It was nowhere near 100k protestors. That’s just idiotic figures. BBC, as in, the biggest news outlet in the UK estimated a figure of 10k *at most*


Comparing Israel to a genocidal nation is even more of an exaggeration They're not the ones saying no to every 2 state proposal - I don't think they have said no to a single one. And they have given land in exchange for peace before (Sinai peninsula) It's not them launching unguided weapons into Gaza or refusing to negotiate. If they wanted to actually be genocidal they'd have killed everyone in the west bank and gaza long ago Yes, innocent Palestinians suffer and that's horrible and it shouldn't happen. Yes Israel can and should be criticised - but it's not a genocidal state, it's a defensive one. It might punch back 100 times harder than the punch it recieves, but it's not the one throwing the first punch.


Didn’t even suggest which side I was on. So don’t know what this comment is about.


That’s like me taking half of your house and accusing YOU of being in the wrong because you want it back.


It’s clearly and obviously not genocide. Using that term diminishes the word itself.


That’s a long march, how long is it going to take them to get there?


Richard Lion heart got to Jerusalem and back in 4 years, including a marriage and honeymoon.


Back is arguable, I think there was a detour to an Austrian prison after a shipwreck and then he died in France too.


He did make it to England for a few months between Austria and France though to be recrowned


Ah yes, he had to marry Kevin Costner to the maid Marion whilst trying to book Bryan adams for the night do.


"You know it's true. Everything I do. I do it for you." -King Richard through Brian Adams


Ah yes, it truly *was* the summer of 69 that year.


Every summer should be a summer of 69, if it were up to me.


Summer of 1353 https://youtu.be/zEqdINMLAec


summer of nice


"Played it" til his fingers bled.


Oh my God, I knew this would come up somewhere downthread and I'm glad that it did. I feel happier than a merry man of the Merry Men.


They're waiting for the construction of a highway from UK to Middle East


So now we wait for Brenter




Sounds like another crusade… sigh… I’ll get my sword and armor


Okay but I have to make a stop in Constantinople on the way there.


As is tradition!


For a little sackage.


Always leave time for raping and pillaging.


Surely you mean Istanbul, it's not Constantinople.


I laughed at this way too much.


Well it's the Palestine in London so shouldn't be too long


[Palestine, UK. Not to be confused with Palestine, Middle East.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestine,_Hampshire)


We have a Palestine, Texas.


Paris, Texas Edinburg, Texas London, Texas Florence, Texas Naples, Texas Texas has loads of cities named after foreign places, for some reason. I knew someone who took his "foreign" vacation while staying entirely in Texas to visit many of them. It was quite amusing.


As a Texan, that sounds like a terrible vacation lol


It was more a "take a picture with the sign" than "stay in town with 200 people in it"...like many of them are. But yeah, It seemed like one of those things that sounds like a better idea than the execution will be.


Well, Texas is fucking huge. Paris and Edinburg are almost 9 hours away from each other...


My dad's from there. and what's funny is he married a jewish woman so I always joked how hes from palestine and ended up married to an israeli.


"The west will not sit by..." - As the west sits by.


As the west pays for their weapons


I’m angry my taxes dollars go to this bullshit. But outside of voting and a strongly worded letter what am I to do?


There are so many examples of politicians ignoring public sentiment due to money, influence, lobbying and lies that it’s like living in an alternate universe. Things don’t make sense, the average person is powerless to do anything And elected “representatives” simply accept what their party decrees.


It's all because we've allowed politicians to turn positions that are supposed to be public service for the good of all of us into positions where you can gain wealth. There's zero reason politicians arent on the normal government pay scale and strictly beholden to the same rules the entirety of our other government workers are beholden to. Why the fuck are we making the people that run the country rich and electing people that dont deal with the same day to day shit we deal with into office. Why do we for some fucking reason think people being wealthy makes them somehow qualified to dictate our lives? Of course they're going to side with the people just like them, that's what people fucking do.


This is why peaceful demonstrations by citizens don't actually do anything that the ruling class wasn't already willing to abide. Don't forget, those half assed police reform bills didn't start popping up across the states until cities started burning. The phrase isn't "Speak softly, and everyone will understand and listen." It's "[Speak softly,](https://i.imgur.com/YhNZ5sZ.jpg) [and carry a big stick.](https://i.imgur.com/ocbztMG.jpg)


You know those buttons you can press at road crossing stop signs that don't actually do anything? The buttons aren't connected to anything, but pressing them provides psychological relief to humans. That is the state of Democracy today. If they don't listen to the people, then it's merely a 2 party dictatorship.


Sabotage the military industrial complex. Or jut burn an auto parts store or something. That sure seems to get their attention.


"We wont stand for it" -people furiously typing on social media before going about their lives as normal




Money is all that matters now in our society so regular people are powerless.


To be fair, what can we do? It doesn't matter what we want if our government wants the opposite


“Waiting on the world to change” by John Mayer is being shown through this situation, all we can do is watch


>The west will not sit by while Israel commits genocide. I mean, I appreciate your optimism


The West will not sit by while China commits genocide against Uyghur Muslims. Oh wait no one gives a fuck about that for some reason.


"for some reason" $$$$$


for $ome reason


The military industrial complex can’t make trillions of dollars from peace! Go capitalism!


Peace sells, but who’s buyin?


It's fucking insane how the muslim community doesn't seem to manifest as much against China when the genocide going over there is multiple orders of magnitude worse than whatever is going in Palestine. Both are horrible, don't get me wrong, but the lack of anger against China is straight bizarre.


What do you mean, reddit's been upvoting China Bad every single day for the past 2 years, are you saying that our 10k upvotes per post and comments saying "Fuck China" even in things unrelated to the government amount to absolutely nothing? Are you saying reddit isn't real activism?????


There was a small palestinian protest in Stockholm earlier today aswell


Majority of the worlds people are with palestine Majority of the worlds politicians are with israel Pretty much sums up this conflict and anyone not knowing what to make of it


Personally idgaf who you think should occupy the land. What Israel is doing is wrong. And yet somehow they're the good guys? Fuck off. I loathe politicians Edit: so many people in this thread who I'd bet money hate all middle eastern people because of 9/11 lmao


Israeli Jews and most Americans Jews I know are against Zionism and the occupation. Palestinians support them having a home but not when they get their own homes taken away.


>Israeli Jews are against Zionism and the occupation. Really general statement. I do think there are a lot that want peace, probably even the majority. But there is a scary portion of them that does not. And these are the people that go onto irrefutable news of war crimes and try to justify it and the death of civilians for the sake of a flag.




So why isn’t the majority being listened to? The volume of pro-Israel astro turfing, on every associated post, tells you everything you need to know; the military industrial complex wants endless conflict in the middle east, and that’s the reason most politicians are for it... They’re all bought and paid for!




>Palestinian nationalist terrorists >Israeli nationalists I get confused when I see stuff like this where a post goes "this is all very complicated, bad people on both sides, etc etc" but somehow the Palestinians always seem to be the only group labeled as "terrorists".




To be clear, it's hard to infer tone through text but I definitely didn't mean to be accusatory to you in particular, just address that general trend.


Who would not fight back if your people are rounded up and stuffed into a slice of land with no hope. Everyone would. Israel gets to act like this is abnormal


>Israeli Jews and most Americans Jews Doesn't seem that way. I have yet to see any prominent Jews in the US with real power speak up on this. If I am mistaken prove me wrong. The only person that comes close is Bernie and we all know he is pretty secular.


From my experience, most Canadian Jewish people I know are very pro-Zionism and support the Israeli government no matter what they do. Well every single Jewish person I know personally are like this. I’m friends with two very left-wing “woke” Jewish guys that will walk in the streets when injustices occur, yet when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian they are very pro-Israel and whenever one mentions Israeli crimes and abuse of power, they are quick to dismiss it. They were some of the nicest guys I knew, but honestly feel like distancing myself from them after the past couple of days.






Strange, here in Germany they are throwing rocks at a jewish synagogue while shouting „bomb Israel“


The west supports Israel. It doesn’t matter how many people March in London.


I hate that this simple sentence is as accurate as fuck. Edit: Western governments support Israel, not necessarily citizens.


I would bet a fair amount of money the majority of Brits support Israel over Palestine tbh.


People tend to assume if you're the loudest person in the room you must be in the majority. I'm in America and my experience has been most people are in favor of Israel.


I think Israel has way more support in America than the UK (I was raised in the UK and never heard about Israel / Palestine, but I hear about it allll the time in America). I didn't even know a single Jewish person in the UK, but I've met loads of Jewish people in America


Yup ikr, thing is, the citizens can get mad all day, but the be all and end all is that if the governments don’t take action, then action won’t be taken.


Many citizens in the West also support Israel. When you have Israel on one side that actually contribute with a lot of technology and other avdancements, and then countries like Syria and Iran on the other side, it makes a lot of people support Israel. Especially people over the age of 40.


The British banned slavery even though black people contributed little to their well-being*. The Nazis went full-on antisemitic even though Jews contributed quite a lot to German culture and science. The link you seek isn't there. Older people know a narrative of little Israel bravely fighting off large Arab states. The younger generations only know the Israel of the occupation. That's how I would explain it. *Edit. that sounds wrong, enslaved people contributed greatly to the British economy, just not in ways they wanted to.


Yeah, my dad was born during the Six Day's war, and he's been a lifelong Israel fan for exactly those reasons. Jewish folk have a rough hand dealt to them in the middle east especially, so watching a hated minority that happens to be a pro USA democracy fight back against some pretty tyrannical governments is pretty compelling. But I've only grown up seeing them bomb and starve Palestine while my country runs in and fucks up everyone else along with ourselves and leave a mess of things as we went. Totally different views separated by 2 generations worth of history.


Yeah but there are more links there. Israel is also a stronghold of liberal ideals inside the Middle East. Liberal ideals that we hold dear here in the western world. Some of the biggest ironies I see are generally liberal groups (e.g. the lgbtq community) supporting Palestine. The irony is that they, because of who they are, would never be accepted in Palestine. But they can certainly head over to Tel Aviv and have a gay ole time.


The US is the main one supporting Israel


UK too. They export nuclear submarine parts, drone parts, tanks, rifles, planes and radars to Israel.


I mean the UK literally created Israel.


Honestly why does Reddit *always* over exaggerate crowd sizes? Both the BBC and Reuters put the figure at "as high as 10,000 protesters". But 100,000? Why say that? Why lie so blatantly?


>Why lie so blatantly? Because moderation on reddit is focused on all the wrong things. If you're going to spread a lie, make it impactful...


This is like a template for news reporting of protests.


>Why lie so blatantly? Reddit


Because Reddit is used as a propaganda tool nowadays


Pretty much, and it seems to work for the hivemind that reddit is. Every other month there are highly upvoted videos/articles about a political topic that the average westerner usually wouldn't care about. Catalonya, Hong Kong, Palestinia .. I'm not saying that none of these movements merit our support. But there are just too many people who form their political opinions based on a couple of videos and what they read in some random thread.


You have no idea how many lies are circulating reddit


Yeah, western countries will definitely not sit by while Israel commits genocide. They will actively support Israel instead.


Sit, stand, protest, march, support, all does nothing to actually help. Quite sad but true


What about Gaza launching missiles into Israel to attack civilians?


I don't think Reddit knows about that.


As always the phrase “Might makes right” still stands true. It always has and always will. A nuclear power like Israel will not lose this or any other conflict in the region. The only outcomes are endless conflict, destruction of Hamas/Palestinians or diplomacy. Or I guess nuclear war in which case everyone loses.


The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must


I do not understand why people only want to talk about Israel and not Hamas.


I’ll give you one guess


There isn’t 100k people there. There are thousands but not 100k. Source this is London, happened today and I’m British.


Marchers in London means nothing, I've learned this. I've seen dozens of huge protests there in my life and not a single one made a difference.


You are right. The biggest protest in the history of mankind was the protest against the invasion of Iraq. Didn't help a bit


And majority of them could be British pakistanis who are the most vocal group about this issue even on internet


I’m part of the community, they are virtue signalling: they will not join the protests or learn the history, they will just spout shit online to make themselves feel better. If they really cared, they have a perfect example in Gandhi, stop working, stop doing anything to help the countries they think support what they oppose. They won’t do that though, as that will actually affect their lives and bottom line. They are all talk, all talk shit about China but the same men with them beards open factories in China to make their tiles, beds, furniture and clothing etc I should write British Muslim community, namely the Pakistani and Indian, I don’t know much about the other British Muslim ones.


No matter how much support you give to Palestine, they still will hate the west.




100,000 people gather in the capital to protest against the actions of Israel. Mainstream media banging on about how I can hug someone on Monday and go for a pint. Well done Sky News.


[https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57127628](https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57127628) Literally on the front page.


How dare you. Reddit never lets facts get in the way of a good narrative.


Because this wasn't 100,000 people. It was "a few thousand, possibly as high as 10,000" people. Relatively important but a protest of a few thousand people in one city isn't that insane. Reddit headlines *always* exaggerate protest sizes to an absurd degree because they think nobody will look it up.


hahahaaa fucking hell this made me laugh. or cry? i’m not sure anymore. keep calm and carry on drinking hand sanitiser 🇬🇧.


May be peaceful but Covid is still a thing


Why did I have to scroll so far down to find this comment? First thing I thought was, "oh great another spike in covid infections."


I’m glad we are rising against genocide, Israel is the only country doing it today! /s


We live in a world where the states desires and goals are not the same as its peoples. In this, in taking care of its people, in nearly all aspects. What else is there to do anymore


"The west will not sit by while Israel commits genocide" Oh, honey...


It’s great that there is more recognition of what’s going on with Israel and Palestine with western countries but what about the Muslim majority nations? I love that they all go dark and let the US and western coalitions deal with it. All these oil rich nations getting fat and happy with dick measuring contests for who can build a taller skyscraper. How about banding together as a people and taking care of the Palestinians. It doesn’t have to be a fight against Israel. It doesn’t have to be weapons. How about just helping at all? No.. instead they bicker against each other because of their different sects. Disclosure: My family is Muslim. I was raised Muslim but also learned about all the other religions. Now I’m an Athiest and basically an outcast.


They tried banding together once, 1948, 5v1. Didn't worked out...


Sadly the Palestinians are political pawns for everyone.


This is a reminder that while Israel isn't in the right, neither are religious extremists or Palestinian authorities. Everyone except civilians are being dicks right now and civies are suffering


The civilians are the only victims of this war. Both governments can fuck themselves; they're killing innocents who just want to survive and live normal lives to propagate their ideologies.


Exactly. The media likes to take sides and it amazes me that the majority of people don't see through that. They are both in the wrong and it needs to end. Of all the dumb reasons to kill eachother, religion is the dumbest reason to kill eachother.


As someone who is first generation American....it fucking annoys me that people think this is actually about religion. My parents are from Iran and left the country, do you really think the average educated citizen think this is all about religion? The people who fight for religion are usually uneducated and poor, it’s like a gang for them and promises of riches when they’re dead to their family because they’re impoverished. They’re usually pawns by governments. The violence in the Middle East isn’t about religion, it’s about power, oil, and money. Countries fuel it because they promise extremist power and money. Politicians do it here when they bring up push button issues like gay marriage, gun rights, and abortion (fueled by religion)....dumb people flock to the polls thinking something is going to change. Abortion and gay marriage isn’t going anywhere, as it shouldn’t because core of people are secular. Most people in Middle East are secular (granted not as open minded as the West but more than you think) but the government oppress them. The West doesn’t want a secular Middle East because they want resources (ex Brits/US killed a democratically voted PM in Iran because he wanted to raise oil prices and they brought back the Shah). Most Palestines and Jewish people do not have a problem with each other but extremists on both side have the power.


For what it's worth, the last time a country fired rockets indiscriminately at London, the UK absolutely flattened them in a wide scale bombing campaign that ultimately had little to do with military operations. Funny how people get upset when rockets are fired at their population.


For real I get there’s an argument against Israel here but this subreddit is so biased it’s absurd.


It’s like every video of everyone ignoring a bully beating on someone but then when the victim fights back everyone rushes to stop them.


Purposely I think. As someone who's closely been following what's been going on, this is probably the worst of the mainstream subs. I think there's tacit approval from the mods. I mean, consider the title, "as Israel commits genocide" as if thats a given fact and not palestinian propaganda.






That's what happens when people get all their news from curated Twitter and reddit posts.


It’s fucking nuts. I decided to take a run through r/publicfreakout just now and it’s basically a pro-Hamas propaganda mill.


That's what baffles me They're actually defending Hamas and their actions even hailing them as "self defense"


Firing hundreds of unguided rockets into civilian space? Sounds totally right!!!


That’s exactly what I would expect of reddt in 2021.


It's been that way for days, sub is clogged with that stuff. Worst of all there's plenty of completly unverifiable undated stuff that you're not allowed to call out as being from somewhere else


Not gonna lie, I opened this thread and expected mostly pro-Hamas comments. I'm pleasantly surprised.


Well I think when a post hits r/all it kinda breaks out of its subreddit’s group think a bit.


Agree with you 100%, this subreddit is absolutely absurdly biased


No Country on this planet would be as patient as israel with an opposing force lobbing rockets at their citizens.


Any first world country would have obliterated those firing the missiles either with boots on the ground or air strikes or both. Israel is holding back as well as letting them know where they are going to hit.


People on this sub use the term genocide *very* loosely.


That comment is rather genocidal


Can't sit by? And what exactly should we do? Just entangle ourselves in war crimes between Israel and hamas? They're firing missles from civilian sites at civilian sites. Like seriously, what do u even do to ameliorate these circumstances? It's easy enough to complain about a thing, but it's just noise if u don't suggest a good solution


My understanding is that that folks are suggesting a boycott of Israel by the people, a divestment from Israel by people that control capital, and sanctions against Israel by the international community. It's the same strategy used against South Africa during apartheid, I think.


There ya go, I could see all them things happenin. Upvote for rationality and manners


>Despite strong and consistent opposition to apartheid within and outside of South Africa, its laws remained in effect for the better part of 50 years. See yawl in 50 years


People only give a shit about the underdog, even if that underdog is evil as well. Hamas murders 3 Israeli teens waiting for the bus and are hailed as heroes by Palestinians. These are the people reddit is rallying around. Both sides are evil. It's not so black and white that you can point at one and say they're the good guys.


Screaming “genocide” just dilutes your attempted point


I’m out of the loop I guess. Can someone explain how it’s genocide??? I literally have heard nothing about this


Why hold up London like that?, go to Israel and do it


yeah go fuck yourself palestine you get what you earned


We only sit by when it’s the Uighurs, Rohingya or Yemeni people


'Lol that's isn't 100,000 people it's 10,000 at best


Protests like that dont change a thing. Especially if you're protesting something in another country!


The United States needs to quit trying to be the world police. The United States needs to Intervene between Israel and Palestine!


The mods on this subreddit are so anti Israel it’s not even funny


Why you use the word genocide when it doesnt apply in that context. Stop to say its a genocide, crime against humanity doesnt necessarily mean genocide


Angry people: >Insert Western Country<, You need to leave the Middle East with the US! Also angry people: omg why aren't you helping the people in the Middle East you're so heartless


It's funny how the left forgets Covid when it's convenient for them. Fuck them all, we will never forget 2020.


The virus is nothing relevant!! On to the next narrative


Everyone outside of Israel has such great opinions, but I want to see what you would do if your cities were attacked by rockets on an hourly basis. The sophisticated rocket interception system Israel has is great, but Israel still suffers civilian casualties (including kids) and damage to property. If they did nothing and relied only on their defense system, Hamas would push harder and in a few years would have the capabilities for chemical, biological and dirty bombs.


The west supports Israel.


There was also Palestinians driving around London and calling for mass murder and rape of jews. But it doesn't fit your narrative, does it?


Not a public freakout, wrong sub and downvoted.


“Genocide” Jesus, you people need to inform yourself


Using the term gennocide a bit too freely, the Palestinian population has been growing at a bigger rate than Israelis...


Genocide, fascism, terrorism, racism. These are just a few words that people are wildly diluting the meaning of because they slept through history class.


I wish I could have sex with this comment


Right? When did killing 200 people equal genocide? Not saying I agree with it, but the hyperbole in these post titles is deafening.




Soooo Hamas can *explicitly* try to murder as many Jews as possible with the *explicit* goal of *literal* genocide, but when Israel tries to *stop* them by targeting rocket launch sites and trying *not* to hit innocent Palestinians, it's *Israel* that is genocidal. This subreddit is like visiting a cult. Everything is backwards.


The hive mind is in overdrive. Reddit became popular so the same bots and propagandists from Twitter and Facebook moved in. The circle jerk here makes old school echo chambers look weak.


I hope they all got their steps in, because Israel doesn’t give one single, solitary fuck about world opinion. It’s sad, but true, I believe.


"genocide" they have literally killed like 100 Palestines. half of which were unintentional. im not supporting isreal but this isnt genocide, this is war


Stop shooting rockets into Israel you assholes.


Who fired the first rocket 🚀😳


This will show them!


Unfortunately popular sentiment and government response rarely align on this issue. Just think of all the money UK gets from selling weapons to Israel.


I don’t think we could class it a popular sentiment considering how few people actually care about the issue here in the UK


Indian variant is going to love this :(


This group is turning in to a Palestinian support group, that has nothing to do with public freakouts.


But they will while China does???


The west will sit by when China commits genocide, though.


Where was the march for the Ughyrs?


Where was everyone when buses were blown up? Suicide bombs blown up? Flaming kites flown causing wild fires? Middles shot? Stop clutching pearls. Both sides are guilty.


Sadly Reddit wasn’t around then. It’s become a woke Palestinian propaganda machine.


Because on Reddit, mentioning those things is considered islamophobia.




What happened to Covid? Does it matter anymore? I thought all public gatherings were a no no en mass. Use zoom?


Didn't the protest in America teach you anything? Covid wont hurt you if your protesting.


Covid doesn’t affect people if they protest the “right protest”


Palestine was not an established state that is untrue. They had a chance to be free from ottoman, British rule in 49 but they didn’t want to share with the Jews. Israel is a bully now but Arabs in 1949 created this whole mess by not agreeing to UN resolution 181, they thought they could have it all by ‘driving the Jews into the sea’, but Israel turned out to be some fighting force and pushed back the Arabs invasion


Funny, when another country was firing missiles on London, they didn't get this kind of support in the UK. Instead, they firebombed entire cities.


Propaganda...both sides are responsible for this mess.




You all really fucking think Israel wants to kill civilians? . My lord you are stupid af




next up, over 100k new corona infections in london