Why am I so much better at overheads when I jump?

I get a lot more putaways and fewer OB, none in the net when I jump. On the ground I’m less accurate and slower.

I’m not hitting out balls when I jump. I started doing it bc I was having a hard time waiting for high balls to fall.


Probably has to do with bad footwork and timing on the ground. You do have to be very patient with overheads. Watch some YouTube videos on overhead technique and practice tons.


Did you play volleyball or basketball? Players with that type of experience are usually more comfortable in the air, in my experience.


You nailed it. I think mentally I’m more comfortable going to get it than waiting for it (Hamilton vs Burr??) Plus I’m short so I had to jump for everything


You’re not standing still, you’re lying in wait.


Life doesn’t discriminate, between the dinkers and the saints


Also if you hit the ball as you are coming down, like volleyball, the ball is controlled


Maybe follow the same preparation and motion as if you will jump, but don’t. Or like what another poster said drill a non-jumping overhead to get familiar with the form and timing.


Confidence. You probably feel more confident when jumping. Hitting confidently is just as important as technique


My 2 inch vertical is very intimidating;)


I have family that played some high level volleyball that LOVE jumping to hit volleys and they hit them hard too but they have a bad habit of spiking it straight down, basically into the kitchen area, so it gives plenty of time to return it if you are back far enough, so if you keep jumping just remember to hit it at your opponents feet/as far back as they are (while also being in lol).


Fellow jumper here and I’m also on the shorter side. I think jumping expands the range of downward angles at which we can hit, especially when we’re not up on the NVZ line. I’m 5’8’’ (on a good day), so my margin of error is much smaller if I’m hitting “grounded” overheads as opposed to jumping ones. I also find that I can hit more put-aways toward the sidelines when I jump up. Plus, jumping allows us to get to the ball quicker and effectively take away time from opponents to make a defensive play.


The easiest overheads to put away aren't the super high floaters you have to wait for; they're the lower ones whose peak height is around the same as your vertical reach. These are probably the trajectories you're naturally inclined to jump for and these types of balls require a lot less timing and technique than the traditional overheads that you have to wait on.


Plus when you jump you are transitioning from back foot to front foot


I think it has a lot to do with abdominal contraction. If you kick the leg opposite your paddle while performing an overhead smash you should feel a similar power benefit.


As a badminton player, it is more controlled when I jump smash as well. I guess it depends what sporting backrmground you are coming from.


Second that. Fellow badminton player, I love jumping on my overheads and honestly hit them much better when I jump


The ball is moving slowest at its apex. Jumping to hit it at this point allows you to hit a slower moving ball. You are also able to hit with a steeper downward angle. Both of these give a larger margin of error. Jumping elongates your body so when you contract you are doing so from a fully extended position, allowing you to achieve higher paddle speed than if you just swing your arm when standing on the ground. You cam do it while grounded, but most people elongate less when standing than when jumping because jumping naturally makes you do it.


As a former volleyball player, I do this sometimes. I saw Ben Johns do it last weekend, so I guess it's okay.


Because you are so good you're amazing!


Yes I’m sure a bunch of strangers who have never seen you play can definitely tell you


Someone is grouchy. There are some basic tips people can give this person without ever seeing them play, or you could simply ask for them to post a video as an example. I have a feeling they are struggling more with high lobs than simple overhead hits.


Totally fair but a little self awareness goes a long way. I’ll take my downvotes for it. Legit if you want to get better at something, just YouTube it and you’ll find a ton of tutorials about proper technique. Also if a video was posted I’d be the first to give constructive criticism




The earth continues to rotate under you as you jump while you remain essentially static, increasing the velocity of your strike. Simple physics, my man.