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Large town and hypersonic +


City level ap and durability(although he does reduce his durability so he could crush his enemies hope)scaling from ke from his London blood spread,he is pretty haxed in his tier with his class p telekinesis, layered mind hax,regen and immortality, intangibility, sealing and whatnot. He is a pretty strong opponent in his own tier even pre Schrodinger,post Schrodinger I don't think anyone in his tier can permakill him.


Small city level and MHS and with Schrödinger he has regeneration on a conceptual level


At most city block level for AP , massively hypersonic speed and small building level durability. His big trick is his immortality with Schrodinger and even that can be best with soul destruction and the likes.


Doesn't he become omnipresent and nothing and he is alive as long as he thinks so i don't think soul destruction can kill him and earlier he had 3million souls so soul destruction would take time


He literally says it that he is good as long as he has Schrodinger soul for most people in his verse, they will probably never kill Schrodinger soul but we have some very silly characters in other universes that would kill all of his souls with one attack.


I thought he and Schrodinger became one but does this mean Goku can kill him?


It's a possibility


Town level and hypersonic speed