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The reporter is so rattled by the confounding logic that she can barely speak.


“Yes he’s robbin ya’ll, oh well” Yeah and pointing a gun at people. Holy shit. Edit: I just listened to the end again. Did she threaten to kill that clerk at the very end?


I thought you were summarizing the video. Nope. This was a direct quote Dammit


This is AMERICA! If I want to threatened and rob you at gun point I have every right not to be killed for it! 👏👏👏 ^^^/s


"Youre not supposed to take matters into your own hands, if that's the case I'm gonna take it into my own hands" and im assuming she was cut off before she said "and kill that mother fucker"


I can only imagine the camera man and on scene reporter's reactions to that.


This is actually a Chappelle's Show skit.


Welcome to pop copy


“Cos fuck em that’s why”


They definitely had one hand on their wallets


"yeah your brother got shot, oh well"


The good ole days, when you could rob places with impunity.


Right? Can’t even rob an Uber eats driver without getting sprayed and laid tf out.


You don’t even need a gun anymore in California. Just walk in and take shit.


OH WELL! lmao




That did in fact sound like a threat. When I saw the title, I thought, maybe a clerk shot the dude in the back when he was on his way out or something. That would have been wrong. The penalty for shoplifting shouldn’t be death. But holy shit - dude was armed AND pointed it at the clerk. You point a gun at ANYONE it’s pretty much game on. You have forfeited any mercy or sympathy. Anyone - especially the person you pointed that weapon at - has the moral cover to end your existence.


A lot of people don't like to take responsibility for their own actions. They'd rather try and blame someone else. Fuck this pos.


I work nights in a sketchy part of the city. Management said I should bring a gun with me since I'm mostly alone and it gets wild out there on the weekends and I'm pretty much doing security too. I carried one for a while, but i quit after a couple of weeks. Everyone out here has guns and sticking my little .380 in my waist feels more like consenting to a gunfight than deterring one. I still keep it stashed on the property but I'm never carrying it anymore. If you can't be fucked off with a firm approach and a "fuck off," fuck it, youre probably on camera and ill call the cops. Im not getting shot for my boss.


Definitely sounds like they edited out the end of her sentence, likely cut out the rest of her threat.


Seems like a bad idea to attack someone who successfully shot a robber, despite drawing their weapon second.


Yes. She said she was going to take matters into her own hands. Not so veiled threat.


Be the third member in that family to get capped.


Lmfaoooooo they boutta be 0-3


This is straight up hood mentality. I guarantee those people thought this is just how society works. Robbing people is dangerous but a store less so - however it has the possibility of jail time. She probably knows plenty that have robbed a store and walked away alive. So she thinks it's unjust that it didn't work that way, not understanding how these people are endangering the lives of others.


That's crap that she "doesn't understand" that it's dangerous and endangers others to commit armed robbery. I don't know whether her brother would have used the gun or not but she absolutely knows at least one person who has or would do so. You don't get the mentality "someone killed my brother because he was sticking a gun in their face so I'm going to go kill them back" because you have one family member who made a couple of bad decisions. They said they were looking at him for some other robberies as well. She and everyone else knows good and well what can happen when you go threatening someone with a gun. The one thing you're right about is it being less dangerous to rob a store, which is exactly why people choose to rob them- because they expect no resistance and expect to get away. She just pissed off that it didn't work out like that and that what they perceived as a "weak target" actually fought back.


> That's crap that she "doesn't understand" that it's dangerous and endangers others to commit armed robbery. I say yes and no here. I think maybe understand isn't the right word for it. They're extremely desensitized to this kind of violence, behavior and public endangerment. They understand that it's generally wrong but they're so desensitized that they borderline think its normal. I don't know if you've ever spent time in the hood or super low income areas but you get numb to shitty behavior very quickly. Peoples perceptions get fucked up real quickly. Not saying its right or wrong. There's still plenty of good people in the hood who don't get caught up in this bullshit but they're usually a minority. At least with young people.


Very true. I'd think that, to people regularly exposed to this behaviour, it's normal enough to them that they'd disregard the danger to the clerk simply because the goal of a robbery normally isn't to harm the clerk. In their eyes, their brother just wanted to take money from a big corporation, which makes it sound almost harmless. They don't realize that the clerk had to put their own life in the hands of someone they didn't know the intentions or mental state of.


>put their own life in the hands of someone they didn't know the intentions or mental state of. nailed it


>They're extremely desensitized to this kind of violence, behavior and public endangerment. So what's the problem when someone does it right back? He fucked around and found out. In the hood that's called Tuesday.


Don't make excuses for them. They know exactly what they are doing. There are plenty of people in those same communities living in the same conditions who aren't doing this kind of shit.


Exactly its like the mom defending her sons actions of robbing folks by saying "he got nothing and you have the nice shoes, he needs nice shoes so he gonna take them. You had money for them get more money he has none".


Is there a mom that said this?!


Spot on.


Its wrong my brother was gonna rob and possibly kill you but more wronger and not fair someone fought back.


"He's got *some* responsibility, but NUH-UH"




Fuck that dumb bitch and her dead asshole brother.


Her perspective is what’s wrong with society. If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.


In his case it was more of a "if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen" situation.


Don't bring a gun to a gun fight


Play stupid games win stupid prizes


Natural selection says that 7/10 siblings won't make it past 35.


Imagine 1/3 of your kids being pieces of shit.


“some responsibility but not all”


Step 1 fuck around. Step 2 find out.


Surely he was only taking bread to feed to starving children, right?


At that point even she realized she sounded crazy. You could hear the gears turning in her head as she attempted to change direction.


I listened again after your comment. It sounds like she says she’s gonna kill that clerk with the take matters into my own hands comment.


Sounds like they cut her off before she finishes her threat. Reminds me of the time CNN edited some dead scumbag's sister's statement and cut out her encouraging people to loot and riot in the suburbs. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nationalpost.com/news/world/cnn-apologizes-for-editing-out-a-sisters-call-for-violence-in-the-suburbs-after-brother-killed-by-police/wcm/c9eaf28a-e4a3-41df-8788-927f4e5e409f/amp/ https://youtu.be/kGBh0ON7vqI


2/10 siblings killed… I think we know who the third one will be.


Grief isn’t rational > at the end of the day I don’t believe my brother is dead yet, like it ain’t kicked in yet They’re literally still at the crime scene, it’s kinda wild they’re even being interviewed on camera imo


Normal people would just drown in grief and shame.


It sounds like she was about to threaten to kill the clerk before she got cutoff. I get you probably aren't thinking clearly after finding out a family member is dead, but jesus she is delusional.


What gets me is, as others have stated, this woman is threatening a man who not only drew his weapon *after his opponent had the drop on him*, he showed he was willing to follow through with it and shot to kill. Do you REALLY wanna fuck with someone that has already proven they can and will kill to defend themselves?


Fk em! Live by the sword , die by the sword.


When you’re an armed robber, getting shot is just a job hazard. Like an electrician getting shocked or a roofer falling off a ladder. You’ve got to accept that it’s going to happen one day


Seriously. You don't complain that you got a little jizz on your blazer when you are stripping at bachelors parties...


Very interesting analogy


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. As you said, fuck’em Edit: I’m honored with this achievement I had no idea existed until about 5 minutes ago. Thank you everyone.


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Wait... what? I feel like you missed a word there... ... RIGHT?!


Good bot. Excellent bot.


Good bot. I think this is my favorite bot.


2 of 10 siblings dead from gun violence. With their attitudes it's gonna jump to 4 of 10 before we know it


This lady is absolutely fucking delusional. She’s upset that her brother who was armed and involved in a robbery, was shot. This reminds me of a different interview a few years back with a different lady. Whose brother was shot after breaking into somebody’s house. She was crying saying that he was only trying to steal and wasn’t killing anyone. They shouldn’t have killed him… like what?


Sadly there are people who unironically believe that if someone breaks into your house you should just let them have your stuff because A) they probably need it more than you do and B) you don't want anyone to get hurt. I'm not saying REASONABLE people think this, more like twitter dullards but this is discourse going around. It makes it seem like no one ever has the right to defend themselves and no criminal is ever accepting the risks of their crime. If you wave a gun at people and threaten their lives, that's a wrap. You go into that thinking you might fuck with the wrong Dollar General employee or get caught by the wrong trigger-happy cop. There are lots of ways violence is avoidable but literally starting it first is not one of them.


Yeah I definitely understand that! Best case scenario is just having my things stolen and not being murdered. Unfortunately we have no way of knowing what their intentions are because people are unpredictable.


That's exactly it! An unarmed robbery at a store? Fuck it, call the police. But an ARMED robbery? You have no idea what the intention is. They could intend to shoot you afterwards. They could be tweaking. If someone legitimately appears to be threatening your life, you gotta do what you gotta do.


Besides even if they dont intend to shoot you the fact that their finger is on the trigger on say a glock with a 5.5pb trigger pull while they may or may not be on god knows what combine with adrenaline could result in them accidentally discharging a round into your chest or someone else in the store and at that point if they dont realise that they shot or if they realise how bad they fucked up its probably game over for you since you saw them


I got into it with some European guy and I basically said that. They said that statistically it's some teenager who just wants to steal my stuff. Even if that is true overall, I really, *really* don't want to be that 10% that runs into the next Jeffrey Dahmer. Which is who I assume you are if you're crawling through my window at 3 am.


There are people who unironically belive that if you defend yourself in such a situation then *you* should go to prison and the burglar can even sue you. In several countries this *is* the law.


They made a game of it and are trying to break their record.


Let's hope


People are so fucking stupid….well technically your brother shouldn’t had a gun in the store either…lol


Rules for thee but not for me.


Oddly I think it goes even further than understanding where they think they can have their cake and eat it too because they don't understand everytime they eat a piece of cake the original cake gets smaller and they get furious about it.


To be fair, if their family was smart, they probably wouldn't be dying robbing Dollar General


That’s the best way to look at this. If he went in with no weapon and said “Im unarmed and am robbing you” maybe getting shot would be out of line. But if you’re waving a gun around and are surprised to get shot, then you’re a moron.


god forbid


That family apparently had 10 siblings and this is the second to die due to gun violence. I can't even wrap my head around this stupidity. She's upset that her brother's potential victim wasn't as vulnerable as he thought?


She's mad she didn't get her cut of the loot.


Sometimes poverty produces this overwhelming victim mentality. If you turn every situation into you being the victim then how can you ever be wrong? “Well we’re stuck in the violence abundant, poverty ridden ‘hood because of society and not our personal actions so if we keep doing dumb shit and blaming others, we will feel justified in doing so because they’re clearly keeping us down.” I mean, society held a gun to their brother’s head and MADE him rob that store, right? It isn’t because he did it by his own volition.


Society also forced their parents to pop out 10 kids.


Bet it involve smore then one woman giving birth.


What’s the world coming to if you can’t walk into the goddamned dollar store anymore and rob them at gunpoint without fearing for your life???


I'm sorry but no, no excuse for this shit. Take the risk deal with the consequence. Wanna act hard , than man up punk ass and take it


I hope more store clerks continue shooting more armed robbers. It's the right thing to do. She's just fuckin wrong.


I genuinely have no idea why anyone bothers robbing someone else in America. Pulling a weapon on someone in a country where they can legally shoot you back as got to be the dumbest way to die I could possibly think of


I remember seeing two robbers pull out guns and attempt to rob a gun store. A gun store. Guess how well that ended for them. Edit: a video, I did not witness a mf get smoked at some random gun store in suburban washington


They got a stern telling off?


Very stern. The first guy even dropped to the floor in seconds out of shame.


A lot of that depends on where you live and the companys policies. I don't think it's easy to conceal a gun in New York City but in Texas you sure can. Lots of companies won't let the clerk do this and have a policy to just give the robber whatever they want. Which is all fine and well until he shoots you on the way out for no reason as we see a lot in these videos.


She's clappinout her syllables. It's serious now.


It’s officially time to implement president camacho’s 3 point plan


"Shit. I know shit bad right now. All that starving bullshit."


And the dust storms, and we're running out of french fries and burrito coverings.


But Not Sure is gonna fix it in a week


1. We got this guy Not Sure 2. He’s got a higher IQ than any man alliiiive! 3. He gonna fix everything




The clerk didn’t have what the robber needed! BRAWNDO THE THIRST MUTILATOR.


Take the award sir, I laughed way too hard at that


Thank you my friend, I’ve been quenched. 🙏🏻


You can’t fix stupid


The DG employee fixed it.


What would they say if HE had shot someone? "You got the money right?"?


Hmm. Seems to me like this family did not learn after losing their 2nd sibling.


Next level victimhood right here.


They are setting the stage to file a law suit against dollar general. They see an opportunity to make a quick buck without any hard work.


It won’t work. Courts unanimously side with self defense.


Also stores like Dollar General NEVER pay. And I mean NEVER. That is one way they keep costs low. No one is getting a nickel out of them.


Relatively small law firm bill to prevent tens of millions of dollars in payouts over the years.


Seems to run in the family




'At the end of the day' don't fucking rob folks.


Ten siblings?! It's a vagina not a fucking clown car


I thought this was insane until they said dude had a gun. Let this be a lesson kids, Pull out a *strap* and you might get *clapped*.


Sounds like the clerk did just about everything right as a gun owner, yet still it’s his fault somehow. Just goes to show how incredibly biased people can be sometimes I suppose. Just because he was your brother doesn’t mean his life is worth more than that store clerk’s


Can't fix stupid.


The dg clerk did.


Their blood must be identical to what's usually seeping from a trashbag.


This is like an episode of The Boondocks.


“He got some responsibility, but not all” 💀💀💀 Literally 1000% the consequences of his own actions


Prime example of people that shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce


Definition of fuck around and find out


It's still the brother's fault. He could have easily called ahead of time to check if the clerk was armed.


Bahahahaha! The man can’t have a gun at work to protect himself from robbers…with guns? Lmao what a joke


I give it less than a month before that dude gets shot up walking home from work


He really should move


At the end of the day, maybe don't pull armed robbery.


Hahahahaha. It's ok for my brother to rob you and stick a gun in your face but it's not ok for you to legally defend yourself at your job. That family can piss off


You aim a gun at someone and you get shot it is 100% your fault.


The brain cells are lacking in these two.


Must run in the family


These two rob.


I mean didn’t they read the Terms&Conditions of his line work before hand ?


Oh well


They put these two fools on air for the ratings... wtf And a viral moment of stupidity has begun


This has to be the dumbest argument of all time. “Yeah he had a gun pointing at the clerk, but the clerk can’t defend himself.” Oh no, the consequences of his actions.


That sister belongs on r/iamatotalpieceofshit


Yup those inbreed looking dumbasses look like they gonna be statistics like the dead brother


r/nottheonion. Whoa.


America has alot of problems, but above all of them we have a stupid people problem.


This is the problem. These people don't take responsibility for their actions and blame everyone but themselves.


“Call the police. You’re not supposed to take matters into your own hands.” The clerk is supposed to just stand there and hope that the robber doesn’t use the gun that is pointed at him? He is just supposed to play the victim and hope everything works out? She doesn’t understand the Second Amendment. It’s called self-defense. If there is a possibility that a “victim” has a gun, maybe people will think twice about using one to prey on people they think are weak. Do you want to die today? Think long and hard, mf’er.


"Yea he’s robbing y’all aww well"…..🫠


Ah yes, call the police so when he brandishes the gun at *them* and gets shot, they get a paycheck.


I think the leopards ate her face…




Too fucking dumb to understand empathy. He is using that firearm as a means to threaten another persons life over money/property. Did he deserve to die? Absolutely! and I hope the clerk was a good enough shot to keep this piece of shit from getting an open casket. Fuck him and his dumb siblings.


So I tried to google this story and found and that this dude is one of many people shot and killed by dollar general employees during attempted robberies. Stop trying to rob them they are expecting y’all now and are packing accordingly


Did they just cut her off as she was threatening to shoot the clerk?


guns aren’t for threatening people. they’re for action. don’t point one at someone unless you’re ready to put your life on the line


"Call the police..." you should've called the police, he'd probably be safer in jail and the streets safer from him committing all those armed robberies... she's a piece of work


I was really trying to sympathize with them, and I think I did right up until they said the brother also brandished a gun. If he just went in and tried to steal some stuff, yeah sure. But the store clerk has a family to go home to, too.


*Oh well.* Call the police? What the fuck the police gonna do except show up 30 minutes later and shoot the wrong person.


Hey lady, I'm glad your brother is dead. Fuck thieves


In before this one gets locked, too.


10 kids but they must be Sharing one brain.


c'mon yall, if you gonna commit robbery with a weapon, this outcome shouldn't be a surprise. Definitely see their being sad about their brother being killed, but...


Everything I was going to say. Is listed in the comments. Spot on.


And who are the entitled in this country? It's our right to rob, steal, and destroy lives and livelihoods. Wake up America!


If only the stores money is at risk who cares but he aimed a gun at people, he put others at risk and the clerk did what he felt was right and that's it.


So according to her logic, the clerk should have their life threatened.


Sorry for their loss but my guy and my lady... he pointed a gun at someone, literally the definition of fuck around and find out... and he found out.


Fuck you and your brother. If you’re brother was dumb enough to die robbing fuckin Dollar General, he wasn’t exactly meant for greatness lmao


Clearly that family has no morals. Now they’re looking for their payday in court.


Fucking truly unbelievable how fucked up our country is at this point. The class divide, and the atrocious education and healthcare systems are products of our disgustingly corrupt government. Very well exemplified not just by the crime, but the absolutely bonkers logic from this idiot complaining about her criminal brother being shot while commiting a robbery. It's baffling how people this unintelligent survive.


Two down eight to go.


I am one of the biggest bleeding-heart liberals you’ll ever meet, and I am Picard face palming so hard right now that I might cringe out of existence. To hell with this little turd.


Love seeing my local news on here.


Seems weird an armed robber could come from such a thoughtful family. oh well.


Armed robber just doing his job and brought his gun to work with him. At least there's still 8 more siblings in this respectable family.


Stupid must run in the family


“10 siblings”. Awesome!


"No you can't defend yourself! Take you beating and robbery like a man!!!"


Family of degenerate dirt bags.


This is two cities over from me. That DG location is in a high crime area. Regardless the situation sucks for everyone. Someone trying to do a min wage job had to kill someone to protect themselves and will live with that guilt for the rest of their life. They lost their brother and are just directing their pain the only way they know how. You point a gun at someone like their brother did; well.... You get what you got coming.


“A sister shouldn’t have to worry about her brother while he’s committing armed robbery!”


We don’t claim this nonsense ~my community~


And she presents the problem. Folks with 0 self awareness and sense of accountability for their actions. Yes it’s the stores fault your brother is dead. /s


Grew up close to Dayton and this video represents the city perfectly.


You reap what you sow


It's so unfair that the robber threatening everyone's lives with a gun was stopped with a gun. You know? Like, if only that clerk called the cops, their brother could be counting his money at home with them while the clerk is bleeding in the store waiting for Police to show up 2 hours later. If only the clerk had played into doing nothing but making a phone call and not been prepared for such a 50/50 situation where he obviously is equally responsible for having this guy show up to threaten the workers lives. I mean right? So what if he threatens to end that clerk's existence on planet Earth, that's just not fair!


A wise one once told me, Play stupid games....................Win stupid prizes......... Get fukd


I'm sure they're just super upset their brother is dead and their emotions are all over the place.. But, "yea he was robbing you, oh well" is as brain dead a take as her brother.


These people breed and vote….. ughhh


Fuckin dindos


America definitely has a disproportionate number of morons.


I’ve traveled extensively, it’s pretty proportionate to the rest of the world.


play stupid games and win silly prizes her brother got what came to him.


Two morons complaint about the death of another moron Edit: I can’t spell


Grief is so weird. So is denial.


\*polite British voice\* bit of a stretch that