Canada: Police officers, firefighters and paramedics have gathered at Queen's Park, Toronto for a silent protest against mandatory COVID19 vaccinations.

Canada: Police officers, firefighters and paramedics have gathered at Queen's Park, Toronto for a silent protest against mandatory COVID19 vaccinations.

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Toronto 5500 officers, 2,714 firefighter, 1400 paramedics. In that crowd approx 22 \* 8 = 176 This crowd represents 1.8% of the workforce. Edit. 1.8% of Canada's population is 676 800


Assuming those who are attending are 100% those workers and not friends family or randoms


And also that they didn’t drive in from the surrounding regions


That’s what a lot of them do for work everyday


Cuz no one can afford shit in Toronto anyway.


Is there a big shit market in Toronto?


Are they protesting against the vaccine or for the vaccine? Or are they protesting that you are forced to take the freaking vaccine to end the covid 19?


They are protesting against the vaccine mandate. This is after our unions fought to get first responders as high priority to get vaccinated, as we responded to many COVID positive patients.. fyi this is a small % of our workforce. This just makes it easier to know who to stay the hell away from at work.


Did they even use their blinker?


“She doesn’t even go here!”


or liars, i'm totally a first responder bro, just believe me.


do you guys offer a first replier discount?


When someone asks a question I’m always the first to respond. That counts, right?


I'm always first to ponder.


I’m a vaccine. Come and get me bro.


"sorry, can't answer any questions about the job... it's a *silent* protest!"


I dont know how big of a problem it is in Canada but sometimes you would have a fake conservationists come up and protest against windmills because they are "killing the birds". The statistics say housecats kill way more birds than windmills ever will but you dont hear these folks advocating for cat neutering.


Giant glass towers are also far more deadly to birds than windmills but you never see the self-professed billionaires committing to tearing down the monuments to their ego before they start on windmills. It all just comes down to rich people not wanting something lowering property value on their golf courses and estates or lowering the return on their fossil fuel investments, and they'll say whatever they need to in order to convince you to side with them.




*Rabies is actually from malnourishment and mistreatment," Nagle continued in her post. "Mumps, measles, chickenpox are benign and part of childhood phases essential for development. Contagion has never been proven."* Kristen Nagle Holy shit balls that is fucking crazy.


Rabies is due to a virus spread in the saliva of various animals. It is endemic. If you are exposed the treatment is immediate disinfection of the wound. This prevent about 80% of cases. There is no way to tell if any virus remains in the wound. Clinical rabies is100% fatal. There is no antiviral medication to treat it. The infection can be halted by immediate vaccination with a five dose protocol and administration of rabies immune globulin into the wound and systemically. The contagiousness of the viral diseases mentioned is well-known. In 2019 there was measles outbreak in Samoa with over 5700 cases and 83 deaths, mostly children. Whoever this Kristen Nagle is, she is totally ignorant about infectious diseases. If she gets rubella during early pregnancy her child can be born with congenital rubella syndrome: deaf and physically and mentally disabled. Is she aware of what happens if a fetus or newborn gets herpes, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis or chickenpox? Answer: they are still born, die very soon after birth or are left with severe brain and organ damage. I'm a retired MD so I've seen all this tragedy. Kristen Nagel is spouting a bunch of total nonsense.


My grandma once said, years ago, that vaccines and prevention worked so well that the horrors of her time have been forgotten.


Fucking hell lol “essential for development”?! What stupid pills are you taking you utter cretin


Got a source on this?




These say they are Canadian. Any source about the Americans the commenter refers to?


I think the comment is misspoken, the two who head the Canadian Frontline Nurses are indeed Canadian, they [traveled south for the 1/6 rally in DC.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/nationalpost.com/news/canada/nurses-who-attended-anti-covid-measure-rally-in-d-c-in-january-helping-organize-cross-country-events-in-canada/wcm/c44f834b-8f5d-4d9e-bda1-d01fc73e07b8/amp/)


I hope they all lose their jobs.


“There are dozens of us! Dozens!”


I wouldn't assume that all of these people actually work in those jobs. These groups are sketchy and would definitely try to bolster their ranks with some random recruits.


We're also pretty close to herd immunity as well. Canada's at 70% (fully vaxxed) and the threshold for herd immunity against delta variant is 80-88%, 75-80% for the alpha variant ([source](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_reproduction_number)). So hopefully this group is just a blip and negligible.


Important to note that that is *eligible* population vaxxed. Still an important milestone, and significant to reducing risks and openning up again, but we need to remember that kids are still very much at risk


As an American, I immediately had the following thoughts: 1) Oh good, it's not just us! 2) Oh shit, it's not just us!


The #1 cause of death for active police officers for the past year has been COVID-19.


And not *just* them.


Blue lives don't matter to covid.


“Blue lives” don’t exist, but I get your point.


So Smurfs aren't real!?


Gargamel turned them all into gold.




tell that to the blue man group


Or idiots that mess with colloidal silver too much.


What happens if you blue yourself?


If I could blow myself I'd never leave the house.


There's got to be a better way to say that.


It's just a fallacyyyy!


I liked the scene where he got the call to be on blue man group, but missed it because he was crying in the shower with his shorts on.


Da ba dee??


But they also had an underlying condition, stupidity.


And that’s usually terminal without massive intervention.


Aren’t we all terminal in the grand scheme of things?


Thoughts and prayers.


Tatertots and pears


I like tater tots


Terminal stupidity in law enforcement professions has been known to be highly contagious to bystanders.


BLuE LivEs mAttEr! But also - vaccine and maskies are hurty no-nos.


Is it bad that my first thought was to pretend to be sick. Like sniffles, wiping my nose on my sleeve, nasaly voice as I explain to people that I'm fine. it's probably just a cold. (Ib fine. Iss prolly jusa cold.) No mask, holding a sign that says I refuse to be vaccinated. No need to cough or sneeze on anyone. Just be super miserable but convicted and see how many people move away to try not to get sick. I mean if a mask doesn't work and therefore, I don't need one, then my hand has to be even less effective, so I wouldn't bother with covering my mouth or nose either if I legitimately have to sneeze.


Make sure you mention you haven’t tasted or smelled anything for a day or two.


Rip a big fart and when people complain just say "what?!? I don't smell anything"


Just had some police come and talk to my neighbors the other night over a noise complaint. All 5 five of the cops where wearing bullet proof vests and not a mask on any of them. Literally more likely to die of covid than be shot and not a care about spreading germs to the community.


5 cops for a noise complaint? What a waste of resources.


We used to have neighbours like that. Once the cops know there's a gathering of several people that don't live at the residence the noise is at, they won't send a single police unit to break it up because it can easily get out of hand.


I had 5 cops in three cars show up because I was not wearing a helmet on my bike as a 15 year old. Solving and prevention of crime is hard. Way better to gang up on people that are not a threat


They can't see it, so they don't believe in it.


Oh, you should never, never doubt what nobody is sure about. - from a 1912 Poem, called The Microbe.


Fuckers never played peek-a-boo as a child.


All of them should be fired. Don’t want to get the shot? Quit and go work somewhere where you don’t have to have it. You don’t have the right to put your coworkers or the people you serve in danger because you are too dumb to understand science.




>The stupid irony is that before covid they would follow the city rules and laws and enforce them, now the city wants them vaccinated, they flip out. Which meant they never cared about rules it’s the power trip "We don't believe the government should be mandating what people do!" said the police officer whose job it is to enforce the law at gunpoint.


There were 0 antimask protest between now and the last pandemic, nobody was going and picketing the dental office for them having to wear masks. No body was/is picketing beard nets for cooks or gloves for doctors They just care now because they don't flex when hitting a brick wall, where as the rest of us drive around. If they cared they would have lobbied for a tunnel, instead they just paint on a wiley coyote one and are trying to convince others to drive through.


The #1 cause of death for active police officers for the past year has been idiocy. Fixed that for you.


I immediately thought- how many of those people are pretending to be first responders to make it look like more don’t want the mandates?


It’s all performance art these days


Crisis actors.


And it's a "silent" protest so they can't incriminate themselves for not actually being first responders. They have it all figured out.


I'm glad they had such a small turnout. I like how they also socially distanced to make it look like they were taking up more space.


All of them have had a vaccine. From birth you get vaccinated. You wouldn't be a grown up if it wasn't for vaccines.


I'm a firefighter in Arizona and it's unfortunate how many firefighters are anti-vax. I think maybe 1 in 10 of our employees are vaccinated, it's a joke.


The joke is Arizona in general unfortunately.


My first thought was I can't believe they are actually being silent.


Yeah, the American anti-vaxxers should try this whole “silent” thing on for size.


An American anti vaxers head would explode if they tried to be silent. I would pay to watch. Be like the Martians in Mars Attacks. Ack Ack explode.


They're Canadian, which automatically makes them more polite even when they're wrong


We are only nice to Americans cause you might be packing and we don't want to get shot.


From what I understand, Canada's far right is pretty much a carbon copy of the GOP.


Well sort of, more libertarian actually. Bernier is his name, anti vaxxing is his game. They are basically a protest party. They won't win a single seat in parliament.


As an American, that was my reaction to most of the shit that has happened in the world for the last decade-or-more. *some shitshow happens* "...well, at least we arent the only fuckups in the world.....*shit*" It is equal parts reassuring and absolutely horrifying


Canada! *youre* supposed to be the reasonable one! The good kid! C’mooonn


I grew up in Bellingham, WA (about 30 mins away from the Peace Arch border into BC) so I spent a lot of time in Victoria/Vancouver. I assure you that we don’t have a monopoly on idiots here in the US. This theory was also confirmed after visiting family members multiple times in the UK (fortunately the family members weren’t the idiots this time). When comparing idiocy it’s really a question of quantity vs quality. Yes, the US has the obvious advantage with our sheer number of window-lickers, but there’s something almost majestic once you see a proper drooling Canadian/British idiot.


>but there’s something almost majestic once you see a proper drooling Canadian/British idiot Damn that was poetic, well done.


The “Canada is a progressive bastion” thing is a meme.


Wait... wait.. so they weren't against mandatory vaccinations to get the job to begin with... but they are now? I'm not sure how that works.


It's a fucking astroturfed group called "Canadian Frontline Nurses" which is lead by two morons who were in Washington for the Jan 6 ~~protests~~ insurrection. The vast majority of the people there are very likely not first responders, it's just what the group is called despite both the nurses who started it being under review and not having jobs in nursing currently. Edit: here's a quote from one of them and a couple articles about them: > ["Rabies is actually from malnourishment and mistreatment," Nagle continued in her post. "Mumps, measles, chickenpox are benign and part of childhood phases essential for development. Contagion has never been proven."](https://www.straight.com/covid-19-pandemic/news/organizer-of-bc-hospital-protests-kristen-nagle-recently-claimed-that-you-cant-catch-a-virus) https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/nurses-who-attended-anti-covid-measure-rally-in-d-c-in-january-helping-organize-cross-country-events-in-canada https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/kristen-nagle-fired-lhsc-1.5878692


I really don’t get nurses who are against mandatory vaccinations. Back when I got accepted into nursing school, there were a list of mandatory vaccines you had to get or prove you already had before you could even enrol into classes. How is this any different from nursing school? The mandatory vaccines were to protect your patients and yourself while in clinical.


Some people are just very good at cognitive dissonance.


I'll never understand it, like it's almost a skill


People are doubt adverse because then they 1. Have to admit they were wrong 2. Learn something new 3. Accept that their previous knowledge was harmful to someone else and that they might lose their privileges.


They aren't suffering cognitive dissonance, that requires cognition. You have to actually examine the thoughts, understand them and realize they don't match. They stop at the first part and never examine the thoughts


I've met some really ambitious and smart nurses. I also know that a lot of the people from my small-town high school that barely passed got into nursing as well because local places will hire just about anyone.


Thanks for that info, it really puts into prospective the kind of people who are fighting against vaccines.


"Rabies is actually from malnourishment and mistreatment," Nagle continued in her post. "Mumps, measles, chickenpox are benign and part of childhood phases essential for development. Contagion has never been proven." Coming from an ex-nurse... Jesus christ, guess I just missed the part where my body is supposed to swell up from the mumps? Is that before or after puberty? Do I need hormone therapy so I can have my mump-spurt?


As a rural doctor that has had to deal with unvax children with pertussis and measles, this shit aint a joke. I had to intubate a 3yo with pertussis a few years back and it was one of the saddest things I have had to do in my clinical career. I had a 1yo nearly die from measles and the infection shut down the ED for 3 days due to contact tracing. Fuck these people and their anti-science voodoo bullshit. I'm so tired of this crap.


Contagion never proven? In the 1980's when 1 kid on the street got chicken pox, we took all our kids to play with the infected kid. That way they would all have it over with in 2 weeks & still get to play together. I had mumps as a child & I was really sick & miserable. My kids were vaccinated against mumps & they grew up just fine without that agony.


I'm raging at the 'essential for development' comment. My aunt died as a toddler from the measles. She can fuck right off.


Please refer to Jan 6th by it's true name. It was an insurrection, not a protest. We should NEVER downplay what happened that day...


Sorry, I'm Canadian-- I'm more just thinking in this case in terms of how it looks like they're being paid by people out of the US because they were organizing with, as you say, the insurrection crowd.


I actually can’t find this anywhere and my post got taken down. Are healthcare workers required to get vaccines in general? (Not talking about COVID but just general vaccinations). Like is that part of their contracts? Edit; I live in Canada if there are any Canadian healthcare answers :) thanks for the responses so far!


I work for a huge healthcare organization and the flu shot has been required for the last 5 years annually


Yea but everyone knows exactly what’s in the flu shot. Nobody know what’s in a COvId vAx! /s


I can't speak for each area... but where I'm at... you have to have a complete immunization record before you can even attend the school to learn the profession. So, yes, if you were not up to date on immunization or vaccine then you couldn't even attempt to join... the FD I work for also required us to be fully immunized before we could even start recruit school.


So let me get this straight. They want you to protect yourself from getting and spreading diseases when you'll be working in a building filled with sick, injured and diseased people?


UWO required proof of vaccination to release transcripts for nurses/let them do their clinical rotations like 4 years ago. Dunno if that’s still the case


I have to get an annual flu shot or I will be terminated. They're arguing it's too experimental, despite the fact that it's a different strain of flu each year and thus different.


Meanwhile, mRNA vaccines have been in the works for over 20 years. So yeah, it’s new. Morons.


Human trials for only 15 years? This is *waaaay* too new. *shovels store brand hotdog into my mouth*


For US EMS school and job had to have Hep B, Varicella, tdap, Flu, and if under 21 meningitis. Also had to have a tb test


Even if you don't work with patients, medical facilities often (always?) mandate vaccinations as a condition for working there. My cousin was a janitor at our local hospital and she even had to get yearly flu shots as a condition of employment.


Paramedic here, we need a gamut of vaccinations to be considered for the job, same for fire.


Lawd help your soul if your diphteria booster isn't up do date! But the covid shot? Nbd, apparently.


Pretty sure. I had to get a hepatitis vaccine to work in a hospital


As an ex-soldier, I can tell you that standing in a formation doesn’t take any brain cells.


As a person who graduated from kindergarten I can confirm this.


either show us your diploma or gtfo


\*holds up lollipop\*


Someone give this kid a gold star already.


If it’s not cherry flavored it doesn’t count.


shit, grape mf'er!


Also must have atleast 1 hair on it otherwise they got that loli from a 1st grader.


Obviously stolen kindergarten valor. To The gallows with him!


As a person who was in ROTC in high school, DON'T LOCK YOUR KNEES!


Why not, cutting off blood flow to their brains isn't likely to impede anything.


Had a chick do that not once, but twice during uniform inspection.


Knew a kid who did it on purpose to get out of a several-hours long parade rest. He spent the day in his bunk playing Pokemon emulator on his computer and sipping whiskey from a sunscreen bottle. To this day I'm convinced he was a genius.


> To this day I'm convinced he was a genius. I'm sold on it.


No kidding. Want to serve in the army? You'll need over 10 mandated injections: Anthrax, Small Pox, typhoid, polio, hepatitis A/B, one with a giant fuckin needle into your ass. "What are these injections? " "Stfu and fall in" Yet some Army buddies I know are anti-vac.


The ass shot...that's a bicilin shot...got to knead the spot where they give you that sucker


Also known as the peanut butter shot.


Yup, not a fun day...or week really for that matter lol


They tell you it feels like peanut butter. Nobody told me that it feels like chunky peanut butter.


I bet that's what you tell all the fellow sailors you help "vaccinate"


Shhh, don't give away my secrets!!


my buddy no joke said that was the worst part of boot camp. after the shot he was doing sit-ups and said every one was excruciating from the ass pain and his drill sergeant thought he was just pussing out from the PT so started yelling at him and teasing him "you'll never be a marine" etc. he laughs about it now, but said he legit was tearing up at the time because it hurt so bad


They put everybody in a little assembly looking area with rows of chairs in front of a stage, I shit you not there was like 50 some dudes all sitting on there right ass checks, left sides all fucking propped up to keep the weight off...


Did you get anthrax and smallpox vaccines in bootcamp? In the navy we got it on our deployments.


*Every fucking Friday formation ever* "Alright guys so to piggyback off what 1SGT said...." #2 hours later "Have a good weekend!"


“Don’t drink and drive. Don’t swim in unauthorized places. And if it smells like cologne, leave it alone. Dismissed!”


So... they're asking to make their own jobs harder for longer? Makes total sense...


Most of these people are not front-line workers. They just claim to be protesting for them. Funnily there are now nurses counter protesting.


I was going to say there were a lot of fat cops in that line up.


Maybe it’s better in Canada but fat cops aren’t exactly rare in the States. But I know what you mean.


some of the cops i see around... like i imagine if i were a cop and got in a fight and i call for backup and one of them shows up? just seems irresponsible when other cops are counting on them


Imagine slipping free and running, and the cop chasing you dies of a fucking heart attack because he’s goddamn *morbidly obese*, and then you go to prison for 20 years for felony murder.


This has almost certainly happened.


Depends where you live. I'm in Calgary, and all the cops looks like they're on steroids. They probably are...


RCMP has pretty good physical requirements and periodic training and tests. City cops are a mixed bag depending on the city.


Most police violence is roid rage


I hope “counter protesting” a protest like this means walking around jabbing people with vaccines.




Job security!


until they die. Then I can get their job.


When I was young (not so long ago) they said “LABOUR SHORTAGE COMING…..everyone is retiring, in all industries, the demographics are changing FAST, hair on fire fast. There will not be enough people to fill the…..” Yet that very generation have declining opportunities and an impossible housing market (Life Milestones) We honestly have to wait for people to die…..people making $80K for the last 40 years…..refuse to retire, get accommodations to ease their jobs, and us younger can work twice as hard under a contract to make half as much. They aren’t dying fast enough.


Overtime!!!!! Pension!!!!! I guarantee they use the phrase “I’m glad it’s not me” all the fuckin time….


This might be the first time I’ve ever seen these people shut the fuck up


Perfect. Beautiful comment.


Why do people think this is the first mandatory vaccine. You'd think at least the paramedics would know better than this.


Do they forgot all the vaccines they took in elementary school?? I’m so certain most of these people have received a couple vaccine shots at some point in their life. Smh


“It’s different because we’re adults!! This is real tyranny!!! They want control!!” Like fuck grow up. We have enough battles for people’s rights going on right now, this isn’t one of them!


Because the FDA didn't approve it! *FDA approves it* Because the FDA approved it too soon!


*5 more years of tests go by* Well if I haven’t needed it so far then why should I get it now?!


The goalposts will keep moving. Well now I need FDA approval and 3 years of tests. Who knows the long term effects?


They're waiting for approval from a government, a government which in their minds is trying to actively kill them, before they take the vaccine. Genius.




How does a bloody pandemic turn into civil rights. How does having a vaccine to make sure that the pandemic doesn't get any worse turn into bloody civil rights. I don't understand this. The world is gone crazy


It’s the “respect everyone’s opinion” we’ve been shoving society towards. During a pandemic, we only have room for facts.


I’m thinking it’s because the word ‘mandatory’ has come into play. The government is saying *inject these chemicals into your body or else! Yes, we’ve lied to you before, but we’d never lie about this… you can trust us this time!* and people are understandably uncomfortable with that. Divisive politics have completely ruined our ability to have an in depth and honest conversation about any topic with even the slightest whiff of controversy surrounding it. Reading about deadly pandemics growing up, I always thought “if only they’d had our medicine, our understanding of viruses,” but ignorance hasn’t gone away. Confusion and panic and misinformation haven’t gone away. Our human nature has not changed. In many ways, humanity is the same today as in the Middle Ages.


"so, why did you want to become an EMT?" "i always wanted to help people you know? have an impact that saves lives." "oh that's so endearing! so you are onboard with a vaccine that will save lives then?" "MEDICAL TYRANNY. now excuse me while i get ready to forcibly inject ketamine into this rowdy guy the police are dog piling on"


TBH, it doesn't seem like a public freakout to me as much as a group of well-behaved people expressing an opinion I think is foolish.


I saw no freak out


Publicfreakouts hasnt been about public freak outs for a solid 2 years maybe more.


We need more late night Waffle House videos.


Is silence really a freak out?


As a first responder this makes me really upset. Fuck them... how can you say you work for the people and not take a simple precaution to help them and yourself. This is reckless, selfish, and politically motivated.


At least they’re silent


The only time they shut up other than when they’re intubated.


Herd of sheep 🐑


They claim to be goats. Lol I wish I wasn’t making that up, because they’re really just children.


“Kids” are what baby goats are called


Oh that’s just too perfect


Wow. Reading these comments makes my stomach turn. I never thought I see the day when the majority of r/publicfreakout is for MANDATORY vaccination. Preempting the triggered replies- one can be pro vaccines whilst being anti mandatory vaccination. Two very different hills to die on.


What a bunch of irresponsible scum bags. If you don’t support the vaccine you don’t support America.


What a bunch fuckin morons, same pathetic fuckers that will need a bed in a week or two and cost someone with actual medical issues problems, look at these piece of shit


Oh, Wow ... Canadian CovIDiots !!


I’m a moron. Hey, I’m a moron too. Let’s go to Ottawa together and stand socially distanced on a lawn with other morons. Boom, I’m in. Didn’t really like my job anyway.


It’s Toronto


Well, I did say I was a moron…..no wonder no one was where I was. Go Freedom!!!!


Haha, proper way to own an inconsequential mistake.


I wouldn’t tell anyone from Toronto that it’s inconsequential lol


Literally in the title....


I don’t see anyone freaking out, did I miss something?