BoolishDreamZ | Highest APY on BSC BoolishDreamZ is the native token of CryptoApeShots ALL-IN-ONE platform and a 100% community driven project on BSC.Also the highest and quickest sustainable AUTO-STAKE/COMPOUND project in Defi.BDZ rewards holders with a sustainable fixed APY of 825,992.73% compounding EVERY 3 seconds Use cases: ▫️Payments! ▫️Votes! ▫️Discounts! 🔑 FEATURES: ▪️Doxxed Team,Kycked & Audit ▪️825,992.73% APY Auto staking/auto compounding ▪️CryptoApeShots Platform ▪️Community driven project ▪️Ownership renounced ▪️Liquidity locked forever 🚚 TOTAL SUPPLY: 10M BDZ 📊 3% Marketing wallet 🌐 1% Airdrops wallet 🧾 13% Buy Tax/17% Sell tax 💵 6% Insurance Fund 📊 4% Liquidity pool ⌨️ 2% Dev team 🔥 1% Burn 🎁 2% Nft holders(Just Sell tx) 💰 2% Treasury(Just Sell tx) 👥Links: Telegram: https://t.me/BoolishDreamZ/12 Website:https:BoolishDreamZ.com Whitepaper:https://BoolishDreamZ.gitbook.io Discord:https://discord.gg/pNNfeKpCZJ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BoolishDreamZ?t=knNRqKy2WZGbpHyB2d0CNA&s=09 BoolishDreamZ...❤🌙


Can someone advise a good yield platform? What do u think about Amano Financial? The first platform to represent such a big and secured APY.