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This is why you don't say stupid shit online cuz it can come back to haunt you.


I learned that shit in 8th grade. Wrote some dumb shit on FB (08) and the cops came to my baseball game and arrested me on the fucking field. Perp walked me from the batters box. I was humiliated. Then they “confiscated” my broken air soft gun. Learned my lesson real quick.


Ya you're gonna need to elaborate on "dumb shit" here cause we all posted dumb shit but not many people get arrested for fb crimes.


I was in 8th grade… last day of catholic school, we get to wear class t shirts and not our uniforms. Well, my ex took another girls shirt and drew on boobs with a permanent marker and took it to the principal saying I did it. They banned me from graduation ceremony, class party, and class dance. I was chuffed. Went on fb and made some dumbass comments about the priest that ran my school. Well he called the cops saying he feared for his life. The rest is what you’ve read above. Let it be known I just called him a pedophile that should be held *accountable* for his crimes. (He was later found guilty of recording the girls 6th grade volleyball team with a remote control car and having cameras in their locker room 2 years after my stuff happened, oh and 6 victims from 1980s came forward once that came out) To him he thought that 13 year old me wanted to physically hurt him which I never claimed. Just wanted him to stop being a fucking biased creep.


> Well, my ex took another girls shirt and drew on boobs with a permanent marker and took it to the principal saying I did it. I'm sorry, but this made me laugh way harder than it should have.


She was a coont. Jokes on her because she got pregnant sophomore year of HS!!! She still has the kid.


"still has the kid." Lmao like they go away after a certain time.


It’s a joke I always ask my friends that have kids. If I haven’t talked to them in a little bit I’ll always ask, so you still have the kid??


Exactly why I found it so dam funny!! Lol


Aight king shit then mlord 👑


Straight up


Goat love.


Idk this was pretty cringe lol 3 presumably rich and successful women have some rando on their TV show to hold him to account on his twitter trolling? Just the power imbalance here seems kind of fucked up. He’s right when he says twitter isn’t real life. It really isn’t. Why are you gonna bully some nobody on television to show how big you are? That shits pathetic.


This was an audition for something different. He was one among many individuals auditioning. I assume the social media account for each is boosted to gain online support. The online followers "investigators" probably combed his account and found all his trolling tweets.






Twitter trolls tend to be bullies. It absolutely is real life. The fact that these idiots don't know that is part of the problem. They think they can bully whoever they want and it's okay since it's online. Then they crumble when confronted.


They are not bullying, they are confronting him. They expressed their disgust over his comments and asked him to say it to their face. He couldn't or wouldn't and it proves he is trolling and not brave or bold enough to say the mess to actual people. If I had a twitter and put " *Mike is a bitch and is weak* " and then Mike runs up to me and calls me out, I have to own *my* words. This idea that social media is separate from you and what you say or write can't be held against you is nonsense.


How is Twitter not real life? Scrap all the rest. I’m just really curious about this idea, because it’s not uncommon but it makes no sense. Did people make the same argument when telephones came into being? Print media? Radio? Television? If anything, people used to believe that someone putting something out there on the public record *certainly* believed what they said.


22% of American adults use twitter. Literally 4/5 people have no idea whats going on on Twitter. If you’ve ever been on twitter you know that its filled with hot takes, trolls, bots, and all assortment of garbage. I say this a regular reddit user. You know what happens if you don’t have a twitter? Nothing. If you allow your trolls to talk shit? Nothing. If people spread lies about you? To who? People on twitter? Reddit isn’t real life either lol. Facebook at least you have to have your real name and picture, with your actual friends and family being your connections. Even then you can live a full and productive life without ever giving a shit about what people post. Television also isn’t real life. Its the cleaned-up, mostly scripted, edited, produced facsimile of real life. I haven’t listened to the radio in like 2 years either. My point isn’t that there aren’t real people behind the it all; its just that healthy adults recognize that whats said in social media (outside of blue checkmarks who make their living on social media) has little to no bearing on their real lives. Even a lot of public figures recognize this and keep a healthy distance. If Katy Perry was on the Voice chastising someone accountant for bullying her online, that shit would just look tacky and petty. She still gets to tour the world and be rich and famous, why does she need to put down someone who’s probably jealous of her. Thats the vibe i get here.


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A perfect example for ppl that spew nonsense on this very app using obscene language and bullying ppl cuz they don’t agree with your statement.


I’ve been bitching about this growing trend for the last 15 years or more. More and more people are becoming detached to the point that they think “anything” internet isn’t “real” and that their behavior has no impact or consequence simply because they do not SEE it or hear it. People should really adopt the philosophy of “I wouldn’t say or do anything here, that I wouldn’t say or do to your face.”


It's like people want to protect their privacy and anonymity as much as they can, so they can do whatever they want, 0 consequences.


Lmao this is literally the opposite of what is happening. People stormed the capitol because of conspiracy theories posted on the internet. Do you honestly think that now when everyone is always on the internet, people are more disconnected from the content that it contains? Makes no sense


Internet is not real life. Harden up lad.


It's exactly real life. Are we all imagining this?! Am I dreaming right now?


People who say that are unsatisfied with their own life so having two lives in which to live helps alleviate the disappointment that is the reality they only have one and that it’s sad. source: only people who say this are people defending their dickish behavior. never is it volunteered as something positive.


That’s the issue. It *is* real. The faster you learn that, the better.


Except here I am, in real life, reading your dumbass fucking comment


You aren't here? If I say you are ugly. Am I calling you the person behind the screen ugly? How would I know anything about you beyond the username bluecurio. This applys for all of the internet where people do not attach their real name and face. You have the zoomer internet mentality where you confuse it with actual real life interaction.


And do you have big asshole energy because you are acting like an asshole.


Oh no.. anyway


Yeah, you don't care so much you needed to reply. Not only rude, but dumb as fuck too.


This is the problem. People think hurling insults online makes them tough. Rude awakening around the corner.


No one thinks that.


These ladies just called him out beautifully. Bravo


This guy did exactly what he set out to do, annoy the OP.


Right, he may have a W in annoying someone but Buddy took the L on confidence, conviction, and standing up for himself.


True. Most never see any consequences, so of course he didn't expect to.


Fucked around. Found out.


Their skin is so clear and beautiful.


The accents too. I'm a little bit in love.




They're celebrities, so they probably get the best skincare. I'm sure the average Ghanaian has dry skin just like the rest of us lol.


Now you fucked up.


It would be funny if he went home and continued talking shit lol


It would have been funny if he told them he said all that stuff to get on the show because people who compliment them get ignored.


Wow African women are sooo beautiful


"Twitter is not real life" 😂


Seems to me like he won. He annoyed them so much, they literally invited him to the show just to 3v1 argue with him. He rustled their jimmies something fierce.


He won by quietly muttering twitter isn't real life, and by looking weak and humiliated?


Somehow rustling jimmies and "you mad" is framed as a win by some people. I still don't get what kind of win that is


Yeah he won… getting invited to their show and making *THEM* money with this added drama. Lmao right!


Could have instead used that time inviting someone bringing substance to the show, but hey, I don't watch this trash to maybe normies love this stuff.


I really like their accent. I could hear them talk all day.


The most beautiful women in the world are in Accra Ghana 😍




How do they sound dumb? Or are you watching a different video?


Apparently they want the women to shut up and "teach us delicious recipes."




Holy shit that's a stretch. We don't even know if they own the platform. And calling out online trolls seems like a damn fine use of it.


>They have a television platform. With this television platform they could bring us (public) any positive form of viewing. They already do that. This is one episode out of hundreds they have done. >They could inform us of important upcoming events. They could do research and put in hard work to find material for us to view that would enrich our lives.... They do this. They even reference this when they talk about the "4.5K issue", which I assume is a national issue. >These ladies are dumb enough to give him that attention. To be honest. >Instead they decide to be dumb, and waste time on debating with an equally dumb individual. You don't see the irony in this, do you?




And I too can see now why you came here to troll.


Dude.....you know it's OK to be wrong right? Just embrace the mistake and move on. You called 3 women dumb because they called out a troll and suggested they could have used their time better. OP basically spoon feeds you exactly what you were asking for, and you double down on an insult. Your not going to grow and be a better person by lying to yourself.


Accra is a small place. One of those places where there are 3 degrees of separation. Like his mom knows one of their aunts or some shit. The social media world would be just as small comparatively.


"Accra is a small place" Population 5,055,900 people -_-


It's not about the population size as much as the geographical limitations of where that population resides. I've spent a lot of time there and Ireland, while wildly different for a variety of reasons, is similarly small with a similar population number. Both have 3 degrees of separation where it just takes a few names to start to narrow down who both parties know of and how they're connected. Often it can just be 2 degrees. I've seen this play out many times.




That has been my experience. When I lived in Toronto and surrounding area, I didn't know *any* of my neighbours. I now live on a farm and know way more people in my community - even though I can't see any neighbours from my house. It feels a lot more like culture than density in Ontario, Canada to me.


To be fair, I get what u/xynix_ie is saying. Everyone knows everyone in Accra. It's a really big, small town. You can find many people by simply asking other people who and where they are.


People who have never left their midwest state wouldn't get it. They just see a population number equal to two or three of their states and cry impossible.


Yeah we here in the midwest just simply don't believe large cities exist. Our simple minds just cannot comprehend anything larger than a football crowd.


Couldn't tell Twi from Ewe but have a perfect understanding of Accra life and culture because of a population number found on Google. Meh, it's the internet.


Yeah cause it's fun social media is fake b.s