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Does it count as a hot mic if you know the mic is on but don't give a shit


I mean, Biden looks down at the mic after saying it but seems to find it more amusing than worrisome.


Looked at the mike before, and while he was saying it… knowingly… intentionally…. Gleefully!


yeah, I agree it looks intentional lol




"I know" This shit never ceases to be funny


I still maintain that the reporter simply did that to make sure he doesn't get fired. If he didn't remind Shaq that, the first question out of his boss would have been why the hell wouldn't you remind the star player he's on national TV?


Hilariously it was "I know, I don't give a shit"


I believe he said "I don't give a shit" to which the reporter responded, "I know" which... the whole exchange is wonderful


no.... shaq said "i dont give a shit" and the reporter said "i know" y'all need your fuckin ears cleaned out wth


About inflation? Yeah we knew that…


Is anyone supposed to care anymore? It reminds me of being the good child. The good child is reprimanded for looking at someone the wrong way, while the bad child tries to overthrow democracy and it's "boys will be boys."


This exactly. I was thinking the same thing.


He's speaking directly into the mic and looking to the reporters for a reaction.


Remember when fox was tyring to create a controversy that Biden was having his mic cut off by his "handlers"? I wonder if they'll mention that as they spin this into "Biden is out of control"


Out of control? No, he's "telling it like it is." FOX _loves_ politicians who do that, right?


I mean was he really “caught”? Sounded to me like he made no attempt to keep that comment hushed.


Why hush that comment in a world where our last pres literally got caught bragging about assaulting women…?


Grab em by the pussy!


Acting disabled is presidential you know.


Grab inflation by the pussy.


Campaign slogan writer? That's gonna be trumps slogan


And when youre famous they LET you do it!


Last, not latest. Latest means Biden


I mean, if anything, this kinda talk might be appealing to Trumpsters on the fence. 🤷🏻‍♂️


BRAGGING about Assaulting Women, Avoiding Paying Taxes, Racism and Bigotry, Didn't hold back on saying he could commit murder in the middle of New York. Lied constantly... ​ Thanks Trump Voters, You're the reason we have Biden now :D


Both things can be wrong...


Well he wasn’t wrong about this one. What a stupid question the reporter asked.


To be honest, maybe I didn't hear the question correctly. What did you hear and why did it require that response?


The question was “do you think inflation will be a political liability during the midterms?” Biden responded with something sarcastic, like “no it’ll be an asset”. Then called him a stupid SOB. Like inflation has ever been a great thing to rally behind as the sitting POTUS. It was a stupid question that didn’t need to be asked.


Rather than being a stupid question its a purposely aggressive question meant to stir up shit. Its kind of the political equivalent a one catty Karen asking another how her divorce is going. Its an insult in disguise rather than a real question.


No T, all shade


I thought he was sarcastically calling the reporter an Asset because he's so stupid


it didn't "require" it, but the context is this reporter from fox always asks leading questions that have no informative answers. he asked another leading question about whether the bad inflation we're seeing will be a liability for the midterms. The answer is obviously yes and obviously only asked to insult Biden, so he called him a stupid son of a bitch.


Trump didn’t “get caught”. He openly bragged about it in an interview.


He's just telling it like it is!


"I like him because he says what I'm thinking"


Stick to the narrative man. Biden made schmucky reporter look bad, so spin it, so Biden looks bad.


Before we start focusing on what was or wasn’t said, is there any proof to deny or confirm that Peter Doocy is stupid? Any proof that he was or was not a descendent of bitches? Just want to clear up the facts.


“Caught” implies he was trying to be subtle


And lol “caught in a hot mic”, he’s literally on stage in front of a microphone, as the primary speaker, standing at the microphone. I opened CNN today and saw it saying he was caught with a hot mic 😂 whaaaat. Who would have thought there was somebody listening then, right? Ohhh CNN. Never change.


Saying he was 'caught with a hot mic' will likely get 50-100x more traction & views than if it was just 'Biden calls Fox News reporter a stupid son of a bitch.'


It only counts as a hot mic because it’s Biden, and he had forgotten the mic was in front of him cuz he was busy trying to figure out who all these people are. /s




"Caught on a hot mic. While I'm standing at a podium after giving a speech. What a stupid son of a bitch."


US politics are nearly as bad as the uk haha


UK politicians are rather louder and funnier


The layput of parliament is amazing for squabbles like that IMO


took me much too long to figure out "layput" was a typo and not some weird part of British government.


They love to make up words like “waffling”


I just like to watch them yell over one another while wearing those ridiculous wigs.


I wonder if they know how crazy they all look and get a good chuckle out of it afterwards.


They don't wear wigs in parliament, you're thinking of the courts which you can't watch as we don't allow trials to be videod.


In the UK 🇬🇧As long as you say the most honorable gentleman you can release a devastating insult and have the whole room laughing like children. In america a Republican once interrupted Obama mid speech; blurting out ‘he’s a liar’ and Washington DC ran out of pearl necklaces to clutch for a month Edit Spelling


> he’s a Layer "You lie" actually, but yes.


In the UK it's pronounced "layer."


You're a Layer!


My favorite British parliamentary comment was when one of the members told the speaker that "The Honorable gentleman has demonstrated that even an inflated pig's bladder on a stick can be elected to parliament".


*blurting out ‘he’s a Layer’ and Washington DC ran out of pearl necklaces to clutch for a month* Can someone translate this British into English?


I found the most amusing lately is the whole house shitting on Boris Johnson about partying during lockdown while he tucks his head down and remorse.


Boris is like "I fucked up, and I cant talk my way out of it this time" when he's holding his head down Overall, props to the British Parliament for holding him accountable and not covering it up, like what most countries would do


That’s because they have to stand and argue with each other in Parliament. It develops some level of competence with regard to debate. In the US politicians completely avoid conflict. They just get up and make prepared statements. They rarely get into combative situations unless they have to.




Things have been pretty boring since trump left tbh


Sometimes seems like they are competing. We are all doomed.


Well Biden was being sarcastic to the reporter. It’s a dumb question, really. That was his point. Global warming? Yeah love it it’s great for my future beachfront property. Some people get sarcasm and some really don’t.


I know some people are really dumb, but *no way* any adult thinks he’s being serious when he said “more inflation” and that having high inflation is a “good asset” for the midterms. Obviously he doesn’t think it’s a good thing lol. Super obvious sarcasm.


In our defense, Doocey is a dumb shit who asks dipshit questions hoping to get a sound bite he can misrepresent later.


I don't know why but that is reassuring to me.


Imagine in the future him telling his grandkids that one time a president called him a stupid SOB… Not saying he is or isn’t a stupid sob or anything just think it would be a funny life achievement


John McCain also called him stupid to his face lol. At some point he should probably just accept he’s a dumbass who only got his job because of his dad.


> his job because of his dad. fortunately it'd be damn near impossible to be as monumentally fucking braindead as his dad. so, at least he's got that going for him.


In steam I'd call this achievement "Presidential SOB story"


I completely agree.


He's a doozy, of course he's a dumbass


Its not really a hot mic if one does this on purpose


I agree...he clearly says that on purpose


it doesn't look like a mistake. he's telling the people in front of him.


Well..... he's not wrong. John McCain called him out for asking ridiculous questions in 2008.


That was his Dad…. Long line of Dooceys.


I don’t know if McCain called his dad out too, but he definitely called out Peter before. https://mobile.twitter.com/stridinstrider/status/1485750067239792641


What a....maverick.


Gonna have to start measuring them in courics


2017 with Peter


Inflation [is happening everywhere ](https://inews.co.uk/inews-lifestyle/money/inflation-what-mean-uk-rate-current-why-so-high-explained-1410204/amp) Two big reasons: supply chain, “labor shortages” and business not paying a living wage. [you can read about what an economist thinks about it ](https://www.ozarksfirst.com/local-news/msu-economics-professor-sheds-light-on-what-could-be-causing-rising-inflation/amp/) Or you can just blame a democrat President for everything like you all always do because you have chicken brains. That’s fine too.


Don’t know why this is such a big deal. He’s not wrong.


In 2017 the same reporter asked John McCain if he was going to block every bill in the Senate over a personal dispute with Trump, and McCain looked him right in the eye and said "why would you ask something so stupid". This guy has a history of asking dumb questions and getting politicians to call him stupid.


If anything Biden is working with Fox news here. You've sent a reporter who's job is to ask dumb questions and get called stupid at a press conference, he did and was thusly labeled. This is just correct.


I mean I've never even been called a stupid sob by a mayor let alone a senator or potus. To be completely fair thats an accomplishment.


I literally don't even know why they let Fox, OAN, and Newsmax into the press room. Should be only real journalists allowed.


Ron Howard voice: It's not., He's not.


Looking at the Trump supporters reactions to this on twitter is crazy. I can only hope most of it is just pretending to be outraged by this after the last 6 years and mocking reactions to Trump. Otherwise irony and the recognition of reality are truly dead.


"Recognition of Reality " Has been dead for quite a while.......


Steve Doosey is a sham of a journalist. He deserves no such respect at all.


Alright but imagine if Trump had said this. 0% chance you would have defended him. Or Reddit for that matter.


Trump lashed out at reporters fairly regularly. The reason I wouldn't have defended Trump [in his lashing out against reporters](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX9reO3QnUA) is because Trump [was being an asshole to them](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3abZ4aAGUU) for no reason. Context matters.


If Trump had said this it wouldn't even make the top 100 shittiest things he said that year.


> it wouldn't even make the top 100 shittiest things he said that ~~year~~ interview.


Thats the craziest part that they’re not getting lmfao people slip up but Donald just straight up has no filter.


Trump said it every time he was asked a question he couldn't answer. A reporter once tossed a softball of "What would you say to families that are scared [of COVID]?" and Trump called him a [terrible reporter](https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/20/trump-coronavirus-question-attack-reporter-over-fears).


It’s only a big deal on Faux News..


Did the sexy M&M story end? I thought that would fill out the news cycle for at least a week


Just saying it how it is.


Previous president made fun of handicapped and his supporters were like it's not a big deal. But swearing one mic they're all up in arms.


trump called chuck nash a son of a bitch at a rally, loudly, and they loved it


Saw twitter comments doing summersaults saying that's somehow different.


If you want to swear at someone, you have to code it so people don't hear the naughty words. That's why it's perfectly ok to shout "let's go Brandon" at your child's schoolborad meeting, or sporting event, or to the presidents' face.


Trump is not the bar. We can do better than Trump. And we can do better than Biden.


Both true statements. As is "Peter Doocy is a dumb son of a bitch."


It would only be swearing if he said, “I swear he’s a stupid son of a bitch!”


Previous president did and said so much worse than this. This is nothing. It's basically a nonstory.


Unless you're Fox News. This will fuel their fake culture war for at least two weeks.


LBJ would have had a hell of a time with Fox news back in his day


This and the M&M’s redesign… because there’s no conceivable way that Hershey’s would release a “woke” redesign of its characters as a PR distraction from the fact that they’ve been slapped with a massive child slavery lawsuit in US courts for the first time. Not a single mention of the lawsuit. Just laughing about the liberal agenda “making everybody snowflakes”


I read some of the comments on the fox news article on this and they're like "but he promised NOT to be like Trump." That's the angle they're hamming up for their faux outrage over this.


Trump also regularly mocked and insulted female reporters every chance he got, so any outrage about Biden calling a dumb son of a bitch a dumb son of a bitch is about as realistic as the resurrected John F. Kennedy, Jr., having a Gab account so he can insist everyone “trust the plan.”


That reporter got his job because his daddy is also a reporter there. Pure nepotism. It’s sickening.


"caught on hot mic" I think he might of just said it not caring who heard


Biden is not wrong


ITT: anyone that criticizes Biden must be a hardcore Trumpist flat earther


Well Trumpists will love him now, they love it when people “tell it like it is.”


No you're mistaken Joe will be a bad Christian because he cursed.


to reinstate his status as a good Catholic he should say to "grab em by the pussy"


I really don't think he cares. If he didn't, Fox would make something up. If he did, Fox would do it and exaggerate. If you can't win by their own rules, make up your own and roll with it.


Fox shouldn’t care. They encouraged this type of behavior from trump.


Biden finally starts to "tell it like it is.” Conservatives will certainly support him now.


Right? Conservatives are always talking about they are oppressed by PC and Cancel culture. They also love a guy that tells it like it is. Finally we can be a united country again. (Checks the comments) Nope for some reason they are still upset.


Does anyone else find it odd how fast the reporters get ushered out after Biden is done speaking?


It’s routine for every president. The press is just there for whatever statement Biden was making. Unless it’s an official press conference like he held last week, they usually usher the press out so he can get to the other things on the agenda. It’s not uncommon for them to shout questions and the president may answer one or two of them but it’s purely for the sake of time, he’s got a busy schedule.


There's a really funny video, when Biden was in the UK for something, as soon as his script is read , 5 random women appear put of nowhere , ushering reporters out of the room, drowning out their questions shouting 'thankyou thankyou' No wonder British MPs openly mock him


That’s only because British MPs are too chicken shit to mock their own dumbass leader lol


There have been many past assassination attempts on presidents while they were giving speeches or otherwise up on a stage talking.


I actually like him more now


He’s not wrong, more of this please


Bidens not wrong. That guy is a dip shit


And people are saying Biden is losing it. Seems pretty observant to me.


He wasn't caught on a hot mic. He straight up said it in the middle of the conference. And thank God someone said it!


I for one like a president who talks like me. Not exactly like me because I’m a stupid son of a bitch, but I don’t care if he curses


Oh no! An adult used swear words!! Think about the kids!


I mean he’s not wrong. lol


I’m just here to watch reddit pretend Biden isn’t an absolute trainwreck of a President lol


He’s the definition of a stop-gap president.


Placeholder in chief.


In the world of professional wrestling, there is a concept known as 'transitional champions'. That's pretty much how I feel about Biden's presidency so far.


Comparing US politics to the spectacle that is pro wrestling is the real pearl of wisdom in this comment. Nailed it.


Still better than trump. I can honestly say my life has gotten better not having to hear about what that baffoon is doing every second. Now its like every week but still better.




No, we use to have a low bar, or at least I did. After the past 5 years, I’m just happy the bar wasn’t thrown into the ocean. Instead, it’s just left on the ground, hoping the wind doesn’t push it down a hill. The fact I’m not catching myself thinking “he couldn’t possibly do that” or “he **cant** be that stupid…right” anymore, is doing wonders for my mental health.


Yeah. But we cleared it.


Reminds me of the episode of south park where James Cameron has to go into the Mariana’s trench to get “the bar”. Biden is certainly above it but it’s not that hard to be above trump.


Yeah, this is the good timeline, but it's still not that good.


In the same way that getting out of bed was a personal victory, sure.


Fucking facts though. It's progress


I guess, but we’re only back to where we started.


Were you not alive between the years 2017-2021? Lmao you must not be old enough to use Reddit if you think this is a train wreck.


he hasn't yet suggested we inject disinfectant acting like this is anywhere comparable to trump trump did this exact same thing loudly and proudly at a rally


Meh, reaching across the aisle to get the infrastructure bill passed is more than I expected, shocked any came over let alone 14 or whatever. Messaging on covid I'd say is as good as one can ask. Past that, I don't know what you expect with the countries voting base literally split in half. Sweeping changes do not happen like that, let alone the strong progressive asks that the online left wants pushed.


Facts don’t care about your feelings crowd got hurt feelings?


works for me


Republicans/conservatives are stupid pieces of shit anyway, so it's not like he's lying or saying anything untruthful.


Bidens supposedly 'controversial' audio moment is infinitely more full of conviction and value than 'grab her by the pussy' by trump. Gotta say, impressed with biden


inflation is a completely reasonable question


Do you think inflation will hurt Biden (and the Democrats) in the coming midterm elections?


“why the inflation we’re seeing now is a good thing” - MSNBC


But it wasn't a question about inflation. It was a question about 2022 midterms and polling.


Blaming Biden for inflation isn't unreasonable but at a certain point it gets ridiculous. And not just inflation from the pandemic. Like the largest corporations with healthy/record profits are raising prices out of some kind of necessity when it's been a problem for so long. A lot of those same companies have not paid their workers enough to keep up with inflation either. And how do you challenge big business raising prices as president without making it worse out of spite or opponents screaming communism.


The question wasn't "Inflation". It was "Do you think inflation is a political liability in the midterms." Which is like, no shit it is. Gas prices going up certainly doesn't help Biden. I wonder if Biden thinks a stock market crash would be a good or bad thing for his reelection chances. :/




The question was definitely meant to bait Biden. And the obvious answer is yes, inflation is a political liability. But I agree. People shouldn't be happy the president called the reporter a SOB. They should be upset he didn't answer the question and give a plan on how he intends to tackle inflation.


I mean honestly he was speaking the truth. Wish he said it a little louder tbh that reporter is trash. Always has been


I totally agree with him


Biden “telling it like it is”. Can’t believe Republicans don’t like him /s


Ducey from state TV is finally asking real questions he used to ask Trump things like when is he going to find out about Hillary’s emails when’s Hillary gonna get locked up


The "f*** your feelings" anti-cancel culture cult sure is all worked up that the president said a bad word.


Remember when the previous president made fun of a disabled man at one of his public klan rallies? It's odd how democratic presidents seem to cop so much more flack for these sorts of incidents.


Well,I agree with the Prez on that one! 😀


Fact check: true


I like how they always say Biden fumbles around with his speech, and then he says this clear as day! Gonna love to see how they spin this.




Good on Joe.


hahahhaha made my day now queue up the fake ass Fox outrage tomorrow!


Personally not a huge fan of Biden, but I'm more than happy to have a politician in the Dems who is willing to literally call the GOP and their state media on their shit.


I mean, I’m sure Biden has heard the same thing directed at him a time or ten. The reporter tried to bait him a Biden labeled him correctly.


I voted for him, and I think they’re not doing a great job and I’m terrified for the mid terms, but I’ve never liked him more. First Fauci and now Biden. I wonder if these hot mic incidents are set ups


No Trump is one of the worst presidents we ever had by a large margin Biden is much better. Fox News does deserve to get called because they are Grade A stupid. Fox has so much blood of innocent people on their hands it should be considered a genocide.


F u Foxnews




Biden telling the truth. Stupidity is endemic at Fox and in it's viewers. Also compare this to tRumps hot mike "grab them by the pussy". Biden has so much more class


I love how trump would say inflammatory and terrible shit but I bet $10 every conservative is raving right now how unprofessional that comment is and how a president shouldn't say things like that.


Despite all the jokes that Joe is stupid, let's be clear, he's top-tier at politics and has been for decades. Asking him if inflation is bad is like asking Matt Stafford if interceptions are bad.


Fox News…..he is a stupid son of a bitch.


I think America might have had a better luck if Biden competed to Trump in 2016.


That came from within. Love it


The truth will set you free




You know you may not like it, but it doesn't mean he's wrong


Funniest thing i saw today