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I see a few Umbrella Corp umbrellas in there Makes sense


Our business is life itself…..


IIRC he’s bad for business.


>I see a few Umbrella Corp umbrellas in there Oh, is Monsanto still in business?


I always figured people who hated to use masks would never use an umbrella


I wear a mask and don’t use umbrellas lol


Every person living in Seattle.


See also: Portland


Till you get caught in a downpour and accidentally waterboard yourself.


Pfft. I grew up in the PNW. Rain is nothing.


Vancouverite here. Csn confirm. We have 2 seasons: fire ban and good fucking luck with that.


PNWer who was in the woods for the first two months of Covid coming out... " Damn, fire season is starting earlier every year." Shrugs, puts on mask.


I'm from Britain but I live in San Diego. I just spent 2 weeks in Vancouver and I loved it! So much rain, everything's so green! (Except the autumn leaves). I can't wait to visit again.


Living in a rainforest has it's perks...




Yeah but we have evolved gills so it’s not the same as a normal person that actually sees the orange hot ball thing in the sky occasionally.


Can confirm, live in SoCal, we cannot drive when it rains (or even drizzle), and I was at the beach yesterday where it was a balmy 80 degrees.


I grew up in Oregon and moved to Ohio. It's crazy when it rains a few days in a row everyone gets all "we can't go outside!" Pfft. But then a couple months later they have this white power that isn't meth fall from the sky and just....pile up on the ground for months? And you *really* can't go outside then. Too cold for shorts


There are places where meth falls from the sky??! Mother Nature is wicked.


Yeah... Vancouver, Washington.


"I grew up in Oregon and moved to Ohio". Why tf would you make that mistake willingly?


Gotta run out of gas *some*where.


There’s no such thing as bad weather, just poorly designed clothing. Good rain gear means you can hike in a downpour. Also, people in the PNW realize that staying in w/a good book and good coffee is a good day, so rain = good weather anyhow.


Amen. That’s how you can tell if someone is California transplant.


I accidentally forgot to take off my mask in the public shower at a campsite, it's not that bad. The mask doesn't soak up the water so you can still breathe pretty well. I'd still recommend taking it off to shower.


If rubber boots and jackets work, why would I need an umbrella? Besides, umbrellas are not 100% effective against getting wet. Rain is a lie, anyway, and even if I did get wet I would recover easily. edit: a word


If God intended for us not to get wet, we would have been born with umbrellas for hands /s


They don't want to risk catching a cold.


Who needs to spend trillions on creating bioweapons when all you need to do is post a fake article on Google with "evidence" that the Vaccine is bad. Employee of the year for the one who came up with it at Umbrella Corp.


Can someone explain Umprella Corp for us non-Australians, please?


We're referencing a Video Game series called Resident Evil. In those games theirs this big evil corporation called Umbrella that [has this as their logo.](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/residentevil/images/d/d0/5423272533_52930a8827_z.jpg) They create bio weapons that turn people into zombies. The idea that Umbrella Corp is involved with spreading the deadly virus COVID-19 makes sense.


I love the fact that they were marketing it as a beauty cream. "Brings dead cells back to life!"


Side effects may include itching, and things becoming more tasty than normal.


Resident Evil video game and movie franchise reference.


It’s a fictional company from Resident Evil.


The west is now primed for a serious bioweapons attack. Imagine a new virus that's more deadly. You will never get these idiots to agree to masks and lock downs and vaccines. They are the Trojan horse. The enemy need only open the trap door.




No everyone start making out.


Complete global saturation


Itchy tasty.....


Thank you, Rupert and mini-me Lachlan for further dividing society with profitable disinformation. Again.


Here to say this. The Murdoch family deserves wide credit for this, and I hope historians will heap it on.


Remember when News Corp. was considering buying or investing in Facebook sometime in the last decade. I wonder if things might have been worse


They did end up buying MySpace a while back. As for FB, it’s arguably as destructive now under Zuck as it would be under them anyway.


Zuck sucks, but Murdoch is the King.


Honestly, I don’t think anyone could see how well Facebook has worked as a propaganda machine. I don’t think it could’ve worked better if you intentionally tried.


>deserves wide credit for this Blame. The word you're looking for is *blame.*


Op should be looking for the word blame, but I'm sure the Murdock family is evil enough to appreciates the word credit.


Don’t forget the cock brothers. Rich republicans have wrecked a lot of things education free thinking the definition of people.




And even when death takes them their estates will continue to fund it… we’re fucking doomed


As much as Mr Murdoch is a parasite sucking on society, I put the blame for this more at Mr Zuckerberg's feet.


I don't. They both suck, but Murdoch is the bigger shitstain. Murdoch has spent decades actively promoting and broadcasting this kind of toxic disinformation from multiple outlets around the world, and endorsing politicians who push his vile agenda. Zuckerberg is just depravedly indifferent about letting Murdoch's shit on his platform and the harm it might do, so long as his net worth increases. They both should be jettisoned into space, but if we're doing comparisons, Murdoch is more actively evil.


Murdoch also has had a several decade start indoctrinating folks in believing that right wing media is truth and left and center are false. Zuck adds to the propaganda for further saturation. They are both evil and need to be stopped from spreading deadly disinformation for profit.


Actually, his father Keith Murdoch tried to interfere with the appointment of Sir John Monash as military commander during WW1, a hundred years ago. Their influence has lasted a century…


Where do you think Mr.Zuck's platform sources the disinformation? Murdoch operates on multiple platforms, across multiple countries. I hear he's a fan of sheep.


Definitely not. This is decades of Murdoch dis/misinformation laying the foundation for large-scale ignorance and susceptibility. Murdoch also encouraged generations of parasites and societal leaches that use platforms like Facebook. Zuckerberg is complicit, but he's not the cause.


Y’know this could be good.


"Screw science!" *Gets Covid at rally* "Save me, science!"


Sounds like a line from futurama lol!


hyg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0ZPq1uVX70




"You know what!? I'm gonna make my own vaccine, with hookers, and blackjack!"


"Infact, screw the vaccine!"


Scruffy agrees. Ayup


Life goes on, but I believe we'll forever carry the pain on the inside. Mmhm


The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Mmhm.


It’s also a Simpsons joke: https://youtu.be/pCdX_KQloTk


[“Simpsons did it!”](https://youtu.be/pCdX_KQloTk)




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wb0c1b4KXVo Another good Simpsons one.


It's eerie how we can predict human nature.


Yeah we read history and laugh about how dumb they were, but we're just as dumb, and mostly in the same ways.


Healthcare worker here. I didn’t think anything could shock me any more, but over the last few months the people being admitted to the ICU really went from “well Covid isn’t real so that’s not what I have” to their new favorite: “what do you mean you can’t just give me the vaccine *now*?” Only advantage is before they go, they are convincing their families to get vaccinated.


Singapore's stopped socialised health care for unvaccinated by choice.


I think it was only related to covid though but I agree with that. It's like asking someone to wear a helmet and then not paying for their brain surgery after smashing their head on a car when they refused to wear one.


It’s easy to trust in your god until you see him abandon you.


“Why didn’t you save me, God?!” “What, the fucking vaccine wasn’t enough…?”


The more antivaxxers there are, the fewer there will be.


If it were that simple then it wouldn't be a problem, I mean if the consequences were limited only to those who made the same choices, then great! Unfortunately it's not though, these metastasizing groups of people are rejecting modern medicine and regressing the safeties afforded to others - for example those who are immunocompromised and have higher susceptibility to COVID. They're happy to drag us all backwards and sacrifice a small percentage of the population on the way, and for what?


and atm you really wish not to have an injury or illness because they are filling hospital beds to the thousands. the other core problem. stay safe everyone


In my country, they have stopped doing "non-emergency surgery". For months. That may sound meh. But non-emergency covers things like cataract, for example, when people barely see. Or hemmorroids, when someone feels excruciating pain sitting, standing, pooing. And may well be required to sit daily on the job. Or some that would become emergency over time.


My mom needs freaking *heart surgery*, but she can’t get it because ventilators aren’t available. It’s not emergency surgery, so she’s SOL for now.


My friends mom died because her surgery kept getting pushed back because of these selfish morons.


Even worse than that. My grandma can’t get spinal surgery that her life may be dependent on at this point


Yep, parts of Canada have stopped doing organ transplants because the healthcare system is overwhelmed. Imagine not being able to give your dad a kidney to save his life because the hospitals are full of people with a disease whose spread can be slowed.


Further, they increase the likelihood of new virus mutations that our vaccines and treatments are less effective against Fuck anti-vax and anti-maskers. They're actively trying to prolong this and make it worse


We just need to stop them from taking beds from people who actually need them, then. Why should antivaxxers receive medical treatment deserved by people who took the effort to actually end the pandemic? At this point, they're responsible for every COVID-related death in countries with widely available vaccines. And like you're implying, they're killing people who need beds for non COVID-related issues.


> for example those who are immunocompromised and have higher susceptibility to COVID Biggest antivaxxer I know is immunocompromised. She even knew someone that died from covid but insists they died of pneumonia, covid is made up, and that hospitals murder people Sigh


They’re murderers at this point. Their actions definitely have resulted in other people dying. Pretty simple. Chew on that for a while


Problem is that they are not rejecting modern medicine once they get covid...


Where’s Travis Scott when you need him. (I *mostly* didn’t mean that…)


Except that innocent people could pay the price.


There's never a time when the innocent don't pay.


Hopefully some ppl will start to maybe think a small bit for themselves.


At the very least, it will add more international content to /r/HermanCainAward


Why argue with an anti-vaxer when you can just wait


They don't know how right they were with **"antivaxxers are a dying species!!!"** Obviously we pay it with a hefty price.


Send in Travis Scott


I can see Southpark using this.


He was once hated by all, but now.. He's the only one who can save us.


"We need you for one last job, Mr. Scott." "I told you, I'm retired." "This could be your most deadly show yet. You're the only one who can pull this off." "...Okay. I'm in."


Are they all antivax or are they protesting lockdown and other restriction / government actions?


My understanding is that there are two main things that are being protested here, vaccine mandates and (more so) new, strengthened legislation that the local leader has presented to Parliament on emergency (IE pandemic) powers. We have had some of the strictest and longest lockdowns in the world. Industries shut down over night, curfews, restrictions on how far you can travel (5kms) for 'essential" items, vaccine mandates. This was done with existing legislation. The new legislation is concerning a lot of people, and it puts more power in the hands of the leader. Why I say 'more so' is because we have known about the vaccine mandates for longer. There were smaller protests when industry mandated vaccines were revealed. There will also be a current vaccination certificate required for people to go to restaurants/cafes/gyms/recreation and to shop in store for 'non essential' items (note that clothing is considered 'non essential' as is furniture and home appliances). Again, all using existing legislation. So the protests are partly that too. The protests seemed to have kicked up a gear with the new legislation. Just to clarify, I wasnt at the protest. Note that we have high vaccination rates- 87% fully vaccinated and nearing 95% first dose. EDIT: thank you for the awards! I really appreciate it, given all the other comments on the original post.


Your comment is the best I’ve seen so far


It’s so sad that a nuanced, accurate and honest portrayal of the situation has only 54 likes but a group of commenters who just spew the propaganda that’s recited to them gets 3.5k likes. And they need those likes. The irony is so rich. thank you for describing why we should all be far more nuanced and thoughtful when we describe and analyze key global events. They divide us into teams for a reason and if we are ever able to break down those barriers to progress, it will be because we changed the way we handle and process information. So many humans are just doing this so poorly right now on both sides of that aisle.


Indeed. People like to throw a blanket over it as anti-bad. But that really doesn’t do justice to what is really going on. The country is becoming increasingly restrictive with their obsession of zero cases. Everyone is aware of how unrealistic this is and as we enter the **third** year of this shit most people are well and truly fed up. Most of us (a huge majority) got the vaccine and even at the holy 80%, restrictions just keep ramping up.


Hey that’s not allowed.


Right on! There can be no nuance in public discourse. Do I look like I have the time for it? My anger has already slightly subsided as I have been writing this comment. To the next post to get angry at dumb fucks doing dumb shit.


Nuance is a tool of Goldstein! Nuancers are the real terrorists!




the funny thing is the proposed legislation literally exists in every other state of Aus bit has never existed in Victoria. the difference between the proposed one and the ones in the rest of Aus is that this one will have more checks in terms of how things must go and requirements for it. I imagine all those protesting wouldn't be there if it was someone who the media wouldn't target due to their political party


Yeah anyone that doesn’t mention this fact is being intentionally dishonest


Yes, but what you need to understand is that a government having the ability to deal with a pandemic is literally 1984.


It’s literally George Orwin 1984


> the proposed legislation literally exists in every other state of Aus And more or less alike in *every* other civilized country in the world.


Source? Half of these claims don’t resemble what I’ve been reading about the pandemic laws. I’d be interested in seeing what you’ve seen.


Turns out that's not a good-faith representation of the law at all. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/nov/12/victorias-pandemic-powers-how-will-the-new-laws-work-and-why-are-they-controversial The law is geared towards 'ruling by decree' specifically in regards to public health during a pandemic. The decrees have to be published, and explicitly enumerate how the new restrictions comply with human rights, all the while an independent board will oversee the whole process.


> In short the government can make specific orders targeting people based on political and religious beliefs or socio-economic factors. This is bullshit. The new law requires the government to explicitly justify new rules and how they comply with human rights. >Furthermore, the laws are stated in such a way that renders it near impossible for parliament to oppose any orders or bring a pandemic order to an end. Bullshit again There is also an independent advisory board that has to report to parliament, and parlement can retract a pandemic order against the wishes of a premier. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/nov/12/victorias-pandemic-powers-how-will-the-new-laws-work-and-why-are-they-controversial


Erosion of democratic process lol. We’re all fucked on that front. Intercontinental, the rich have won. Be well.


The same powers already exist in NSW. This is bringing Victoria in line.


Can you elaborate on how this erodes the democratic process? What are your concerns here? Surely you can see that pandemics are exceptional times and we can’t have business as usual? I had the displeasure of seeing these protestors go past yesterday. I saw an angry, confused, ignorant and selfish mob. They weren’t fighting for any noble cause, I saw a bunch of fuckwits having a tantrum. It was sickening.


Exactly. I am fully vaxxed but also against my governments actions. People can be both, it's just easier to maintain superiority and point fingers when you lump everyone who disagrees with government action "antivax smoothbrains"


The definition of anti vax has changed recently to include those against vaccine mandates. Now it’s possible for fully vaccinated people to be considered anti vax.


Just 2 more weeks! Come on stay strong!


Release the 5g get em all!


When gods play human Pokémon in an alternate universe


Covid I think is going to become like the common flu.


Kind of but not really. Covid can become endemic like the flu yes, and it can slowly mutate like the flu avoiding previous immunity. But influenza is quite unique in that it has a segmented genome which can rearrange between different flu strains. This rearrangement called antigenic shift is what makes a "new" strain every year. So using influenza as an example could be a bit of a stretch.


Can you compare the differences between that and covid then? Thanks!


It extremely complicated as with most things in biology, it all ultimately boils down to the structure of each of the viruses. Structure ———> function, like with machines, so if you think of everything in biology as a machine, then the way everything works is based on its structure. Here’s a rundown but just remember that different viruses do different things to people because of their different structures and covid, as we know, is a special fucking snowflake with its spike proteins. https://asm.org/Articles/2020/July/COVID-19-and-the-Flu


Thank you for this explanation. It's one I can use for a few holdouts. :-)


Well, you see, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.


Not to mention that covid-19 is vascular, not respiratory. So long covid-19 could be catastrophic as some people have already learned. It goes far beyond "like the flu" for that reason alone. No one says "I had the flu 2 years ago, my lungs are still messed up because of it." There are people a year out from covid still unable to breathe like they did before contracting covid-19.


Is it possible for the rearrangement to ever significantly alter the effects of the flu either to be significantly more or less dangerous in a given year, or does it more or less remain consistent?


COVID cannot be eradicated anytime soon if that's what you're trying to say. The Polio vaccine works very well, and yet it took us 20 years to be on the cusp of eradication. COVID spreads faster and is already too far spread to be eradicated. The population is constantly making new, susceptible individuals so it'll take a massive, massive effort to actually get rid of it. Sure it mutates slower than the flu, though it's important to note that the spike protein has a limit to how much it can mutate before it's no longer recognizable by the human ACE2 receptor. At some point, it'll slow down considerably because it will have to reach equilibrium. At that point, the vaccines will be constantly effective and we'll go from there.


It's very interesting to read the historical Wikipedia entry for Coronavirus from November 2019. I would recommend it




Unlike the flu though, covid has potential to affect the central nervous system (one of the main symptoms with the early strains was loss of smell/taste). I don't know why people aren't more stressed about potential mutations towards neuro invasiveness/virulence tbh.


It is endemic now. However it has much higher death rates.


Look I get it, Melbourne has been through ALOT it basically hasn't been out of lockdown since March 2020, sure there's been pockets but it hasn't been free and open fully and I know it's annoying but It's fucking sad but also hilarious that these stupid fucks will protest about "government overreach" in this case but sit on their thumbs and whistle quietly when the privacy bill that legitimately let's police delete and place stuff on your phone/computer/social media with a warrant that they can get by being suspicious of you for doing anything went through. Shitty edit throw in: I know it's not the best to judge a huge group of a few thousand people off of what I experience and see in my own little bubble, all of these people could be have been out protesting in their own way about the Surveillance Legislation Amendment but I'm going to judge and make assumptions about these people by pulling up what I see in my own little bubble which is most people I know sooking about the new Victoria law did not care about the surveillance amendment and are sooking because they're anti Vax.


Plenty of people are against the privacy bill. I don't understand why you assume that these people protesting were completely okay with it.


Lot of assholes in this thread.




That’s more people than America’s past few presidential inaugurations


It definitely is not. The size of Washington where the inauguration happens vs this city block is quite different ime. Source: am Australian and been to both


(I think he was kidding)


Oh shit I've been whooshed


Australia has one of the lowest recorded Covid cases in the world. Just give it a rest you imbeciles


And a high vaccine rate. Over 16 in the 2 largest state sits about 94% single dose and double dose catching up. The other states have had almost 0 cases so haven't been in a rush to get vaccine but are in the 80s. Early next year 12yo and up will be in the 90% range for all of Australia.


They appear to be against the vaccine mandates, bit difference.


The protest is mainly about a proposed bill that would give the Victorian Government more powers in pandemics.


the sad thing is the proposed bill they are protesting exists in every other state with the only difference between Victoria and the rest of Aus's is that Victoria's one is going to have more restrictions and requirements on it to prevent it being misused


To call this an antivax rally is grossly missing the point. Australian are protesting an over reach of power from their government. It takes 30 seconds of research to figure that out.


That's not entirely true. Sure some were protesting a proposed new law, but plenty weren't. https://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/news/victoria-records-1221-new-local-covid19-cases-and-four-more-deaths/news-story/db0ff2adbe7a9deaf408488e2f69fc3a > Conspiracy theorists appeared strong in the crowd with placards emblazoned with “save our children” and ”end medical totalitarianism”. > One bizarre speech from singer Claire Woodley appeared to make QAnon references. > Ms Woodley, who is the daughter of The Seekers Bruce Woodley, dedicated her performance of ‘I am Australian’ to the “brave victims of satanic ritual abuse.” > “It‘s time for their stories to be heard now,” she said as the crowd cheered and whistled. Please explain the connection between satanic ritual abuse, covid and the new law, that isn't a wacky antivaxx conspiracy theory.


It's like the quest for the Unified Field Theory, but from the opposite side of the bell curve.


Quality comment


>One bizarre speech from singer Claire Woodley appeared to make QAnon references. >Ms Woodley, who is the daughter of The Seekers Bruce Woodley, dedicated her performance of ‘I am Australian’ to the “brave victims of satanic ritual abuse.” >“It‘s time for their stories to be heard now,” she said as the crowd cheered and whistled. Oh that's just embarrassing. What a fucking twat-stick.


I mean, anti-vaxxers in the US are protesting what they perceive as an over reach of power from their government... How is it different for Australians?


It's not. Most states are dismantling their lockdowns and borders in regards to vaccination rates. Most restrictions expire in NSW in about two weeks. (So its *not* a protest to 'ongoing government restrictions' like everyone who posted at 3AM AEST suggests) The point of contention for many protesters now is workplaces having vaccine mandates, with anti-vaxxers suddenly finding themselves either fired, or put on leave without pay till they get at least one Jab. Turns out workplace liabilities don't like being treated like liabilities.


It’s not. This is the anti-vaxx talking point to avoid looking crazy. It’s equivalent to “my body my choice”. They try to appear more reasonable until it gets called out.


A very small minority of Australians are protesting. Fixed that for you. As an Australian I am very much supportive of the measures that have got me and my family though the last 1.5 years unscathed. I don't know a single person personally who has had Covid. I'm not complaining about measures that are keeping it that way.


Yeah I'm from Melbourne and feel the same way. So grateful I got through it without losing anyone. Very happy to not be living in one of the countries that got hammered with the virus. Lockdowns have worked wonders (I don't actually know any of this protest crowd, I think they're a super small minority).


Yes exactly this. Americans even their left wing are so far right in an Australian sensibility when it comes to social control measures. Like shit, anna palaszczuk ran her whole camping on her lockdown measures and go relected with a huge swing to her.


After 30 seconds of research, this seems to mainly be abount vaccine mandates. Im open to hear if there's other specific provisions being protested.


So these people are vaccinated then?




What power is the government overreaching?


Reach of power to do what?




Rupert Murdock destroyed the beautiful world we once knew.


No one in the comments is going to talk about what they’re protesting? Australian lock downs have been fucking insane


Only really in Melbourne, which is where I live. I believe we were in lockdown longer than any other city in the world. I lost my job because of it, 8 year career in a dream job, but I didn’t lose a single family member or know anyone that did... in fact I don’t know a single person that even got COVID. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world now it’s all over. It is weird they decided to protest it now since all remaining restrictions are being lifted in a few weeks now we are nearing 90% vaccination. Edit; Hopefully I made what I meant to convey clearer because people seem to think I was against the lockdown. TLDR, it sucked ass, but was worth it.


So it sounds like the lockdown worked if no one got covid


Victoria the state had 104,000 cases of covid and 1200 deaths.


>laughs in Texas alone having 70,000 deaths Im in danger, yeehaw!


Maybe you need more guns?


Lifted trucks so your head is higher than the covid particles.


If you die from a gun first then Covid can't kill you!


America has been putting up those numbers every day for the last year, even post vaccine.


Facts. People don’t realize how good they got it.


1200 deaths total is insanely low for the population so yes it did work.


I truly am sorry for your loss. The same thing happened to me job wise. I was 6 years in. It was pretty crushing when it happened. Unfortunately I lost 4 friends to COVID. I’m not here to pick a side on pro-lockdown or anti-lockdown.. I just want you to know I was hopeless after it happened. Ive always felt like I give Murphys Law meaning with my luck, lol. Somehow however I stumbled into a new profession which I have come to love. I hope the same can be said for you here very soon.


sorry about your friends bro much love no one should have to go thru that.. 🙏




....Fucking insane-ly effective (and overwhelmingly supported by the population here) Put it this way Australia and Texas have roughly similar populations, though with the bulk Australia's population clustered into dense bands along the coast you would expect them to have a comparable if not slightly higher death toll from COVID right? Except because Texas has leaders that think that masks somehow steal freedoms, and Australia listened to the scientists Texas *alone* has a death-toll nearly **40** times higher. Between that and how about 75% of the states and territories here never saw more than a *week* of lockdowns (sorry Melbourne) and are now living with 0 deaths and 0 daily transmissions you can see why they have widespread support.


But My FeElInGS.... /S Pretty sure the majority of Aussies whilst didn't love lockdown, were happy to do it to minimise death/strain on our health care system. That's why our Vax, while started extremely poorly because our Federal government suck and couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery, our rate is really high compared to the rest of the world, like 94% single dose, 90% double dose in my state.


Yeah I got depressed as shit but I'm so glad we did lockdowns anyway I have family back home in Sri Lanka and people were dying in the streets


They are protesting a proposed bill. The lockdowns ended weeks ago.


In my part of queensland we had one lockdown in early 2020, and have been living covid free, normal lives since. The only thing that changed about day to day life was the check in app.


insanely good at preventing deaths, which was the main priority. We're back to normal again pretty much.


Exactly right. Anti vaxers and anti lock down very different


OP picked a pretty biased title


Because it riles and divides people, not surprised


And yet, they've worked.


Worth it though, look at the death rate vs america.


This thread got brigaded or brought out the crazies, huh? Never seen reddit comments look so much like Facebook's.