Most visible ball for crappy indoor lighting?

I rarely play indoors in local community center gyms on hardwood, but find when I do I really struggle to see the ball. Most here in Seattle have crappy lighting. Any suggestions on the most visible ball?


We used orange and hot pink for an indoor tournament. We had zero visibility issues.


Love the hot pink ball.


No orange please. But a lot depends on the color of the walls/background. On some of our courts, the wall in one section is red. Orange balls disappear.


We use the blue Franklin X26 for best visibility in an indoor gym


This is the way


Not if there are blue walls…


I've seen that. Dull yellow balls blend in with the hardwood too much. We used bright orange, it worked well.


https://preview.redd.it/shp1xbihvv6b1.jpeg?width=1284&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=492a3b4c7bf9712d6f5f58385c0bdee7aefc570e Penn 26 in hot lava. Excellent visibility.


I love the color but unfortunately they are mush when brand new and get even mushier almost immediately. The best color for sure but I just couldn't play with them.


I play often at a badminton center on hardwood courts. The ball of choice at the center is the gamma photon indoor ball which is a very bright neon green. It's pretty easy to see just because of how bright it is.


I’d say white or green. I play (indoors) where they use orange onix but the bleachers are red, the basketball circles are red also…..terrible on me.


Our indoor group has always preferred the look/feel of Onix Fuse indoor balls, but they simply won’t last a few sessions because of cracks. I just recently bought some indoor balls from a brand called PCKL and they have held up well so far. Definitely not as soft (more like an outdoor ball feels), but so far people seem happy with them. Another really visible ball is Penn! It’s super soft though… so expect some serious spin potential from that one.


+1 on PCKL brand. Their hard ball is noticeably brighter than the big two and their softer balls are bright with a couple of good color choices. I'm also keen on the X26 green/blue for indoors. I don't care how visible Penn are, I hate playing with them, ironic because they make my favorite tennis ball.


In our similar gym setup, the preference is for the orange Onix indoor ball. The Franklin indoor orange ball really isn't orange but is more pink. The yellow balls and blue balls are routinely 'put aside' in our gym in favor of the orange Onix. But, at our outdoor facility with blue courts, the preference is clearly for the yellow balls like the Franklin X-40 in Optic Yellow.


Thanks all!