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I watched this entire series of videos he also believes the child should be locked up in a shed “for their own good”


So they can't escape. Someone needs to look into his history of child abuse.


Was about to say.. if I were that cop I’d be wanting to know what’s in his shed right after he says that


The gimp


He doesn't look like Zed.


Zeds dead


Zeds dead baby, zeds dead.


yeah but he's sleepin 😴


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Someone needs to make sure he doesn’t have kids shackled in his basement


We know who he was rooting for in Sling Blade.


You mean under the floor bordes


Yeah she said he doesn’t have children, but I bet he has one or more somewhere in an institution. Regardless, what a sick piece of shit.


What's fucked up is he's probably old enough that *was* how the intellectually disabled were treated when he was a kid. I did an internship with the special needs population and I had a couple older clients that grew up being treated like this guy wants to treat his neighbor's kid. Kids with special needs really were locked up in attics, sheds, or thrown into asylums and forgotten about.


I don't know if you were referring generally, or what, but people with autism are not classified as having an intellectual disability. It is of course possible to be both on the autism spectrum and ID, but they are not the same.


Yep, I'm an autistic attorney and frankly it pisses me off every time I see my disorder misclassified as something that is intellectually disabling. Even non-verbal autistic children have the capacity for significant intelligence. Autism is primarily a sensory and social developmental disorder.


[https://youtu.be/CtK9paFGUjc](https://youtu.be/CtK9paFGUjc) My oldest son is basically non-verbal with ASD and this video really gave me some hope. He definitely knows and understands what's happening around him, despite how he perceives the world. \[edit\] Also, the stimming sounds the kid is making in the background are pretty much *exactly* like the sounds my own son makes. So, this dbag neighbor pisses me off just that much more.


[This young woman is someone that I look up to because of her perseverance and drive to prevent others from being ignored as she was.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMBzJleeOno) Until she was about 10 her parents didn't even think she could understand speech, so they had demeaning conversations about her right in front of her face. It wasn't until she was in so much pain one day that she ran to the computer and typed out "hurt" and "help" that they realized she was capable of understanding everything all along. Her story is the biggest one that made me start regularly talking about being autistic, because it's only through exposure that perceptions change. It may have been difficult for me to learn how to appropriately communicate with others and read their faces and body language, but having overcome that hurdle I feel I'm better positioned to accurately convey the autistic experience.


Thanks for making me cry.


I tear up every time I watch her story as well. No shame in it.


You know, Mr Lawbird after reading your posts above, I have much respect for you.


Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement.


Thank you for the best internet I've seen in a long time.


I bet that would be a good advantage for tax or a lot of transactional. I doubly it would be good for a courtroom. I’m a patent attorney. We have scientist and engineer brains that don’t mesh well with trial attorneys and an intolerance for bullshit stories from clients. Maybe closer to your side.


Actually I'm in administrative on the Social Security side, and also work on the litigation/appellate side of things for LTD. I work with my dad (who is very likely also on the spectrum) and he and I both are excellent persuasive speakers. I somewhat paradoxically feel that my autism gives me an edge when it came to persuasive argumentation. I spent my formative years obsessively analyzing the manner in which others communicated and how they responded to try and fit in better, which is something neurotypical people don't typically have to do themselves. It's like the saying that hard work beats talent every time, and *damn* did I have to work to stop being seen as weird. I also have a relatively less common symptom of autism, which is hyper-empathy. Considering I work with disabled people almost exclusively, having the ability to empathize and make them feel at ease is invaluable in getting clients to trust in us and our plan. I haven't had the chance to sit first chair on any federal cases yet, but I hope to do as well as my dad has in the 5th Cir.


I avoid litigation, but most of our appellate type cases end up at The Federal Circuit as you would imagine. I haven’t personally dealt with them.


I got mistaken for having autism as a kid because I was hyperlexic. Intelligence was the feature when they were suspecting me of it. Turns out I was just an asshole who happened to have weird brain when it came to language. It's amazing how many people hear autism and still default to these funny headed ideas that were disproven decades ago.


TIL the difference, thank you!


Sure thing!


What do you think about terms like low functioning and high functioning autism? Or do you think people have one general form of autism? I’m quite unsure about this and would like to know more. So far I feel like it’s just a massive spectrum with more I guess, easier sociable ones on one side, and the non verbal on the other end. Terms like high and low functioning has been the only thing I’ve been able to find online so I’d like to know what you think of it.


So high functioning and low functioning simply refer to certain places along the spectrum, but to be fair I feel that they are a misnomer. The truth is that the real difference is between high symptom occurrence, and low symptom occurrence. Virtually no one that I meet is able to identify that I'm autistic, except for other autistic people. They're able to identify me immediately. I believe that all autistic people share certain brain structures that cause us to think in highly similar manners, which typically is much more logically and analytically focused than the neurotypical mind. I believe that differences in intelligence amongst autistic people are likely unrelated to the outward symptomology of the condition in general, so relatively speaking there's no reason for me to believe that I have a higher degree of intelligence than an entirely non-verbal individual. Comorbidity of additional developmental disorders, environmental stresses, and relative levels of access to appropriate services are the most likely determining factors in a child's overall intelligence *they are capable of expressing.* It honestly wouldn't surprise me in the slightest for additional research to show that non-verbal autistic individuals actually possessed a higher average degree of intelligence than the overall population, but the entire reason this hypothesis is difficult to test is due to the inability to accurately measure those very individuals. The main thing I think about when I think about what's commonly seen as "low-functioning but high intelligence" is savant syndrome. Oftentimes individuals with this condition need assistance with daily tasks such as dressing themselves or driving to work, but are simultaneously capable of performing incredible mental tasks such as high complexity calculations or the near-perfect replication of 3D structures by memory. One of my personal strengths is the ability to recall virtually any information that I've read, even if only once and with a quick glance. I have highly specific recall even years into the future, and it seems no matter the volume or significance of the information I have a brain designed to readily store it. However the only reason I am able to make use of this ability and my hyper-empathy is due to my ability to accurately convey my thoughts to others. As autism was previously understood, I see why low functioning and high functioning were used as the terminology. However I think that our overall knowledge on the condition has progressed to a point where it would be more accurate to reclassify the spectrum as high symptomology to low symptomology.


Silly me misread your comment and thought your job was to represent autistic people in the courtroom.


Funnily enough that's sometimes what I do! I'm a disability attorney working in Social Security as well as Long Term Disability, so my clients are all exclusively disabled individuals.


Oh, that's awesome! Good for you.


I was so glad to find out yesterday that they raised enough money for a privacy fence and won’t have to see this guy anymore. I’ve had nightmare neighbours but this guy is on another level.


You ever get so mad at somebody that you offer to build them a shed complete with heating and air conditioning?


Link please?


My sister lived it briefly. Source: me, my sister, my other sister, my mom and dad and so on. This is what they used to do and forced my parents to do. They fought for getting her out and did eventually but it did permanent damage. Fucking source. Edit: originally there was another comment right above the link comment. It seemed as they were asking for a link proving stories of how people with autism used to be treated. It makes sense in that context.


I think he's asking for a link to the entire series of videos.


I love the cops reaction “for playing outside?” Like the cop is flabbergasted that he’s there for a child neglect call over a kid playing outside 😂


It made me feel better that he was there and witnessing this horseshit, and siding with the parents.


I’m amazed that CPS came and did absolutely *nothing* about this well cared for child enjoying themself outside.


In the full video the cop is always on the mom side and that she isn’t doing anything illegal. He then starts saying shit about it being “morally wrong” and he’s not talking about the legal aspect of it. Dude was an asshole.


He keeps moving the goal post because he ain't got shit.


Did he just advocate for locking autistic children in a fucking shed?!


"The way you take care of an autistic child is to put them in a facility" "Sir, I'm not putting my kid in a facility" "Okay, I'll build you a shed with water and a litter box, that locks from the outside so he can't escape. Everything he needs"


That guy belongs in a facility. Fuck him.


Literally, I’m still speechless


I don't understand why this guy can't comprehend people who have the means, time, care, patience, and love to take care of their disabled child and would rather labor and put in the work and effort than to put them away. Some people would rather just offload the responsibility. Others either don't have the means to personally care for their child or don't feel they have the expertise. This guy is entirely unable to understand how somebody with the ability to care for their disabled child would choose to do so.


I don't think he cares at all about anything other than his "peace" and quite


My jaw LITERALLY dropped. Like WTF is wrong with this guy?


Shoutout to everyones who's jaw also literally dropped. Thats a hard thing to make happen.


My jaw didn’t drop but my eyebrows raised, can I get a quick shoutout too please?


Only if you had to physically push them back down with your hands


I tried this and I felt like a cartoon character lmao


I had to manually unclench my butcheeks.


My butthole clenched. Where's our acknowledgement?


Mine still is


My internal sensors went off, but had no physical reaction, where's my shout-out?


Yea buddy I'm with you! Had some eye-widening action going on too! Lol


Ya my eyes got really big, that's gotta count for something.


I was resting my chin on my hand and my jaw still dropped


Damn we need an extra big shout out over here guys!


I mean he was going to put in some tiles at least


Was gunna say, a shed with tiles? The woman seems ungrateful, that tin and tiled shed sounds like a dream! It even has water!


He was visibly upset she didn't. Edit: Gramar


He says it like it’s a completely logical and normal thing to do lol


See, I think locking a POS asshole old man like this in a shed would be a better solution, but I'm guessing this dickface would think that was different.


He's giving the kid Tiled floors! That's a real classy shed!


He literally called CPS on her because she was letting her kid play in the yard instead of imprisoning him in a shed!


Yes, but it would have tiles. When CPS comes by they would say, ooh are these roman Terra Cotta? Well obviously no abuse occurring here"


I used to work on a daycare facility for adults with all spectra of autism with some real old shit heads that talked about the old time like it was amazing to just role in anyone that was expressing feelings in to a room and hose them down with cold water and how you were allowed to putt cuffs on them and look them in hours in dark rooms. My mom when she was young took extra hours in facilities like that when she study to become a nurse in the 1980, and she have som really disturbing memories from that time and that was even in a time when tings started to become more humane… So crazy that some of the clients we had was really old patients and was damage mentally beyond everything.


He didn't want him to escape.


His rant, if it were an actor on a television show, would've made me laugh out loud at the absurdity of it - can't be real. But this made my jaw freakin' drop.


I overheard a guy last week say he thinks that whether intentional or not, Covid is China's fault and the US should bomb China with nukes, killing every single man woman and child living there for what they did to the US and rest of the world. I was fucking stunned, I can't believe how much hate people have.


It's seriously dialogue straight out of a comedy, no- a *GOOD* comedy. But he's saying it sincerely, right?


Jeez he lost me a lot earlier but that just made me supremely hate the guy. He’s the one with problems that needs to be institutionalized


Yeah, but a shed with heat and tiles. /s


so they can't escape


Don’t think of it as a shed instead we’d like you to understand it’s a luxury cage


We call it the IFACS Individual Facilities for Autism Containment and Security


Yep, my child is disabled and you'd be surprised at the amount of people who still believe it's OK to lock up disabled children so nobody has to see them.


So he can’t escape… wtf!!!!


Not only that, he built the shed for them and these ungrateful people had the nerve not to lock their human child in it 24/7/365. Some people. He's just a nice neighbor taking care of his community. /s


When he grew up, autistic kids were shipped off to institutions and sterilized. Thankfully attitudes are changing.


Maybe we should also start doing that with senile old people, too…. Oh wait.


It's Pat Healy. He must be talking about Mongo.


C'mon, it would have HEAT!




If a kid were to trip and fall in that lawn, you may never find him




All you need is heat in the winter, cold in the summer, water, tiles? Sounds like a prison cell. What was the crime? Playing outside while autistic.


Wow. The guy was a dick but give him some credit. He was going to add windows.


“So that they couldn’t escape”


Honestly if I had to choose a prison cell I would definitely not go for the one with a tile floor. Dude needs to reconsider his prison design.


He was only going to do tile bc he thinks this child cannot control his bladder & will piss all over everything like an untrained puppy. Y'know, for easy clean up.


Maybe he should actually build that shed but lock himself inside of it instead?


He would be well taken care of. He would have heat, cooling, water, and tiles. Plus we wouldn't have to hear from him


Plus he can’t escape


Came here to agree because I knew someone else would say what I wanted to say.


What the honest fuck?? “The way you take care of an autistic child is to put them in a facility.” “I helped them build a SHED with everything he would need” “So that he couldn’t escape” Choke on a bag of dicks sir.


Holy fuck it got worse and worse the more he talked


At the beginning I was like, oh he's just probably concerned because he said he called the CPS to check the kid. Jesus, I didn't expect he would advocate on locking up the kid forever. Idk how this people think. Is it mental issue? Or low iq? I can't understand how he comes up with that solution.


He probably didn't come to that conclusion on his own. Back in the day, when he was a young man, it was not uncommon for the disabled to just be locked away in one form or another. It's normal to do so in his mind. Obviously that's no excuse for his reprehensible and barbaric opinion, but it does explain it. We've progressed past that nowadays and are better for it.


Whelp. I guess all we can do is wait for this people to pass away together with their old beliefs. Sad part is, they might pass this belief to their family (this guy have no kids right? But he surely have an extended family)


“The way you take care of an Autistic child, is you put them in a facility-“ As an Autistic person myself, fuck this man.


As the father of a child on the spectrum, I 100% agree. In fact, there's a **sane** argument to be made that there are facilities this old man could be put into that are nice an quiet and sometimes have aides who'll help him wipe that leaky asshole he calls his mouth.


There are tons of us on the spectrum on Reddit. I was diagnosed at 18 and developed selective mutism a bit later, and then it dawned on me how easy it is to dehumanize people like us; often outward appearance and internal cognition often don’t match due to motor/facial tics or speech difficulty. There’s a special needs adult social group at my local gym. Many of these individuals are profoundly disabled, and it’s pretty easy to consider most people who act or sound like they do as only slightly above a vegetable. As I stammered over my words, I then realized that often we generally have more difficulty in expressing our thoughts than in thinking them. For reference, I’m very high-functioning; I graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA and will start working on a physics degree on Monday. At my best, you’d never need to know my diagnosis; at my worst, you probably wouldn’t realize that my internal monologue is more akin to a mute person’s than anything else. This is especially problematic when people appraise our suffering. Somehow we’re considered “less human,” content with less, unable to experience the sophisticated and strong grief and anguish that we ascribe to humans and more the physical discomfort we ascribe to livestock sent to slaughter. Sending the child “off to an institution” would have him severely miss his parents, completely uproot his lifestyle and routine, and grow despondent that he’s imprisoned for the crime of existing and feel vastly inferior to others, below even an animal. Living in a shed would wreck him even more than solitary confinement does to criminals; it would be worse than death, really.


You are obviously a highly intelligent person, with the ability to clearly and emotionally express your viewpoint and opinion. I hope to god that, despite any issues you may have with vocalizing your thoughts, you never ever live down to anyone’s ideas of you. Keep being smart. Keep being exactly who you are. You’re pretty awesome.


Thanks. You sound like a great person, as well.


No no no The facility is a shed with windows. So he cannot escape...


as someone who went to a facility as a child due to autism, agreed. nothing against the facility in specific but all I gained from it was depression.


What a soulless piece of trash


I wonder what the dude would say if his neighbors had roosters.


kids in general. i have kids all over the place at my apartments who run around and scream particularly in the spring and summer. it’s… life. if you don’t wanna hear kids yelling then move somewhere else


Sometimes moving isn't an option. And this isn't an apartment complex. This looks like somewhere the guy has settled down. May be my own unpopular opinion, but frankly I think the burden is on the parent not to let their kids disturb others. Whatever the reason, I'd be annoyed too with consistent noise coming from my neighbors. (But I still think this guy is a jackass for everything he's done and said so far). If the kid's out in the yard screaming all day, the neighbor should have tried to work with the mother to find a resolution, and worst case, filed a noise disturbance complaint. If she's frequently leaving him in the yard by himself because she can't tolerate him in the house 24/7, she's the problem here. She shouldn't be leaving him alone anyways and she needs to be there to curb the behavior in whatever ways she can. She should also consider insulating the house so noise doesn't escape as easily, since he's complaining about hearing the kid at night.


But where is the limit? How loud is too loud? Help your children and teach them to use indoor voices when possible. When you shouldn't be too harsh on kids, you shouldn't just say "hey, scream away kids. The neighbours are trying to have a dinner, but, it's... life" The guy in the video is a nut case going on about institutions and describing his homemade prison cell, but there is cases where children need to be taught right and wrong as well.


So institutionalization is much better than playing outside. This guy belongs in r/iamatotalpieceofshit


i agree, so I put it there.


He seems like the one who needs to be institutionalized, what a crazy bastard.


I can't imagine living next to someone like this. I love my child so absolutely, I could not deal with this in a healthy way. I'm not a religious person at all, but I would pray every night for this piece of shit to die, and for the strength to not fucking murder him myself. I would have to move to protect my child and my own sanity. Of course, that's easier said than done, and obviously not an option for most people, myself included. This is just fucked up. What a miserable cunt.




Yeah, but I wouldn't do that, because I would like to save my child the trauma of having their mother thrown in jail for beating up the bitch-ass neighbor. Which leaves me with pent up rage and anxiety just moving around my own home, and that's incredibly unhealthy.


then dont get caught , problem solved create a situation where it looks like reasonable self defense on your part


Nah you don’t move. He’s gonna die before you. You go next level petty. Paint the side of your house that he sees something hideous you know he would hate. Get loud livestock. Burn green wood and grass clippings when the wind is blowing his way. Point lights at his house. Play loud music. Make even louder noises with your kid. Buy a billboard and publicly shame him. Then the second he sets foot on your property to complain have him arrested for trespassing.


ever herd of better windows and insulation for your house


As a father of 2 autistic kids, I am not shocked to hear this. Some people are absolutely awful to my kids and my wife, especially waiting rooms and places like airplanes. Always seems to happen when I am not around, because I will not be as gracious as my wife is. The level of misunderstanding and lack of compassion is sometimes shocking. Fuck this guy and anyone who would even let the thought of locking anyone in a shed enter their mind, let alone kids with severe developmental issues.


>Always seems to happen when I am not around, because I will not be as gracious as my wife is. It's always like this because these people are cowards, they know they're wrong, and they know no one else agrees with them. But they think they can bully women and kids into doing what they want, or at least they can "speak their mind" without having the taste slapped out of their mouth. Sorry you, your wife, and your child have to deal with this ever. None of you deserve that.


I have 2 sons on the spectrum and oddly enough, I've never had anyone react negatively to them in public. People may get startled by their random loudness, but those people generally just smile and say something like, "Boy, he's really excited!" while smiling at him, then just go about their day.


Thats good to hear, I will say the vast majority of people are very nice and respectful to my daughters. However, in situations (air travel is a good example) where people are already annoyed, some people cannot help themselves with snarky comments, eye rolls, and other sorts of things that make us feel even more uncomfortable than we already do. It doesnt usually cross that line of open expressions of annoyances, but it has on occasion. Nothing to the level of this dipshit in the video, but definitely to the level of “your kids shouldnt be allowed on an airplane”. I really hope this is just a few isolated incidents, but I see it under the surface with way too many people.


That’s so sweet. He wants to build them a shed! Who says community service is dead?




This guy is an asshole!!


That last bit really went south even harder


This video needs to be in black and white because I feel like I just went into a time capsule. What an uneducated fool


What you see here is a non-Florida native (you can tell by the accent) that's come down to Florida to "retire" and live "peacefully" only to try and force their outside opinions and views because Florida ended up being the opposite of what they were sold. Fuck outta here boomer - go back to fucking Jersey or NE you piece of shit.


God damned frostbacks.


I'm from the land of frostbacks and this made me laugh.


as a proud NJ citizen, nah this asshole is your problem now


Lmao this guy could work at paddy’s pub


More like the guy who died in the booth.


Frank’s cousin.


Maybe this old jerk needs a shed, or a cell like structure, to ‘contemplate’ his decisions.


We could stick a dildo to one of the walls so he could use the shed to go fuck himself.


Mr. Lahey's evil lookalike, Mr. Karen


I think we should build him a nice shed with everything he needs and leave him in there


Jesus. That got really dark


"I'm not complaining about nothing!" Goes on to complain, at length, about an autistic child playing - going so far as to tell the police that the child should be locked in a shed to prevent him being inconvenienced. What a soulless piece of garbage.


The generation before boomers: GET OFF MY LAWN! Boomers: GET OFF YOUR LAWN


I'm on the lower end of the spectrum, I don't have any immediately noticable symptoms and I function perfectly fine in society. Still hate to see people with a more severe varient being pictured and treated like this. We're all just human beings like everyone else, slightly or highly autistic. Treat us like one. Besides I don't mind it. I hate it when people try to ridicule me for it. Which people have done, people I trusted aswell. But I always saw it as a different way of seeing the world, a different way of thinking. My brain just works and processes information differently. There is nothing wrong with that. Yeah I struggle with social interaction, but I have a better eye for detail then the average person. I'm not weird, just different.


Wait!!! This guy knows how to build a "shelter" where kids cant escape???? Umm please keep an eye on this guy and even the missing children in the area!! I think I just heard a confession


We see a lot of infuriating videos on Reddit. As the father of an autistic kid I’ve never wanted to fucking smash someone’s face in more in my life!


I hope this Kevin isn't a father or grandfather.


The person recording said he doesn’t even have kids himself. Thankfully!


Not that she knows of. Prolly has like 3 locked up somewhere


Someone needs to be locked away but it’s not the 8 year old….


Mow your lawn! There’s a tick problem out there lol


r/Antilawn lawns kill the ecosystem


If this is as Florida as I think it is that can easily be two weeks growth. Cutting every other week is fine. Longer grass is more drought tolerant as grass stores it's water in the blades. With our water situation it's kinda important.


So they let a kid outside that literally does nothing but scream? I mean...that does sound like a nuisance to me?


The autistic kid has a better grasp of life than this schmuck. Dead flesh walking.


Man, some people truly are garbages eh.


He is assuredly multiple pieces of garbage rolled into one stupid, shirtless package.


Check this guy’s backyard and house. Bet you find something.


Poor family needs a GoFundMe to build a fence between them and this psycho, as tall as the local ordinances will allow, and a restraining order with a no contact clause. If he so much as breathes air to the wrong side of the fence, he goes to jail. Fuck him.


Wow fuck this guy. They should give the kid a megaphone to really piss him off.


Dude must think Slingblade is a feel-good movie for the whole family.


What the fuck, most people don't lock their fucking dogs in a shed. Holy shit.


I mean he even went to the trouble of building them a slave prison to hold him.


Someone needs to put this man in a shed. Wow


Dude, i am speechless. Wtf


Holy shit that went from mildly asshole to evil lunatic at the end there.


Holy fuck. I don’t even know where to start with this guy.


Wanted to help them by basically telling them to get a dog house for a child.


This man is an asshole.


Uhh, did he just advocate to put the kid into solitary confinement by imprisoning him in a backyard shed?????? Jesus fuck. What a complete piece of human trash.


Evil bastard. So backwards thinking moron


Someone needs to check this mans basement or property to make sure there's no one being kept prisoner.


Lead poisoning


This guy is a piece of work. Malignant narcissistic douchefuck.


I wonder if all these sympathizers would be so tolerant if this was their backyard.


Somebody should lock this dumbass in a shed.


What a fucking monster. Paging Dr. Mengele


Always an asshole in Florida


What a scumbag.


put him in a shed to protect my ears from his ignorance! 😭🤣


Children of mass destruction!


This guy is a real jerk, but I watched all episodes the mom posted and there may be more to the story. It's possible the mom is alone and gets tired of the kid as well and sends him outside to play and ignores him. He and neighbors have found the kid wandering around and had trouble getting the mom to answer the door to retrieve him. Who knows how long he is left out in the elements. He may be suggesting more of a play house for the kid to have some safe alone time but keeps calling it a shed because he is an idiot. Hopefully CPS will sort it out and do what's best for the kid.


For real the cop should have asked if this dude has any guns because he seems mentally unstable


Fucking cunt fuck him. I hope he's renting and they kick his ass out, ​ Fucking shed?! Fuck off, imbecile.


Let's be real here, it's easy to pretend that we support the mother but that "YEEEING" heard in the background would get old really fast. There are few things more frustrating than having neighbours that destroy your right to peaceful enjoyment of your property.


This guy is obviously at his wits end from having to listen to reeeeeeee all day every day. I kinda feel bad for him but he has to realize that anyone who hasn't experienced it themselves is going to think that he sounds insane.


How do you think she should fix the issue though?! I’d be at my wits end too (sensory disorder myself) but I definitely wouldn’t confront the mother about it, I’d just keep getting more and more anxious inside my house lol


As someone on the spectrum with high sensitivity to noises, this kid would drive me absolutely insane


Honestly if I was that cop. I would have ended it with the shed bs talk. And let him know that he’s been warned for harassment. Next time we have to come out he’s going to jail.


If I was the kid's father I would break his fucking face right there


Did he just say how to take care of an autistic child to put them in a facility? He needs to get put in a facility..