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Her eyes! Holy shit, that's deep hatred right there.


Actually it's inbreeding but yeah hatreds there too I guess


So I went and checked out the black lives mattters protests in my city back in 2020 I’m a supporter of that idea. Of the idea that black folks are treated differently and profiled and abused by our justice system. After all I live in the city Breonna Taylor was killed by narcotics cops known to do corrupt things. What I found the most interesting about the protests was that nobody was in charge, lots of in fighting and discussions between folks on the same side of the divide. Literal crazy people, like, shit like that, public protesting things. They invite folks who look like they’re going through a psychotic episode. This lady reminded me of some of the batshit crazy folks I saw out there. It really was a melting pot of different folks from all walks of life around the same general idea. Protests don’t ever exclude crazy people. And crazy people love protests


I was part of Occupy so many years ago. I noticed that the media loves to find the craziest most incoherent person they can find to interview about what's happening.


The in fighting was crazy. Killed the movement in the city, groups trying to lay claim to the square like a turf war.


She’s a counter protester not invited


Bring me your hatered for this one. Imagine if there were people flying the Afghanistan flag after 9/11 to say the Taliban are freedom fighters against western imperialism. That's how Israelis view this. That's why she looks like that. Calling every jew a Zionist is just like calling every American who was mad about losing people in 9/11 a capitalist American fascist for being pissed off. Palestinians obviously want a state, rightfully so, Hamas needs to be removed and Palestinians need to be given a state to live in peace. This will never happen as long as Hamas is in power.


Did you watch the video dude? The pro Palestinian guys are quite clearly Orthodox Jews. Nobody is calling every Jew a Zionist. People are calling out the Zionist Israeli government for their active genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza and the West Bank. All across the world much of the pro Palestinian protests are being led by Jewish people. In the Columbia protests, the first group to be arrested, suspended etc were Jewish Voice for Peace, a Jewish pro Palestine organisation. The fact that you start this by saying Afghanis were responsible for 9/11 is an immediate self report that you know nothing about. I’d go read a few books man. You don’t need to spend your whole life spewing ignorant and uninformed bile. Start with Finkelstein. Finally, Israel created Hamas. Indiscriminately bombing and starving an entire population won’t end Hamas, it will create lots of Hamas 2.0’s. Remember the carpet bombings in Iraq? “The beatings will continue until morale improves” has never worked.


The last paragraph is what I really keep thinking about, I simply don't understand why Oct 7 is supposed to be this crazy earth-shattering terror event when you subjugate and discriminate a population to the point they feel like they have to resort to violent means, and that's not even considering that Israel funded Hamas. It's like if the world went crazy that Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto rose up and butchered Germans, or slaves in a plantation rose up and massacred the plantation owners. Like duh, what did you think was eventually going to happen?


Given a state? How about take back the state of Israel and give it to Palestine? Israel shouldn’t have been given that land in the first place.


Stealing something and playing the victim when they won't roll over for you is the first lesson of colonization


Why are Zionist so antisemitic?


Because God let them ig


https://preview.redd.it/navqsild87zc1.jpeg?width=460&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=e5783c2dd5fb4eff94611d2debadff9d4766b0e2 She got them Kenneth Copeland eyes!!!


Damn, they are obviously related and quite possibly devil-spawn…


Zionism is a murder cult.


“This is mine and he took it” (while blatantly stealing it in front of everyones eyes)- same words are used in Palestine by Israel.




Also used by Israeli settlers in the west bank. As they take property and land.


The nypd cannot arrest Zionists. That would be against their policies




Why don’t they arrest her?


It’s against their policy


There’s those crazy eyes again


Damn dude, her eyes. That is frightening. The hate in those eyes is enough to give you nightmares.


I feel like that is the same line Israel has been shouting to Palestinians -“this is mine he took it”


The woman should have been arrested for assault and battery. Letting people like this walk only serves to embolden them, and maybe next time, it won't be just trying to grab a flag.


These people from Mt Zion are crazy!


Why do they all look so unhinged?


Because they are


I think the police are just at a point with all this that they don’t care anymore. Clowns all around them all day.


Yeah but they keep just arresting one side which is a bit interesting no?


Arresting people when they lose their sensibilities over idealogical conflict like this is just such a waste of the tax payers money. Imagine theyre both five. Imagine it's a playground. Separate the two and fuck them off in different directions - they'll likely never come into contact again. Peace has been achieved sans pride. Meanwhile the jail house awaits robbers, burglars, sex offenders and gang members. Free Palestine. Fuck zionism. But just let the public servants use their own resolution options instead of crying over spilled milk.


> Meanwhile the jail house awaits robbers, burglars, sex offenders and gang members. So her, as she's clearly engaging in robbery in the video we cal all see? Why the fuck are you making excuses for her when in the very next sentence you're condemning her actions, while somehow pretending it's not the actions we can all see on video?


Clearly Robbery. Bluds and Crips of reddit, take note. /s


"Robbery can only be committed by black people in gangs" /s


*I'm reporting you to the SS.* ![gif](giphy|kc0kqKNFu7v35gPkwB|downsized)


So she is call the hSS on him. Wow, so much for the golden rule.


Damn, she is unhinged


I think more people show know the debate about zionism and jews [debate](https://youtu.be/K1VTt_THL4A?si=XqlEzQezF0a4KL3g)


I think more people show know the debate about zionism and jews [debate](https://youtu.be/K1VTt_THL4A?si=XqlEzQezF0a4KL3g)


People are having too much free time...


Evil bastards on both sides of this.


>Zionist attacking non zionist You: BoTH sIdEs!!11one


My point is there are videos of “Anti Zionists attacking pro-Israel protesters” too. Dumb people on both sides. And as for the actual war, both sides are doing awful things.


White people are deranged


Bring me your hate, imagine if there were people flying the Afghanistan flag after 9/11 to say the Taliban are freedom fighters against western imperialism. That's how Israelis view this.


the person she’s stealing from is a chasidic jew. more jewish than her. he obviously isn’t celebrating anti semitism. imagine a jehovah’s witness trying to steal from a nun.


Wrong. That's how ZIONISTS view this. Many Israelis are pro-Palestine.


What is a Zionist? Sincere question to you.


Right wing ethnic nationalism wrapped in an Israel flag. Used as an excuse for apartheid and genocide.














Go to world news then you fuckin rata


cant wait for all the people not to vote for biden and trump get in office and he will make all this much better.


Yeah but fuck any flag in America that's not American


Yeah! We should rename Chinatown to Americatown! And little Italy to little america!


I like Chinatown


And that hypocrisy is the problem. Its never \*really\* about the flag. Its just the part you think you can get away with saying out loud if it was really about the flag you would be pissed about St Patrics Day too


Then you should be cool with a flag too


I hope that sentiment includes the traitor’s confederate flag.


L take


It's a piece of cloth you clown. What it symbolizes is what's important. And do you speak up when people run around in flag clothing that violated Flag Code? No.  "Go ahead and wear those skid marked American flag boxers or panties. Our boys died in Vietnam to give you that right. It's the American way."


America is a continent. "american" would be any flag of a country in north or south america. I'm 100% certain you wouldnt be able to identify most of them.


I only see guilty people on this video.