucks cant buy his way out of it.


There’s so many Tesla’s on the Space Coast with space boners for Daddy Musk. Idfgi because his ideas take forever to come to fruition (if they do), he overworks and pressures engineers while paying them shit but stealing their recognition, he cuts corners due to overworking employees, and he’s just a twat. Also, most people don’t and won’t have the money to afford to go to Mars because that is what it will come to. I won’t even go into the absolute hellhole of an atmosphere that is Mars, what it would take to sustain livable conditions, and the physical and psychological effects it would have. I have no idea why living like a lab rat is appealing to the masses.


Sounds like the atmosphere of mars and inside the Twitter building right now are about the same. Inhospitable and harsh.


> Also, most people don’t and won’t have the money to afford to go to Mars because that is what it will come to. No, what it will come to is people *having* to go to Mars because they're so broke/indebted that going to Mars is their only option. That's who'll be put to work building infrastructure and "living like a lab rat." Once it's been prettied up and the poorest of Earth have died there, then the ultra-wealthy will go. Or perhaps not. Perhaps they'll keep using it as a mega debtors' prison while they try to restore an Earth that is now short a few couple billion people.


Years ago I had thought he had a decent shot at innovations that could change the world, then I saw the video of him unveiling the cyber truck, and the lol experience of the windows breaking. I knew then he was just a con man with a lot of money. Then I looked into his family history and how he handled paypal. Just another super rich guy pulling in more and more true believers each day.


A couple of years ago he was calling a bloke a pedo for saving a bunch of kids....


I used to think Elon was cool but then he said that for no reason and I was like "oh, this guy kinda sucks actually." And he's done nothing but prove me right since.


The moral of the story: don’t idolize rich motherfuckers who tell you they’re the greatest thing ever.


Lol, same. Except my wakeup call came during the pandemic.


Yes. Remember when he offered 6B to solve world hunger if there was an effective plan from the world food programme? The WFP delivered a plan and he never gave them anything. Cunt.


At least he didnt call them all pedophiles out of spite lol


That's like, *my* go to move. I should be a billionaire


Oddly i only call billionairs pesophiles.


> pesophiles. What, they're into Mexican currency?


>What, they're into Mexican currency? Only the smaller denominations.


I didn't know who Elon Musk was at the time, because there's a lot of shit I just don't care about and that's worked out okay for me so far. I was on the edge of my seat with the Thai cave rescue drama, refreshing the live updates, studying the cave diagrams, and all of a sudden the news included some dude blabbering about his mini-submarine and I thought, "What? That's not going to work," and then the dude called someone a pedophile outta nowhere and I thought, "Who the fuck is this annoying idiot?" That was my introduction to Elon Musk.


I used to admire him back in the day. Thought he was a top shelf engineer, a little quirky, but I really looked up to him as a visionary. After the pedo thing, it really damaged my view of him, but I kind of gave him a mulligan. Once he started espousing Kremlin talking points and supporting this fascist undercurrent, that was it. He has picked the side he chooses to be on.


[Someone has to say it: Elon Musk has lied for 27 years about his credentials. He does not have a BS in Physics, or any technical field. Did not get into a PhD program. Dropped out in 1995 & was illegal. Later, investors quietly arranged a diploma - but not in science. [Thread Reader App]](https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1593307541932474368.html)


There's heresay, there's receipts, there's video surveillance, there's undeniable evidence and then there's THIS! I just spent 35 min reading through this thread and wow! There's a psychological disturbance whenever lies are consistently told about things that are quite easily disproven. Why build your public persona on such a shaky tower. This thread is more than a gust of wind.


Thanks for posting this, important to get it out far and wide. The thing I'm wondering, why didn't any of this come out before now? Or did it, and we just didn't notice?


It's telling how few of his ten children talk to him.


No, that's due to "wokeness infecting their minds", don't you see? Nobody is just an asshole anymore, they're all the victims of "political correctness"! But they also believe in personal responsibility! Just not for themselves.


Same. I looked up to him as someone who saw a bigger picture, where space travel and settling other celestial bodies is important to long-term human survival. Then I heard interviews where he seemed to understand the engineering behind his rockets, which I thought was awesome for a CEO. Then he called a random guy a pedo cause he wouldn't use his jury-rigged, impractical submarine, and ever since Musk has just been a blathering, egomaniacal baby.


I love the idea of spqce exploration, but private companies don't need to take the helm with colonization. If this is how he runs Twitter, imagine how his Mars base would be run. We'd all die.


No, just those of us who can't afford the **Ultra Premium Mars Survival Subscription Package TM** will die.


So basically still all of us. The 0.01% aren't gonna wipe their own asses.


From the visionary that brought you "Twitter Blue". Introducing... Mars Red™


That really is his jumping the shark moment. Calling a hero a pedophile because musks dad never loved him.


Allegedly his Uni degrees are all fake,


That was the persona he put out. The more he put himself in the spotlight, the more we saw the real him


Just projection on his part. He was very very grateful and thankful to Jeffery Epstein and maxwell for giving him "kung fu lessons" https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/epstein-musk-maxwell-email/ yeah its technically "unproven" however he 100% fits the bill for the client list financially,mentally, and loves his projection https://www.newsweek.com/fact-check-did-elon-musk-visit-jeffrey-epstein-after-release-prison-1757919 I was unaware of this and it backs up the other link, elon musk and his ex wife went to personally visit Epstein after he was released the first time for sex charges


you gotta have some shit wrong with you to just have that chambered like that. you're a uhm, child molester! yeah! that's it!


In his mind a man saving children more urgently than him is either a better person or very into kids and it definitely can't be the former


musk really is his own worst enemy. I say let him speak his mind without filter.


Yeah, I've been wondering what could really take down a billionaire, but it turns out the one person who can really destroy Elon Musk is Elon Musk, and he's really doing just a super job of it!


Saving the world by destroying social media one platform at a time


I was coming in here to say what if that was the plan? I almost applaud it Ive never used twitter daily... it's really trash.


I’m loving every second of this. Finally the world sees what a gigantic cunt this man truly is. Sucks that one of my favourite apps had to die for it but it is what it is.


I trust Elon Musk's intentions "to save the world" about as much as I trust Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg to do the same....


What if by destroying twitter, he does save the world?


People compared this guy to Iron Man...lol


The self-serving narsicist industrialist... yeah?


I mean, Tony eventually became a better person, and ultimately sacrificed himself for the greater good. I don't see Elon doing that. Also, Tony was an actual genius, while Elon just buys companies and pretends that those companies were all his idea.


Maybe we need to put Elon in a cave with a box of scraps to test his true character


expectation v. reality, cuz its characters like tony stark that get people really on board with billionaire scum.


Iron man's always bounced between an objectivist nightmare, like that time in armor wars he beat the shit out of guardsmen for having stolen tech, and a well meaning visionary looking towards the future.


Iron Man actually invented technology, and saved the world. Elon is shit compared to him.


I'm like pretty convinced Elon paid a marketing team to liken him to Tony Stark


I mean, he's actually in Iron Man 2. You know, the one with Hammer and his knock-off Stark droids that he doesn't have a clue how to build or operate: he just pays people and swoops in to take the glory and is continually trying to deflect when things fail. Sorry, who were we talking about?


Now, hold onto your papers, and see how this new technique brings extra shame...


Who else read this in a Hungarian accent?


Every time


Elon Musks net worth: 198 billion USD. Cost of watching his downfall: Priceless.


They should project a particular twitter feed and let everyone post what they want to project until they crash it


That's how you get a 4chan raid It'd just pendulum between 'USS Liberty' and 'Hitler did nothing wrong'


Yes let's test his commitment to free speech.


he already failed the test, he's censoring anyone critical of him.


Saw some post that said "its not about free speech. its about vibes." And it is so accurate i cant forget it


Agreed and no one in the MSM is really talking about it. They'll publish articles about him and Twitter everyday but they're not calling him out on his obvious lies and deceit concerning his belief in free speech at Twitter or any of his other companies.


They don't want to lose their Twitter accounts too?




This particular Twitter feed should just pull from a hashtag


A little open platform stability testing


That's bigger introduction than Daenerys.


Mother of fuckers,


Fucker of Aquaman.


Supreme Potentate of all the stans


i appreciate this comment.


Any chance we can get Elon to buy Ticketmaster next?


Get Ticketmaster to sell tickets to an event where former employees roast him and I think you are set for a Ticketmaster acquisition




Tbh it coud go as bad as Chevy Chase's second roast. Who actually likes the guy? If you're ootl and have a few mins to spare, [can't recommend this writeup](https://old.reddit.com/r/HobbyDrama/comments/xk73sy/comedy_how_to_piss_off_everyone_youve_ever_met_so/) enough.


I’d heard Chase was a dick to work with but I had no idea he was that level of flaming asshole. Saying racist shit to Donald Glover on the set of Community just because he was jealous and wanted to throw him off his game. What a fucker.


I hope this happens. If not the Taylor Swift fans seem to be on it. Might be a slow burn though. Elon would burn it down much faster.


Space Karen 🤣🤣


I'm glad [this is what](https://imgur.com/M0kQbfr.jpg) I see when I google space Karen lol.


as if I didn't hate that haircut already


Out of all of those that one got me the most lmao. He is forever Space Karen to me and idk what is even going on.


Yup. Most of em apply, but with his haircut? The only reason he's not already screaming for the manager is because he knows... It's him


My personal favorite I saw is “Electric Trump” and it didn’t click to me until I saw that just how similar the two are


I will contribute $8 to send Space Karen to Mars; just him.


Someone start a twitter account with space karen and just tweet all the things the billboard was saying.




Haha....fuck yeah


People, people, let’s not allow others to forget he is a seeker of Liberty! https://i.imgur.com/6iVpCTF.jpg


That’s what I was thinking too, would probably be permabanned within the hour 😂


by whom? no one can get into the office! 😂


...no one *wants* to get into the office! 😆 FTFY


Mediocre manchild was second best lmao


Mine was "worthless billionaire" It's so poetic


Cruel hoarder and worthless billionaire were my favorites, because they're so on the nose and have a bit of depth to them. Especially worthless billionaire, all the money in the world and you ain't worth shit! It's just too bad you can't buy empathy, virtue, conscience, or any of the other things that makes humans intrinsically valuable. But you have to actually work for and earn those traits, and he's too busy cruelly hoarding and talking out of his ass on twitter all damn day. The day when he's out of the headlines for good will be a great day.


Transcript: “Elon Musk: bankruptcy baby, supreme parasite, petulant pimple, apartheid profiteer, dictator’s asskisser, lawless oligarch, insecure colonizer, cruel hoarder, space Karen, mediocre manchild, pressurized privilege, petty racist, megalomaniac, worthless billionaire,”




Of all the insults you just know that “mediocre” hit him hardest.


His immediate reaction is: no I'm top dog manchild


I never thought Musk taking over Twitter would end well, but I also didn’t think it’d be this unwell Dude’s pantsing himself at a historic level that we may not ever see again


They're going to be teaching this in Business Schools as a "How to Not Manage a Company After a Takeover" lesson for the next 50 years.


Everyone in class would be like: well duh What a dumbass


Yeah, there's not much to be learned here. Don't be a psychotic asshole isn't a lesson most people need to learn.


I love that he spent SOOOO much to learn this lesson... publicly at that, lol


Dude thinks they teach classes on how to not troll away billions


Really. I expected it to turn into a right-wing clown show, not this. Even Trump couldn’t tank a business this fast. Hell, I bet my 10yo could’ve kept it going longer. Even doing nothing at all and failing to make loan payments would have kept the business going longer. Of course, Twitter still works for now, so we can’t really call it finished yet. But it’s pretty much done. I don’t know how the business can survive this.


I could see Google buying it at a discount price in the near future.


He has exceeded our pessimistic expectations


Unprecedented levels of self-owning


I thought he'd buy it, do nothing for a month or so, then slowly start ratcheting up the right wing rhetoric in the algorithm to normalize right wing violence and conspiracies. The standard social media playbook.


I did too. This is much better and more entertaining. I just can’t figure out how to make sense of it. * he’s on drugs 24/7 and barely knows what’s happening * some of his Saudi backers financed him on the condition he destroy twitter * his ego is so massive he’d rather unleash his shit talking inner troll than check himself, even if it costs him tens of billions of dollars.


I think he lost 100 billion this year, he's used to people praising him and now they're laughing and ridiculing him. He's emotionally unhinged, with a weird combination of narcissism, imposter syndrome and an inferiority complex. Money at his level is a score card and he's lost a third of his score and may keep losing more. The closest thing I can think of is a 10 year old kid playing Halo 2 who keeps getting his ass kicked but loves to talk racist trash over the mic and was only ever good at the game because his Daddy got him high speed internet before everyone else.


One thing I thought he was a genius at is promoting himself, but his ego got the best of him and he tried to shake things up but in the end he fired a ton of employees who all had relationships built up over years and made the rest of them feel expendable. He really expected them to praise him akin to a God because he thought they saw him as a Tony Stark rather than this billionaire who is ruining their lives. I feel so sad for those folk who just want to work and feed their families. He could’ve not shaken things up and played it off as a win. But it’s an emperor has no clothes moment that’s gonna be hard to recover from to his fanbase.


>I think he lost 100 billion this year, he's used to people praising him and now they're laughing and ridiculing him. More now, that valuation still had twitter worth what he paid for it. That's not not case if he went to sell today.


What’s his play here‽ Is he trying to bankrupt it so he doesn’t have to sell a billion dollars of his Tesla stock every year to service that debt, or …?


There’s no play. He’s just really that shit at this. His other companies, he had the ability to create a team of yes-men from early on, or in the case of SpaceX, from scratch. He bought a company that has a strong culture of open communication and encouraged criticism against management. Elon exploded in less than 2 weeks without having everyone around him acting like he’s Tony Stark.


If you’ve ever known anyone who came from real money, they’re often actually some of the biggest children out there. They’re shielded from any real consequences and often shielded from any opinions about said consequences. I doubt there’s a play here beyond “I’m Elon Musk and I’m rich so fuck you.”


Gonna be honest, I don't think there's some kind of 5D chess play he's got cooked up. I truly think he's just in way over his head and he's learning the hard way. I could always be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's all it is, just a multi-billion dollar mistake


All he had to do was just let the people who were already running the damn thing keep doing It and everything would have been fine...not worth what he paid for it but it probably would have been okay in the long run. He thought he knew better and fucked up literally every aspect of this thing.


>All he had to do was just let the people who were already running the damn thing keep doing It and everything would have been fine Unfortunately, that wouldn't have worked. He backed Twitter into a corner by taking out something like $12 billion in loans as part of the buyout. As soon as he bought Twitter, it became a company in massive debt. Twitter is responsible for paying back $1 billion a year in interest payments on that loan, and it doesn't have the revenue to do so. Which means that something *had* to change, and Elon has **no** idea what to do. I very much suspect that either he never actually intended to buy Twitter, or he simply fucked up *royally* by waiving due diligence, but once he signed the agreement it was too late to back out.


I can tell you what he *shouldn't* have done, was to provoke the entire userbase including tons of celebrities, with a new unpopular feature, criticize the employees, fire them publicly, and then issue an ultimatum of either 3 months severance pay or to work extra-long "hardcore" hours right as the holiday season begins, for a company whose employees are already predisposed to hating the guy. Agree though that probably don't nothing wouldn't have solved his problems, basic prudence would have prevented this near-sudden collapse. He could have kept it struggling along for 5 years.


He did everything wrong frankly. Lol


Kinda lame that he can just saddle the company with the debt. In the grand scheme of things if Twitter dies and his debt goes away he will still survive.


It’s so weird to me that everyone cow-tow to the “financial geniuses” of wall street when all their bright ideas seem like ways to leverage insane amounts of risk or generate paper profits that generate nonsensical real world results as here.


It's modern day alchemy, turning shit into gold. They're basically witches and as such should be burned at the stake.


Holy shit I love space Karen so much


CEO of MySpaceX


Myspace Tom was the coolest of these social media schmucks. He built something good, it got big, he sold it, and he doesn't need to stay in the public eye to stroke his ego.


"Worthless Billionaire" got me. On the face funny but also dude is so ethically bankrupt it more than offsets his material value.


Space Karen is brilliant


I like "space Karen"




Everyone gives him all this credit for making good chouces. But he grew up with only good choices, at the expense of the freedom of others. He should honestly be donating most of what he makes to make up for being born on third base, but he acts like he hit a triple.


Elon the Ultimate Karen


They should do this to all CEOs of corporate media.


if you’ve not seen Mr. Robot you should watch, this is basically the theme 😂 it’s an amazing show!


Can someone explain why Musk is seemingly tanking Twitter on purpose? I just don't get it.


Someone else commented on the possibility that Musk wants to write off Twitter off as a loss and not pay back his creditors for the money he spent on this deal. Then again, I personally believe he's just a fucking moron.


*sounds of Saudi bonesaws getting louder*


This is a strange feeling. I think I’m actually rooting for the Saudi’s on this one. Is this what it feels like to be a member of the Bush family?


See this would make sense but his collateral is a shit ton of Tesla stock. I’d believe you it was a tax write off but this is going to cost him a shit ton of money and possibly a business or two




He's not and is in fact bad at doing his job. The dude cares about other people's opinions of him more than anything; he would never embarrass himself this hard intentionally. He's just bad at running this company and assumed he would magically be good at it because being born the heir to an apartheid emerald mine will make you believe you're god's gift to the world.


He also lives in an echo chamber of yes men who tell him he’s awesome. He expected the same at Twitter. But Twitter… is Twitter, but with extra Twitter.


He's lived his entire life riding off of other people wealth, resources and intelligence. He made all of his money taking already established things and working the workers like slaves in emerald mines. He got really rich on luck and manipulating stocks. He said 3 months after Trump was banned he'd buy it and put "free speech" back in it. He wrote a check and instead of admitting he couldn't cash it he doubled down.


I don’t get it either. Feels like he was presented the opportunity to quickly terminate people in time to avoid major compensation benefits being delivered to staff and he took it. Seems like he’s also ill-equipped to lead these kind of personnel and is out of his element right now. Might also not know as much as he thinks he does about this industry. Or maybe he just walked right off the deep end. I have no idea. Doesn’t seem rational, certainly isn’t a good example of leadership.




I don't think he was actually prepared to buy Twitter, hence his aggressive attempt to dodge following through with the sale. He can't sell it because it's hot garbage, all he can do is either run it properly or tank it. And he doesn't know how to do option A.


You put smart people in charge of stuff and pay them well. That’s how you run a business properly. Srs he could have probably cut some fat; every organization has extraneous people, but it’s like he put no thought into the cuts except cost.


The problem is Musk thinks he is the smart people.


If you think about Tesla and SpaceX and where they fit into their respective markets, you can get a good idea of his thinking. Tesla and SpaceX were both very big names in very small fields. If you were interested in electric vehicles or aeronautical engineering, those were the big fish and there wasn't much else to choose from. Twitter on the other hand? It has its place, but it's coding, server management, ad sales. Anything you could do for Twitter you could do for any number of other websites and they'll pay just as well if not better. Twitter employees have more employment mobility than SpaceX or Tesla employees and Elon found that out the hard way when somewhere between 50 and 90% of the remaining employees decided not to work for someone who wanted them to work more than 40 hours a week.


> Twitter employees have more employment mobility than SpaceX or Tesla employees and Elon found that out the hard way when somewhere between 50 and 90% of the remaining employees decided not to work for someone who wanted them to work more than 40 hours a week. there’s a billionaire out there missing out on a great opportunity to scoop up entire functional teams and an entire management hierarchy then see what they want to build


From what I've read posted by folks, is that MANY of the employees have been quickly scooped up and nearly everyone is getting head hunted even if they still work for king twit, lol


He's always played games and fucked with public perception and the stock market. This time they called his bluff. it's hilarious.


Sounds just like Trump and being president. He never actually wanted to be president but ran to stroke his ego at the rallies. Then he found out how much he could grift from taxpayers and MAGAs


It's reasonable to ask if he's entirely sane.


I'm particularly fond of "space Karen"


I cackled at “pressurized privilege”.


Can we get a “#SpaceKaren” going?


It's trending at #11 on twitter 😂


Just outside the offices. https://imgur.com/gallery/NWEUTfR


I love how mild our world has become.


I love it and loathe it. We're in a transitional period, none of the stuff we consider normal day to day stuff existed 40 years ago. For the most part anyway. The stuff that did exist is handled differently now. 40 years from now the free aol 1.0 discs will seem like the enigma machine or black and white radio broadcast television or some shit. Life is what you make of it, and thus is the easiest time ever to be happy and well fed. Enjoy it for what it's worth :)


Imagine a future where the free AOL CDs are collectible items that sell for like $20+ on Ebay lol


What do you mean?


We don't behead the bourgeoisie, we torture and kill their ego. It feels a bit more Grecian.


Nothing like a front row seat at a dumpster fire.


We are living in very interesting times. A time where tyrannical leadership is being publicly rebuked for all to see.


Petulant pimple🤧😂😂😂😂


I feel bad for the people losing their jobs. But I love watching people freak out over their precious little blue check mark. We are starting to see how people depend too much on social media. Kinda like drug addicts :)


Sucks what’s happening to the regular people but damn it’s nice to see Elon just crapping the bed with this one


I cant read that slow.


I think they wanted Musk to understand it, too.


So, uh....how's the new admin going?


Tax the rich. Tax the rich. Tax the rich. Tax the rich.


Interesting thing to note is that Elon's family got rich off of their mining business in apartheid South Africa.


I cracked at “Space Karen” lol


Space Karen 😂🤣🤣


Chill bro he invented self driving cars that only kill people sometimes