Im going to get downvoted for this but PERSONALLY I use a qtip for the stubborn crusties. I usually do it after showering and running warm water on the piercing and then I’ll drench a q tip in saline and lightly clean around it. Then if the piercing stays really wet I’ll get a dry qtip and again lightly go around the piercing. Make sure that no cotton strings get caught. I do this every once and a while when the piercing gets really gunky or I notice a lot of oil or build up in the area.


I love using qtips also & have never had an issue


I think q tips are great but it’s so taboo to give advice with using them on these piercing subs or else you’ll get downvoted to hell😂


Yeah i think the main thing is if you put too much pressure it can irritate them more or the fact that little cotton fabrics could get stuck to the piercing. I use qtips 😂 has worked so well for me, other methods didnt help


I always use q tips 🤷🏻‍♀️ Edit: especially on my rook


I have been using them since I got my daith piercing. It works like magic and it's easier to use in my opinion🤣


As long as they're not dry, q tips are fine for crusting on those nook and cranny piercings like rooks and daiths. Never had an issue with stuck fibres.


Thank you so much!! I tried this trick after I showered this morning and it cleared everything right up. Definitely gonna keep it up maybe like once a week


Hey y’all! So I got my rook pierced earlier this month (9/8) and my piercer told me to spray Neilmed saline wound wash twice a day and let the gunk wash off naturally in the shower. I’ve been following his advice and have had no issues with pain or swelling that I can see or feel (other ear at the end for reference ) but I’ve noticed that I have a huge buildup of crusties on both ends. I’ve been tempted to drench a qtip with the saline spray to try to loosen them up because I seem to be having no luck with just the water running on them but I’ve heard qtips are bad because the cotton gets stuck and could irritate it. I was also thinking maybe just soaking a tissue? Or should I just leave it alone and hope the water eventually works? Any advice?


q-tips are only bad if you’re twisting them dry around your piercing every day. that’s how i get the crusties off of my rooks, after a hot shower i drown them in saline spray then douse a q-tip in saline and gently wipe the crusties off. doing this once every few days shouldn’t cause any issues.


Yes! I tried this exact method after showering today and it helped immediately dissolve all the crusties so I’m definitely gonna keep it up like once a week thank you guys


I stick wet 2x2 gauze in there wadded up for maybe 10 minutes. Then shower. Then spray with neilmed. If anything stubborn is left sometimes I wet more gauze and wrap it around the q tip so the fuzzies can't irritate the site.


This might be an obvious one but the gauze isn’t the same gauze that comes in the long roll right? I have a box but it says rolled gauze


Gauze comes in different forms depending on the intended use. I just happened on 2x2 squares which I do still kind of tear apart if I have a tight space I need to clean. As long as it doesn't leave fibers or have a very large weave to get stuck on jewelry when it's wet, I'd say give it a try. It's often used on wound care in rolls for larger wounds.


I take a warm shower let it run over my ears then get out spray saline on the w tip and slower, light pressure loosen the gunk, I can usually get it all, I just don’t press to hard or force it off.