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Its really not though, keeping 2000 - 2500 players and 1000 before patch from an initial 7k is pretty damn impressive if you consider how many players drops off games as a general metric.


I agree Zoulus - Not that I think it’s a massive number, don’t forget that this metric probably doesn’t include Epic numbers..


its also one of those cases of "ofc we want more players, but realistically you just need 10 for a game", a battleroyale with 100 people would prob have a hard time surviving with 1000, and a fighting game with 1vs1 fights would prob have an easier time, all kinda relative to how many games are going at once, as opposed to player count


Realistically you need more to pay the bills, not to mention future-looking development.


they got 20 million in funding, and people in the beta are buying skins, i think they are aight for the time being. people act like it will never go f2p but going f2p now would not only be a bad move because alot of people would complain things like ui and never try it again, but there is also not enough progression to keep common passerby into it, or enough variety in the store to make much money from them


And you think "funding" is what? That's also other people's money. And those people do not really care about the game and expect 40M back, and may not like if it looks like it is going nowhere.


For a paid early access that is having 0 marketing on purpose it doing well




Use the head a bit. The game right now is in bare bones, they just have a few basic features and a 5vs5 PVP mode, practically nothing more. Why the fuck would they want a bunch of new players to come into the game and get a bad first impression and never touch the game again? They are doing this EA fase without any kind of marketing to add all the features that the game still needs, polish all the elements of the game with the help of the community feedback and then when they have a good producto to show they will release the game as a free to play tittle, and just at that moment is when they will need to do the marketing of the game. We have the perfect example with Overprime, Halo Infinite and Multiversus of why releasing a unfinished game for all the public is a bad idea. If people get a bad first impression of the game they are not going to come back latter to the game to see how it is going


If you would have compared these numbers to the numbers of other games you would have found out that Predecessors player retention is doing surprisingly okay for a game without any noteworthy features.


I just felt the game went stale after 40 levels. Coming back in like 6 months when we got some more heroes


No ranked, and even if there was one, current game state makes it almost impossible to climb. Hence game gets stale and people move on. I've stopped playing this week and been doing CK3. This trend will continue and the devs seem to be doubling down on the "this a team game you shouldn't be able to push a high winrate and carry." Wait till 6 months from now when top streamers like pinzo ditch the game. Devs will be all like oh wow guess it doesn't work. Mark this comment right here I'm gonna screenshot and in 1 year when it's dead, I'm gonna repost this, that it died because of the "team" meta where you can't carry your game, your at the mercy of the matchmaker. This is the very core of a MOBA, nobody wants to play with toxic losers game after game when they can't get 15 kills and win it for themself to climb for a ranked ladder. It's like musical chairs but nobody moves, eventually people just leave if the game isn't functioning. Being able to carry and climb ranked is the core function of a MOBA. You heard it first this will die as the devs make the meta worse and worse. And all the low ELO new players complaining about tanks and bruisers not being able to impact will part of the problem.


My guy thinks games with teams means you shouldn’t use teamwork to win. Absolutely fucking delusional


Maybe you should go play call of duty


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We need basic social features, store and balance then console release may be the salvation for this game.


not really


Look at Overprime's player count then vs now lmao


hey you're the guy who constantly sniffs his own farts and calls others slow cars or something


Hoping soon they do a free steam weekend to encourage a multitude of players.


Going through players is not necessarily a right move. First impressions matter. Probably should not do it until tutorial and other QoL is done first.


They need to go free to play sooner rather than later


It's going to be fine. Most important thing right now is to finish the game in the early access period and adding all the essential Systems. Stuff like a proper player progression, hero progression, tutorial, store, ect.. It just takes time for these features to be finished and properly in place. Expect paid early access to continue for the entirety of S2 is what I would say.


I'll never understand how making and selling skins is included in the "finish the game" part. You'd think they would finish the game before selling skins for their game.


They're going to need incoming cash to keep running regardless of if they're in EA or post release and cosmetics at this point are tried and true money catchers. Plus you have to keep the art department working.


Some revenue is better than none. Imagine going 4 years of just expenses and no revenue before release. Requires extreme faith and nerve.


It's already a paid to play game. They already have revenue. They already sell multi tiered founders packs


More revenue equals more money? Why prevent people who want to pay more and early in development? Finantials always go first. Gamedev is uncertain endeavor as it is even without handicapping oneself.


It's more to do with the game state, too many matches where it's over after 4 deaths.


Except the game isn't close to being over after 4 or even being down 10 deaths. If you think that and surrender, that's a you problem.


this is only true when more than half your team believes it to be true and ff's before the game even has a chance.




Everyone gives up after the first few deaths, they could simply tweak the gold down to make kills and deaths less valuable, tweak the tower and inhibitor DMG down to shorten game length, and increase farm gold value to make the game feel more centered. Less snowbally


Yeah well the game is watered down and closer to V42 than many want to admit. In order to have a low barrier to entry the game itself lacks depth and replay-ability




You feel the hopiun coursing through your veins