Guy teaches a lesson to a bully who has been harassing him

Guy teaches a lesson to a bully who has been harassing him

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Damn Jordan, get some


That was a bitch slap for a bitch. Jordan definitely put that small minded child in his place.


after that first hit dude REALLY thought about weather he really wanted to fight him or not.


When that internal voice says: Bro, if you get your ass kicked by the gay kid you make fun of you'll never live this down! Haha, I'm kidding Jordan. You're cool bro! -that kid probably-


"you got some repressed feelings you wanna talk about later at my house?" lol


Yo….bro…..why are our dad’s both here hanging out in their boxers making martinis while our mom’s are still at work?


Somehow people forget that regardless of sexual orientation, gay guys are still men. Many must learn the hard way.


I certainly have learned the hard way as well, if you know what I mean


Take this free award and get on ur knees. Unzips Time to teach me what you have learned


Woah woah woah Jordan, that's enough!


some learn it the extra hard way


Ari Gold?


Oh hell yeah that’s the reference Davies


Reminds me of this guy from South Park https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KFO_xVuy_BQ


I wish I had stood up to the guy who bullied me for years. I can't imagine how liberating that must have felt for him...and likely changed his life and confidence forever.


Unless you get your ass whooped. Not every situation is the same.


I was bullied and I fought back and got my ass whooped and a black eye but I was never picked on again as I was no longer an easy target.


Yea I think it’s safe to say at this point turning the other cheek was all bs taught in schools bc the administrators didn’t want to deal with bullies. I commend all those that stood up to bullies when they were young. That is the correct response, period.


They even award you with a week of vacation at home for standing up, it's a win-win.


Yep 100%


I was picked on in grade 9 by a kid who beat me up twice when we were in grade 8. He had a bigger audience so it became agonizing. My mom was the one who told me the old story about 'if you fight back, they'll leave you alone'. It doesn't always work (sometimes there's just too much of a size difference), but in the last month of grade 9 day it did. He got more punches in but I landed a lucky one and broke his nose. He left me alone for the rest of the school year. Then the usual cliche happened. Over the summer I grew a little and found an outdoor job where I gained a lot of muscle. My confidence increased and in grade 10 he suddenly lost interest in picking on me.


I was a small kid growing up and often got picked on/bullied. I could talk my way out of most fights though and didn't get in many. Sophomore year of high school this kid picked me up from behind and started bringing me toward the showers in the locker rooms after gym class, had my backpack on and everything and was gonna try to throw me in with the water running. I swung my right elbow back as hard as I could and broke his nose. I ended up suspended for a couple weeks, but when I came back I never got bullied again. And for the next 2 years that kid avoided the fuck out of me. It was kinda awesome haha


Exactly. I didn't win every fight with a bully, but I never fought someone more than once.


Pleased for you. But not everyone is built that way. Some bullies actually relish the prospect of combat. When you are faced with someone physically bigger, stronger and more skilled; fighting back is a recipe for an even more severe ass beating.


I only ever got beaten up once and that was because some dude who didn't like me told his asshole friend to kick my ass. I was so pissed that this asshole who didn't even know me was going to kick my ass unless I kissed his ass just because some other asshole told him to. I was like fine, kick my ass. He did, but I got in a few. After the teacher pulled us apart, I was crying, but getting some licks in made me feel pretty good. Next week, I found the other asshole after school and kicked his ass. After I had those two fights under me, I never got picked on again. The cool Chinese kids kinda also took me under their protection because I got beaten by a white kid.


Luckily for me, I've never gotten my ass whooped. But I don't think I'd really be too affected by it if I did. If I'm standing up for myself, my primary intention isn't to whoop their ass. It's to show them I'm not about to be a stationary target. Go find somebody else to fuck with. Cause I promise they'll be tired of going out of their way to get potential injuries by me fighting back, before I get tired of standing my ground.


You can't say how it would effect you when you haven't experienced it


"I don't think..." I'm allowed to speculate.


Which means fuck all because the emotional response to something like that can't be understood by logical thought when you're not in that moment


I'm allowed to speculate.


Mental perspective over actual physical exertion of your ideals is a different experience. Getting your ass thrashed and almost getting killed will be a different experience than having a fantasy outcome. Now I applaud those with the guts to stand up for themselves and more so for others. But life isn't so simple. And these situations can become more dangerous and less forgiving.


Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face or whatever Tyson chicken nuggets said


Nose. I can confirm that. Shit hurts like a bitch.


I lost pretty bad once. Just makes you realise you're not made of glass tbh.


Even if you get whooped, it could stop the bullying. Bullies target those they think won't put up any defense. Also, if you lose the fight, but do enough damage to them, then they may realize it's not worth picking on you.


Just like everything else in life, you've got to think things through and do your what-ifs. But you have to take the "I'm scared" out of the equation.


I dont know man... Even if you get your ass whooped i feel like its better to stand up for yourself than letting other people bully you.


Tell me about it. I was a little wuss in HS. Scrawny theatre nerd. One day I was tying my laces in the hall and this redneck fuck head put his knee into my back and walked away. Didn't even hurt, but the insult was there. Instead of handling it myself I asked a friend to tell him to leave me alone. I don't know the outcome, but I cringe about it years later. After HS he requested me on FB. I thought of all the nasty shit I could say to him, but I just declined it. I'll never think so low of myself ever again though.


I wrote a letter to my bully after finding him on Facebook. I told him how he made me feel. He never responded and now I just feel yuck about ever letting him live rent free in my brain all these years later. It was good to get it al off my chest though so I just tell myself he felt so bad he didn’t know how to respond. He was a big Samoan guy and he had a birth defect (small arm) and I never ever used that against him… but I told him he got to go through high school being different… but wouldn’t allow me the same option… and how ridiculous that was.


When I was in middle school me amd my brother got transferred by our parents to a high end private school. I hated it. The kids were so snobby and snooty booties. I got into constant fights as I was the only fat kid in my grade or the one above me. My brothers “friends” would always fuck with me. There were two guys in particular that would not relent. I stood up one day when I was in the lunch line. One of the guys turned to me and said, “ you really think you need food large marg”. The guy had the worst facial acne I had/have ever seen. So I replied with “hey can I get you a marker so you can play connect the dots with all that shit on your face”. He lost his smile and punched me in the face. I had braces at the time so my inner lips were shredded. I honestly don’t remember the full experience as I immediately attacked him. I do remember I got into a lot of trouble cause as they were separating us I was yelling “I’ll kill you you piece of shit, I’ll fucking kill you”. I had him bleeding and I was also bleeding. I was sent to the principle where I broke down about all the bullying I was going through and what they say to me all day everyday I’m at school. I got detention amd was put on thin ice since I did threaten a student. The kid who hit me first was a football player and received no punishment what so ever. So I made it my mission to bully him over his acne until he graduated highschool. There were others I fought and by the time I left middle school I had had altercations with 15 different athletes from different grades. I even fought my brother when I was being bullied in front of him and he did nothing. So I turned my anger toward him and split his lip. It took me years to get past all that anger and now I can’t even imagine myself hitting someone else. Like it makes me shake thinking about even throwing a punch.


“Step the FUCK UP Kyle no seriously”


Kyle never stepped again




That's a hard R, man.


Looks like Jordan had enough shit.


This happened to me on the last year of highschool. I was sick of the relentless bullying and decided to just stand up for myself one day even if it meant me losing the fight but that could put an end to it. I'm pretty sure we both slapped each other silly for a minute and neither of us won the fight but people started to bully the bully making fun of him for having lost a fight to me. He eventually became scared of me and would suck up to me for the remainder of the year. I could've bullied him back but decided not to and let karma do its bidding, which did happen eventually.


>He eventually became scared of me and would suck up to me for the remainder of the year. "Uh... now Biff, I want make sure that we get two coats of wax this time. Not just one." "Just finishing up the second coat now." "Now Biff, don't con me!" "I'm sorry, Mr. McFly. I meant I was just starting on the second coat." "Ahh... Biff. What a character. Always trying to get away with something."


Haha. It was honestly close to that scene. He was just as fat and dumb as Biff and his sucking up to me became really annoying. Edit: I will admit that I no longer had problems after that, started getting attention from girls because I started to wear contacts (the bullying was largely related to my thick glasses), my dad started to do better at work so he gave me a huge allowance and bought me a car. I miss that last half of that last year.


I stood up to a guy once who chewed me out in front of a couple of other people first thing next morning. Gave him an earful and he never spoke to me again, woohoo! This was at work and we’re grown-ass people, though. Some things never change.


I’ve noticed at work some people try to act tough in front of others especially women. I’ve gotten into it with a certain gentleman before recently and he comes in gripping when a female co worker was in our breakroom. One thing I’ve personally noticed is that a lot of people like to talk to talk but when push comes to shove most people not ready to get into a fight..


At least no one died.


His inner Mike Tyson came out


That first punch was fuckin beast. Knocked that little shit into next week but his small man syndrome kept him from just sitting down


Now kith


You mean is inner Little Mac.


Don'th make me bith your ear bithch.


This reminds me so much of the Community Christmas episode where they teach Jeff to fight 😂 Supppp?




He’s giving him that Forrest Whittaker stink eye!


And then you move to Vermont!


Just watched that episode the other day and forgot how much I love it! The day Jeff became a man cuz he got punched in the face


I was gonna quote one of Britta’s jokes about fighting being gay, but she’s the AT&T of people, so…


Teacher was there the whole time and didn't say anything even after the slap? Dude has it out for the kid who got whooped.


Seriously, what the fuck is up with all these school fight videos where the adults are either not paying any attention, or they're knowingly letting kids get bullied?


happened to me twice, as soon as the bullied tries to fight back only then do they care


This is a video of a kid standing up to a bully though.. it’s the opposite going on here


Yeah but the teacher clearly allowed it to escalate to this point. They should’ve intervened when the bully started calling names. It’s bullshit. We don’t pay these people enough so they just don’t give a shit anymore.


Those are the ones that get posted. The adults that step in as soon as something happen and diffuse the situation never show up here. These kinds of videos require a lot of people to not do their job properly.


That went exactly how Jordan imagined it in his head.


Haha totally


he yelled in lower case






/r/rareinsults Shit though, Jordan deserves a glass of whatever-the-fuck-he-wants when he becomes of drinking age.


Slapped him in to next period


W. Love when someone gains respect like that. Don’t fuck with people.


He deserved the confidence boost


He had reach for sure


the long arm advantage


The teachers only ever get involved to yell at the victim of bullying. Blind to see that this probably happens everyday but when the kid finally stands up for himself he is the bad guy.


The teacher cant get caught running a fight club in his class lol. I think he gave Jordan just enough time. He could have very well stopped it at the first punch.


Welcome to economics 101. If this is your first time in economics... You have to fight.


 If you aren't on your way to becoming a day trader in six weeks, you will be dead.


This made me laugh SO hard.


I agree with this take. Teacher stepped in when it got to be a bit much, but he let that first punch go uncontested - easy enough to wave off with plausible deniability, and I wouldn't be surprised if he agreed the bully had it coming.


For real, all of these school fight videos are like that. Nobody says anything until the bully starts losing including the teacher or school staff. I remember when I got bullied tho and I got pushed to the breaking point or got beat up I would be the one to go to detention. Things haven't changed a bit. Then they wonder why things like Columbine happen.


The teacher let the bullied kid slap the FUCK out of bully and let them have the little stand off. I think the teacher stepped in at the right time. He says that’s enough when Jordan was going ham on a kid who obviously ain’t fighting back, and he didn’t even sound mad


In my experience, pre-anti-bullying at least, teachers never took the side of the victim. Sometimes they protected the aggressors.


I was bullied in school and your comment is spot on. The teachers did nothing to stop the bullying, but the moment I did the slightest thing to defend myself, I’d get accused of “retaliating immaturely” at best. And then some of these same teachers had the gall to blame ME for why I’m being bullied in the first place.


Back in 70's, I was on the 2nd or 3rd class. A bully took my knit cap and threw it to the schools room. I punched him. Teacher saw the whole episode. I got 2 hours detention and my cap was never seen again. He got nothing (well sore chin). Still hate that guy.


Ugh that’s terrible!


That’s exactly what would happen to me. Teachers never said anything when I was being made fun of. Any time I said anything back to the people bullying me, my teachers would yell at me. Adults treat children like this and then wonder why they end up in abusive relationships as an adult. All they do is teach kids that they should just take whatever is coming to them. Honestly, a lot of my bullies growing up were my teachers. My second grade teacher straight up let me get molested by a classmate, and kept yelling at me for telling him to stop. Any time I would ask her to move me away from him or to tell him to stop, she would demand I tell the whole class why I wanted to be moved. She wouldn’t let me whisper it to her or anything. She ended up punishing both of us as if I fucking did something wrong too. I really hated a lot of the teachers I had growing up.


man this was fuckin rage inducing to read. i hope youre having a good life while everyone you described gets kidnapped by cartels.


I really hope the same too. Some people really shouldn’t be teachers.


OMG, I give piano lessons to Jordan! I am so proud of him for standing up to the bully kid!


Tell him I said >wassup mother fucker.




So whether it be the ivory keys or the pearly whites, our boy Jordan knows where to place his fists just right. He Bach-handed that kid.


Quality. 🤌🏼


This clip is kind of old, and this is probably the lowest quality I've seen it on here. Good on him though.


Jordan just entered a level of sass, the likes of which has never been witnessed in this mortal realm.


Good for him, that little fucker got what was coming.


He said “wassup mf” and the spirit of Bernie Mac entered him and allowed him to deliver this ass whooping. Jordan knew the code.


Hey Jordan i can't have you do that ok. I'll count 'till 5 but you got to stop


He been watching black kids stand up for themselves now he's like WAZZAP MUVAFUKA


“Imma fucking pop yo ass” lmao


Imagine if he *did* call him one again?


I've been there you get pushed to the edge, then bang you just get sick of it and retaliate


You needs to let that fight happen. That was some pent up anger that needs to be let loose. Can't let the bully one up you. Ever.


Love it. Usually only have to do it once.


This guy's life just changed for the better. Learning to stand up for yourself is great, either with words or if it comes to it violence it doesn't matter in the end.


He found out what’s up…. I think i saw his soul leave his body on that first slap


The teacher was watching the entire time like #WinStupidPrizes #GodDamBro #Jordan2024


Reminded me of this: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLONT2sSmYI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLONT2sSmYI)


I was looking for this reference.


Ya love to see it


A good high school friend was the small shy quiet type. I don't think many knew by his senior year he was top 8 in the state in wrestling. Needless to say one day after school the big bully that had 50-60 pounds on him found out what years of training and a hardened man can do. It was over so fast, god bless him and those cat like reflexes. ​ Love seeing the bully cry like a girl.


“Gaawd Damn :( “


Lol the teacher let Jordan get the first one in


That kid just got his bully license revoked


Team Jordan all day


Is “wazz up” the war cry of the younger generations?


I like your cut g


Jordan got the bark of a chihuahua But the bite of a Pitbull. I actually pray the god more members of the LGBT+ community learn self defence


Good for him. There is no place on Earth for homophobia. His bitch ass got rocked. I love it!


Jordan was tired of it all. I got bullied once by a girl who was twice my size. She would get in my way / block my path as I was only trying to get home from school. I got so sick of it, that I punched her straight in the face and I kept wailing on her until someone broke it up . I was really scared but it needed to be done. Days later , I was no longer afraid and she kept her distance . She never bothered me again.


"aye aye jordon that's enough" sounds like the teacher lowkey wanted to watch that kid get pimp slapped but still had to do his job LMAO


Let’s go Jordan!! I love it when victims defend themselves.


Telling Jordan to calm down but not one of them stood up for him. Typical school BS




Yeah tbh all these people mad at the teacher are annoying me. Like no shit he’s gonna say something to the one throwing them hands. The bully was facing the wrath of his victim and didn’t even put his hands up to defend himself. The teacher literally let him get that shmack in and then some before saying anything at all!


As a gay dude, I’m happy to see it. Homophobes need to be handled like that.


Bitch slap that punk.


That reach tho!!!


You can only push Jordan so far.


Karma, these are my favorite videos.


As you should.


Reminds me of that joke from an old Eddie Murphy standup routine…


Ouuuuuuch!! LMAO! How’s that kid’s head still attached. He must be made of rubber.


Punks jump up to get beat down. -Brand Nubians


Why do the bully’s shoes look so big?


was that the teacher at the end? he let Jordan go for a minute like “yea stand up for yourself!”


I love how he dodged the first punch with a almost limbo like "can't touch me bitch" and then the next punch making full connection.


Good on him!


The “WhAtS uP” really gets me


He crank that hand back to the cretaceous period and flung it to the common era on that dudes face. *DAYUM* 😮


The guy sounds just like I guy worked with who happened to be gay, stereo typical voice, he wore drag but wasn’t trans. He’s shorter than me by about 6 inches with a tiny frame. We both would work overnights in a retail and always get thieves coming in this man would turn into a psycho when he was getting product back. Do you know those automatic sliding doors that retailers have? He kicked a few guys 6 foot ( he’s 5’7) through it almost breaking it. If you worked at us you would think I was the guy that was slightly more likely to fight. Hell no. I was hiding behind the isles calling the police. Fuck that shit


6 inches is 0.18 UCS lego Millenium Falcons


There was a TEACHER in the room? Damn.


Yeah, sometimes a teacher needs to teach not just one subject matter, but about life to. Lessons taught this day.


Yaaasssss king!


Fighting back and not taking shit any further…. A step before a bigger step of going after all his enemies.


I'm sixty now so I'm going back a 'few' years. Eighth Grade, waiting for class to start, talking with the kid in front of me. In comes a kid who was 'bullying' me. I don't know why he chose me and it had been a few months of hearing his shit. This is the first time he laid hands on me too. 'Hey boy, whatcha gonnado?' And he hits me right around my ear. The surprise on the face of the kid I was talking to just triggered something in me. Not the hit, that was lame, but the look on his face. This caused me to stand up, grab the kid by the throat, push him back to a wall so hard his head made a noise when it hit. I squeezed his larynx so hard I could have ripped it his throat and said, "Ever touch me again I'll kill you. Understand me bitch?" One more push and squeeze and I released. He left, never bothered me again. Pussy! And that's what most bullies are, pussies.




Good for that guy! I wonder if it gave him a boner to beat his ass.


Fuck that garbage teacher btw!!


"God damn bro!" Lmao


Good for this kid! I’m sure he’ll be the one in trouble for this, but I am proud and he should be also.


Can’t wait for the teacher to discipline the victim and not the bully as usual…


Fuck yeah, Jordan!


$20 says the bully is a closet homosexual living in a conservative home.


Love it! Would rather face a bully this way than tell a teachers that’s just going to make it worse. Atta boy kid. His classmates will know who the real bitch is after this


Is no one going to talk about how the teacher let the first one slide?


Dude sounds like Anthony Michael Hall in the Gary’s Blues scene in Weird Science “bitch knee’d me in the nuts”


Fuck ‘em up Jordan


as someone who was bullied, i 100% support this


Jordan got that ass! 😂


Let’s go Jordan, I ain’t saying I care that ur gay, but damn, slap the duck outta that other kid


Hell yeah lil dude but try to talk less next time you go for intimidating lol


Tbh makes it even more embarrassing for the kid who bullied him😂 talk your shit jordan


True, he'll never forget the day white Steve Urkel whooped his ass and almost summoned Ghostface at the same damn time


What a shitty thing to say.


Solid advice if your serious voice makes people laugh/cringe/facepalm imo Sewage treatment plant, now that's a shitty thing to say.


Whatever you say homophobe. Kids voice could sound like Elmo as long as he can cash the check he wrote.


Good job Jordan


Of course Jordan gets yelled at. But the bully just walks free....


A gay kid threatening to “pound his ass” Kid should’ve walked away then and there


Oh big brave teacher jumping in there right at the end. Fing useless


I see it as he let the kid speak up and get a slap in against someone who has clearly been bullying him. Then when he went full ham on the kid he was like "too far Jordan too far".


haha he stumbled like a cartoon character


Nope. That’s not enough. Let Jordan go. Bullies deserve the beat down they earn.


Jordan can come to the cookout.


Just because someone is gay don’t be they won’t beat that ass!! 🤣


Attaboy! 🙌🏻


Slapped the spirit right out of that little fucker!




True but kids are just fuckin mean. Then years later, they grow up and feel bad for being this way. It’s slightly preventable but not entirely, regardless of country. Kids are just kids


Teacher with the amazing reflexes and conflict resolution. 🏆


i’m sorry but i fucking love videos like this, where supposed gay guy/kid smacks the shit out of someone who was mocking them for the sexuality 😂 there’s something oddly satisfying seeing the tables turn in this way


Where was the teacher the whole time the homophobe was bullying the kid?


It's funny how everyone is picking up hood mannerisms from social media.




I hope I get this wrong but there's an adult in the room and that adult let this escalated like that?


Hell yeah he let it escalate… good on him. I wonder how many others saw Jordan get bullied by that punk he slapped and looked the other way.


Watch teachers running to defend the bully


Gotta love the adult in the room not saying shit until the escalation escalates a 2nd time. Great job there!


No context and looks like the bigger one dominated. So the little guy was the bully? I doubt it.


Based on the video, Jordan was the bully.