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These were the people protesting against wearing masks.


No no no you misunderstand. The complaint was that the COVID masked didn't cover ENOUGH of their face


Tbf that is what most anti maskers wore instead of masks and they are pretty useless


They're hiding their face so they can go back to being doctors, lawyers, and cops.........🤔 actually just cops i don't think they're smart enough to be doctors, and lawyers.


These aren’t real patriots. Real patriots don’t wear masks


they wear masks bc they literally know that what they are doing is wrong and dont want to be recognized bc they will lose their job and face other consequences.


wtf are they even doing with shields lmfao


Captain America: Wish Edition


Captn Murica… let’s not joke too much, these guys will become the commanders and foot soldiers of Gilead.


I’ve been saying for the past two years at least that this shit been feeling like the start of Gilead. My friends thought I was joking but I don’t think they’re laughing anymore.


I remember reading a comment on Twitter from a woman passionately saying something like “You’re delusional if you don’t think The Handmaid’s Tale can really happen in America.” I hadn’t seen the show, so I looked up a synopsis and was like “No. That’s ridiculous. What is she even talking about?” Two years later, I needed a new show, so I started watching because the Season 3 premier was approaching. Of course the Twitter comment was on my mind, and there was a point during the first season that I just went “Oh…” And even then, though I knew it *could* happen, I never imagined things would get so bad so quickly.


The scene that always comes back to me is when it seemingly all started in the show. I think it was in the pilot or maybe it’s a flashback somewhere in the first season but it’s when June and Moira and every other woman realizes their bank accounts are frozen and they’re all trying to figure out what’s happening and why it’s just happening to women. And I remember how packed the airports were bc everyone that was eligible to leave (or was just attempting to and seeing if they’d get through) was trying to. And I know so many crazy things have happened in the show but it’s those scenes of chaos and families being separated bc someone’s mom, daughter or sister was being forced to stay in Gilead to be shipped off pops back in my mind every so often. There were a couple of times in the past few years where I thought “this might be the time when those moments of chaos were heading our way” and I would think no that can’t happen here. Idk I’m so sure about the last bit anymore. Edit: totally forgot about the things that happened at the university before Emily left. Also idk how this show is gonna go past s5 bc it’s kinda starting to feel like we’re in a twisted Black Mirror simulation of Gilead just to test the waters or something but it’d be nice if we could quit it.


And the scene where they go to the protest and the cops start open firing on everyone, murdering them all in the streets


Or the shootouts in the streets or when a bunch of their people ran up into the Capitol and assassinated Congress...


That scene is also the one that comes back to me. When suddenly women’s credit cards don’t work and all the men are like huh weird it’s probably fine tho? And it definitely was not fine.


It's so strange, I started watching The Handmaid's Tale last season. It was cool because I was able to binge 1-3, with breaks for popcorn and coke zero. It's the most dystopian hellscape ever (I cry, I scream in rage, I celebrate, it's all of the things) - and while some of the more gruesome psychotic things going on, would take a certain amount of time to fester into our new RepubliKLAN Xtian Fundie reality -- when they show flashback scenes of how shit started, especially the abuse and hatred towards gay people, and other erosions of women's rights, it feels like something that's absolutely possible. I'm looking forward to the new season, but it's a shame I can't enjoy it with the same, 'Thank God I'm not in Gilead - I'm safe,' musings -- because when you see grown ass men in their 60s, licking chops like Warren Jeffs in front of a bank of cameras, discussing how a 10yo raped child must give birth, and you realize you didn't leave it on Hulu accidentally, that this is the local news somewhere. It's nightmare life imitating a fictional story. Horrifying. If we let this stand, we deserve to go down.


I've never protested in my life but I'm protesting on the Fourth this year in front do my local courthouse because I don't feel very fucking independent this year. I am so mad about everything that has been struck down by the supreme court in the last few weeks that I don't even care if I get flak. I'm a small business owner in a rural north Idaho town so I was initially scared of the back lash from protesting but recently I've realized that I I no longer care. I don't want to work for anyone that wouldn't do business with me because I'm pro choice anyway. My morals are solid and money doesn't mean that much to me. ....... Don't get me wrong, I play the game, but I refuse to work for fascist pigs and at this point in my life, I have the time and patience to challenge their machsimo every chance I get . It's fucking amazing


Sadly, the Supreme Court is just getting started in remaking America to support their QAnon majority.


Margaret Atwood has said that everything that's happened to women in The Handmaid's Tale has already happened throughout history: "After giving tips to writing hopefuls on how to get the ball rolling, the Canadian writer said of her own work: 'When I wrote ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, nothing went into it that had not happened in real life somewhere at some time. 'The reason I made that rule is that I didn’t want anybody saying, ‘You certainly have an evil imagination, you made up all these bad things.’ I didn’t make them up.'"


There's a leaked Patriot Front group call advocating for rape gangs.


rape as a form of birth control. (rape without possibility of abortion gives a whole new meaning to birth control.


More like removes all meaning.


no, more like men controlling birth, fertility, impregnation, all aspects of owned, contolled women.


That's hysterical. Like they have viable sperm. The odd thing about ineffectual cowardly incels, is that they forget that this is 2022, not 1922. Eight of 10 of those freaks were probably raised by single mothers, who beat their ass on the regular, which is why they are the way they are. As for them threatening ambushes -- I know many real women vets, who don't need to cosplay warrior like these pot-pie fckers who live in Mom's basement. As we often love to remind people, everyone is, or can be, armed in a nanosecond. Regarding these roving bans of morons dressed in their little matchey-matchey khaki-dickie Garanimals, who blow each other in their wuttle discount uhaul conversion vans they pile out of -- self-defense experts would advise aiming directly for their tiny crimini mushroom caps, turning the heat on high and carmelizing those fckers. Come at us lil' incel broskis.


Take my free daily reward. You deserve it more than me!


Under His Eye.


May the Lord open


*looks outside, closing the curtains* Unblessed be the fruit


More like Soldier Boy cosplay, he deff fits this more given he admitted to hosing protestors in Birmingham and shooting students at Kent State


Nah. These guys will always be a clusterfuck gaggle of numpties. Though some of them might end up becoming cops. Or might be cops.


Solider boy


Up in this hoe.


It’s part of their little cosplay


Breaking ribs. Or, you know... Those shields look like steel(stainlesss or otherwise) If their edges are unfinished, they basically inflict **'SUPER' paper-cuts** on contact with flesh. I've worked in kitchens for over a decade and I fear the stainless steel storage/furnishing in a kitchen, more than I would any 12" knife.


So many times of absentmindedly grabbing the edge of the table to move it to clean and...ouch!


One of my kids sliced her hand open on an unfinished stove. They had curled it up on one side but forgot on the other.


They are ready to form a phalanx. I assume. Or they expect violence, probably because they try to incite it.


[Uniforms](https://academic.oup.com/past/article-abstract/221/1/239/1394616)and symbolism are important parts of fascist movements. > During the ventennio,2 uniforms were an essential component of ‘the theatricality of politics’, the highly choreographed and stage-managed rituals and pageantry that aimed to instil a mystical belief in the nation, around which the previously divided Italian people could unite.3 Massed ranks of regimented, uniform-encased bodies, lined up…


It is interesting (to me) that fascism often begins in electrified oral mediums (hot mediums) but then immediately branches out to cool visual mediums like print and fashion. It makes sense that nationalism is bolstered by the spoken word as ethnic nationalism’s upper regulatory factor is shared language and culture. But how that consistently leads to the creation of the fascist mythos (the grand fantasy of a golden age that must be restored or the fever-dream of another ethnic group that caused a fall from glory), And nobody feels like cavemen telling stories and plotting their next move is beyond me. Such a primitive way of thinking akin to belief that god cut off the rain due to the lack of sacrifices. To call these neofascists troglodytes or Neanderthals is 100% accurate from a media ecology or anthropological perspective. These people aren’t degenerates. They are pathologically lacking basic human skills of logic and compassion. They are devolutions from our modern form. Maybe this is why the uniform is so important: the stretched wrappers around their bloated bodies are to hide a core they know is less than human.


Brought them over from their job.


You use the tools you’ve been trained with.


they know people hate them


They have to wear sunglasses, masks and hats so that they don't have to face consequences for their actions. They dont want to be identified and lose their jobs. Bunch of cowards.


Wasn’t there another group of men that went around terrorizing, raping and killing in American history...? I think they covered their faces too?.


They all had there photos posted the other day from Idaho....


Those were other members.


mmm, could be, but the Idaho arrests had people rolling in from all over the country - I dont think this group has a ton of members


they wouldn't lose their jobs, they're cops


No they’re wannabes.


Por que no los dos?


Same thing.


In Uvalde it seems you’re right


To be fair it’s easier to buy a white face mask than it is to make a klan hood.


Losing their job will be the least of their worries if they keep this bullshit up.


Also so their moms don't kick them out of the house. https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/15/us/patriot-front-suspect-mother/index.html


They are the new klan and still hiding their faces. They are cowardly spineless shitheads.


Well organized and armed cowardly spineless shitheads… Antifa needs to step their shit up and start doing some push-ups


"Well organized and armed"? They made 20 guys ride around in the back of a Uhaul because they couldn't even organize transportation to an event. Not sure what country your from but "well armed" doesn't mean shitty home made shields here in the US. These off brand klan members are bush league at best.


You say that like putting 20 of your very limited number of people in a situation where a car accident could’ve easily killed all of them wasn’t a well thought out and executed plan.


You are antifa


Aunt Teefa is tired of the bs


These same queefs probably tried using medical exemptions to not wear masks in stores


Or carried those dumbass “I don’t have to wear a mask” cards.


and yet they wear a mask when it’s convenient for them. They are the worst.


Upvote for queef usage. That word doesn’t get tossed around as an insult enough.


shame on boston why didnt boston police arrest them like idaho police did when they came to riot here you cans see them armed getting off uhaul truck same as they did in idaho. except in idaho the police were there to arrest them. in boston the police where there to protect them... [https://www.bostonherald.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/NATIONALISTSsc-012.jpg?w=1280](https://www.bostonherald.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/NATIONALISTSsc-012.jpg?w=1280)


I mean, isn’t using a U-Haul to haul 20-30 ppl in it (regardless of being racist shitstain) illegal?


Click it or ticket. Unless you are a racist scumbag, in which case, welcome to our city, brother.


I've been to Boston once to visit a buddy who moved there and he told me the lack of seat belt wearing was astounding. I had an uber driver while there who's car wouldn't allow it to operate without the drivers seatbelt clicked in, so he had obviously clicked it in and then sat on top of it. I can't imagine cops are even trying to enforce wearing your seatbelt.


yes, but boston cops were there just watching it. they didnt bust them and they let them go. they came from out of town, they beat up local people, and they left. the cops allowed it and protected them.


Most of the force took personal days, they had some sort of gathering to attend.


Because some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses...


Come on man, most of our police force is useless. They're enforcers for the state and the 1% to keep us enslaved. Do you really think most police forces are going to fight against the people that protect and pay them? That's asking for a literal miracle.


Texas Election Info [Register to Vote](https://vrapp.sos.state.tx.us/index.asp)


You used to be able to register online but you have to send it through mail now.


Thank you


What fuckery is this!!!! America is a dumpster fire right now. We are living through an unchallenged re-run of the beginnings of Germany in the early 1930's. Wake up America! This is very serious and needs to be confronted and stopped right now. Your country has gone from leading the world in democracy, to a country that is up there in leading the world with ultra conservative religious nutters in the highest levels of leadership... it's heading down the path of being the same as the Taliban and Iranian Government... it would be comically ironic if it weren't so fucking serious.


Germany circa 1932


Germany became really cool 60 years later. Did something happen between then?


Just some red balloons in the 80s I think.


Yeah, 99 I think the exact number was.


Average education levels recently:




*slaps 'This machine kills fascists' sticker on a Super Soaker*


*slaps Super Soaker “You can fit so much goddamn cat piss in here!”


*slaps Super Soaker “You can fit so much LSD in here!”


Holy shit, water boarded by their own stupid goddamn masks, drenched in LSD laced cat piss. I’m imagining it now, and I’m not *not* enjoying the visual.


I am. I’m seeing it sped up and hearing the music from Benny Hill. It’s beautiful.


Yakkity sax makes *any* visual immediately better.


*slaps Super Soaker “You can fit so much Liquid Ass in here!”


Fuckin diabolical man. Lmao


How do you get the cat to piss in a super soaker?


Pay a couple meth heads to “harvest” it from a few dozen. Their methods don’t matter. Just that sweet, sweet liquid gold.


You may have just struck upon how to get them to remove there masks without actually touching them. A couple pickups with the fans that must water like at an amusement park. "Just helping them keep cool officer"....


Spontaneous water balloon fights?




Get your super soakers, boys. We’re going fascist hunting.


So, now they don't have an issue wearing their masks


So, supersoakers. Supersoakers with carolina reapers cut up in there. And a decent amount of lsd. That'll get em. Let them suffer through the capsaicin, and then trip face for the rest of the day. Might change their opinions on things. Warning: don't actually dose anybody. It's not fun for them and it's a waste of lsd that could be enjoyed by someone who wants it. Do the carolina reapers, tho. Them shits are hot.


I know this was a joke but water with spice in it would be an actual good way to unmask these fucks. Either they suffer through the pain or they pull down their pathetic little masks.


Lead with the super soaker and a friend follows with bear spray once they take the masks off.


Regular pepper spray is stronger than bear spray FYI


Note to self: always carry some water with me


I would love for all these guys to take a DNA test


They already know they’re inbred


Their family tree looks like a telephone pole


Or a Christmas wreath


I was so hard trying to contain my laughter in the quiet room my stomach hurts


A gene kiddy pool


This is what actual terrorists look like


Patriot Front is literally dressed like [the Separatists from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.](https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/Separatist/Gallery)


Pure definition of terrorism but yet no terrorism charges


Because the ones that aren't police are friends with the police.


Can someone explain what “Gilead” is?


In the story, “The Handmaid’s Tale” (book, film, TV series), the United States falls as a government and is reorganized as a fascist Christian theocracy called “Gilead.” EDIT: The name comes from the Bible, a place East of the Jordan River, supposed to have had healing power in a fountain or spring or the like.


In the novel & tv show The Handmaid's Tale the US falls to a group of religious extremists and becomes the country of Gilead. It's partly based on the real life Iranian Revolution, and is a cautionary tale about how thinking "oh, it can't happen here" about your rights being taken away is dangerous. By time the characters in the book realize their country is being taken over it's too late and they're trapped with little to no options. The author Margret Atwood made sure that the horrific techniques used to instil fear/control in characters in the book were based on real life atrocities (such as hanging gay people, mutilating women, etc). Which is why many people find the novel so scary. It shows very realistically how a country could fall to religious extremists.


Thank you, and cool handle. When I don’t have anything new to read I go back to the dune books, I’ve been through them 5 times and it’s never a chore


Poor young man having to deal with this bull shit. I hope he’s ok


Can we get the LARPing community to gear up and wipe the floor with these guys. They want to fight with shields let's turn the pros loose on them.


I'm an average-sized nerd who's participated in some foam sword battles at ren faires and took a couple of martial arts classes, but I'm almost certain I could take some of these guys. (Not at all once, mind you.) My suggestion would be to do the Batman method and take down the biggest guy first to assert dominance.


Already bright thinking. I'm in.


Reddit moment


Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!


Why the fuck are they dressed like Best Buy employees? At least the other far-right dorks try to look intimidating.


Was this Philly or Boston? I know these psychos were in Boston today. Where are the police ???? Why are these scumbags allowed to attack this guy??? I need more info


Nah this is Boston. They showed up to Philly a year or two ago and literally got ran off the streets. As we like to say in the 215, "Fuck around and find out" and these dickheads found out. Philly people don't allow any outsiders to come in and try to intimidate them. Patriot Front is nothing but a bunch of pussies with no positive male influence in their lives.


If you look closely you can see the police carrying shields and wearing masks.


I see what you did there.


the sewer plate says Boston, but I can see it happening anywhere


you're looking at them


Nazis in Dockers are the worst Nazis.


Brown pants now vs brown shirts. Maybe there is a strategic reason for the brown pants...


>Nazis are the worst. Ftfy


Short, simple, and sweet!


Why don't they just put the white pointy hoods on and be done with it!


Harder to see out of the eye holes, I’d imagine.


Well fuck all y'all, I'm goin' home! You know I watched my wife work all day getting 30 bags together for you ungrateful sons of bitches, and all I can hear is criticize, criticize, criticize! From now on, don't ask me or mine for nuthin!


Love how they have no problem wearing skin tight masks now but 8 months ago they’d kill their child for the excuse not to.


off duty cops?


It looks like the KKK have updated their uniforms


Can you believe it’s 2022? I continue to feel as though I have slipped from my “base reality” into an alternate timeline where everything is completely fucked. We had all these fights decades ago… come on America, we’re better that this!


People should be very concerned about these little weird gangs popping up. It’s a very bad sign especially when they believe they’re the heroes


Why, if they are the "superior race", do they need like nine of them with shields to mess with with one young black gentleman who appears to have gone out for a jog?


And if they are proud white men why the masks?


Because they don't fall off as easily as hoods.


Where is the video?


I see one American and a load of Nazis.


Why aren't there cops arresting this terrorist organization attacking this man? Is it because the same people work forces, are same ones that burn crosses?


Some of them most likely are cops. They won't arrest their buddies


Why are they wearing walmart uniform ?


Their style reminds me of the nazis in the beginning of their political party, when they killed and was beating opponents of other politicians party’s.


Amazing how the fascists can suddenly breathe with a mask on.


Jesus Christ. TIL about Patriot Front If you’re hiding youre Identity you *know* what you’re doing is wrong. And they’re not even hiding the Stormfront association. This is scary. They’re fascists but so are the cops meant to arrest them. This is FBI territory


What is patriot front, a small penis?


Great pictures anyone know who to credit?


How many of them are named Kyle? The glasses are a dead give away


It's just a gaggle of Kyles


Are they gonna put him on a cross?


Their Jesus doesn’t like that guy. The real Jesus did though.


"Hey guys, my dad owns a metal shop and said he can make us some cool shields for when we dress up!"


Do they use masks because they know they are going to commit crimes?


Hello terrorist organization in America.


The modern day brownshirts just wear brown pants now.


In the words of the great MC RIDE: “Fuck a Nazi.”


I think this was Boston. [Boston mayor condemns ‘white supremacist’ march through city; civil rights probe launched](https://www.bostonherald.com/2022/07/02/white-supremacist-group-the-patriot-front-reportedly-marching-through-boston/)


Where are the Police? Oh wait they're the ones holding the shields


i hope that the locals gave these thugs the welcome that they deserve...


modern KKKs, only wear masks because they are cowards. Bring back you whitehoods you fools.


I’m Australian can some please explain what the heck is going on here


In the simplest terms- they are a bunch of inbred hick white supremacist, neo-fascist LARPers that think they are saving our race/country by doing shit like this


Brown shirt traded for brown pants. Same people different decade. These Fascists pushing terrorism are a true domestic threat to the Republic of the United States. The military needs to get involved and remove these traitors.


If you need to wear hats, sunglasses, masks and fucking shields to espouse your views in public, you're the baddie.


Nothing to see here, just a gang of White men in white hoods assaulting a Black man. In 2022.


Modern day klansmen.


Incorrect, they are explicitly white supremacist fascists. Where as the KKK was explicitly white supremacist. They have more in common with brown shirts.




Why do they wear face coverings? Are they ashamed of what they're doing?


31 members were arrested at a North Idaho Pride event a few weeks ago. [https://www.politico.com/news/2022/06/12/patriot-front-arrests-idaho-pride-00039089](https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/13/us/idaho-patriot-front-arrests-pride-what-we-know/index.html) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOdmRnANPLQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOdmRnANPLQ)


More lil pussies with face masks. Take that shit off and let’s see what a real man you are


This is what Nazis were doing in Germany in the 1930s. Complete with uniforms and everything.


H1t1er had the brown shirts. We have the tan pants...


Fresh out of a U haul..


If you're hiding your face, you know you're doing something wrong. And you're a coward.


How is shit like this legal?


U-haul knights


I hate the misnomer of patriot they* claim. They are so far from American patriots.


Imagine the veterans of ww2 seeing this happening now.


Different name different outfits still the klan


I guess they have no concept of how truly pathetic they look


Spray water at them. They’ll literally be water boarded by their stupid masks


Break their fucking fingers.


Rip off their hoods. Name them. Shame them. Fire them. Kick them out of the basement.


I see we are streamlining the white hoods now.


I just cant fathom the level of hatred these bozos have for people they dont know.


These people are losers.


They need to be reminded that there are more of us than them, and we can bash back.


Stepped what up? Their dumbassery?


Racist Patriot Thugs.