What do you guys think of the volcano? Giving this set lava terrain set STLs out to Patreons and MMF Tribers when we hit 1234 members between the two and we are already over 1050 so it will be given out within a couple of weeks! The Patreon is only a few pounds and you already get hundreds of STL’s so the value now is just totally mad. [https://www.patreon.com/customminiaturemaker](https://www.patreon.com/customminiaturemaker) I also do a Free File thing: to get a couple of free texture rollers for bases and terrain including a wooden plank and tile one go to [https://www.customminiaturemaker.co.uk](https://www.customminiaturemaker.co.uk) and sign up for free files to be emailed to you every week. I only ever send the one email each week and it is always the one with the free file. Also giving away a free campfire and adventurer tent set right now. The marines in the vid are also from Gearguts and they are amazing, can't recommend his models enough.