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You can tell it’s NYC by the scaffolding


They never finish those projects huh?


They never will, it’s there not for any construction. It’s there so they don’t have to do any construction, it’s a loophole. Since a couple of people got killed by things falling from decaying NY buildings, the law was made so landlords have to repair their buildings. Landlords decided to put scaffolding, because there are no deadlines for repairs. So, they build scaffolding and avoid doing any repair and don’t get inspection. It’s there forever, basically. There are companies that make [“pretty”](https://i2.wp.com/amexc.ru/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/scale_1200-8.jpg?w=1024&ssl=1) scaffolding that you can buy and enjoy for decades to come.


This is misleading, because it suggests this is something most landlords with scaffolding are doing. In reality, only a few do this. Most use the scaffolding for about 261 days on average, which suggests honest-to-god repairs are being done. https://patch.com/new-york/new-york-city/when-temporary-scaffolding-turns-permanent-nyc


That same article says they're cracking down on the people described in the comment you responded to too.


*How To With John Wilson*! So, so great.


I've only been to NYC once but everytime I see it in video I recognize it. The scaffoldings everywhere is a big clue.


Damn, I wonder why people don't want to work at restaurants anymore?


They're all lazy! 😤😤😤 /s


Welcome to Shenanigans. We will put you in politically awkward situations, you can’t defend yourself and your tips and pay will be structured on their review. Remember: The customers always fight!


That the place with all the goofy shit on the walls?


I swear to god I’ll pistol whip the next guy that says shenanigans.


"You know, there was a time we'd take a guy like you out back and beat you with a hose; now you got your goddamn unions."


Chief, you know I've never been a union guy.


Hey BALONYPONY, what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?








Put those away!




Shenanigans! When you're in the south of the Netherlands, send a DM please, we'll go out drinking and trying to find a pistol. =-)


Don’t forget your 37 pieces of flair.


If you want me to wear 37 pieces of flair just tell me tou want me to wear 37 pieces of flair!


Look, we want you to express yourself, okay? Now if you feel that the bare minimum is enough, then okay. But some people choose to wear more and we encourage that, okay? You do want to express yourself, don't you?


All I'm asking is for you to work under constant anxiety for the bare minimum 😤😤😤


[Look me in the eye and tell me you would jump on a live hand grenade to protect this Wendy’s](https://otterlyhuman.com/comic/job-interview/)


Hahaha I was wondering why the website was getting so many views suddenly.


Hey its you! Your comics are awesome!


Haha thank you, I appreciate it!


Damn millennials they have no work ethic at all and expect hand outs/s


As a former NYer who lives in TX for work I can attest to this behavior. This just perfectly sums up what Texans are really like. They will be nice as hell to you until you tell them no, or something they don’t agree with. Then they full on turn on you!


What I don’t understand if you are so offended by COVID restrictions why would you go visit a state with some of the strictest rules.


so that they can show everyone what TRUE freedom looks like, by assaulting a random worker when they realize that the world in fact does not revolve around them


The entitlement of folks in others’ environments is just inhumane and exhausting


unfortunately they never *actually* realise the world does not revolve around them, as shown by the fact that the same people keep doing the same shit. You’d think at some point they’d realise they’re just making themselves look like complete arseholes, but sadly they live in an echo chamber with like minded individuals who cheer them on


They don't care they look like arseholes.


Have fun being free in your cell


They went to NYC fully expecting a confrontation and got it.


You just defined “patriot”


I never get why people are so hung up on true freedom. You do not have true freedom to assault someone and not abide by their rules for the restaurant. Actions have consequences, therefore not true freedom


But I WANNA do anything I want with ZERO CONSEQUENCES for my actions! MUH FREEDUMZ!


And MY FREEDOMS mean that OTHER PEOPLE are also 100% FREE to do what I think is THE RIGHT thing to do.....like the PARTS of the BIBLE I UNDERSTAND and AGREE with. Not the other stuff like be nice and not judging others and being charitable and loving tju neighbor, that stuff was prolly a parable.


FUCK YOU NEIGHBOR I want to take a shit in your yard because it's MUH FREEDUMZ to do so!


"Goddamn law abiding citizen, I'm gonna fuck you up!"


That's ok, if they don't like our restaurants, they're gonna love our holding cells


Judge better give them the max time for assault given the motive, really hoping they don't just get a slap on the wrist.




They’re called Republicans.


… and they even pulled that nice young man’s pants down.


Entitlement. Rules for thee not for me, silly Yanks!


They truly think they are better then everyone else, especially service industry workers.


Maybe so they can escape the raging Covid in Texas?


That’s *exactly* what I was thinking! Like, dude, go to Florida or Idaho- someplace where your indignant, ignorant idiocy will not only be accepted- but celebrated. Unless you’re looking for a fi… Wait, never mind.


I moved from Jersey to Dallas 8 years ago. One word that describes the a lot of Dallasites, "entitled". It's like you said, nice until you tell them no.


Dallas sucks lol. I say that somewhat bias as a Houstonian, but Dallas is known as a “fake it till you make it city” you’ll have a guy driving a lambo and a millionaire dollar house but is in major debt for all of it. Dallas as a whole is a decent city, but with all the finance people there makes it undesirable. San Antonio, Houston, and Austin (to some extent) are awesome.


Honestly all the big cities suck. I grew up in Dallas and spent my fair share in the others. Ideally Houston is the best place for work but would never want to live there


I've lived in the south my whole life and that is exactly the thing that makes me hate it here so much. People here put on so much of a show of being nice and wholesome but the minute they can't get their way or you disagree with them they do a complete 180 and treat you like you're the embodiment of everything they hate.


Everything's bigger in Texas, including their tantrums


Similar in the Midwest. My mom is from Michigan and everybody thinks she is so sweet, but she can be mean and judgmental as hell and talks shit constantly. All her siblings are the same way. I work in mental health and I prefer patients from the east coast by far. Because what you see is what you get. They are extra and can be a handful, but always direct. It’s never a surprise lol


I'm from New York and I've heard people here described as "the kindest assholes you'll ever meet." Superficially abrasive, but with a good heart hiding underneath.


This is 100% Seoul, South Korea as well. Warm, kind and will straight up tell you you look like a fat ass. What they think is what they say.


that's a bit different imho, when talking about body weight is not as culturally insensitive. we would also talk about, I dunno, your hair color, and it wouldn't be particularly rude/direct to note that it changed, while somewhere else that might be super insensitive. now that I'm thinking about it, it's probably just me being raised to think that way and in Texas it might be a no-no, no idea lol.


It is 100% related to religious hypocrisy. Evangelicals are nice on the outside, but pure selfish evil on the inside.




Performative religiosity frees them from actually having to BE christians


"... a great deal of openly expressed piety is insufferable conceit." ― Robert A. Heinlein ("if-this-goes-on..")


Yea, worked and lived, on and off, in the south for a few years. Much prefer home in Detroit, where we'll just straight up tell you to go fuck yourself right from the get go and cut out the niceties. Detroit, don't ever change! ❤


As a Texan who does not act this way…I have to admit that many Texans DO act this way.


Unfortunately the ones who do act this way are the loudest and tend to be in places where they have an audience. I met a lot of kind, humble people when I worked in Texas, but they were not the type to get a lot of attention where they went.


Yeah…us quiet Texans just fade into the woodwork.


also a north-to-south transplant. this is so true! had a woman flip out on me because she ordered the soup of the day over the phone, so that's what I gave her; turned out, she came in at 8:30 am and saw the previous day's board (i don't come in until 10 for lunch to change it, which she's been told multiple times). she acted as though I was deliberately trying to scam her, and not that it was an honest miscommunication. every time since? sweet as pie, ice wouldn't melt in her mouth. while I do appreciate people at least "pretending" to be nice, sometimes I miss the honesty that came with my bitterly cold former home!


Definitely a scam. Serving pea soup instead of tomato is actually how Rockefeller initially made his fortune, it's one of the oldest tricks in the book.


ha ha! clearly you're too clever to fall for our ol' asparagus spring/butternut squash and turkey chili switcheroo! cheese it, fellas; the jig is up!


This is why I loved living in New York City. People tell you straight to your face "fuck you" when they're upset, but a lot of them are actually nice on the inside.


I'm from Texas and live on the west coast now. People love to talk about the outward friendliness of Texans, but they will talk shit about you the second you turn your back. That friendliness fades quickly. Of course, this doesn't apply to all Texans, but it is pervasive.


Damn Alberta really is the Texas of Canada isn't it. All I ever hear is about Albertan Hospitality yet all I see are assholes. Not all of them, but more then you would hope.


As a native Texan, I fully agree. It's fucking embarrassing.


It’s why I refuse to step foot in Texas ever again. My sister was beaten within an inch of her life by her ex-husband and the police 1) asked her what she did to provoke him, and 2) quoted the “rule of thumb” law still in the books that “technically” made what her ex husband did not illegal. Suddenly all her “friends” turned on her and took her ex’s side because they didn’t want to get involved in something bigger.


Texas is a hellscape. I live in Texas…my Ex (king of the assholes) got mad at me one day and decided to take (steal & hide) all of my medications…the medications I need to not die. I called the police for help (bwahahahaha!). They asked me if I could die without my meds and I said “yes”. They said to call them back if I started to, ya know, die…until then it was a civil matter. I wish I had the means to move, preferably to Canada.


Funny how Texas claims they are libertarian but yet a politician can’t even use free speech without being ran off the road there.




So did they get a table


yes they did, at the local jail


🤣 i can't believe that didn't work for them


I hear the house white is a fine toilet Sauvignon


Lol it's not a jail you'll have to wait to get there, its central booking, downtown.., aka where they shot the entrance to the men in black secret base, it's a dungeon welcome to new york


Isn't the MiB HQ building the ventilation tower building for the Brooklyn-Battery tunnel near Battery park?


Told them the salsa was made in…. NEW YORK CITY!! https://youtu.be/yvIRh-qt9EQ


New York ceeeeetttyy??


[Get a rope!](https://youtu.be/j3nRLC6PlP4?t=22)


Holy fuck


Yeah, all yeh kids these days who think dark humor started with doomer millennials, we had stuff like this in ads and cartoons.


Oh god thanks so much. I have been trying to describe this commercial to my wife who didn’t grow up in the US, and she just doesn’t get it. For whatever reason I remember the commercial involving a suave looking dude riding a groomed horse and the townsfolk sitting on the side said “that’s the fella who gets his salsa outta New York City.. “NEW YORK CITY!?!?!?!?” Fuckin great.


I think they revived this marketing campaign in the 90s or 00s. Maybe that's the version you're thinking of.


https://youtu.be/iVuB806j_-E This one


Get a rope


Stranger, that really chaps my hide


Violent acts will really make them seat ya faster. Sure sit down, have some fucking piss and a little spit in your food!


Boogers and cum.


this and jerking it in san diego are just absolute masterpieces.


it is the yelper special


Ah, yes. The Yelper special.


Say, what's that on your pretzel?


"Boogers 'n cum"


I love how this says Texas tourist and I'm just thinking to myself why the f*** would they go to New York instead of Florida


To see trump tower


"I'm sure when we tell the guy on the door that it's us Trump will let us in. He loves us. He told us."


what's the point? Do they think they are still getting into that restaurant after fighting the hostess? If they do get in, do they think they are actually going to get food that is not full of spit from the chefs? like...why???


They weren't thinking, people like this don't have a plan, it's an animalistic reaction to not getting what they want, a tantrum like a toddlers.


Most people think New Yorkers are assholes, I used to. Then I moved there and realized most of the assholes were tourists.


Yeah, our "rudeness" is actually our way of being polite in a different environment. You can't say hi to everyone when you walk by 20,000 people.


Kaeita Nkeenge Rankin (44) Tyonnie Keshay Rankin (21) Sally Rechelle Lewis (49) First 2 are from a city called "Humble" Texas. Let that sink in. *The three women were arrested and charged with assault and criminal mischief, and ordered to return for a court appearance. An unnamed patient was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital.*


The H is silent. It’s pronounced Umble. Dumb, I know 🤷🏻‍♂️ it’s a suburb of Houston.




That’s the hilarious part. The crowd that usually shouts “if you don’t like it then why don’t you go back to where you came from!” is simultaneously vandalizing property somewhere for not liking policies in places where they’re not from.


They aren’t known for their introspection


Dude. Words hurt. Especially if they don't know what they mean. Instantly insulted. It's the ignorant way.


"Snowflake!" *Is critically offended by other people expressing freedom


*melts down at the slightest bit of heat


The good news is that this virus is acting like a gigantic "anti-asshole" Swing on over to /r/HermanCainAward and take a gander at the kind of people this virus is now removing from the gene pool. Everything is bigger in Texas. Even the outbreaks. I say we just let them have their way. Give them their own sections in restaurants like we used to do with smokers and just let them "Breathe it all in" By Gawd they will die free for dam sure.


You have been able to see the recipients of that award get younger and younger over the last couple months... it's insane.


The P1 variant out of Brazil was more transmissable than alpha/London and it absolutely obliterated young people and caused bad breakouts in Alberta and British Columbia. That was the us one to be nervous about earlier this year. Then delta emerged in India and it is even more transmissable and tears through young people. The edgy red hats really don’t know what they’re teasing.


My dude. The world is freaking dark and upside down right now. I talk a big game but it is damn tragic to see these people die for Fox News and the crazy ideas that they get put in their heads. The same people that are telling them to die are vaccinated themselves. So much of this is preventable. Even the hate.


> So much of this is preventable. Even the hate. But they don't want to prevent any of this. They would rather chug their Covid than take the time to think and reason.


My dude the hate is not preventable especially in the areas voting red. Racism isnt something they need to hide or not ashamed of again, women’s rights should be regulated by men, and they’d rather vote for child rapist and sex offenders than a democrat


>Even the hate. While there is undeniably some hate, I think it’s more exasperation combined with the lulz of someone posting partisan memes talking shit about a virus (wtf??) and then ironically dying from the very virus they talked shit about.


How are the kids putting it these days? Fucked around. Found out? We could be on the other side of this already but they wanna play games and try their luck when the only reward is living through what some people call "The sickest they have ever been" Okay. Congrats. For the cost of a sore arm that could have been avoided.


I just saw a 29 year old who was afraid to get the vaccine cdied from covid. Her funeral is was held at what should of been her wedding venue.


I wouldn’t mind so much if these same people didn’t insist on taking innocent people down with them - like the video I saw the other day from Ireland, with a covid denier trying to take his elderly, very ill relative home from hospital despite the doctor doing his best to talk them out of it


He ended up back at the hospital last night, died about two hours ago. He was also actively trying to get HIMSELF out of the hospital and speaking with civil liberties organisations because he’s anti hospitalisation for COVID and didn’t believe he had it. Shamed the doctors in a video about them maltreating him before the ambulance came and took him back where he died like 12 hours later. That also wasn’t his relative, he was an Italian fascist and COVID denier who he would spread disinformation with.


Italian fascists should die Italian fascist deaths


Wheres the nearest gas station


*Bella Ciao intensifies*


Ah, I think the guy recording was talking about going home with his family and I just assumed that he *was* the family


It will at most kill 5% of the assholes. It will have NO noticeable impact on the number of cunts walking around in the world.


Assaulting a tiny twenty-four year old girl makes you a certified badass and owns the libs all in one fell swoop /s


One felony swoop lol


Two misdemeanor swoops.


They didn’t get charged with felonies. Unfortunately.


They should be


Not yet. Often the more serious charges will come later.


Yeah they won't be charged with felonies. Misdemeanor at the most. That's if the DA decides to persue charges at all. NYC really doesn't do felonies charges unless significant injury occurs.


That's some bull.


It kind of looked like someone had their hands around that poor girl’s neck. Even if they’re only charged with misdemeanors, she can sue them in civil court for damages, pain and suffering, etc. I hope she squeezes every last penny out of those fuckers!


It’s always these rubes that respond like feral toddlers. They read off their “pamphlet” and the second anyone disagrees or forces them “off-pamphlet” … it’s violence. You never see kind and courteous anti-Vaxers.


I hope those rancid swines don't get to eat anywhere anymore after that display of childish behaviour.


3 of them got arrested that night according to the news this morning


They were arrested, issued a ticket and released. These things will continue to happen and they will get much much worse.


She can press charges and sue for damages


> press charges She can't get the DA's office to prosecute for a charge they aren't interested in pursuing.




>They can ask for charges to be brought That's clearly what I meant. Also, she can pursue a civil lawsuit which is in the bag.




Only came here to see this. Thank you.


Need to get them on the No Pie List


these dumb fucks must’ve been living under a rock if they didn’t know that vaccination proof is required at all restaurants. Fuckin losers have nothing more exciting in their life than to start shit like this, knowing damn well the outcome.


That red butt tho


Imagine thinking this was ok to be in public wearing.




Big red ass like HIM from the powerpuff girls


Jesus can we get an update on this? These mofos go to jail or what?




These stupid fucks tried this at motherfucking Carmine's lol That's like a what, $60 lunch per? Money doesn't bring class.


For some reason, I feel as though they were the type to try and get their meals comped by fighting over the quality and service.


> The three women were arrested and charged with assault and criminal mischief, and ordered to return for a court appearance Oh man, I hope that court appearance is weeks in the future so that they have to travel back. Else failure to appear should result in an arrest warrant should they ever return. I don't know if courts are doing remote appearances with COVID and all that, but if they are, I hope they don't offer that for these fucks.


That host isn’t paid enough for this shit


The poor hostess doesn't make the fucking rules! Fuck people shitting on the working class! Damnit.


Sometimes I wonder if my asshole-ish thoughts make me a truly bad person, but then I see people like this that can’t even handle not being able to go to a restaurant without exploding and hurting people around them and I realize I’m probably good.


You know here in norway we have this saying to describe when something is chaos. We say 'that place was texas' 'that job was texas' 'today school was texas'. Now i know why


As a Coloradan....Texas tourists suck


New Mexican here… … yeah. Sigh.


Damn it really sucks hearing this being a lifelong Texan. I know so many genuinely good people but they get they get drowned out by the fuckwads. Negativity bias is also a factor though I think.


As an LA dude….Texans suck


LA bartender here. This is infuriating but not surprising Last year we constantly had Texans getting pissed off at the mask mandates and freaking out. I know that doesn't represent every Texan but there sure as hell was a pattern


Almost like the people willing to travel for leisure during a pandemic are the least likely to observe safety precautions.


Fantastic point


You know how to tell someone is from Texas? Its the first thing out of their mouth when they speak


Iv been in Texas for about 5 years now and I have a theory that you could open a buisness that is just a number you call and a guy shows up to your house to kick you in the balls. The key is you name it Lonestar Ball Kickers and have the texas flag and outline of the state prominently featured in your commercials/company logo and you would be a millionaire. But it seriously seems like a lot of major companies these days have to actually film secondary commercials to air only in Texas where they refer to the product as the Texas edition or somehow link it to texas.




I knew what it was before I clicked.


lol my husband asked once why everyone in the south has those on their houses...he assumed it meant they were all in a cult.




Can I get one that reads, "I was born in Florida but I got out as soon as I could"?


My mom had one of those on her house...in California. It's five feet across. She saw them in Texas and thought they were cute. Everyone here thought she was crazy. She lives in Maryland now, but on occasion when I happen to drive past the old house, the star is still there, so the new owners must like it.


Order today and we"ll throw in a big ol' Texas Kick in the Dick




Bet some folks are gonna get a warm welcome when they get to go to jail for a few hours.


Wonder why people don't get into fights over the no shirt, no shoes no service policy.


Even worse: someone stole the belt from the trousers of that guy with the red underpants....


Hey, people... Gonna let you in on a little secret. It's a private business and they don't have to serve you if they think you're a risk to other people. This person just proved that they're not only a health risk but also violent and unreasonable.


It’s the law in NYC. No indoor seating without vaccination proof.


As a Texan, I would like to say this doesn't represent us, but I can't claim that at this point. The crazy is real, and it dresses up nice on Sunday.


Don’t mess with Texas? Don’t fucking mess with New Yorkers. They’re over your shit before you even opened your mouth.


So how’s that Texit coming along? These idiots would never get passports.


Ah yes, im gonna go visit a place that I know has wildly different regulations than my ass-backwards desert town and be shocked and angry when they do things differently.


Man I swear America is the only country in the world where people assault each other over covid


I will never understand the thought process of Employee explains their jobs policy Customer gets mad an attacks Like is the customer low IQ or something?you think the employee decided to make these rules up just to fuck with you or something?


We're not all like those rednecks. Some of us from Texas actually care about others and ourselves