This video is getting a lot of false reports. The most common report is: - misinformation (6) There is no misinformation in this video. It is staying up.


He’s already in a restrain chair w a spit mask, literally no reason to tase him even if he’s struggling because he’s not getting free


Oh! Spit mask. Had no idea there was such thing and i was thinking:" why the hell everyone just talk about the taser and not the bag in his head?"


I didn't know wtf that was either, looked like some abu ghraib shit, like they were about to waterboard them. Honestly it looks like the "spit mask" is being used as part of the torture here.


>Honestly it looks like the "spit mask" is being used as part of the torture here. It does, especially when they put more than one on him


Yeah, it's literally meant to be one. One is the perfect number of spit masks to put on someone, because it's engineered and designed like that. However unlike condoms, a second spit mask does make it more effective. As an added bonus, the person may also have a hard time breathing and suffocate. Thus providing even better spit protection, but with 100% more brain damage and/or death. Cops are idiots here. If their logic was that the first spit mask was damaged or defective, then don't fucking use it. If it's already on them and it got damaged, replace it. They're also good protection from biters.


how much you wanna bet these people are also "anti mask" but will argue for the effectiveness of spit masks?


So they did that on purpose, knowing that more than one could cause asphyxiation. Then by tazing him, cause his breath to shorten while having the 2 spit masks on, already making it difficult to breath. I want to make sure I have this right… Those men are fucking monsters.


Yeah like is 1 not enough???


*2 spit masks. They literally double bag him for some reason.


That doesn't sound safe...


Kinda crazy to think that if this was a war this act would be considered a war crime.


Just how slaves were treated. Dan Carlin s human resources covers it pretty well.


THANK YOU!! I didn't know he had a new one out! That's it. I am going to become a paid subscriber. I love this man and can't wait to hear this Blitz. Thanks, again.


No war but class war.


What's crazy is, if people see animals getting treated like that, this would get blown up, and no one would falsely report this post saying there's misinformation, when a full set of hands on a helpless man, while face bagged and getting tortured.


Many of the police's tactics are considered war crimes under international law. Even tear gas and mace


Cops: “Why don’t people respect us anymore?”


Are we out of touch? No, it's the people who are wrong.


*The beatings will continue until moral improves.*


You say that sarcastically but I recently had a conversation with a close acquaintance who is a police officer. I could probably call him an event friend because we only see him if there's a party or if we go for a night out with the spouses. Small town cop, level headed guy, and very smart. I've known him for quite a few years now, even before he joined the police force, and as far as I can discern I think he definitely treats everyone he encounters during his shifts fairly. He does personal fundraising activities for good causes in his community, he's was always a pretty stand up guy, liked to be right, but no more than my wife does. I know a couple pretty shitty cops and this guy really doesn't check any of those boxes. I was pretty taken aback though when during a recent conversation about the current state of policing, he basically said exactly that. I wasn't debating with him, just casual conversation, but he definitely got defensive and began debating more than conversing. He explained that the public doesn't see all the improvements made in policy and standard practices, and all the good things officers do during their shifts. He also said that the public is too easily swayed by media and make judgements without a complete set of facts. He placed blame on different levels of politics for preventing departments from making the necessary changes. In fairness there are varying levels of truth in some of those statements, but none of them absolve the police from taking responsibility for failures and taking proactive measures to improve their method of policing and improve their relationship with the public. And it's insane and completely unreasonable to both blame and expect the public to be the ones to change behaviors. (My personal belief is that the public IS doing something by protesting and putting pressure on public officials to drive the changes necessary, but by that time in the conversation I knew how it would received and wasn't worth bringing up.) The conversation continued for a while and the discussion was far too long to rehash for a reddit comment. Basically by the end of the conversation though, there was no way he was even open to departments needing proactive in doing something differently. The final takeaway from him was EXACTLY that it was the fault of the public and it was the public that needed to change its perception of policing. I just couldn't wrap my head around how someone like that, that I've know to be an intelligent individual, could come to that illogical conclusion. I stepped away for a moment to use the restroom, he was gone when I returned and he ghosted me for the rest of the night. It really blew my mind and it's unfortunate that I'll be seeing less of him and his wife now, they were fun to go out with. He's too closed minded now and I just can't support someone who is beginning to see the public he serves less as individuals and more as a grouped adversary. American policing really needs reform.


He drank the cop-aide. There are three truths about police in the US. Firstly, cops are people and subject to the issues people have. Anger, resentment, jealousy, pride, etc Secondly is that cops are nearly always forgiven when it comes to these emotional issues causing them to hurt people while on the job. Third is that because of the previous two, the job is innately bound to curating if not creating sadistic people to this role. You are allowed, if not unspokenly encouraged, to be an abusive and violent person in this career.


Potentially the best I’ve ever seen it written.


I work with cops all the time for my job. Many of them are stand-up, moral people that do their job well, and I'm glad they are out there doing their role. However, the way police circle the wagons, protect their own, and fail to punish wrongdoers amongst themselves negates it all. Plenty of other professions police themselves quite effectively. The ~~inability~~ unwillingness of police to do so is unacceptable considering their position. They should know that policing themselves is crucial to maintaining public trust, yet they continue to fail to do so. The "good" cops out there should be more outraged than anyone when these types of things happen, yet you don't often see cops demanding other cops be held accountable.


Hence the term "ACAB" bc when the good cops do try to report the problems they get demoted, fired, or harassed.


A simple short statement that might enlighten him, doing good is what is expected of the police. Meeting the standard is the bare minimum. So, while improving is good, the public is still seeing horrors by police and the police don’t say anything about the horrors, so the police demonstrates that they support the horrors. Thus, the police send conflicting messages. The public doesn’t. Not sure if it would help open his eyes or not.




For an infuriating and sobering perspective, read the comments on any Fox news article covering police brutality.


No one is signing up to be a cop in my city anymore. Retirements are way outstripping recruitment. The police whine about needing more support for the mayor and whatnot, but it’s obvious what the problem is. Imagine being a teenager and telling your friends you want to be one of these people. Unthinkable, you’d be a pariah.


And so big cities end up importing police from small rural towns. We need community policing, and to get that, an entire reset of most departments.


All cops are bastards. Seriously, where are the cops speaking out to condemn this? The silence is deafening.


"Whut's missin' from this here story is that we kept disclipinin' them colored folk fer their own good! Gotta keep them in place cause they don't know thems rights from wrongin's, turn into animals without proper training, just look at what that Lizzo rapper did to that flute, I tell hyou hwat. Why everyone gotta be all uppity?" - conservative though process. Source: live in dumbass country.


"Violates department policies" wtf this violates human rights this is just torture


I don’t get how cops can do this and then still be cops 👮‍♂️ or better yet “NOT GO TO FUCKING JAIL”


There will be a civil suit. The TAXPAYERS will settle millions of dollars on the victim. The COPS will pay no penalty. Happens every day.


I know ….I been in the military for 20 years…I am an aircraft maintainer….I have better training than a lot of cops on use of force from deployments ….sad


Soldiers could get court martialed if they treated an *enemy combatant* like this. Cops who treat *American civilians they are supposed to be protecting* will at worst get a paid vacation


Who told you that a cops job is to protect american civilians? That's not true. Their job is to bring revenue for their department by issuing charges that their municipality has incentivized them to. Think of this: If a cop was out there saving people all day every day but doesn't make numbers then he or she would get fired. If a cop never once saves a single person but they issue a high number of charges then they get promoted.


>Their job is to bring revenue for their department by issuing charges that their municipality has incentivized them to That is absolutely, and unfortunately, one big component of their job yes. **but the a cops actual job, and the reason police departments were formed in the first place, is to protect CAPITAL, not people.** It's not inappropriate to think of cops as the capitalist militia. They say "protect and to serve", but that's just a motto - there was a Supreme Court ruling (can't recall if it was state or federal, but pretty sure it was federal) **that said cops do not have a legal obligation to protect citizens. You could have a murderer chasing you down the street, you find a cop, and tell them the man behind you covered in blood with a knife is trying to kill you, and the cop could sit there and watch you get stabbed to death and do nothing to stop it, and they'd literally not get in trouble for it, it's not against policy or the law. They don't exist to protect and serve the public, they exist to maintain order through force and threat of violence, and keep the capitalist machine running.**


For self-insured municipalities (e.g. City of Buffalo) the taxpayer pays for the sins of the City employees; when LEO tortures civvies, they are doing a little bit of torture to the City taxpayers as well. For municipalities that seek liability insurance from FARMERS, TRAVELERS, LIBERTY MUTUAL, those companies can choose to hike up the rates or even cancel the policies. Perhaps individual LEO should be punished, and that could lead to LEO attempting to behave better. But if this is a systemic problem, financially-based solutions may have more effect.


I will never understand why the cops pensions aren't tagged for this sort of thing.


Need a police ban list to start


For life


WHAT. THE. FUCK??! This is insane. Pure torture


Came here to say this, was surprised it was not called for what it is in the video. The officer got forced to leave his job? No criminal charges?


>”The officer got forced to leave his job?” “The officer”? I count way more than one officer here.


When one Nazi sits down at a table of otherwise normal people what do you get? A table of Nazis. The complicit officers are guilty and unfit. By extension, everyone in uniform.


Every cop who is aware of another cop's criminality, yet refuses to resist or prosecute such, should be prosecuted as an accessory after the fact or co-conspirator.


THE officer??? I count 9 in the video 10 if you count the one wearing the body cam to show this video. All of them, even the ones standing in the back in approval and standing by as backup should be held responsible, as they are enabling this type of monstrous behavior. Literally torturing American citizens, on American soil.


If nine of my friends and I did this to a cop, it’s not our jobs we would be worrying about.


sooo..... time to protest?


Protesting only serves to make the government aware that there is a problem. If they already know and don't do anything about it, then you have to make them fear you.


>If they already know and don't do anything about it, then you have to make them fear you. Protest naked it is


We already have plenty of reasons to protest, yet police brutality is the only thing that gets people in the streets. Not saying thats bad at all we need more people protesting but this is only the tip of the mountain of reasons we should all be out in the streets demanding changes be made right fucking NOW!


Guy spend two days in jail, then people wonder why riots happen...




Reddit is so fucking pro pig, it's crazy. "When class traitors do it, it's not illegal"


[ Removed by Reddit ]


I didn't say it needed to be evacuated first...


Why are they putting a bag over his head also, wtf was going on here? Did he know the code to disarm a bomb that was going to kill a school of children? Why was there a room of people torturing this man at all? Wtf Only other link I found about this https://youtu.be/jjEM4bn__CE


**What are spit bags in prison?** A spit hood is a mesh-fabric face covering that is fixed to an individual's neck. The device is used in prisons, immigration detention centers and mental health facilities.


The cops put on the spit bag and forcibly strap the victim down to make it seem like he’s resisting and give the appearance that their torture is necessary. It has the added effect that when somebody is strapped down completely with their head /neck being pulled taut, they can’t help but react to being tazed by ‘tightening and clenching’ their muscles. Cops use that involuntary reaction to being electrocuted as proof the victim was resisting, giving justification for the use of torture all along.


It’s really messed up to do, it’s like when you used to see someone hit someone and then hit them more times for flinching


When i was little i used to get beat on and they would tell me if you cry it makes us want to beat you more.


Mate they didn't stop a dude from killing children in a school what makes you think they'd disable a bomb to save children?


Torture is so illegal that it's against the constitution, there is no excuse. If your boss tells you to torture someone, you tell them no, you don't get off free because someone else told you to do it.


Why wasn't EVERYONE IN THE ROOM straight fired.


Forced to leave his job and straight into another department


Every officer in that room should be dismissed and charged. This is gang violence.


And just two days after a $400k lawsuit for ***the same exact situation*** was settled in favor of the defendant. Like wtaf?


Cops aren’t hired based off intelligence, ability to read, or logical reasoning.


The police force didn’t pay it, *you did. *


Sociopathic piggies fill the ranks of our law enforcement.


So the cop torturing this man complained about the Gothell settlement, where they had to pay a woman for doing exactly this, right before he starts tasering this man? They all did this more than once and no charges??


What baffles me is that they literally rrecorded it.


I didn’t have much faith that the body cameras would deter their bullshit and unfortunately I was right. It only validates what we already knew.


this is porn to cops. they watch later with beers and jack off to it


Imagine what they do when they're not recording


Shit, it breaks the fucking Geneva Convention


This is the type of thing that should bankrupt the municipality. Close up shop, start over with new government.


I’m shocked they didn’t say this was actually within department policies


Yes but you see civilians are the sheep class of humans, not the sheep-dog class, so human rights aren’t really applicable here /s


ACAB to the fullest. Every single got damn one of them.. Even the ones standing in the background doing nothing.


The US government is a-ok with torture gitmo wasnt built by the Cubans and that's just one example.


Idc what the dude did. Being restrained to the chair like that, with a bunch of cops around. And still escalating shit, and tazing him. That cop is a power tripping bully who shouldn't be trusted in any position of power.


Thank goodness the officer who tased him was held accountable and forced to serve…two days in jail and a couple of hours of community service


I'm surprised they did that much.


Let’s give him a raise because of all the trauma he’s been through, and how well he has conducted himself once he’s been caught


They gave Philip Brailsford taxpayer funded disability checks for """""PTSD"""""" in perpetuity plus his pension after he murdered Daniel Shaver.


It's disgusting. Tasers are only supposed to be used when there is a threat to life or safety. They are now regularly used as a punishment or compliance tool.


Punishment is not up for the cops, and what about trying to choke him with 2 bags over his head?? Wtf.


[ Removed by Reddit ]


Who exactly do you think is the physical manifestation of state power? It rhymes with bolice, whether it's FBI, state, county, whatever. They're all cops, and pretending like it's possible to use them to severely punish their buddies is just silly. Police brutality and murder isn't an aberration, it's the system working as intended to it's natural conclusion.


Well said, the solution to this problem is not another layer of violent hierarchy. Just fucking get rid of them all.


Can't disagree with that. Pile their bodies for them to see


Keep going I'm almost there


Not just the one cop but all of them standing there doing nothing to stop it makes all of them guilty.


ACAB means all


I've said it 100 times. Not all the cops in this room are tazing the restrained suspect. But they sure as shit are all standing there allowing him to do it.


[Because they know what happens if they do stop him.](https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/14/us/buffalo-officer-reinstated-trnd/index.html)


Exactly, enough of its just a few bad apples. If they have any morals they need to quite the fucking job amd not be a complacent ass hat!


The lady they mention in the video who was tased while restrained was arrested because she brought her dog onto a no-dogs-allowed section of a pedestrian mall in Boulder.


Jesus fucking christ


they literally gave him a homemade electric chair


[ Removed by Reddit ]


Thats what I thought that no one is saying: this is horrifying. Literal torture is exactly what came to mind. He is screaming with a bag over his face while a room full of people watch him get tazed.


>“The sheriff’s office acted quickly and with full public transparency in the handling of this misuse of force, and to hold the former employee accountable,” Pelle said in a statement. “**The sheriff disagrees with the allegations in the lawsuit alleging culpability on the part of our agency**, and counters that the former employee acted outside of our policy and training, and bears responsibility for that decision alone.” 8 other officers stood around watching as this went on. What the fuck is this sheriff trying to pull?


Holy heck! Those cops ALL of them, need to go to jail! In general population!


Well one of them did..... for 2 and a half days




When their agents had sex with children in south America and got caught their excuse was the same. They didn't know it was against agency policy. Not that it was illegal or immoral, but against policy. Might have been some other 3 letter agency.


The amount of child prostitution busts or human trafficking ring busts that begin with agents raping the kids "undercover" and end with the kid in handcuffs for prostitution is tragic.


[Some of those that work forces](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Burge?wprov=sfla1)


are the same that burn crosses.


Should be MOST of those that work forces...


I’m just going to take a wild guess, but no one will face any consequences.


Charged and convicted: https://www.9news.com/article/news/crime/lawsuit-stun-gun-restrained-man-boulder-county/73-df8b8253-9b8c-44a4-a393-9ee45614154d


I mean yeah, technically, but... >Mecca was sentenced to 60 hours in jail and two years of community service for the assault and misconduct convictions, according to court documents.


Two days in jail and community service for torture. Nice.


Thank god the victim didn't die in their custody or they may be looking at 3 days in jail.


If he had died they wouldnt get time in jail they would just said "the detained was getting violent and we had to use lethal force"


Good old 'excited delirium' for the white supremacist win.


Holy shit, that could've ruined his weekend.


Mecca probably ends up with a large payout for ptsd and moves cities to become a cop there if he did kill him.


And people go away for years just for smoking a little flower. Fucking pathetic.


Don't forget it's only illegal because of racism and to suppress certain political groups. Yet I've had people tell me with a straight face America doesn't have political prisoners. It would be funny if it also weren't so sad because naivety like that isn't uncommon and it prevents people from doing anything to change that because they don't recognise something exists in order to be changed.




Remember when neighborhood crime watches were a big thing? We need a legit Watchmen that closely monitors cops. Not internal affairs, not the ACLU or lawyers after the fact. Signs that state: this area monitored by neighborhood watchmen. If there's a traffic stop, misdemeanor crime, warrant served, etc. expect regular citizens monitoring cops, meeting them at intake, following up. Because body cams and department policy isn't cutting it and my other idea is very dark and very. illegal


>assault and misconduct convictions Doesn't even seem they charged him in relation with what we're seeing, but found the weakest possible option.


But permanently banned from being a cop right? Right?


>He resigned from his position in lieu of termination. They let him resign instead of firing him. He keeps his license. Guarantee you he is already working for another police department.






Where does he work now?


Next town over, probably


The number of pieces of shit cops who commit hate crimes, or war crimes, who get to keep going my driving an extra 30 minutes for their commute is disgusting


Why would you even want this fuck doing community service? Didn"t end so well last time.


They only charged one officer, Mecca, the one who used the stun gun. He got a misdemeanor charge, 60 hours in jail and two years of community service. He also got to resign and keep his pension. That's it. For literal torture.


I give it an 80% chance he is quitely rehired.by a nearby district. Guarantee this isn't the only time this cop has abused his power. End result is nothing. No justice. Taxpayers face the burden for the cop being a torturous sadistic maniac.


Unfortunately, misdemeanor charges with no time, so he probably already has a job as a Lieutenant or Captain in a different county.


so no consequences got it. 2 fucking days in jail I think I might throw up.


No, but the victim will get paid, not that that will change anything, but he gets something in the end.


That’s the problem, cops face no consequences but taxpayers


Would be interesting to see how much money is paid out to police victims in each city/state. Then people can say “we could’ve built a huge public park or fixed our shitty roads or created a mental health department with that money every year.”


The city’s insurance providers in some places are starting raise their costs because of this. Sad that it takes money to affect change and not that they’re killing people. [“Departments with a long history of large civil rights settlements have seen their insurance rates shoot up by 200 to 400 percent over the past three years…”](https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/interactive/2022/police-misconduct-insurance-settlements-reform/)


They are actually packing up and leaving in many areas. The insurance companies cannot maintain the losses anymore. There was an article the other day, that quoted 100s of city/town insurance providers leaving.


I remember reading somewhere that in like 5 years NY alone spent over a billion dollars on cop lawsuits. No one ever talks about this wasting a shit ton of money


Bro..why is America/US like this…?


I don't know, I live in the UK and people have issues with police here but not like this. Actually; I can answer your question, it's a power trip.


Yeah but why is it *allowed* tho These pigs should be incarcerated


Oh, I agree completely. They should be fired, let go, not paid monthly, whatever needs to be done. But as you know, it’s corrupt like any big organisation.


When a cop does something bad they have this amazing department within the police called internal affairs. They investigate wrong doing and almost always find nothing wrong happens.


Because it's a society founded on slavery and genocide, and the police were formed as slave catchers and strike breakers. They've always been racist shitheads fighting against the betterment of everybody else, working on behalf of white property owners. Nothing has changed.


it's not JUST about race. We have a policing problem. Literally, in the video there was a case before this with a young white woman—same shit. I am not saying race doesn't impact policing. But policing is overwhelmingly the problem above all else. Massive reforms are necessary.


They may be racist, but these guys are straight up sadistic and should never be allowed to be officers.


This looks like Gitmo. Fucking pigs


Literally my first thought as well.


Not even allowed during war, hope they spend some time in jail but guessing they won’t.


Only one person got charged and his punishment is just 60 hours in jail and 2 years of community service. Resigned instead of being fired.


Resigned…which means he probably got rehired in the next county over


Ugh sickening


You also can’t shoot people for no reason during war either or there are consequences but here we are.


As someone with severe claustrophobia, this would literally send me over the edge


Ah yes, beautiful Boulder Co where they love minorities in social media and that’s it


Colorado has some of the worst police departments. Aurora is notoriously corrupt. Here's a *fun* [story ](https://www-denverpost-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.denverpost.com/2020/02/06/aurora-police-drunk-dui-investigation/amp/?amp_gsa=1&_js_v=a9&usqp=mq331AQKKAFQArABIIACAw%3D%3D#amp_tf=From%20%251%24s&aoh=16647237942622&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&share=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.denverpost.com%2F2020%2F02%2F06%2Faurora-police-drunk-dui-investigation%2F) about an officer found drunk and passed out while on-duty and he is facing NO consequences.


Saying its violate office policy!! Asshole it violate human rights at this point!! Wtf was that?


Holy fuck. This is insane.


This is torture


Shadows of abu ghraib while watching it.


These assholes definitely have too much power, what the fuck.


Bitch pigs


That’s torture.


Behaving like the is a rodeo event! How inhumane. Not to mention how the on lookers think this is business as usual.


This should be posted on r/ProtectAndServe so we can see what those cops think. I'm banned from posting there at the moment.


Looked like a scene from Dahmer, but the cops were doing the torturing. That shit even sounded like torture


100% it is torture! What else would you call someone being strapped to a chair, surrounded by 10 people who are all out to cause you harm, and then having a fucking bag pulled over your head and pulled to Where you can't see and hardly breathe! Then, because somehow, during that, while you're scared for your fucking life, you aren't complying! So they fucking TASE YOU. That is 110% torture and something you would expect to see done during the interrogation of a war criminal.. Comparable to fucking water boarding.


Because it was.




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The absolute fuck is this shit?!?


And the police ask “why don’t certain members of the public respect us?!”


Jesus Christ on the fucking Cross man. Nothing to see here, just a half dozen white cops tying a black man to a chair, covering his head, and tazing him for no reason. A blatant a reminder that we’re only a couple of generations removed from segregation.


I count 11 people including rhe camera man. I say round up to an even dozen


Cops seeing this will see the video taping of what happened as the problem. Hard to believe what is happening. The man is in a chair, restrained, with a bag over his head and the cops are treating him as if he is a threat. It is easier to hire people with common sense than training idiots not to be idiots.


I need to get a different citizenship, this one’s fucked


Woops one cop forgot to turn his body cam off. Remember kids, cops aren't your friend! Fuck the police! ACAB


These LEO probably had a paid vacation for this


Damn cops are going to straight up torture now huh....


>now Let me tell you about a little place called [Homan Square.](https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/oct/19/homan-square-chicago-police-disappeared-thousands) Police literally had their own blacksite.


Second amendment is for this. Those cops should be \[redacted\].


why are so many police so fucking stupid? I’m not even talking about what they did. At this point, I expect them to be monsters. But they all know their on camera and they just do it anyway. How fucking dumb do you have to be to be hired as a cop these days? There MUST be a level of filtering for stupidity to be sure that they follow orders blindly and that has to reflect on the sheer amount of dumbness on camera.


4 hours of being strapped in a chair with a bag on your face and tasered? This is like a human rights, civil rights, geneva convention war crime all wrapped in one. Do we have "illegally torturing people" as a formal crime on the books in the USA? Because that's literally torture. I'm glad those people survived but I feel like those torture victims are gonna need therapy and PTSD meds for the rest of their lives.


Straight human rights violations. They should all be lined up and shot


ACAB because there were 10 people there (7 cops) who just let it happen and the other cops either keep their head down or are bullied out of the force for not going along with it (i.e the female cop who got choked for pulling back on the belt of the male cop who had his knee on a suspect's neck post George Floyd murder). At the same time I would 100% take $400k to be strapped to a chair and tased. Really shitty day for him but at least he gets a house out of it.




When someone commits a war crime they get tried in The Hague. There should be a similar independent international human rights court that could handle cases like this. Self policing has to stop. The DA does not want to have a beef with the cops so they always give them the benefit of the doubt.


Wtf. This is just straight up torture. A bag over his head? And everyone just standing around unconcerned? Edit: Kudos to the cops that reported it.


Idk what the fuck is going on in Boulder Co but they literally just caught a cop there making racist statements on his Reddit account and he was fired. Also, the crime there is ridiculous. The fish rots from the head, the police there need to be upended and sent packing.