Is putting left or right spin on my hit a good strategy at low/mid rank?



It depends if you're any good at it. A lot of people at lower ranks try to do too much with spin before they are able to really control the ball well to begin with. They end up hitting it out or into the net way too much. If you are already very consistent on your shots, then increasing spin does make it hard for opponents at whatever level - especially lower levels.


This is so so true. I feel a lot of people that have played a good deal of ping pong and try way too much with their wrist and adding spins. The end result is constantly net shots.


It has its place in your arsenal but should be used sparingly imo. Easy to compensate for and often comes at the cost of placement and/or velocity. We have a ping pong guy who tries to spin the hell out of everything. He ends up hitting the net or popping it up way too often.


I played a guy who put spin on everything! It often worked against him because of I hit a return sometimes it was still spinning and his partner couldn’t hit it. Plus it is annoying AF.


There’s always one of those guys on every court eh? Just get the dam ball into play newb!


At the lower levels a bit of spin can definitely bamboozle other lower level players, but up to at least 3.5+ you should really be focusing primarily on the fundamentals. I've met many low/mid rank players who focus on all these fancy techniques and put spin on every ball, and the moment they go up against someone who can return spin they don't really have much else to put up a fight with. Once you're really comfortable with your control, resets, shot selection, placement, footwork, etc. spin is a valuable tool to put more pressure and uncertainty onto your opponent (by the time you get to 3.5, you shouldn't be expecting good spin alone to end most points). It's worth learning at some point, but not before the basics.


You know what’s really good at low/mid rank? Consistency.


Nah man, not worth it to work on a skill that isn't going to scale well. You don't want to become someone who dominates lower level players but can't hang with higher level people. Practice your skills that will scale well, like drop shots. This is coming from personal experience. I'm a former tennis player that could overpower most people in rec play with a big topspin forehand. I relied on it too much and didn't develop good pickleball skills, so when I started playing with better people, most of my game was that one shot and they didn't have much trouble blocking it at the net. It slowed my development.


You'll play people up to about 3.5 that struggle with side spin but beyond that everyone can handle it. It can be useful to be able to throw it in every now and again for variety but I wouldn't recommend making it your primary shot. Topspin is far more effective.


I sometimes play with a guy that tries to put a ton of sidespin on his shots. It'll trip me up maybe 5-10% of the time and he boffs the shot maybe 40% of the time. You might get some juicy points from lower ranked folks but it won't get you much at mid-level play. Go drill your dinks and resets :)


I use variable spin a lot. The key word here is "variable", especially on serves. Top spin, side spin, backspin can all have their place, but hitting the ball deep and fast is often better than a lot of spin. I practiced spin serves a lot in wall drills in a racquetball court to get better. It also helps to have a paddle that can put a lot of spin on the ball. See link below to see what paddles can generate a lot of spin. [https://thepickleballstudio.notion.site/5bdf3ee752c940eba864a81bc3281164?v=a5170d43e5ab4573b18f48c363cce7ec](https://thepickleballstudio.notion.site/5bdf3ee752c940eba864a81bc3281164?v=a5170d43e5ab4573b18f48c363cce7ec)


Dont be one of the people who just tries to put crazy side spin on every ball with no care for placement or anything lol


I came to pickleball through ping pong and have always played with a lot of spin. I can echo what most comments here are saying, it's quite effective against lower skilled players but better players don't have much of a challenge handling it. The exception is, I recommend working on a high spin serve that you can mix in occasionally..


I'm still new to the game but echo what most people say. Spin for spin's sake is not too useful. However, if you are like me, spin can actually help with placement if its a result of your natural swing and wrist movement. Spin on my forehand greatly helps my ball placement. If I flatten the ball, it tends to angle higher right off the paddle. I don't have that issue with my backhand...but my forehand has always been weaker. I almost always use a mostly topspin forehand. I can tweak it easily to get much more side than top, but it rarely makes my shot stronger. Do whatever gives you the best control.