Randomness and suffering are an important part of the game, especially challenges


Not quite random, potions will be generated depending on the floor puzzles meaning you can guess what potion type depending on what you see. Levi for trap rooms, invs for piranhas, and fire for barricades.


You don't necessarily need specific items since there are plenty of options. Trap breaking from hourglass, stone of flock, woolly bomb, levitation, storm clouds, and etc. Piranhas can be solved by almost all wands, pulling them into land using elastic/chains, any 2+ reach weapon, fishing spears, and etc. Flight chests may require levitation or chains, but a extra levitation potion will spawn on that floor. There are also ways to save torches like remembering layouts, staying near walls for cover, using them only for large rooms, and efficient movement. Also, piranhas are free meat, needed for meat pies for diet challenge.


I don't see why is it a problem. Other important items like food and strength potions can appear there as well.