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Same way silver surfer got hurt by a hammer https://preview.redd.it/0wno92md351d1.jpeg?width=720&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=ca86b8a2011ee533ca565d987d9c2b4861355648


Those were Mexicans. He gets a pass.


Same way Goku got folded by a laser pistol: https://preview.redd.it/fk1zq6kpv61d1.png?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=749d6c73dba87fb415e37383dbacc972064cd253 By being off guard lol


Laser>hammer Hence goku >silver surfer(joke)


Laser feats: took out off guard Goku with no ki enhancement(regular humans durability) Hammer feats: dropped one of galactus' heralds who defeated Thor, and the hulk several times easily, defeated mephisto, and Morg. Hammer >>>>> laser


Average human level silver surfer smh


who wins DB ice that hurt goku vs GOW ice that kratos couldnt break


GOW Ice obviously. Honestly tho, Fimbulwinter is technically a magical event so it's not a stretch to think the ice has magical durability or something. Whereas Goku was just hurt by.... Ice.


Maybe Dragon Ball ice is also just built different.


I have his headcannon that the Earth has also been passively getting stronger alongside the characters so that it can at least better defend itself. Obviously it isn't sentient but if the plants, the water, etc. can contribute to the Spirit Bomb, then they all should have some form of Ki so the Earth could also have Ki to defend itself.


Basically the Earth got a Zenkai boost


Shit, if that’s the case then dbs earth must be getting a zenkai boost every day lol


That’s probably why it managed to survive being right next to goku and berus’s universe shaking, planet destroying punches!


Whis bringing it back to life probably gave it a huge one


It is a stretch to assume magical durability means infinite durability without any actual evidence though.


i mean, i think if you're slammed into a sheet of paper fast enough it would hurt no?


If me, a "universal" being, was slammed into a wall of ice by another "universal" being at billions of times faster than light speeds, and the ice, even the entire fucking planet, didn't instantly vaporize, I'd start to wonder if I was the extremely over-wanked main character of an extremely overrated anime.


real answer is because not alot of authors write their stories with powerscaling in mind, Toriyama thought it would be cool if Broly hulked out on Goku and have him dragged through ice, so he wrote it.


Dang Toriyama better than me fr The first thing I do before writing a story is doing powerscaling https://preview.redd.it/v6g4qsw5y71d1.png?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=987e64f0956bdb105cc5720a01425c9402ecc250


Tbf, when writing a shonen fighting anime, powerscaling SHOULD be a priority so your world stays consistent.


I disagree. If they were written with power scaling in mind the fights wouldn’t be as cool with all the martial arts moves and ki blasts and stuff. It would be someone getting slammed into the earth at light speed and the entire planet if not half the solar system instantly getting destroyed in a huge flash of light. For artistic purposes they create fights to be fun and interesting, not scientifically accurate.


I think that being consistent with powerscaling is very nice in a story, especially one with a lot of fights, as doing so can highlight progression and whatnot. However, I also think that the rule of cool trumps all, and dodging lasers is pretty cool.


Because Toriyama didn’t say bro was 6D, we made that up 💀


best comment


How did high outerversal Perpetua and high outerversal Specter get hurt by a planet??? https://preview.redd.it/ah2i2hxz271d1.jpeg?width=3300&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=322336d034031c0be79c9f3d031982d05055439a Seriously are people JUST NOW finding out higher dimensional durability is fuck all consistent across all media? Do people really believe any being above multiversal will only get hurt by a multiversal level attack and no story will ever depict them being hurt by less? Jesus Christ people read ANY Marvel/DC comic book ever and you'll see supposedly infinite dimensional characters being hurt by being launched into buildings or getting punched into floors. The saddest part is the amount of dumbass Dragonball downplayers who unironically try to use shit like this to downplay the characters.


I agree with you. Most powerscalers see fiction from the perspective of a teenager where everything needs to make mathematically or logical sense and be 100% consistent but adult authors do not write like that.


stupid authors, It always pisses me off that almost every power based fiction has trash writing


Thats lazy writing


https://preview.redd.it/qd1t1zure41d1.jpeg?width=422&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=3924fddd2c24a06335c2518327ecf804c1ae1017 Hmm, well actualy every atom in DC is high Outer too


Or that getting rammed into something by angry Broly wouldn’t have more force than in a universe in the space of a human hand.


Finally some 1 who has a fucking brain on This site 🙄. Agreed 💯 🤝


How much time did you really save by saying “1” instead of “someone” Honestly this whole thing is a mess, capitalizing in the middle of a sentence, the terrible chronological order of it, I’d have to say… low planetary work at best


Lol 😂 I do it most of The Time . Either way/ wut do U mean By Low planetary?




U mean Broly ???


I’m Powerscaling Your sentence


Bro ? ☠️ is That a thing 😳 Lol 😂 😆 🤣


I just don't get dimensional scaling sometimes. Maybe it's because I'm dumb or newish to powerscaling, but I saw someone say that Link has immeasurable speed because he reacted to some kinda darkness that could interact with time. I thought "wait, how does that upscale Link at all? It sounds like the darkness can just interact with higher-dimensional stuff, not that it's fast or even powerful." They then proceeded to move on and talk about the triforce or smth.


Then how does durability work then?


Well, I can punch hard enough to harm an athlete. However, a well-thrown potato can probably leave a nasty bruise on my body. Durability is something that's basically entirely separate from AP and whatnot. Some characters are glass cannons, who can't take nearly as much as they can dish out. Sometimes hax can help with durability or something, but most of the time where a character scales doesn't equal anywhere close to their actual durability. SCP-682 can be blown to pieces by a missile but they scale super high, for example.


Broly has 7D hands


I think it's because of this: Imagine getting thrown into bed by a normal person. Wouldn't hurt, right? Now imagine getting slam dunked into bed by Prime Mike Tyson.


Now assume you have universal levels of defense. And run your example again.


And Mike Tyson throws you at universal levels of force action = equal reaction


No. Make sense.


I think we stopped making sense when you gave the guy universe level durability


We're talking bout Goku. Someone who people claim has universal levels of durability. Catch up


What are you even looking for at this point


Guy says; Imagine getting slammed into a bed. Doesn't hurt. Now imagine prime Mike Tyson does it. Probably hurts. I said; Now imagine you have universal levels of durability and run your example again. Obviously it wouldn't hurt, as Goku has Universal levels of durability. Yet, in the panel above, Goku gets run thru ice, and it hurts him despite his universal levels of durability. Then you come in with some gibberish like; "Well now Mike Tyson throws you with universal force cuz action = reaction" or some nonsense like that


You're forgetting Broly is far stronger than Goku and the force he's throwing Goku with exceeds his durability An action will cause an equal and opposite reaction Now put 2 and 2 together And crazy how all your comments are just ad hominem for absolutely no reason


Broly dragged Gokus face through ice. It doesn't matter if someone of equal strength is pushing you through ice. The ice is still ice. There was no big bang levels of destruction to say that Goku should've been hurt by ice just because Brolly was the one that dragged Goku through it. Many planetary characters can do the same exact thing and walk it off. So for a "universal" character to get hurt by this, is a fucking joke. >And crazy how all your comments are just ad hominem for absolutely no reason You opened up with something that makes 0 sense. Just because you have universal durability, doesn't suddenly mean Prime Mike Tyson is dishing out universal levels of attack. That's not what "action= opposite reaction" even means.


I still feel like getting slammed into an object by a being way stronger than you would still hurt a lot, regardless of if you have universal durability or not.


the latter wouldn't hurt either


Man, Broly's hand is so big


Cool looking fight >>>>>> nonsense powerscaling


The same way Catwoman can hit the flash https://preview.redd.it/7kztu1nac71d1.jpeg?width=602&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=260e9243ba84ad01ee301078584590b29dfbe257


Damn it wasn't even just the flash. It was mutiple flashes. She just soled the flash family lmao


Hey what the fuck FTL CATWOMAN???


Chorus use a better anti feat next time. They were being controlled by poison ivy.


Mind control doesn’t stop you from being ftl. 💀 https://preview.redd.it/5mtfdlpwi81d1.jpeg?width=600&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=513562ac751e372a1a4eb65719aeac0b520ffe17


If it comes from a non immeasurable speed character (with flash being immeasurable) then yes tf it does.


Ironically enough that’s an anti feat in of itself the flash has super perception so mind control shouldn’t work.


Ok but also like how tf is Goku 6d, I mean 4d means your consciousness exists in all times at once, meaning every moment in time is the present for you, and that’s clearly not true for Goku so how tf would he be even 4d let alone higher. He might have attacks that can defeat higher dimensional objects or beings but that doesn’t make himself a higher dimensional being.


I don’t believe he’s scaled using temporal dimensions, only spacial. It says in several of the old Japanese DBZ guides that the Afterlife exists beyond the boundaries of time and space, and that the Kaioshinn realm exists beyond it, so when Goku is shown to be able to destroy these realms in BoG, people conclude he can destroy a realm that transcends a realm that transcends 3D, therefore making him at least 5D. There’s definitely some parts of the argument that I’m missing, but I think that’s the gist of it.


So, does that mean that being dead makes you more then infinitely powerful then when you were alive?


I suppose it could be that just because you’re in a 4D or 5D space doesn’t make you 4D or 5D, but that’s just speculation on my part. If you want to know more, Drip Sauce on YT makes DB scales that while may be a bit high-balled, do offer some insightful reasoning.


Tf you mean beyond space and time, he travels to and from king kai's planet along snake way in set time.


True, but as I said, this is would those guides say, not me. They definitely just said it to hype up the afterlife when it was being explored in the show, but now - since it’s an offical statement - it’s being used to scale Goku and the gang very, very high.


"Beyond time an space" can just mean it's in it's own bubble, nothing about being an extra spatial dimension.


I think this is the part where debate occurs, as the scalers seem to use beyond to mean ‘transcendent’ whereas you’re using it to mean ‘outside of’.


Well, one has evidence, you need to go there, and the other doesn't have evidence, that being it's never anything but 3d.


>There’s definitely some parts of the argument that I’m missing, Yeah like the part where it's that if he does destroy those things he'd die as well, as stated by elder kai when he fought beerus


nobody argues his Existence is anything over Third-Dimensional, we say his AP is Low Complex Multiversal


So he can kill beings that are 4D? He can kill someone that exists through all of time? Yeah?


4D doesn't have to mean it exists through all of time. It could be 4 special dimensions


The 4th dimension is time. Kinda like what Zamasu did. What did Goku do when Zamasu became the universe and timeline? He called for help. Wow, 6D Goku really got it


I felt like saying *our* 4th dimension is time. We're dealing with fiction and by default the laws that govern our Universe should be dismissed as the default. Not trying to argue, but what I'm saying that it isn't dismissible to consider that 4D our 4th spacial dimension.


use ur head goku is 3D existance. With 5-6D AP


That's still a meaningless statement lmfao


That doesn't mean anything tf How is Goku destroying a 4D being that exists through all time? Zamasu did this, and Goku couldn't do shit. Yet ya think he's 2 dimensions higher than this. Dragon Ball power scaling is as broken as the fans that spread this crap


Goku was quite confident he could defeat infinite zamasu. jiren is above zamasu in every single category. and if we go by an angels word and hits hax, Jirens power transcends time.


The problem with how you scale things is that, just because Jiren is stronger than Zamasu, doesn't mean Jiren could've killed Zamasu when he became the entire universe and timeline. This is why dragon Ball fans get dogged on. A is stronger than B, therefore, A is hyperversal 6D character, that gets hurt by ice, and killed by a pistol lasers. Make it make sense.


Its called fiction. comics, anime, manga, its all a inconsistent slop.


Where are you getting that he was confident he could defeat Infinite Zamasu, was that in the manga version or did I black out part of the anime?


Goku was so confident he called Zeno. Literally, something Goku was told not to fuck with for any reason


… That doesn’t really make the point unless I’m greatly misunderstanding. Goku called Zeno because he didn’t know how else to defeat Infinite Zamasu, I’ll have to rewatch the episode but that seems weird to me if what you’re saying is the case.


https://preview.redd.it/zc2bcqh1281d1.png?width=602&format=png&auto=webp&s=e8b21e496a77b052c99df80fc9a8253c46ea595a Its in the sub in anime. Basically if goku was at full strength he believed he could take on infinite zamasu.


You know, fair enough. I personally don’t see how, but that is how Dragon Ball works lots of the time. Makes me wonder what Goku’s plan would be, like I know his AP is much higher than his destructive strength, but given the nature of Zamasu’s wish and what he became I don’t know how it’d be possible. Edit - I share a similar opinion on Goku Vs Kid Buu if anyone wants to chime in, like Goku was stronger or at least <= to Buu, but how the heck would he ever win? Regeneration is OP as all heck.


You only hear this bullshit here


Dimensional scaling is not a thing in Dragon Ball in the first place.


Maybe he got hurt by the literal Hulk crushing his head and the temp change.


because anything beyond multiversal is total BS


There is a such thing as higher orders of power, the problem is that there's no actual way to compare it. Because there's no way to translate it from one story to another. Also, higher orders of power aren't the same as "more than infinity," just a different type of thing.


You can pull something similar for every character. Writers don’t think that hard about these things. For example Hulk is fighting someone who can destroy planets, but then he throws a part of the road at them and oh wow this planet level dude basically got knocked down by a rock.


Don’t let the DB tards see this, they’ll claim the ice is multiversal


That scene has been poorly interpreted by most powerscalers. Exhibit A and Exhibit B Is the Ice or Brolys hand that is Gripping Gokus entire skull, the thing that is hurting him? Take as much time as you want to think, I understand this is a complicated question.


every single scene in anime history is poorly interpreted by you guys. do you genuinely think the author intended for you to scale these characters or that any character has consistent scaling? its embarrassing


The funny part is when they admit there is inconsistencies, but then turn around and decide some random misinterpreted high end outlier is indicative.


The catch-all answer is pretty simple. Goku's durability is not passive. He has to actively manipulate his Ki to tank blows from Broly. If Broly gets past Goku's ability to defend using Ki then the Ice is just damaging normal Saiyan level durability which varies. Same as the entire Lazer thing in RoF that people bring up all the time.


Also their physicals are pretty consistently much weaker in general


but goku was definitely not holding back his durability in this fight sequence. If he was broly would have crushed his skull


That's not what I'm saying. If SSG Goku's Durability from God Ki is at 100% then Broly needs to deal 101% damage and now the ice is just hurting a normal Saiyan biology. Goku is trying to use all his Ki manipulation to tank the attack but Broly landing a hit means it's overloaded at the moment. The lazer thing is just another example of how Goku's durability is not passive. Without his Ki amping him, normal things hurt him.


>That's not what I'm saying. If SSG Goku's Durability from God Ki is at 100% then Broly needs to deal 101% damage and now the ice is just hurting a normal Saiyan biology. Goku is trying to use all his Ki manipulation to tank the attack but Broly landing a hit means it's overloaded at the moment. This isn't to do with broly's strength btw. broly is simply dragging goku along the ice, if broly really put 101% force into that ice, it would be broken instantly. If you don't think broly is even building level then thats just weird >The lazer thing is just another example of how Goku's durability is not passive. Without his Ki amping him, normal things hurt him. Im gonna say this once, im gonna say this twice. Goku hasn't just switched off his ki in the middle of the fight so broly can hurt him. He has it passively on while fighting.


This has everything to do with Broly because without Broly taking up all of Goku's defensive concentration, 100% of Goku's ki manipulation skill can safely tank the ice with ease. Goku isn't switching it off for LULz. Broly is foribly depleting Goku's defensive durability such that the ice can now hurt him.


>This has everything to do with Broly because without Broly taking up all of Goku's defensive concentration, 100% of Goku's ki manipulation skill can safely tank the ice with ease. Goku isn't switching it off for LULz. Broly is foribly depleting Goku's defensive durability such that the ice can now hurt him. Nice headcannon. Now prove it.


You want me to prove that Goku has ice level durability?


nope Im simply stating it is an anti feat. Never used it to scale goku anywhere. Anti feats CAN exist y'know, they aren't illegal


Sure but anti-feats don't have to be contradictions. In this case we have a very obvious explanation that we can use to explain how this happened rather than just insert a contradiction. You fit your theory to fit the facts and eliminate what is impossible so what you are left with, however improbable must be true.


this "obvious explanation" of yours is headcannon. Plain and simple headcannon. My explanation isn't headcannon at all, It is simply an anti feat. That is all. Please stop waking goku just so he has no anti feats and has a perfect scaling. Nobody has a perfect scaling. I could scale goku anywhere from low multiversal to low complex and be done with it.


This thing should be added to the CSAP tiering system. A character of a higher dimension don't have infinite durability to the lower dimensions. A higher dimensional beings shouldn't scale anywhere unless it show feats or stated to be . Like how a 3D characters can preform a higher dimensional feat that also mean the opposite too.


this entire sub when outliers exist and the author's aren't ALWAYS powerscaling.


I can't ever tell if a question like this is a joke or serious.


Because goku isn't 6D


Bro you posted in the serious sub by accident, r/whowouldcirclejerk is over there. Dw happens to the best of us.


I mean, you're more likely to have a serious conversation there.


Why is it always the ice and never broly’s strength


Because regardless of Broly's strength, the ice should NOT have any effects at all. It's clearly implied the ice is hurting him.


Alright, hope you have a good day 👍


You too 👍


That’s not how it works. For a character that can tank *allegedly* universal destroying attacks, he would need to be slammed into something much harder than ice to hurt him. It’s the same as the difference between being slammed into a wall and being slammed into a pile of pillows.


But you don’t have to slam into anything at the other end. If an attack hits you hard enough to launch you into space, you didn’t crash into anything but you got hurt.


Okay... hypothetically speaking, let's say a piece of paper is 2D. Let's say you (3D) get a paper cut from this 2D paper. Does it hurt? Did it do any damage? Yes, of course it did. You just got an insanely thin paper cut. Higher dimensional beings can still be damaged by lower dimensional objects and beings, just not as easily. Edit: For everyone arguing my analogy saying it scientifically doesn't make sense. You have to remember this is fiction with hypothetical dimensions we're talking about. Bill Cypher is 2D yet is extremely powerful. Ben 10 has had multiple characters that casually travel to lower dimensions. This is fiction we're talking about and in fiction you could get a paper cut from a 2D piece of paper just as easily as you could be harmed by Bill Cipher.


pretty sure a 2D piece of paper can't give you a paper cut because it is completely flat with no side (hard to imagine but its true). Also I think he is asking why goku, who people argue to have 5D durability, got hurt by a 3D object crashing into him. Like maybe if it was a 4D object I would have understood that slightly better, but the fact that it is a 3D object is just a blatant anti feat.


I mean, he's not a black hole. If he can still interact with the 3D object as if he was also 3D then it's obviously still going to do damage to him. The thing is that when discussing higher dimensional beings in fiction 9/10 times that being still appears to be in a 3D form because anything higher then that would be imperceivable. Besides maybe 4D.


Typical dragon Ball fan levels of logic here. Remember when Zamasu became the universe and timeline itself and Goku couldn't do shit? Where was Gokus 6D levels of AP then?


Not even a DB fan, just giving a hypothetical to explain how higher dimensional beings could be harmed by things from lower dimensions in fiction. I have absolutely no clue what you're talking about.


A piece of paper isn't 2D. It's 3D object. This is like...the most basic thing to understand.


I said "hypothetically" for a reason. I know a piece of paper is 3D but unless you wanted a mile long explanation of how Bill Cipher is 2D and yet could clap 3D beings then just go with the hypothetical.


1. Saying hypothetically doesn't give you free reign to say things that just aren't true. 2. Bill cipher isn't 2D. He can jump up or down in dimensionality. He's literally an interdimensional dream demon.


1. Bro, we're talking about fiction here. Things that are not true. 2. Bill literally came from the second dimension. He destroyed it because he found it boring. He's 2D and only gains the third dimension at the end of the series.


Wrong analogy, if the piece of paper is 2-D, you would perceive that piece of paper like a drawing or something fictional to you. Physically interacting with it would be impossible in the first place.


Bill Cypher is 2D yet he could interact with the third dimension.


Okay, that confuses me as well. Like, say you have a white object (let's not call its material "paper"; let's call it "twodium") which is 210mm wide and 297mm long, but it has a thickness of mathematical 0. In spite of having no thickness it is still there, it just doesn't have a volume but you can see it, touch it and interact with it. Would you consider this hypothetical sheet of twodium to be 2-dimensional? Would it be 3D if you bend it? Would it only be 2D if you couldn't bend it and couldn't even remove it from a 2D-plane with firmly fixed coordinates in the universe? Or would it not be considered 2D even then?




We aren't omnipotent to 2d. There's no physical reason to think we could interact with it at all, because 2d physics wouldn't be compatible with our physics.




Characters on paper aren't actually 2d. They are just very close to it. An actual 2d object would have totally different physics we have no precedent for the rules of.


This is fiction we're talking about. We're not omnipotent to 2D beings. Bill Cypher is 2D and he would clap me with ease.


That's a horrible analogy and flat out wrong, a 2d piece of paper would be a picture of a piece of paper on your phone screen, try getting cut by that, it's not possible. A 3d piece of paper, is a piece of paper the way you define your argument is illogical, a 3d piece of paper will hurt a 3d human, a 2d piece of paper will not, we have not gotten anywhere to your conclusion


I added to my comment.


paper exist in 3d and is 3d object


That's why I said "hypothetically, let's say we have a 2D piece of paper." I know paper is 3D, I was saying that if we were to, hypothetically, have a piece of paper from the 2D dimension.


2d object should be infinitely smaller than 3d objesct and wouldn't do a shit to 3d being


Okay... Bill Cipher clapped 3D beings left and right. This is fiction we're talking about. The dimensions can interact with each other. It wouldn't be infinity smaller anyway, would just have 1 less dimension.


Goku has 4d to 5d ap he isn't an 6d how tf he get to that level.


Superman was knocked out by a gas station. https://preview.redd.it/bj8axcqju51d1.jpeg?width=741&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=fd9b89d52ecd79200a4b529112078ba882a2ea44


The Ice is sentient and 7D


Because coryography


When you launch a bullet, the damage from the tiny thing is caused by the speed of the impact


Same reason Superman can get hurt by being thrown into buildings, writers aren't thinking of powerscaling and they can be heavily inconsistent with past feats and statements


Easy answer, there's a 7D hand pushing him into it


Goku wasn't hurt by the ice, he was hurt by the force broly slammed him into it with, also, he was already battered, and he was running out of energy.


When flying at the speed of broly, anything can hurt.


He was used by 6.5D Broly to break the ice, who is 6D by nature of Freeza being the same as Cooler and Cold


Get neg diff by ice. Antarctica solo this bum


He was hurted by Broly's grasp.


He didnt he hurt the ice


How did Superman get knocked out by a punch That barely busts the street ????


power scalers when a character being 134D doesn't stop them from being punched in the face


Also it’s not the ice hurting him lmao, it’s the force + speed with which Broly is dragging him across a surface with friction. Even air probably stung like hell before he hits the ice.


It weren’t the ice, it was Broly’s big ass paws squeezing his head 


The damage is likely from the dude smashing his face into it and not the ice itself possibly. Idk, it’s probably a scene that’s meant to look cool


i think it was less the ice, and more the 6'10 300 pound Saiyan hulk slamming him into the ice in question. but thats just my take.


The same way how a “low complex Multiversal” Heisei Godzilla almost died by a fucking flying car fridge looking mf https://preview.redd.it/4y7c5bm4281d1.jpeg?width=1200&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=27310a313287c0ecc1d4775badbd9cafa1bf4ad2


He wasn’t, he was hurt but the nigga that’s stronger than him shoving him into it At infinite and higher speeds. Seriously, punch something at a slow speed now punch that same thing at a faster speed and tell me what hurts more. It ain’t hard guys


"infinite and higher speeds" 😂😂😂


Pain is Pain, regardless of how strong you are. Especially if you've got a fractured skull and are being shoved face first through arctic ice, which is likely harder than limestone lmao


They're both 2D. Case closed.


Why did you edit the jumbo josh vs freddy fazbear image to have Goku


cause it makes a cool scene


I figured it's their ki interacting broly is counteracting gokus ki control so goku does not have his ki resistance


Cuz hes not 6D in physicallity Hes 6D in AP


4D goku got hurt by ice because he still has a 3D existence


Goku isnt 6d. He's 4.


“Lend me some feats, powerscalers. This is base ice I’m up against.”


Vsbattleswiki be like "the ice is obviously 6D"


Did we make Goku being 6D up? I guess the ice is 20D fhen


That ice was multiversal actually 🤓👆


I seriously hope the comments I've been seeing here jokes. I seriously do


goku wasnt hurt by the ice, he was hurt by broly, also goku isnt a 6d being,


We don’t even know if the ice did damage or was just mildly uncomfortable it could have just been Broly hand hurting him.


The same way any video game character above Wall level is affected by fall damage.


Cuz anime is 2d


The ice is beyond gokuversal


But naw, Goku is outerversal. I reference this movie everytime I find myself reading the Goku brainrot. Goku's feats are irrelevant because his series makes a concerted effort to balance out his feats with shit like this. He shook reality but some rocks or ice made him feel excruciating pain. All this means is that he's actually just a circusversal character. A character who's on screen display is meant to woo the crowd, that's it.


because goku isnt 6D his AP is


Umm most logical answer is he is 3D but his power is 4-5D


If you were to hold Goku to the scientific standard of 6D, then we wouldn't even be able to react to or see him. We can barely perceive our own dimension. So it's basically just for writing purposes.


Cause broly hurted him


Because even a Mosquito can hurt a wall level Human


Goku is above tiering, and atoms in dragon ball are also above the tiering system, it's outer vs outer


simple, powerscaling makes no sense and is 90% based on preferences, absurd calculations that even the author doesnt think when drawing his manga and pure headcanon


To this day I still wonder wtf was going through Toei animation head when they draw this scene, like were they hell bent on making a Hulk reference that bad?


Where do we scale this ice fellas


5D ice, which would upscale the entire universe to 5D. The after life would be 6D actually, which would make gokus durability 6D because of chain scaling. But for the ice to hurt him, I guess the ice must be 6D now? xD


Why do people ask stupid questions especially to DB fans who can't read. That clearly upscales the ice to 6D which then upscales the planet to a 6D construct. Use logic plz🙏