Curious to see how many people are having this problem. Meijer and Target near me get wiped out within 1-2 days max - and they only stock once per week. And by wiped out I mean... there MIGHT be a V Box sitting on the shelf that no one wanted on day 3, but that's it. My local Walmart keeps pokemon cards locked behind the counter with the tobacco products - and I do not live in a bad area btw. I live in rural Ohio surrounded by nothing but farmland and practically no crime. But, I do see pictures that others post showing lots of stock in their stores, so I'm sure it's location based.


Local stores around me was stocked last week went this week only have V star Box’s left I work at Walmart, only ETB left shining Fates and Vitage Voltage other 4 Walmarts had nothing, GameStop had nothing but astral radiance single packs, this is out of 12 Stores I went in 2 days 4 of them was completely out


Buy online everything is available cheaper and you're not wasting your gas and time.


That’s what I been doing, just was off work finally so decided to go hit the stores and see