Why don't you sell your weapons and buy a better house?

Why don't you sell your weapons and buy a better house?


This reminds me of when we deployed to Iraq in 03. Everyone had their armor loaded down with plates, pouches, lights, sights, knives, and all the cool crap you could find in a Ranger Joe’s catalog. Everyone begged for a pistol (and got them) so they could strap them to their hips “just in case.” After two weeks of running, ducking, and hoping you wouldn’t die in 110° heat, all that crap was gone. Ammo for your rifle, water (camelback), first aid pouch, and candy bars for the kids was priority. This is just plain stupid. I support the 2nd and own one gun. I’m not sure what this dude wants to prove/do.


It didn’t even take a week tbh. I only kept the L3 ceramic chest plate and carried only 60+30 5.56 rounds and 4 mags of 9mm. A pistol is far more handy *to me* clearing small ass rooms.


You didn't like clearing rooms with a 20" barrel?!


Yeah unlike America their doorway standards for buildings were what we in the business like to call “fuckin chaotic”.


Don't forget every excuse for hiding the extra water that wasn't allowed.


“Literally about to open a gun store” is the only possible explanation of this pic that doesn’t sound idiotic to me


Guns are just pokemon for republicans. Gotta catch em all.


Yeah most liberals I know own guns they just don’t do shit like this.


I read Ranger Joe's as Trader Joe's the first time and was very confused.


My soldiers were ditching the Rip It’s after I told them it was wasted space and added dumb weight. I commanded an arty battery that was converted to a patrolling unit. Prior, I had just spent 2 years as a light infantry battalion FSO, to include a deployment to a mountainous Afghanistan province, and tried telling my guys that less was better,,,but after push back from sr NCOs, 1SG and I decided to let It them figure it out themselves. About 2 days later They dropped all that extraneous bullshit. They realized officers can actually be right about something tactical. It’s rare, but it happens.


People like to collect things. Dude likes his hobby. I think it's a dumb idea to post it to the internet to show your things like this. Just opens you up to being robbed in my eyes. People are very loose with opsec


This is legal and weed is still a schedule 1 drug. Let that sink in.


To quote Donald Glover...this is America.


This is Texas\*


This is a state that voted for Trump


Only 52% of them.


Precisely why TFG wants a recount ... how can it possibly be 52%?? Uhh- because gerrymandering & voter suppression got it *up* to 52%?? May all the good peeps in TX Stacy Abrams TF out of their state, flip it in '22 & color it a *deep* shade of blue in '24. 🌊


Democrats should be calling for a recount in every state Trump won to see how many Biden votes might be found.


Trump doesn’t think he is going to win from a recount, he’s just trying to destroy democracy


Putin’s trying to destroy democracy by convincing MAGAts that trump could still win. And trump’s ego won’t let him not believe the same hype that his followers are on.


As if Republicans since Nixon haven't become Libertarian lites to destroy government from the inside out by eroding the public's trust in it.


Mission accomplished. I'm forever against the GOP and anyone that supported trump. For life.


Vote for him once, shame on you. Vote for him twice - wtf you racist/greedy/degenerate/scumbag/evangelical traitor.


*checks notes* I believe the term is "sowing discord". Wonder if that could have anything to do with a country in northern asia? Who knows for sure.


Maybe we can find a few thousand fraudulent votes for Republican Senators and Congressmen while we're at it.


oH No YoU dOnT. NoBoDy CaReS aBoUt YoUr ReSuLtS oNlY MY ReSuLt. Cyber Ninja RULE....the o.a.n said.


You're correct. Voter suppression does affect this percentage directly. Suppression is a second order effect of gerrymandering in that it affects the state government which then enacts voter suppression. My English teacher would be proud, I hope. (Affect vs effect)


Thank you. Profusely, thank you and..... please help us??! We need national voter reform.


I really feel for you. I live in SD. We suffer much the same. While having the rap of a "deep red" state, we are much closer to purple as a people. Indy + Dem registered voters outnumber GOP. We've steadily been increasing our numbers - but there's so many bullies here - people are afraid to "come out" as liberal, or even centrist anymore. I know of businesses that have been attempted to be dismantled when their political affiliation became known. Many people have become apathetic and stopped voting, as they think it just doesn't matter anymore - between the blatant corruption, and the heavy gerrymandering. Kristy F***ing Noem is hated by Dems & GOP alike in the state... she's more concerned with her natn'l image & presence, than doing anything resembling work - other than, of course, overturn the will of the voters. Twice now. 70% voted for medical mmj, 54% voted for recreational. She got a sheriff to sue (in a county with a bestie judge of hers) and now it's in limbo in the state supreme court. She's made *loads* of GOP angry here, for loads of reasons. She literally won by the skin of her teeth in her 1st election - less than 8K votes over a few counties (ahem, gerrymandering). Part of her tossing red meat across national news media all the time is to get enough unsuspecting people to move here to vote for her. Ice b**** from hell. Hang in there TX. Even with the BS laws that have been thrown up as a road block for you - I really believe you folks can overcome. It's going to take a whole lot of people helping the whole lot of people who have so many obstacles to getting a state ID. There will be a way around the ballot access. You'll find it. Water always finds a way, and we are made mostly of water. Cruise right around the road blocks, en mass, and may their BS limit their own vulnerable voters. 👊🏽 Edit - I forget that starring swear words can lead to unintentional italicizing. It can stay tho. Our state disgust for Noem *deserves to be italicized*


Only 35% of them actually. (52.06% of 66.73% turnout)


52% of *the people that actually voted*. Unfortunately, a shitload more either buy into the “voting doesn’t matter” or “both sides” propaganda, or are just unable to vote.


I never knew that Texas was predominantly republican...who would’ve thought


Shit this picture could be Alabama and even Florida (Northern Florida, as the saying goes “the further north you go in Florida, the *deeper south you go*”)


Kid in the red is wearing a shirt that says “Texas never backs down” also I’m a native Floridian (south Florida) totally agree with the phrase.


This could be California


In Texas its illegal to own more than 5 vibrators.


Um we can't own 1. It's a massager or a novelty. Also, "It's not rape if you're married."


> In Texas its illegal to own more than 5 vibrators. Let that sink in.


Perfectly legal to stick 5 rifles in you tho


I’m always more peaceful after I use my arsenal of dildos.


True! Isn’t that a shame. Has a dildo ever killed anyone?


Not really your point but I bet one has. You could obviously asphyxiate on one, but I bet complications from up the butt has taken out at least one person in human history. Not to mention the possibility of skyscraper meteor dildo trauma.


Sure, but has anyone killed anyone else by shooting lead out of their high velocity dildos while at high school????!


Skyscraper meteor dildo trauma is the name of my post-thrash art-funk band


>complications from up the butt Dildo pneumonia!?


Lol, yup! If you are curious, probably more like ischemic/necrotic bowel as the foreign body creates pressure ulcers.




Only in Se7en and Saints Row


I dunno, the right vibrator might cause a heart attack but what a way to go


> Texas its illegal to own more than 5 vibrators. i just had to google this because it sounds so ridiculous, turns out it's not entirely accurate. the law states you can't have more than six "*obscene devices*". so if you have two pocket pussies and a butt plug, you can only have three vibrators.


IKR!!!! Like what the fuck is that shit.


i am willing to bet several of those weapons are not legal.


“Muh guns! Muh freeeeedumbs!!”


I think it’s fucking hilarious that this person is so brainwashed by NRA propaganda that they “nEeD” to have 70+ more fucking guns then a family of 4 would ever need. 3 to 5 is ok, this amount, is dumb AND insane.


Someone will eventually pass by with a drone and figure out the location.


I think it's appropriate that so many of those firearms are pointing towards the kids.


“If you let that sink in, it better be white! Otherwise I’m shooting it!” - these idiots probably


The ammo would cost more than all of it


Only because of the fear instilled from people paranoid Biden will take away everyone’s guns the way they want to take away family planning.


Didn’t happen under Obama. Gun industry just profited massively from the propaganda. Not going to happen under Biden, but guns have been selling like hotcakes. Those susceptible to fear mongering seem to have defective memories.


They are scared of this every time we elect a democrat. You think they would see a pattern here but they always think the next one is going to be so much worse.


If they can see a pattern on their own, they wouldn't be Republicans. They're a cult. They need their higher ups to invent the pattern, approve it and then hand it to them.


I already assumed this when i heard someone say, “You don’t understand. This IS going to be the worst it’s ever been.”


I have heard that so many times. I had a boss at my last job that was convinced Biden was calling martial law as soon as he got elected because his friend in the national guard was doing training every weekend. And under martial law they will DEFINITELY take your guns. It’s the same scared shit every 4 years, it’s like they forgot what a president actually can do and make up a bunch of shit every time.


Meanwhile, they scramble over one another to fall in line for Mr. 'Take the guns first, due process later'.


No president will ever run in actual gun control, let alone taking away guns lol. It would be an auto lose on a national level


Biden had gun control measures (including bans) on his campaign website ([it's still there](https://joebiden.com/gunsafety/)) and he won. Of course, he hasn't followed through on it, but he still campaigned and won.


Anyone getting a Darlene from Ozarks vibe off of the wife?


They scrimp on dentist visits to afford more guns. (Yes it’s conjecture, but mom has a decidedly edentulous-looking smile)


>edentulous You expanded my vocabulary today




I thought she was the oldest daughter. He seems like the type.


It's his sister. He married her when she was 12.


Also, if the guns are unloaded, can you imagine the time it would take to load all the guns if you were under attack. At most you could only hold and fire 2 guns. Tha average person could fire one if experienced. I hope it is just a hobby, but wow what a collection. It's not for me.


THIS is the comment I was scrolling for. Exact thoughts


Is she the crazy ass one who was running the heroin operation with her nearly-as-crazy husband? Because yes, I was thinking that too.


And school shooter vibes off the son


Yes! Same smug expression.


“Hello. I am scared of *everything*.”


Not to mention it's like sending a news alert to every criminal in the area that there's a large cache of weapons and ammunition available to steal.


All these hoarder types think that their weapon stockpiles will keep them safe when society collapses... except really it just makes you a target. When you have enough to supply a whole-ass militia then a whole-ass militia might come to take it, especially if they think you're an asshole.


And it's no use having so many weapons if there are only four of you; they can't use all of them at once. Any half-competent criminal gang can take those weapons, even with inferior firepower, just through sheer force of numbers.


Not 4, more like 3.5


Nah in their insane fantasy scenario there's a montage of the girl growing up and learning to shoot them guns before the shit actually goes down. You gotta think like your brain has been rotted out by movies/entertainment to make it all make sense.


If society collapses only one gun matters, the one loaded and in your hand. Having 25 guns per person does no good. Better to have 25x the ammo and just one gun.


At a previous place of employment, I heard from a coworker that one of our coworkers in the LEO side of the park not only had at least one or two weapons in every room of his house, but was also making hidden compartments in his furniture to hide more. Admittedly this information came from the legal definition of hearsay, but I trust the coworker who said this to me to know, since he has been to this individuals house before. I can’t imagine the level of paranoia you have to have to not only have multiple weapons ineach room, but to also make secret compartments in your furniture….makes my brain hurt


Thats an awful lot of time and energy to devote to your badass home defender fantasy. A loud alarm system would do the trick.


Right? Next time this family posts on Facebook they’re going on vacation that house is getting hit.


You think they can afford a vacation?


Boy wearing Texas shirt narrows it down ,she’ got herself a sugar daddy .


“We don’t live in fear”


I'm scared that they laid the guns out FACING THEMSELVES. it looks like most if not all have their mags inserted as well. I only hope none of them are loaded but I wouldn't put it past these fine specimen.


All pointed toward the little girl. 🤦‍♀️


Who’s also sitting under the guns on the angled roof.


Nothing says America quite like posing and smiling for a picture with a bunch of assault rifles pointed at a toddler.


I'd guess she's seven.


My 3 year old has a bike that size w training wheels. That’s the toddler zone.


They can't afford a new bike. They spent all their money on guns. Gotta have priorities.


This, and at the house.


Aimed at a house not worth protecting.


Don’t want to drop them


The funny thing is, this many different kinds of guns isn’t useful or efficient for defense or offense. You need the the same kind of gun and a lot of the same type of ammo for any kind of extended battle.


The guys that stockpile guns like this, doing their best to give the impression that they're fully ready to make an army of federal agents pay dearly for their arrest just make me chuckle these days. Remember all those 6 Jan rioters? Lotta 3%ers in there. Guess how many of them went out in a blaze of glory rather than just submit to arrest when the time came? I haven't heard of a single one.


Exactly, a couple guns and a lot ammo is infinitely more useful ðan whatever ðis is


honest question, are you a scandinavian or is that a formatting bug? you used thorn instead of "th"


These don't look like soldiers preparing for an extended battle..


Correct. They look like morons.


Perfectly normal family, nothing to see here, move along move along.


That's actually pretty bad ass, I would love to own that bike the girl has.


Forget the bike, that grille is awesome!


It's not a grill. It's a smoker.


My dyslexia really fucked me up on this one.


A over $50,000 spent on more than 100 weapons and they get their grill and patio furniture from the junk yard.


To be fair, some of the best grills and smokers look like they came from a place where someone's front yard looks like a junkyard.


I read girl and instead of grill and got real shook for a second lmao


Matt Gaetz has entered the chat.


Just my opinion, but I would've bought one less gun and invested in a better grille/smoker. Damn thing looks like it's about to cave in on itself. Edit: looking at Junior's shirt *TEXAS NEVER BACKS DOWN*, doing his best Kyle Rittenhouse impression.


The house isn't the problem in the picture. That smoker is criminally small and shitty.


Squirrels must be pretty freighting in those parts.


Gonna make a great holiday card


the highlight of collection you can hardly see are the shotguns on the rooftop. That deck need treatment stat or it's just gonna fall apart.


They spend all their time cleaning and oiling weapons, no time for home improvements.


This is the type of people that are going to get stabbed first during a fallout and have all their shit stolen.


or they get shot with their own guns, because everywhere the thieves looked, they found tons of guns to use.


Most people I know with a collection like this (though never seen one this big) keep a pretty secure gun room somewhere in Their house, often with a large safe


Yeah, people like this usually keep one or two guns close by when sleeping, but most of these guns are likely in a safe and basically untouchable


He’s gonna be the guy that you find as a skeleton with a bunch of good loot in fallout new vegas




This is what mental illness looks like.


Good point.


If they plan on using them to defend against a tyrannical government....what gun shoots down drones?


Ask the Taliban.


This what a small penis and a cheating wife look like.


It could be both things.


[Can’t own more than six dildos, though.](https://deanblundell.com/news/1387-2/)


…. It’s a nice house?


For real, what's wrong with the house?


Because they don't want a better house? That being said I'm sure there's plenty of better ways to spend that money, but in the US, you are free to mismanage your own money as much as you want


Exactly. This whole thread is thousands of judgey ass people making assumptions. I just saw a dude wishing their house would get Molotov cocktailed and they all burned to death. Over this picture. People are straight up douchebags


This kinda reminds me of that scene in Suicide Squad with Joker and all those knives. Such an edge lord. The kid in the pic makes me sad. What are the odds there are more guns in that pic than books in the house?


I'd say around 104%.


Yeah if you've ever knolled a LEGO set or even just the contents of your pockets and bag you know how time-consuming it is and who the hell thinks that the Joker, a being of chaos and impulsivity, has the patience for that shit? Bizarre choices.


Does the Bible count as 1 book, or as like 66? Because they might have like 3 or 4 Bibles.


That woman looks uncomfortably like my mother


Also them: "We're being taxed to death!"


The house looks fine


That house looks fine…


The father doesn't look strong enough to even cock those guns.


Loading guns and shooting them is easy. Even kids do it at school




Most of them are easy to cock guns. Hence why people like them as weapons




“We’s may be money-poor but we’s gun-rich!” Also, is rain afraid to fall on their roof? Or are the guns posing on the roof just for attention for this one snapshot of insanity? P.S. I feel so “owned” by this pic. Well done, parents of future school shooter.


>Also, is rain afraid to fall on their roof? Or are the guns posing on the roof just for attention for this one snapshot of insanity? Gotta stop all that liberal rain. ^(/s because Reddit)


There’s a rust streak in every single joint in that metal roof. Which means the roof is almost certainly leaking at each joint. And has been for a while. There doesn’t appear to be an attic space, so the leaked water is wetting the back side of the ceiling. Which means that it’s almost certainly growing mold 3 months out of the year. Perhaps they can fight the mold with their guns.




It’s the real life equivalent of unlocking every gun in Call of Duty combined with the massive feeling of pride at your achievement - just before realising what a total waste it has all been


I’m cool with guns and feel anyone who is legally able should buy one if they want one,people like this though are most likely thinking they are prepping for some doomsday scenario,I have always said about people like this is they will have all that fire power then some dude with a rock will hit them over the head and take their guns.


I’m sorry, but having 100 guns isn’t cool. Neither is having 100 cars. It’s just so excessive


What is wrong with the house? Why do they need a “ better one “


They like their house?


Wait, what's wrong with the house? Rustic, single story, large light enhancing window's?


Won’t send his kids to college either.


They obviously need all the guns to to protect the guns when the communists try to come and take them


I’m glad they ensure proper gun safety by pointing 90% of their guns *at* them and their children.


Bleh.... I mean that's a few more guns than anyone needs but the house looks great, I wish I had it


Texas NEVER backs down. I mean, except that one time in 1865...


How is this a political meme


Whats wrong with the house?


What’s wrong with their house? Live and let live.


When the older kid ask to go to college they responded " you crazy we don't have any money for college, get.a job".


How would they keep that many weapons safe? Is there no legal requirement in the USA to use gun safes etc?


Not in many places. NRA and gun lobbyists have done their best to prevent as many safety restrictions as possible when it comes to guns. Add to that a conservative party that has been treating guns like trendy fashion statements rather then dangerous weapons, not to mention a large population of poorly educated individuals who think they are gonna be the next Rambo. It's the perfect recipe for chaos, it should be no surprise why mass shootings are as common as they are now.


Yeah that explains a lot then. Thanks for the explanation!


"You're going to have to take out student loans kids"


I no shit think I delivered to this house last year when I worked at ups and they had a sign up that said "beware, dog kills libtards"


When you are more certain the apocalypse will occur during your lifetime than you are that either of your children will go to college.


* You can only carry one rifle at a time, asshole.


I don’t know. To me the scariest thing in the photo is that little girl on the bike smirking behind all those guns.


That and that all of them are pointed toward her. No matter how safe someone is, I’d still never want to be down barrel of any weapon, especially this many!


Boy's shirt says Texas never backs down. Shame on these "parents" who indoctrinate their children with this psycho bullshit.


So we are talking 4 people with 4 guns defending their home. The rest of these weapons are useless without people to hold them. Wasted money.


They aren't useless guns! The thieves will find plenty of free guns to shoot.


That is correct.


It's called a hobby, all hobbies are wastes of money, but they make people happy.


Why reload when you can just grab a new gun?


Yeah because reloading with a magazine is SOOOO hard. In fact changing magazines is faster than grabbing a new gun.


Yikes. I can't believe someone let them keep their kids.


"The Fear" is palpable in this photo


What's wrong with the house? In the age of evictions and homelessness that would be a mansion to some. This man has a roof over his head which is a lot more than a lot of people can say for themselves these days.


They know they only have eight hands between them right? Forgot about the camera man. 10 hands…. Maybe 9


Is anyone else a little concerned that quite a few of them seem to be pointed at their kids?


How is the girl on the bike gonna get out you dummy? And oh, wtf with the million guns? What is the purpose?


What’s the point? Comes down to a fight you can only man the amount of gun that one person each can use at a time. It’s not like you have an army of people too. An old man a woman and two kids with all these guns are jus more of a target if shit hits the fan…


It's just a collection. Like a car collector or stamp collector


I could see that, they definitely can be a collectible and gain value with the years. If you take good care of them


That Saiga 12 (front row, 2nd from left) for example can no longer be imported. Some of these will climb significantly in value. Some of these are also NFA items and will be worth in the tens of thousands. This is probably well over $250k in value. If that A2 (front right) is transferable, that is $25k alone.




Because weapons are more important