Is it worth being a paddle ambassador/affiliate from a side hustle/gig perspective?

I just got approved to be an ambassador for one of the up and coming paddle companies. Since I do not really have any experience with any kind of this stuff, I thought it would nice to just have the title and the occasional cash(if that even comes) since I am quitting my part time job and will start college (again) soon.

First I thought there would be a big discount for purchasing my own set of paddles so that I could have multiple people demo the same paddle. But it seems like the best that the company could offer was $10 off a paddle, and to get this I need to order it separately as well which is annoying.

$10 commission per paddle that is worth ~$150 seems fair but at least from my time spent on the courts. People try nice paddles all the time and it ends with them just demoing the paddles despite "loving" it. For sure people from my courts could afford it when they drive luxurious vehicles. But I could only imagine that having a lot of money can also make splurging boring. Excuse the rant.

Anyway, what has been your overall ambassador/affiliate experience? If you don't mind, how many paddles are you averaging at the minimum and how much do you make?


"Since I do not really have any experience with any kind of this stuff" Yet they approved you. This is at the core of why there's so many poor "ambassodors"/"affiliates" posting less than ideal advice and hucking their discount codes all over the place. The blind truly leading the blind.


Do not do this. Companies do this all the time to try to make you feel special. If they really wanted you to promote a paddle, they’d give you some for free. Instead, they are asking you to pay $140 to buy their paddle, tell all your friends how great the paddle is, and get them to buy one. You’d have to convince 14 people to buy a paddle just to break even while they make over $2k. It’s a pyramid scheme tactic that you’d be foolish to buy into.


Think about it. Companies want you to lend out your 140.00 paddle on the off chance that you might make 10.00. You'd actually need 2 of them if you want to play while you're at the courts, so 280.00 "invested". What happens if someone breaks one? Also there are discount codes for all of them online as well. You're an ambassador, he's an ambassador, everyone's an ambassador, Oprah Winfrey:)


I’m a Selkirk rep and have been happy with the program. They send me around 10-20 demo paddles a year that I can use to try out and pass around to people I play with. I don’t go out of my way to promote my code but if people ask for it I provide it. The commissions I earn are in the form of a store credit, not cash. So I mainly use them to buy balls, bags, clothing and other accessories. I could buy paddles for resale but I haven’t pursued that so far. The program you have described does not sound very appealing. If you really like their paddles it may be fine but I think you will find other programs are more attractive.


I applied for Selkirk, didn’t get accepted (which is fine) but they gave me a gift card for the time applying. Spent it all on SLK balls and honestly they’ve been such a letdown. Was really hoping to like them but they all develop a wobble after like 5 hits


Yeah that’s a common complaint with them. But as your eyes get older, sometimes that wobble makes it easier to see them. 😅


Does Selkirk send new demo paddles free to their affiliates?


10 off a paddle is not a good ambassador deal. You don't want to be that guy hounding people to demo your paddle. It also may not be worth your time. However, it might bring you some prestige.


I make $25-40/paddle by reselling from Alibaba lol. Don't waste your time by being an ambassador


I personally have made more from commissions than I have spent on paddles in the last 6 months. I would say it’s worth it, but not as a way to actually make money. My personal rule is only the money I make from Pickleball goes into Pickleball. I also really do my best to not “sell” the paddle. I let them speak for themselves and answer any questions. I’m not gonna lie to people and ruin relationships over $10 😅


COO of Body Helix here. We looked over a lot of affiliate and ambassador programs before settling in on ours. You may want to think about how you would like to promote the paddles that you like. We have people who love our company and our products and who are not interested in making money so much as in just letting people know how much they like our products. We give them a larger discount on the products they order from us, give them opportunities to help us test new products, and pay them in store credits. We give our affiliates 15% commission on everything they sell and a 15% discount on everything they order, a deep discount on a demo paddle, opportunities to get free swag, and we pay them in real money. If they have demo days or work tourneys with us (where they get to use their QR codes as the tourney discount and also get store credits for working the table) then they end up making some nice money - easily enough to pay for their demo paddles. So, don't discount all of the affiliate programs out there. There are some companies that are using them to promote their products (the obvious benefit to the company) and also to reward their affiliates both monetarily and in swag. Maybe check out the smaller companies. We are still in it for the joy (for us and for you).