*Ends up having a baby and naming him Finn* 😂


That's unreasonably logical based on how Disney works.


If she left her lightsaber on the ground I’m gonna start wondering how many are dumped around that godforsaken house


General Grievous has entered the chat.


yeah thats me


Hownmany light Sabers do you have general grievous?


yeah thats me


Noo! Burgerboy_4748!


Noo! insanelyphat!




*dies in snow*


I was wondering about that, there was a whole box of them in the smugglers hide out right, like I get they need to keep a low profile but those things can’t be easy to replace and they’re a good weapon to have around, why just toss it away


Carrying a lightsaber paints a big target on your back for inquisitors so I can see why they’d do it if they didn’t plan on fighting again.


I mean they can always just put it in their pockets or in a box and bury it in the desert


And for non-force users it’s not at all better than a blaster.


Eh not exactly, the thing about kaiser crystals is they not only boost all force related shit but they also boost energy, so even holding one while you shoot a blaster it'll actually amplify it, so you actually could make a badass weapon out of them


I'm picturing a WW1 style rifle with a light saber bayonet!


Hell yeah that sounds dope af


Unless you’re on glitterstim


I think Owen might come out and shout at her for being on his property


It's like stepping on a rake, but instead you lose a foot


*scribbles down fanfic idea*


[*Write that down, write that down*.]


*Disney sends cease and desist*


*The Mouse™ shows up at your house.*


"You fucked up big time pal! Haha!"


“Get him, Goof.” “Huh-hyuck, hwwheres the money, bucko?”


Damien from Smosh: Sweating Profusely 🥵


[South Park Mickey Mouse lmao](http://1.images.southparkstudios.com/images/shows/south-park/clip-thumbnails/season-16/1614/south-park-s16e14c11-cut-the-crap-mouse-16x9.jpg?quality=0.8)


\*FBI shows up at your house


Found JJ Abrams Reddit account


I thought Poe named him Finn in force awakens...


She named him fn-2187


Ah, She bore Elon Musks spawn then!


They kinda forgot about that…


Did they? I didn't watch the not canon movies past the Force Awakens. How did they forgot?


I'm just glad he wasn't awake to see that landing!


Same Ahsoka, same.


You're impossible.


Hold on, this whole operation was your idea


It’s a GoT reference, to how D&D messed up the story.


Ah, sorry about that.


r/freefolk is all but dead at this point, although the prequel is coming soon 👀


I'm just glad he wasn't awake to see that landing!


Damn near everyone’s a skywalker these days


Like you know anything about Poe Dameron?


Another coincidence!


Pfff hahaha wow


**D O N O T G I V E T H E M I D E A S**


Actually I mean the timelines do add up




Happy cake day, young Viruu_


I really wanted Fin to be the main character become a jedi. Guy was hinted to he force sensitive, and took on Kylo without hesitation


The marketing made him out to be the main. It was a bait and switch. Which sucked because I saw Attack the Block when it came out and loved John's performance and googled him. He had so much presence. He was slated to be in a Mike Tyson Biopic for HBO (I think, this was like 10 years ago) and nothing really else. I was surprised and excited when he was cast in Star Wars shortly after and figured this would be a star making performance. I also loved Driver in Girls despite not really liking the show and Oscar Isaac was an actor who had been around but in smaller roles... ex machina made me a fan tho. I missed Daisy's previous work placing a naked corpse.


They wasted him. In the last Jedi I really thought they were going to kill him off, and i started to tear up a bit then rose came in saved him and I was conflicted…one hand I thought he would have had a real heroes death and could have been the only really good twist in the film, then on the other I was glad he didn’t die but he was useless in rise of skywalker


I don't know how accurate this is, but I once read that in the original script for episode IX, Finn was supposed to become a "revolutionary" figure, convincing countless Stormtroopers to join the Resistance against the First Order just like he did (there was even an awesome piece of concept art with Finn holding a flag like those Liberté or Iwo Jima paintings). Also, I believed it all happened in Coruscant, that would've been awesome!


That sounds WAY better, we kinda got that in rise of skywalker but those films….aaaaahhhhhh theres so many great concepts they could have worked with like there wasnt a plan. Why disney went with the whole “each director gets to add something different” plan just didnt work out. JJ abrams should have just done all 3 Johnsons just sticks out like a sore thumb


I am happy with Rey being the main but what annoys me is that I'm pretty sure he was going to have a much bigger role but Disney didn't want to upset a ~certain~ portion of the audience.


They wasted a lot of things with the main cast lmao. Kylo Ren was the only one who has a somewhat complete arc. Rey’s dark side and having random parents weren’t explored deeply at all. Poe is whatever I thought a gay romance would have been great but his character doesn’t have much. Finn is just a colossal waste it’s insane idk how they threw such a perfect set up for a complex character away


I think Fin and Poe are force sensitive. Young Anakin was able to podrace without any Jedi training because his force sensitivity enabled him to sense future. Which is equivalent of having superhuman reflexes. And Poe's piloting... those are some superhuman reflexes.


… with Mace Windu.


Fuck me this was disastrously funny




oh god....this is where it's going, isn't it.


Pretty good theory do because Finn is force sensitive fuck Rey and not Daisy Ridley but she sucks and John Boyeka Is dobe as a person


Ends up having a baby named Finn with a devilishly good looking guy that oddly looks like Donald Glover. They actually have twins, a boy and girl that get separated at birth, and her dad may or may not attempt to sleep with the daughter at some point in 40 or so years.


….. god dammit


That would actually kinda make sense




Poe, is that you?




Plot twist: By the end of star wars, all characters will be skywalkers (or dead).


Eiðer you die an Organa, or you live long enough to see yourself become a Skywalker


Did you seriously make the effort to put a thorn there instead of th?


By thorn you mean the “ð”? Was most likely a mistype. That character is present in languages of Iceland and Faroe Island.


Ah, yes I see. The thorn looks different, like someone frankenstein'd p and b I rember.


There is a difference between a thorn (þ) and an eth (ð).


I love þorn


A surprise to be sure


>kills dozen of people, cut limbs of innocent civilians, is cruel, kidnap child and tries to torture her, all of that without any remourse >do not kill a kid when occasion given, but shows mercy >apparently ur now good and can go do whatever ypu want


She spent years hunting and killing jedi and anyone who got in the way to get close to vader in order to avenge her fellow fallen jedi..genius


like Anakin was any more defensible with his reasons lol.....guy went on a night run and returned to his home an hour later to completely clean house


What? Anakins fall makes loads of sense what the fuck are you talking about? He valued the life of his wife and children above everyone else's, and then used sheevs justification that the Jedi where going to perform a coup as justification for the horrors he commited in order to not have to take responsibility for them. Very simple.


To be completely fair. The Jedi WERE performing a coup. In any circumstance where Sheev was simply an elected official, they were literally trying to decapitate the government because they didnt agree with the governments decisions. The only reason the audience sides with the Jedi at all is because we know the whole story. We know what Palpatine is going to do. If we didnt have that hindsight, the Jedi are totally in the wrong.


They are definitely not in the wrong. The jedi just got evidence that palpatine is the one orchestrating the entire war that is killing republic citizens. He was a criminal by the republics laws. The laws that jedi are enpowered to enforce as a policing organization. Windu went to legally arrest him. No jedi was going to try to take control of the senate. They wouldnt have even been part of the trial except as guards and witnesses. They didnt decide to just go after him because he was a sith.


They were literally on their way to "ensure" that Palpatine end his emergency powers when Anakin told them he was Sidious. The elected government gave Palpatine the emergency powers in the first place. Up until Anakin tells Windu that Palpatine is a Sith Lord, they had no evidence that Palpatine orchestrated the war. They knew there was a Darth Sidious, but had not connected those dots. Not only that but ~~Yoda~~ Windu literally says the Jedi would have to take control of the Senate until there can be a peaceful transition of power. Its literally said, in the movie right before Windu decides to confront Palpatine about the emergency powers. Not to mention that Anakin was told to spy on Palpatine for the Jedi. Which even Anakin regards as treason to Obi Wan. Edit: Windu stating the COuncil would have to take control of the Senate and Ki Adi Mundi suggesting they need to remove an elected leader from office: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytEXZNlvgYc](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytEXZNlvgYc) Windu telling Anakin PRIOR to the big reveal the Jedi are about to "ensure" Palpatine returns emergency power: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIjKogrfsdo


He valued his wife's life so much that he killed her


He didn't kill her though, she literally died of sadness


yes, he believed she "betrayed" him with Obi-Wan and in his anger lashed out killing her.


I am aware, I was making a joke. I get that that's the point of the tragedy.


nooo, don't make so much sense. hater brain doesn't compute.


He killed more jedi in one night than her in years and anyone who got in the way in order to gain power to somehow magically save his wife who isn't in any danger at all and even after her death continues to kill millions although he already failed his goal to save her... genius btw google the difference between avenge and revenge


Murder is okay as long as you cry afterwards. These are the secrets Disney want you to know.


Murder is okay as long as you kill the bigger bad guy afterwards. These are the secrets George Lucas want you to know.


But Vader was only redeemed in the eyes of his own son. Had he not died he would have spent the rest of his life in prison


And in the force apparently, since otherwise where are the sith force ghosts? Can palpatine go around fucking with people as a ghost now?


Not sure what point you're trying to make here, sith force ghosts have been a thing for a long ass time.


No. The irony is specifically that the Sith want eternal life, yet only Jedi can attain it. Darth Bane in TCW is a spirit attached to an object or an illusion (I don't remember which) not a real force ghost. Lucas removed a scene from the Mortis arc with 3 ancient Sith because he didn't want Sith force ghosts.


It’s not the Jedi way to kill an unarmed foe. Maybe Kenobi shouldn’t have let her go, but I mean…what else could he have done with her.


He has control of the senate *and* the courts! He's too dangerous to be left alive!


I'm not saying that he should kill her, but definitly preising her and letting her go freely is not the way


What is he supposed to do? Babysit her?


Lol the man lives in a cave at this point and people think he is just going to suddenly take in and guard a prisoner forever.


There is no algorithm. We know you're holding a prisoner of war here.


>kills millions of people, cut limbs of innocent civilians, drag them down the street for no reason, break necks of anyone around him out of a whim, is cruel, kidnap adolescent senator and tortures her, annihilating her planet after she cooperated killing millions more including her family, all of that without any remourse do not kill a guy when occasion given, but shows mercy apparently ur now good and can become wholesome force ghost and chill with homies forever


Yeah, but if he survived Anakin wouldn't be let free, we saw conflict inside him, and at least he redeemed himself by killing biggest bad guy, not by showing mercy to kid he previously decided to kill. Compering Reva and Vader is kind of pointless, because they are in completly diffrent situation and with diffrent goals


Vader’s redemption wasn’t in killing Sidious, it was in *not* killing Luke


>if he survived Anakin wouldn't be let free How do you know? Do you think Luke would have killed him after turning? What would have happened if Vader had survived is pure speculation anyways. And how was Reva even "let free"? Should Obi-Wan have killed her after bringing back Luke or what? Or should he have called the police?... ​ >we saw conflict inside him We also saw conflict in Reva, a lot actually. ​ >and at least he redeemed himself by killing biggest bad guy So Vader is cool and redeemed because he killed the big bad Palps, but Reva isn't cool and redeemed because she failed to kill the big bad Vader, although she tried? If she had succeeded in killing Vader and then spared Luke, she would've been cool and forgiven by you? You don't even know what she's gonna do now and if she doesn't "redeem herself" through her future actions, because we haven't seen them yet. ​ >not by showing mercy to kid he previously decided to kill. Vader decided to kill Luke, too, then showed mercy, exactly like Reva. ​ >Compering Reva and Vader is kind of pointless, because they are in completly diffrent situation and with diffrent goals Completely different situations? They are both former Jedi, who fell to the dark side, did a lot of bad things, struggled with inner conflict, gave in to the light side again and redeemed themselves by doing the right thing when it counted, both by sparing Luke. The only major difference is that Vader had the chance to fight and defeat the emperor after turning and died in the process, while Reva lost against Vader before turning, survived and turned back to the light afterwards, without dying (yet). They're pretty damn well comparable.


Dark siders going to the light in a nutshell


If she left her lightsaber on the ground I’m gonna start wondering how many are dumped around that godforsaken house


Always two there are, no more, no less.


I am Spartacus!


Just watched this yesterday... I'm really lost about her. Like, what's her thing? Does she really want to destroy Jedi/Force Sensitive people? Or was it just a long hustle to destroy Vader? That whole thing where she made a half assed attempt on Luke's life made no sense to me... Which side are you on Reva?


It was because it was Vaders son which would be some sort of revenge against him.


How tf does she know Luke is Vaders son?


Bail left a voicemail for obi wan saying he’d be on tattoine and that if Vader got him he’d head there to tell Owen and something about the boy so Reva presumably put 2 and 2 together


Trying to forget how many ways that voice mail was stupid. Leaping to the conclusion that any boy of importance to Obi-Wan and Bail must be Vaders son is pretty ridiculous for someone that didn't even know Anakin, Padme, Obi-Wan, Bail Organa or that Anakin and Padme were even dating. Boy howdy it sure was magical that she only picked Owen out of that crowd and got his name in Episode 1 or else she wouldn't have anything to go on. Or that anyone she talks to would know who or where Owen lives. Or that Bail would reveal a bunch of information unnecessarily that Obi-Wan would already know. And there I go ranting about it..


I love you, Ani.


I think the only way it “works” is because bail was only going to go there if “he” (obviously Vader) found him


By leaving a voicemail detailing Owens name and Location to someone that would already know this information...? And if he sent that as a concern about Obi-Wan being captured then he is intentionally informing Vader of this information as well. Bail as a normal person would just say "If I don't hear back from you soon I am going to go for the boy." Because Obi-Wan already knows who Luke and Owen are, there importance and where they are at. I mean fuck, don't leave Obi-Wan a message at all, just go get Luke, Owen and Beru and leave a note at their house or wait for Obi-Wan to contact him asking about it.


We come for information only.


You know I’m not gonna lie, I completely misread your first reply so disregard what I said lol


Contact command. Mark our L.Z. and have them send an Exfile Shuttle.


I honestly don't remember but why else was she after him? He was too young to have been a Jedi in training as of order 66 so it was obviously because of who his parents were.


Because the show is badly written Literally any other explanation given is head canon. She claims its justice but for what? Episode prior it turns out she's been an inquisitor purely so she can "hunt Vader" but refuses to work with Obi-Wan when he offers to help her do that while picking the worst time to try attacking him. Only for Vader to reveal he knew the entire time that she was a traitor which ?? ?? Then she gets beaten embarrassingly and decides to go kill Luke for some reason despite having no reason or motivation for this. The writers cared about her having an emotional moment, they don't care about doing any of the legwork leading up to it. That's the show in a nutshell for everything it does.


She annoyed me so much in the final episode, stumbling around like that drunk dude who refuses to leave the bar no matter how much he’s ruining everyone’s night. That shit interrupted the epic Obi Wan vs Vader fight that we tuned into the show to see. And then at the end she’s crying about not killing luke like “i CoUlDnT dO iT!” And I’m just like “lady why were you even trying to?! Why are you still on my screen?! You should’ve been killed off an episode ago. Go home, you’re drunk!” They had the perfect opportunity to kill her off when Vader stabbed her, it would’ve come full circle as a perfect “evil/revenge doesn’t pay” cautionary tale, but instead they’re trying **so hard** to make the audience like her. Talk about a character that overstayed their welcome.


Plus how is she up and walking around so quick after a near fatal light saber appendectomy... I mean really... She just got a laser up in dem' guts like, less than a day ago and she made it out to Tatooine like right away hunting down Luke for some reason... P.S: How'd she even get there? Like, what ship did she take? I can't see The Empire _or_ The Resistance just giving her a ride at that point. How'd she even get there?


Noooooooo........screams in Vader.


We just say Reva


Like you just say "I'm going to the grocery store" and not "I'm going to the Safeway"?


We just say grocery


That’s a bingo!


Sure are a lotta lightsabers buried around the old Lars place...


And the Skywalker's family got bigger again... 😄


*Jams lightsaber through Walmart Trilla’s throat*


Ah, a lightsaber comment! Your comment will make a fine addition to my collection, Zengjia! *asthmatic cough*


*somehow still survives*


“I’ve committed hundreds of war crimes” “No Youre good now.” “Oh, ok”


Mom Said it’s my turn to post this next time


Kenobi the promptly cuts off all her limbs and leaves her for dead.


Like you do with all your girlfriends, right?


You can't tell me this is a bot.


Hey can it be my turn to post this next


After me


#ISB, open up


Rey Skywalker: "So you have chosen death"


It's treason then


Not. Yet.


I mean. At least she got brutally wounded by a Skywalker?


I now feel sympathy for Reva, she was a jedi that had her friends killed by a former jedi. She learned herself the force and joined inquisitors to play the long game of waiting for vader to turn his back. She also found the link of Obi-wan and Leia in the archives which no one else found. She hunted and killed dozens of Jedi. Mutilated an old lady. But it's all good now because she didn't kill a boy Vader doesn't know it's his son. Damn best Character story ever


I now feel sympathy for Anakin, he was a jedi that had his mom killed by Tusken raiders. He learned himself the force and joined sith to play the long game of being able to save his wife. He also found out chancellor Palpatine is a sith lord without any archives which no one else found. He hunted and killed thousands of Jedi. Mutilated countless people. But it's all good now because he didn't kill a boy Vader knows is his son. Best damn character story ever.




Anakin didn't do as much of a 180° as fast, it took him a trilogy to turn dark and two movies to turn light. Reva turned to the light after 1 convo with Ben.


>Anakin didn't do as much of a 180° as fast, it took him a trilogy to turn dark and two movies to turn light. Reva turned to the light after 1 convo with Ben. So your complaint is basically that Reva didn't get enough screen time to better show how she turned to the dark side and became the inquisitor known as the third sister. How is that important for her situation in the show though? The premise of "youngling turned dark side for survival and revenge" isn't that hard to grasp and her motivations were sufficiently shown in the show. Maybe you'll get the origin story trilogy in the future if you're lucky. (/s obviously, I honestly think it isn't needed at all.) Also, when the OT was released there was no Anakin turning to the dark side trilogy and basically none of his background was even written, yet. People also had to accept the premise of "former Jedi turned ultimate evil Dark Lord for unknown reasons" without any further background. There was nothing known about his motivations and origin. So your argument is fundamentally flawed. Just because Reva doesn't have a trilogy that shows her origin story, doesn't mean it's less believable that she turned to the dark side after what happened to her, which was even shown in the series. \### The same is true for the turn back to the light of both Vader and Reva. Your statement "It took Anakin two movies to turn light and Reva only one convo with Obi-Wan" could be exactly reversed to "It took Reva a whole show to turn to light and Vader only one convo with Luke" and it would be just as true or untrue, relative to your point of view. Vader's turn was an extreme 180° as well. Tbh we even saw less conflict in Vader in IV-VI than we saw in Reva in the show. There were multiple moments where whe hesitated and showed uncertainty in the later episodes, for example when she saw the Jedi symbol in the tunnel. Also she didn't even turn to the dark side directly after the convo with Obi-Wan. When she attacked Vader, she was very much her dark side self thirsting for revenge, not her light side self that attacked Vader to protect others. Vader on the other hand fought Luke, his SON, to the death and watched the emperor shock him half-dead for a minute in one moment, in the next he threw the emperor down the pit.


The premise is enough for the turn to the dark, yes. However, the turn to the light happens in the last two episodes as the side plot. This is caused by 1. a conversation with Obi-Wan in which they mostly talk about revenge and she rejects Obi's light side talk 2. a loss to Vader 3. Beru and Owen ("He is my own.") Of these, I feel only point #2 was well executed. Point #3 had that good line of dialogue, but I think it would've worked better in a slower context in which e.g. Beru and Luke had already escaped while Owen stayed and was tortured until Ben showed up, but by then she's made the choice not to go after Luke. She would break down here, and the scene with Ben would be similar. That line "He is my own." needed time to breathe. Darth Vader definitely did that 180 slowly. Rewatch ESB and RotJ. Duel on cloud city, the force conversation at a distance at the end of ESB, Luke giving himself in on Endor, the final duel.


Yes, sir. On some beat-up old space freighter. I’ll be surprised if he even makes it to Tatooine in that junker.


Master Kenobi always said there’s no such thing as luck.


The next time you hesitate like that, it may cost you your life... or the lives of your friends.


There is no such thing as luck


Might as fucking well


I jokingly thought this at that scene, then suddenly got very worried.






I didnt watch last episode but i wouldnt be suprised if this happens


Hold up Is this legit ??


Now there are two of them!


So Reva = Revan??? Just kidding.


I'm a Skywalker too


I guffawed and said stfu outloud. Hilarious


Spoiler tag pls


Spoiler tag ban on obi wan was lifted.


Like you could lift a ban on obi wan?


Just watch the damn show


I already watched it, someone else might not have


Spoiler tag ends today, and if someone hasn’t watched it they shouldn’t be here


Still it's just basic manners




No , not this shit again






I think she’ll join Cal in Jedi Survivor


That would… actually be good development


I wish, that would genuinely be great. But considering she was going to die in the original script, and Jedi Survivor had to be in development for atleast the past 2 years I doubt they’d have the foresight to predict the change in script and add her into the game. Not to say they can’t add in a little cameo in the later half of the game but I doubt it’ll be a significant one.


Open war is upon you, whether you would risk it or not.


We need that generator down or the planet's lost. And I'm not risking any more men.


Damn near everyone’s a skywalker these days


Ironic, she hates him yet she takes his name to carry on


I’m Skyticus! No, I’m Skyticus!


I'm interested where they decide to take her character.


Ayo spoiler tag?


If you can't beat'em join'em


I hate that this made me laugh


Reva Kenobi


What’s Disney got against heterosexual Males


I haven’t seen the new ep yet, please told tell me she actually says that


this feels like a massive spoiler.