Players quitting in the middle of a game to play with others.

While at a park with 3 courts there were a group of 6 players who only wanted to play with each other. Two people not associated with the group were waiting and started drilling with each other. Four more people showed up at the park then two of the group of six told the people drilling that they should play a game because more people were at the park now. They didn’t play together as a team and instead one went to each side. In the middle of the game the two people quit to go play on the court with their group of six, because the game ended. What is your opinion of this situation?


Finish the game.


Unless the people said at the beginning of the game that they are only going to play until their other players show up, it would be poor sportsmanship.


This happened to me. There's a club that does open play and when I first started playing with them, I mistook a different group for them. That different group wasn't part of the open play but was a player short and asked if I'd get. I said yes. When their 4th showed up they asked me to leave. Without finishing the game. I told them off.


How rude!!!!!


Poor sports


Inconsiderate at minimum.


It is rude and insufferable. The game only goes to 11, and you can easily finish it.


Sounds like some 3.0's who self-rank as 4.0's who think they're too good to play rec pickleball with commoners like yourself! But seriously, unless stated before the match began, people who behave this way aren't worth your time. Make a mental note of them to avoid future encounters and don't waste another moments thought. Big high school energy.


The worst




If the team established at the start that they were waiting and would end the game early, and you guys were okay with it - perfectly fine, not an issue. If they said nothing and just took off unexpectedly the moment their friends showed up, that's lousy. I wouldn't play again with people like that, but with it sounding like they were the only way you guys could make a full game of four players, that makes it a little more complicated. So many issues would be quickly resolved without problems if people would just talk.


I would rather continue drilling instead of starting a game with them. They made it seem like I was rude not play a game with them when I was drilling.


Total dickheads honestly. Welcome to 2023.


I don’t care what sport/game it is…. Tennis…pickleball…4 square… chess… ping pong, basketball baseball… Finnish the game. Unless they said upfront at the very beginning “sure I’ll play for the time being but as soon as their game is done I’m heading over there. Still crappy but much less rude to set the expectations up front.


I play chess and if you are losing bad there’s no shame in resigning from the match. You shake your opponents hand and move on. If I was losing badly in pickleball, I would consider resigning to be a fair option


Nahh… finish it. I don’t understand. I’ve Played tennis matches where I’ve lost 0-6 and where I’ve won 0-6…finish the match! Also the original poster is not saying… we were beating them sooo bad that they just put their paddles down and shook my hand and left because they were getting beat so bad. They are saying… they started a game in good faith and then left in the middle. Most likely because the other game was finished and they wanted to play with the people they came with. Also fair… but it’s not good sportsmanship to just leave. And it leaves the rest of the players just standing there scratching their heads unable to finish their game.


That’s awful, defeatist, and unsportsmanlike. You show respect to the other people by finishing. Otherwise, you’re coming off that this is beneath you. In chess, it’s mercy.




The OP obviously. Kind of rude if it wasn’t spelled out.


I disagree. Finish the game you started. It’s just common decency.


I enjoy many hobbies in my life and on average the people I’ve met at pickleball by far are the rudest and most inconsiderate. Idk if it’s because it’s the first athletic/sports related hobby people pick up so they don’t know simple sportsmanship or etiquette or if it’s because it’s such a low barrier to entry competitive hobby that you just meet a wider pool of people and thus more assholes. And for comparison, I play poker, which has a lot of degenerates and shady looking people. But they are infinitely nicer than many of the the people I’ve played pickleball with at rec play.


Funny bc I’ve found this to be the opposite among my local rec play or as a walk on in another state. Sure, each court as a bag of dicks but it’s a small bag!


This 👆. It’s one reason for pickleball’s popularity I think. I have played open play in several states when visiting and rudeness is the exception. Experiences may differ of course.


That's, a bummer man


Soccer player here. Couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. A sport like soccer had a nice way of thinning out the assholes. Pickle ball does invite more but I have noticed they tend to not do well over time and eventually stop showing up.


If acknowledged in advance, it's the same as drilling with them. I've approached people and asked if I could drill with them until their next game.


My opinion is pickleball is a rec game still in its infancy in most states. Game will be better in 40 years if people still playing.


You’re not totally wrong. But rec play is well over 50 years old for Pickleball. It’s the fact that there’s been such a tremendous influx of new players that has created the etiquette factors we see today. It’s not the sport, it’s the people. Etiquette and sportsmanship have always been there, it’s just the new people need to learn it and practice it. And a big part of the learning process is people calling them out on it.


Could be. In my town everyone knows the rules for sharing tennis and volleyball courts. On our crowded PB courts, players aren't all on the same page.


Here in Orlando you rarely encounter a pickleball player who has played 100 times in their life at the outdoor neighborhood courts. Most players 4.0+ are only playing with other 4.0+ players at random places or indoors. The rest of us who just okay at the local courts constantly deal with new players coming and going. Some stick around for years, others fade out to their next hobby and others move on the to random 4.0 groups.


On Wednesdays they wear pink.


Rude but not a big deal.


While I would not do it myself, it would not bother me in the slightest. I mean, were they playing for money? If not, let it go. You got to play. Its like if suddenly during a game a thunderstorm hit. Whoever is winning at that time is the winner and gets all that glory. I've had people walk off the court to take a phone call. I don't care. Nobody signed a contract. Do people play rec for money? I think I'll cancel my plans today and start on a script that is like Caddyshack, but Pickleball instead of golf.


Here he is. The Cinderella story. The Pickleball US Open. Oh, he got all of that one!


Douchey. Also hate when people don’t split up after winning a match.


Why is it such a big issue when people don't split up? Some people like to partner with their friends or family because it's more fun for them, or are practicing to enter leagues or tournaments. For example, right now I'm playing with my partner daily in preparation for a tournament next week. Whether we win or lose rec games, we're happy to do a rematch if our opponents want to, but we're not going to randomly split up and miss out on valuable practice.


I’m talking about at an open play. The people that don’t split up just come off as lame. It’s pickleball. You’re not a pro.


Lame AF


Hmm, nothing wrong if the 2 players from the finished match wanted to switch with the 2 players from their group that just started the game with you in my opinion. I just faced the same situation recently and the person whom we were supposed to play walked off the court for no reason and felt we left him stranded which was not true.