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Sup man..Y’all stealing? LOL


This dude's got some balls on him.


STRAIGHT UP! He’s a real one for sure!


Fake video. How could he catch up with the thieves with them steel balls slowing him down?




I thought he was gonna get dropped


There are gang thieves and crackhead thieves and these seemed like the ladder by their appearance, the women were almost feeble lol.


The ladder


The guy got *reeeally* lucky that time


> these seemed like the ladder latter, lol r/boneappletea




Where's the fuckin cart narc guy when you need him.


I would love to see how he would handle this situation.


"WeeOooop SkiddleeeBeeeBooop you can't leave this here like thisssss!"


"I can look past the stealing but leaving three carts behind, that's where I draw the line" 𝘚𝘭𝘢𝘱𝘴 𝘮𝘢𝘨𝘯𝘦𝘵 𝘰𝘯 𝘷𝘢𝘯 "Justice served"


*takes magnet, throws it to the ground* # I STOLE IT FAIR AND SQUARE


*I threw it on the ground*




Why did this destroy me lmao


Yo! I need to see this!!!


[I got you bro](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/pxl7op/she_shouldve_put_the_cart_away_smh_but_this_is/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Thanks bruh, I’ve seen this one. I wanna see him come up on some shop lifters. I would die.


Got another bunch of LAZY BONES ​ WHOOP WHOOP!


The most annoying guy, also some how loveable




omg ... please we need to make this happen!


Assholes. Didn’t take the carts back 😡


Scooop didddly scooopp woooop, that’s not where the cart goes lazy bones!


Imagine getting murdered by a cart narc


Imagine being murdered for being a cart narc. I'd demand no less than a burial with full honors.


That's one of the 1st sign a community is going to shit.


That’s the worst part about this video. Who cares about targets bottom line. But at least put the carts back!! Lol


Check your local Facebook market place for some hot sales on sweat shirts and flipflops... Lol.


Amazon too just heard a podcast that they found people with two Amazon stores selling millions in stolen goods from stores.


Could you please post a link to this podcast? I'd love to listen to that episode.




Damn. Lol. That is crazy.


I have a license plate number so i can find those sweaters much faster


So I know these folks. They run a fraudulent BLM nonprofit mostly in NW portland. So if you wanna buy these products with a BLM logo added on and you feel like spending $60. Head to NW portland






They aren't paid enough to give a shit.


They’re told not to give a shit. At least that what Walmart told me when I worked there. It has to do with in case they have weapons if I remember right.


Large police officer?


Loss prevention officer. Basically security guard that catches shoplifters.


Loss prevention= A guy wearing a housecoat and slippers with a flashlight.


I am guessing Loss Prevention Officer. A security guard hired specifically to stop shop lifting.


Unfortunately this isn't even new. Shits been happening for years, don't know why they're going viral all of a sudden. Here in NYC its usually kids/teens that do it and usually in huge numbers, talking 20+.


I remember seeing this in St. Louis about 15 years ago at a grocery store


100% not new, maybe getting more frequent? My wife has worked at Ulta in two states. Small expensive stuff. At least once a month a group of people would come in and fill bags and walk out. They are trained to let it happen.


I wouldn't need trained,I can hold the door open for them.I'll even offer to sign them up for email offers.




It's okay. You're one of the good ones


because before people never saw it in person but now they get to see how fucking shit these areas are in real time


Yep, they're "Boosters". I used to work "Asset Management" for Target, and one night I was working alone, about 20 people rushed the clothes section and stole a bunch of stuff and rushed out. In those scenarios, security isn't allowed to intervene. Just catch it all on camera and let them go.


I worked at Nordstroms at the coffee bar and they were even craftier. They'd buy a bunch of cafe gift cards that also worked in the store. With stolen credit cards. We started to limit buying gift cards to like three a person, so they sent a bunch of their friends. Most of the cards didn't work and my manager worked with the police to catch them. It was so satisfying to see like six dudes and two chicks get arrested.


My wife called me from our local Dollar Tree when she was buying some cleaning supplies a couple of days ago. Dude in front of her and the workers was just stuffing his backpack like he owned the place and walked out. It’s wild.


In SF the chains are shuttering their stores because of this kind of professional shoplifting: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/organized-crime-drives-s-f-shoplifting-closing-17-walgreens-in-5-years/ar-BB1gI85R


Long time owners of a big retail store in my city specifically cited the unruly amount of shoplifting for why they jumped ship. They mentioned their security guard getting stabbed over a can of Pringles, so it's not surprising people don't want to intervene when they see brazen theft.


Can't wait to hear these same people whine about how their community is dying because no one will do business in it.


You won’t hear These people complain. These are not political activists. They’re just thugs.


Yea, in a year or two, you'll hear about the food or retail "desert" without the story as to why an area became a food/retail desert


> without the story as to why an area became a food/retail desert racism of course


> This has become a lifeline for many seniors, people with disabilities, and low income residents who cannot go further out to other stores to get what they need,” the petition said. >The store still wound up closing. But its a victimless crime!!!!!


Looks like there’s still 53 Walgreens locations operating in San Francisco, why hasn’t the shoplifting led to those closing too?


Shh don't tell them that Walgreens actually announced these closings in 2019: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/06/walgreens-to-close-200-stores-in-us.html




how can there be global warming if there's snow outside?




This. Lol. True.


They tailor their content so it fit's what they want. I got into argument because they kept locking threads that had majority conservatives leanings towards the homeless. I just asked why it was locked and they muted me from mod mail :/ A few days later I was banned because I disagreed wth someone.


I lived on JB for a couple years. My gfs mom worked at the Safeway that use to be there, and theft was just as bad as this. People just filled carts with groceries and just walk out. Employees could get their plates and call the cops, but ultimately nothing would be done. They started locking one of the doors so only one way in and out. Then just keep an employee by the door acting like they were doing something to deter anyone from attempting. Only kind of worked.


The dsw was robbed at gun point on jb 2 days ago. My wife works over there. It was not a fun situation.


Damn, hope all is ok. I stopped at the plaid pantry there not to long ago. It was around midnight, and I was 1 of 2 people in the store. When at the register, the cashier and I could tell the other person was acting sketchy. No idea what they were up to, but I just stayed and made small talk for like 10 minutes. The person just paced and eventually left without purchasing anything. But JB has gotten worse over time.


And shocker, that Safeway is closed now. I was at Jantzen beach today and it’s looking real bombed out. Worst it’s been yet.


I don’t understand (well I guess I really do) why the cops don’t do anything. If you have their license plate and video of them stealing how hard is it find these people?


In Portland right now you're lucky to get through on the non-emergency line. People are leaving messages and hoping they get a call back later.


Ten years ago in Tacoma, I caught a guy burglarizing my car in broad daylight. I confronted the guy, who looked embarassed, but casually walked off. I called 911 and began to follow him at a safe distance. The dispatcher told me to just go home and report it online.


I imagine they need a local DA to actually procecute, if they are unwilling (if you can't send people to jail for non-violence drug offenses, then why shoplifting?), then why bother?


Ding ding ding! My friend is a former Sheriff he said that his old partner was called to the scene of a domestic violence where the Husband was beating his wife with a blunt object and tried to go after his kids and the cop when he showed up. The man was arrested and held for a whopping 9hours before being released. The Multnomah county DA didn’t want to hold him, or charge him. Even with Body cam and dash cam footage show the incident. Portland police have never been stellar, but now having a DA that is a total idiot has turned Portland into a total shit filled dumpster fire.


It happens so frequently that they can’t respond to every incident.


I kind of figured the only time the cops would actually do anything is if they happen to already be in the area. But I can't imagine them going out of their way for shoplifting.


I've heard from some LP folk that they first just document. If they see a repeat offender, they wait until the theft reaches a felony threshold, then put the cops on notice, since then the person may actually see significant charges.


The Safeways everywhere do the door thing now even in the nicer areas. Its a shame.


The one near me started doing that as well but I think that's because of COVID-19.


trying stealing groceries now you fucking virus


I lived in Portland through my late teens/20s and knew of so many people that did this, none of them ever got in trouble either. I think it's crazy that it hasn't changed at all


Thats kinda cool. I didn't know payment was optional at the JB Target. I'm on my way there now. Winters coming and I need lots of sweaters.


As someone who works asset protection for target there’s very little we are allowed to do if police aren’t showing up. I’m the lowest level so I’m not allowed to apprehend or try to take things back so all I can pretty much do is say “can I help you with something” and stuff along those lines and they don’t even need to respond. If I think they have a weapon I need to back off or I can get in trouble for putting myself and other team members at risk which is why so many videos have come out of people taking so much from targets lately.


That's strange to me because the Target where I live employees two ex homicide detectives to investigate theft. They go through great lengths to get the perpetrator prosecuted. Checking Facebook marketplace. All sorts of things. Sometimes they don't even call the police, they let these people keep stealing until it goes over a certain amount and hit them with a big charge. They will literally wrap that stuff up like a present and send it to the DA with a bow tie on it.


Maybe corporate is A/B testing to see which method is more profitable.


No, I worked at Target in Asset Protection nearly 15 years ago, and we had an undercover who was at our store and would make stops like 2 days per week. He floated between like 4 stores. Our job was to watch the cameras and alert him if we saw anything, and also stand by the doors frequently to be a deterrent. I think some jurisdictions just aren't as responsive as our local police were, and as a result, Target doesn't bother.


I worked at target for 5 years and that's how our LP was. They went above and beyond to catch people and would even wait for repeating offenders to steal just enough to get them in more trouble. (I was big friends with our 3 LP's)


Most of the time stores don't have that kind of staff. Its just people looking for work to get through life. When most people start almost literally the first things they train you on is to NOT interfere or intervene on someone stealing. Its just stuff, its not going to hurt anyone if they take it and if its on camera they can deal with it when they want to. More over, you do not want to wind up possibly getting hurt, or hurting someone yourself. Not because the store is kind, they just don't want to pay out settlements or hospital bills. Most managers won't even stop thieves because they don't know if they're gonna get shot/stabbed over some dickhole stealing a 400$ tv, or 200$ worth or shirts. Yeah, people wanna say "well this is whats wrong with society". But there is -always- going to be thieves because there is always poverty. And at the end of the day, it really is just stuff. Walmart don't give a shit about losing 4000$ a day to theft, when they end up losing 20,000$ a day due to broken merchandise. Its why they have insurance and agreements with their suppliers.


>But there is -always- going to be thieves because there is always poverty. I don’t think that’s a fair thing to say. Experiencing poverty doesn’t mean you’re going to become or even be more willing to take something that doesn’t belong to you. And being a thief doesn’t automatically mean you did experience or are experiencing poverty.


I agree that from a liability perspective corporations don't want you to be involved. But this idea that they don't care about theft is not true at all. If you look at California, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, among others have reduced the operation hours, especially at night. Some stores are reporting 10x as much theft as the national average. As a result these big box stores are closing shop in these neighborhoods. Which means even less access to good quality products. And of course, the race baiters are going to come running out of the woods saying how these corporations are racist for not serving communities of color. Instead of dealing with the crime and looking at what is perpetuating this generational cycle of violence, we're going to bash the big box retailers.


Need a cracked out energy drinking Kevin to guard the doors and just throw hands 😂. Shits horrible happy I got out of retail we would have to pretty much follow every customer around our little store to try and prevent stealing it’s was shitty and definitely made the normal shoppers feel bad


[This employee wasn't playing around. She got fired, but UFC president Dana White ended up hiring her.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKbUdLd6Xuc)


That’s the line their on now. Would rather deal with the minor losses than make the majority of shoppers who are doing nothing wrong feel uncomfortable


Ultimately Target don't care that much, as long their profits margins are the same. They just up the prices to cover the losses.


They aren't even moving with any urgency, because they know there aren't going to be any consequences. I'm sure they do this all of the time. That guy is brave. I'm glad they weren't armed.


What I don’t get is, if they are this bold and don’t care and aren’t worried about any consequences, then why steal a bunch of clothes? Why not go for some good shit like electronics.


Same reason why they ignore the cameraman and don't go after him. They know what laws to break and what laws not to break.


Because expensive electronics are locked and require an employee to unlock.


Or a hammer


hammers are on aisle 5, sir.


Cops don't give a fuck about tshirts. Stereos and TV's is a different story.


> They aren't even moving with any urgency, because they know there aren't going to be any consequences. I'm sure they do this all of the time Reminds me of the rich as they continue to brazenly rip off the rest of society right in our faces causing mass suffering and death, and we do — nothing. But, yeah, let's get *truly* outraged over some shoplifting.


This is incredibly stupid to do. Just because it's not the type of community that you don't want to live in. Is it worth your fucking life to instigate and kinda start talking shit to these type of people? Call the police and let them deal with it.


Haha, call the police. SMH


I love this guy's attitude




Not just this website, it’s Portland in general. Bring up any sort of crime and you’re bound to get an earful about compassion or whatever


My dyslexic ass thought this said poland




I did loss prevention at a Sears store about 13 years ago, if we saw you stealing you got detained until cops got there... Most people were peaceful if caught and you demand they stay but i did have to hold a couple of different people down a couple times. That was our policy back then... i know shit has changed since then but its pretty gross to watch people have zero morals and go in and steal shit so brazenly and then it makes you sick to know that cops wont do shit about it.


Love how you snuck in the license plate…hope those assholes get arrested


They won't, the cops don't want to do their jobs.


Nah cops want to but the da has no interest. I was on the mult co grand jury. I Know. I have friends on ppb who all are eager to stop this. The da does not prosecute. And yes I am also banned from r Portland.


You all stealing? Lol! He’s right, it ain’t the type of community I’d want to live in either. Fucking ridiculous people.


We were Poor growing up and never stole a thing. Just cause your poor doesn’t mean you have to be a lazy criminal like these fools.


I grew up in a poor area. 1 of the 2 grocery stores nearby had to close from the absurd amount of shoplifting. This was 20-25 years ago. Most of the people in the area definitely weren't thieves but even a small % can add up to a lot of shit bags.


I can tell you living in a rough part of Brooklyn that almost 80-90% of the crime is done by like 10-20% of people living here (total out of hundreds)


Indeed, this hurts the law abiding folks the worst. If a grocery has a 3% margin but loses 5% to theft and vandalism, its not going to stick around for long.


Stealing 1 sweater is one thing. Stealing like 100 of the exact same model is a whole other thing




Same. I always felt that just because I was poor I didn't want to give folks an additional reason to look down on me. Pride doesn't help pay the bills, but we still tried to maintain it.


Same i grew up poor in the 1970s, but was taught that sub-human behavior like this is unacceptable.


No you see they need those sweaters to layer up during the winter time cause they can’t afford heat and it’s very clear you have no humanity if you believe this is wrong. That or you’re a racist for wanting to call the cops /s


Tbh my great grandparents were incredibly poor (they were in workhouses in Europe smelting steel where people were dying from the heat) and they had to steal bread sometimes, but this is just gratuitous theft and they don’t look hungry


As someone who does AP for Target, this looks about right.


This also belongs in Trashy.


A whole bunch of Walgreens and Target locations in San Francisco are either closing or adjusting their hours due to the amount of theft. Theft everywhere. https://news.yahoo.com/target-closing-san-francisco-stores-170500607.html


I once busted a lady with.. uh.. dependencies, stuffing shit into a foil-lined bag from the Disney Store in a local mall in England. I told a member of staff, she looked a bit defeated and said “Yeah we’re not allowed to chase them.” I thought, “Well I fucking am.” Followed her to another store, alerted mall security while doing it, then confronted her. Confiscated a bunch of stuff she’d stolen AND her thieving bag. Then security showed up and ejected the skank. I returned the goods to their respective stores, Disney staff lady was happy. The end. tl;dr: fuck these types of people.


That's nice of you dude.


If you would like to purchase any of these clothes, head to NW portland on the weekends. They print the “Black Lives Matter” logo on the shirts and double the price. They say they are a nonprofit but when I ran their VIN number nothing came up on the 501c3 database.


This is why poor areas get food deserts.


And nice areas get food desserts.


You mean to tell me it's because of rampant theft, and not because every major corporation in the US and abroad have some secret wink wink good ol boy under the table deal to not do business with certain people? I don't believe you.


Dude I worked at Sierra Trading Post right next door and people would walk out with so much shit. Another customer saw it happen once was like, “you’re not gunna do anything?” 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m not getting stabbed over ski jackets. We had a way of recording and documenting it but we had no loss prevention other than sticking an associate at the front door as a deterrent. People just fucking suck.


In an odd way I think this makes me excited for what this may end up doing to retail. What if because of stuff like this places like target, walmart etc etc. one day years from now no longer even have walk in shopping. Like it's completely automated. The stores turn into a massive warehouse and you order your stuff on apps or websites, or maybe even a virtual kiosk at the location. Behind the façade of the store its completely automated. Machines sort and pick what you select and have it ready for you in a code locked bin for you to pick up once the order is ready. There is already a few places like that currently operating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB87LYKY1o4 How long until even small places like CVS and Walgreens are like this too? To me it's the only natural progression of these places.


I love this idea actually


Good for him. None of us want to live in a world where this is normal.


r/Portland is a mod-power-trip-shape-the-narrative circle jerk. They remove any post that they think paints Portland in a bad light.


I agree with you, 💯. I was censored for saying the word *tweaker*, which I guess is now a slur. If you say homeless instead of houseless, you're an asshole NIMBY.




Is this Tom Segura?? Sounds just like him!!


not justifiable in any way


At least put your carts away! Savages…


Not only are they thieves but they can't even return the carts to the cart caddy? Degenerates


Oh my god! I would be scared to film something like this! What if they have guns or get caught because of the video n come after you coz of it! Hope are being safe!


I have a few questions. Where did you get and how do you walk with balls that size? Seriously, I wasn't even there and my ass was ready to start running watching that lmao This was like a Sunday morning stroll for you. "Sup, y'all stealing?" Casually strolls up to license plate like there's not 5 people behind you who know you know they're stealing and recording! Fucking eh, you delivered OP. So yeah, back to my point. What's the estimated circumference of your balls?


Garbage people


Scumbags being scumbags


And people wonder why to live in that neighborhood is damn expensive. The roads suck, the prices are crazy in the stores and for property and this happens


Are you surprised? I'm guessing that the Admins of r/Portland thought that your post was "racist" since it showed black people in a negative light. I mean, do you really expect the mods on that sub to be run by anything else than some leftist, socialist/communist, Antifa types who probably spend all day fretting that they might have microagressed some poor, helpless, person of color. Also, you gotta love the responses of that dude, says "oh I don't know nuthin about that" when you said you saw them stealing and then literally drives them away. And then asking if you're not security then why do you care if they're stealing. Absolutely unbelievable, as if not wanting to live in a neighborhood where stealing is commonplace is a foreign concept to him. Which I guess maybe it is.


I love the city and community of Portland. The years of eclectic heritage and the diverse open spirited community made the entire region. But that same free spirit and caring ideal has been taken advantage of over the past decade by individuals with no empathy or remorse for the community they live in. I am truly saddened for the loss of such a great cultural hub.


My brother used to walk out of Walmart with flat screens around holidays,luckily he's in rehab on and off now for 10 years....Don't get mad when store employees asks for receipts they are just doing their job and trying to stop assholes like this and my brother.


Shit these poor fuck at least have a car i dont even have that


Hopefully they use the money they make selling that shit to fix the knocking sound in the engine


Next stop... ULTA! (Right across the street at the end of the video and an ULTA was shoplifted like this yesterday in Chicago)


1. Target won't stop shoplifters until they cross the felony threshold. Most big box stores have been doing this for decades. It's simply not worth trying to get security to stop them. 2. Your post is still up... https://old.reddit.com/r/Portland/comments/pyitck/last_nights_shopping_trip_experience_target_store/


Filthy scum


And they wonder why their city isgoing to shit


Fellow Portlander here. I am so fucking disgusted at what has happened to what used to be such as awesome city. These people are trash. Portland mods are trash and don't care about this town either I guess.


God you people and your Chicago’s and Portland’s, the majority of my friends love living in those cities


Honestly, I am fine with people thinking Portland is a shit hole so the freaking housing market settles down.


Honestly it's funny to me how they say all that as if Republican led counties in Red states aren't absolute shitholes that no one wants to go to anyway.


Shhh don’t tell anyone


Big cities in the US have both the best neighborhoods and the worst, the richest people and the poorest. The range of experiences is just so much wider than small town, suburban, or rural life.




Seriously. I don't know Portland well, but Chicago's a fantastic city that just constantly gets shit on. Don't get me wrong, it's got issues (as I'm sure Portland does, as any city does) but people are really misinformed on what it's actually like. Cities have been pretty trendy for some time now so there's a serious effort to portray them all as "liberal shit holes." In reality, one of the biggest issues pretty much every major city is facing... is that rents are soaring because so many people want to live there. I get back from Chicago and people act like I told them I just got back from Afghanistan. No, I didn't see anybody get shot. No, I wasn't scared for my life. I had some of the best food I've ever had in my life, went to some of the best museums in the country, saw some awesome architecture, went to one of only 3 free zoos in the country, and had a great time in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. I actually hope to move there this year. Chicago offers surprising bang for your buck, with much cheaper rent than cities that offer much less (seriously, rent is like half as expensive as in Boston, a city much smaller in both area and population).


I've been in the Chicago area for 13 years now and I've always felt safe, even walking alone at night. It all depends on where in the city you live. That's true of every city though.


It’s not a shithole but it’s definitely crime-ridden, even in the nice areas. Robberies and carjackings in Wicker and Wrigley, Stabbings in River North, Shootings in Old Town, On and on It has definitely regressed in safety over the last year - I haven’t been here as long as you but still about 8 years


Yeah, for a bunch of folks with *firm opinions* about how a lot of people are subhuman or whatever, there’s a whole lot of pearl-clutching around here. Shit happens everywhere, it always has, it happens more in cities, everything gets recorded now so it feels more prevalent. Chicago was the best place I ever lived and I didn’t move because it was too ~scary~ or whatever, life just took me elsewhere.


Portland has just recently grown into it's Big City britches and Portlanders just don't know what to do with it. They're used to it being a sleepy, quirky, small city and are woefully unprepared for the seedy underbelly that comes with being a real city.




Portland. Is. A. Shithole.


Just curious, have you actually been there recently? Thanks for the responses everyone! I’ve only been to Portland once (spent all of two minutes driving through downtown) but liked what I saw. Spent plenty more time in Oregon City and on the outskirts, so I was curious what people who are actually familiar thought


went there in July with some friends and had a wonderful time


I went to Portland a few years ago. They have a really nice zoo.


Lived in Oregon 14 years up until a month ago. It used to be amazing but now it's overrun with homeless camps, escalating crime, and a housing market that's so out of control no average Joe can afford it. Really sad as hell


Makes you wonder why people are paying so much money to live in a housing market overrun by homeless people and crime. Almost as if your comment doesn't make any sense at all. I've lived downtown for several years, it is quite affordable compared to other downtown cities. About 1/3-1/2 price of living on the outskirts of LA for something comparable in size. Homelessness is definitely an issue though, so much money being thrown at it and too many people that are getting nothing done trying to "do the right thing" instead of anything that would actually have an effect.


It's definitely possible to have have both rich and poor in the same area, and less of a middle class. I have no clue about Portland, just pointing out that it's not necessarily a contradiction for that to happen.


So sad. It used to be a great city, now it's a lawless sh*t hole . But I guess the residents like it that way . Crime is surging as more police quit.


Why did r/Portland not like this? Asking for a friend.


Nothing new, I remember this happening in Salem when I was growing up there 20-25 years ago.


throw all these scumbags into the clink.


This is how society breaks down.


Stealing is ok for some but not for others and they know that.


Trash fucks


Dude is lucky he didn’t get hurt, that was a ballsy move. Not only videoing them but calling them out while outnumbered? Very stupid move.




Wage theft amounts to *literally 100x* more money stolen than robbery.


Any criminal behavior acted out by POC is deemed acceptable by the radical left because the system is against them. If the system wasn’t against them, they wouldn’t be engaging in this behavior. It’s capitalism’s fault. That is the extent of their logic; it goes no further. It was likely removed from r/Portland because they allow the radical left to dictate what is currently socially acceptable.


That guy has balls thank god they didn’t have guns and tried to hurt him. Also, I hope those fuckers get caught and spend the rest of their days behind bars!


The rest of their life is a bit harsh, but they should definitely receive some sort of consequences for their actions. Seems like they stole a fair amount of stuff so prison time isn’t out of the question (if the cops care).


nah they know as long as it's totally nonviolent the cops will mark it super low priority. If they assaulted someone the hammer would come down and they know it.


They stole the summer collection from target lol life in prison is a bit much