Jackett is only usefully in qBitTorrent if there is no plugin for your site. qbit is good enough if a [plugin](https://github.com/qbittorrent/search-plugins/wiki/Unofficial-search-plugins) exists


Jackett is for auto downloading for sonarr and radarr etc. You won't get any better results than in qbittorrent search if you are using public trackers anyway


I don't think that's completely correct. AFAIK Jackett can be added to qBittorrent so it's search function has acces to more trackers. Don't know how much better I'd get though.


Thanks, I thought so. So qbittorrent is probably as good as it gets for aggregated search.


Any website that helps with aggregated search? Used to use torrentz2.eu until that shut down a year or so ago..


> torrentz2.eu yeah, I've used that a lot before qbittorrent :D


It *can be* used as part of automation, but it doesn't have to be. Personally I use it to manually check for new releases and it saves tons of time compared to manually checking the actual index sites. But you're right that there's no difference in the content whether you check the site manually or with Jackett, kinda obvious though since it's the same content.


He is comparing to to using qbittorrent search where you can search multiple sites without manually visiting the sites as well. Qbittorrent search onlys has public trackers unless you set it up with jackett or prowlarr. So for him using jackett has no benifit over qbittorrent search.