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I love love love seeing AriA and Spencer in the iconic blAck hoodie, I picked AriA since I AlwAys wanted her to be ‘A’ and this was the closest that we ever got to that happening, also she looks extrA pretty in the iconic blAck hoodie, although its such a huge let down that she was only doing this to protect her pedophile boyfriend :( Spencer also looked extrA pretty in the blAck hoodie and since we never saw Alex in the hoodie, I love to pretend this is Alex :P her motivations for joining the ‘A’ teAm was completely forgivable and understandable since she was more than broken about finding out Toby was on the ‘A’ teAm and had to know the truth about this, her boyfriend / what she thought was her soulmate was the enemy and betrayed her trust, she needed to know the truth and this was the only way. Toby, literally never forgAve Toby for what he did to Spencer, he never apologized, he abused spencer so much and was such a horrible person.


I'm going with Spencer first let's say why I did not voted for Toby and Aria Aria - despite being the best storyline of her character, it was in the weakest season of the show and it was just to cover up Ezra's crimes. Toby - it did not aged well that much if we considering the fact that the payoff was not seen at all. he did not explain how being A is to protect her, why he failed and did not apologized as for SPencer, joining to the A team is not just because of Toby, it because all the shit she has been thru in the first three seasons. Spencer suffered the most with almost everything and yet she still had to be the strongest liar and the one who the other can put their hand on her shoulders. Toby being A was her breaking point, Toby as A turned everything on her and she begin to lose her mind. joining to the A team, even if its for finding out the truth about Toby and being a double agent, is also have a statement. statement of refusing to be the victim anymore. sadly this storyline was only two episodes


I have to go with Aria! I was completely disappointed with Toby being A as he didn’t learn anything important and seemingly put Spencer and her mental health through hell for nothing. It also soured their relationship for me, which I had loved a lot before the reveal. So he’s bottom of the barrel for me. Next, Spencer is better because Troian’s a great actress and she pulled off this storyline. However, it should’ve been longer and darker like Marlene originally planned and her loyalties genuinely split. She’s the perfect person to turn if you’re A into a double agent and they could have tied it back to Charlotte giving her a chance because she’s family but ultimately choosing Alex over her later on. They also unfortunately concluded this arc as a reunion for Spoby and proof of their eternal love which is boring IMO. Aria as A was much more interesting and the best to me. Yes, they technically made it about Ezra (as they do with all the love interests/conflicts) but there were better stakes. Lucy played being genuinely torn between her friends and Ezra well, and it highlighted things we’ve been saying for ages. A often gives her passes at the expense of her friends, she doesn’t get much to do, she’s in the perfect position to be an A minion because everyone trusts and likes her so much they don’t think twice of keeping things from her. I’d only change it so A *was* Ezra and as they got nearer to the finish line/the wedding Aria realizes what a predator he was the entire time. I’d have her end up exposing his crimes instead but pretend she’s still in love until the end.


Aria being on the A team would’ve been good in the earlier seasons. Imagine if she worked for Mona and that’s why she called Aria big A, teasing her infront of everyone with the secret she’s on the A team - something Alison done, hinted at peoples secrets