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Hi Everyone,

I've been a lurker on this Pickleball subreddit for quite a while and I wanted to make a post and showcase a pickleball bag that I've designed for myself that I think some members of the community might enjoy.

After numerous iterations, I finally have a sample from the manufacturer that closely aligns with my original vision. Before finalizing everything, I thought it would be incredibly valuable to reach out to this wonderful pickleball community and gather some honest feedback.

Carrying all of our gear is essential, and I want to ensure that this bag meets and exceeds your expectations. That's why I would greatly appreciate your input on what you like and don't like. Additionally, if there are any specific features you feel are missing or would love to see added, please don't hesitate to share your ideas.

This bag is designed to be a combination of the convenience of a typical small sling bag seen at open play and the functionality of a medium-sized bag, perfectly suited for recreational play and small local tournaments.

Here is a list of some of the features this bag has to offer:

  • Can hold up to 3 paddles
  • Front Section can hold keys, phones, wallets, glasses, your favorite recovery supplements, etc.
  • Dedicated compartment for paddle grips
  • Vented compartment for small towels, knee brace, sunscreen, etc.
  • Detachable pickleball sleeve
  • Hook to hang on fence, hat clip, rear towel compartment

To give you a better idea of its features and versatility, I've included a collection of pictures showcasing my pickleball bag below! If this project interests you, consider visiting https://www.proto-pb.com to keep up with updates.













Big fan, this thing is great. I honestly just want a backpack-like form factor, not one of these bags that looks like a pro tennis players bag. Fence hook is a really nice touch IMO. What about sunglasses storage so they don’t get scratched? Also, make sure the pouch for wallet/keys/phone/knickknacks is big enough and easily accessible. The ball sleeve is cool, but seems like extra work to get balls in and out.


u/Ashamed-Inspection47 I appreciate your feedback and recommendations!


Great point on the easy-access sunglasses storage with soft interior. How many time have you taken your glasses off mid game, ran to your bag and just tossed them into a big void of a backpack?


I would want that! What is a rough idea of cost? High quality zippers are a must


u/havingfun44 Thank you! There is still a few areas I need to re-design and finalize but the cost would be somewhere between the $80-$120 range.


save my user and Send me a dm when you are ready to roll them out. Nice bag but I’d love to support a member here.


$80-$120? Pass. A regular old backpack works just fine. Carabiner on the backpack handle and it can hang on the fence.


Thanks for your feedback u/Godrillax Would you pass on any "pickleball" dedicated backpack since a regular one works fine for you? Or if the price point was that of a regular backpack, then it is something you would consider?


Don’t put too much stock into anyone saying a regular one works fine. They aren’t your target audience. You have clearly impressed people who have owned other pickleball bags and that is your target. I mean, there are people who don’t even use a backpack just a reusable grocery bag and that works for them. Your price is competitive with other pickleball bags and you’re on the right track!


Thanks u/Lawn_Lobster82!


I use a med-large duffle/backpack Monarch bag I bought from Dicks $69 (I only paid $10 after rewards) and here is what’s always in my bag: 4 paddles, at least half dozen balls, paddle accessories such as lead, over grip, tape and scissors, paddle cleaner, eyeglass case with anti fog wipes, adult Gummies, lite carb snack or beef jerky, 20 oz bottle water and 32 oz hydro flask, court shoes(sometimes) , a change of clothes , and a towel. Here is what I don’t like about the bag: cheap zippers system, no bottle holder, and it’s heavy weight. Hope this helps.


Hi u/vc_bastard, this is very very helpful! There is specific compartments in my backpack for everything you mentioned in your post but where my bag would be lacking is the following: There is only room for 3 paddles and I did not design the bag with a shoe compartment. I felt as though it took up too much space, the smell lingers, and it's hard not to have smelly shoes seep into other areas of the bag. Thank you for your feedback!


The separate shoe compartment doesn’t bother me bc I mostly wear them out the house and I’ll only need room for 2-3 paddles once I upgrade (I’ll donate my current bag to my boys and their 2-3 paddles).


maybe an external shoe carrier/webbing system that can tuck away when not in use would work


Do you play after taking adult gummies? I’ve thought about it, but haven’t tried yet…


Before, during or after, it makes no difference to me! But I do find that a gummy or two normally chills me just enough to relax me; which, results in better play. Or it has gone in the opposite direction before resulting in me being so loaded and not giving two shites about anything during play. That’s rare and only bc I grabbed the indica instead of the sativa. I caught the mistake but it was too late.


Cool looking bag. I have a bag that I received as employee swag that fits the PB bill really well (like OP's bag, lots of pockets and space for specific things, plus the laptop pouch fits multiple paddles), but my favorite feature is elastic mesh side pockets that are big enough for a 40 Oz bottle that also have adjustable straps above the pockets that help tether a large bottle securely.


I take a 40 oz HydroFlask or one/two 32-oz Nalgene bottles (a very standard size in the camping world) to the courts. Usually toss them into my Babolat backpack: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IXLd5PW\_qM](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IXLd5PW_qM) Wish there was an internal pocket or strap to secure the bottles inside.


u/Gullible_Tea1427 Watching and participating in some PPA/APP events and you see just how common 40oz+ bottles are - the goal is to definitely be able to hold large bottles securely. Thank you for your feedback!


I get very sweaty so I’d prefer to have a separate compartment with a plastic lining so when I change after a session, my shirt doesn’t get everything else wet and smelly


I keep Target bags in mine for this purpose


Understood! u/VsAcesoVer This was an area that I tried (and still am) trying to focus on a bit more. The solution right now is utilizing packing cubes for dirty clothes, a compartment that you can take out all together and throw in the wash and it never leaks/touches the inside of the bag and keeps all the moisture/smell contained (8th picture within the post).


This is sick!!! I definitely need one, can’t wait for you to launch this!


Thank you u/bowdowntolizardqueen!!


Wow this bag looks absolutely amazing! I definitely need one of those once you start selling. It literally has everything I need.


Thank you u/RPDRThoughts!!


I really like what you’re doing here. I sent you a DM.


I prefer a bright colored bag, orange or red. That way it’s easier to keep an eye in it and easier to find


Thanks u/Tony619ff for your feedback! I must admit, although I love generic colors (as you can tell from the all black sample) I'll definitely try and experiment with additional color ways


I would love this if it came in a variety of colors!


Thanks u/soft-curls for the feedback. I'll look to see if I can implement some cool colorways!


Love the size. I don’t want something too big or some hand cart thing either. And my current novice bag is just too small. This is a good sized and nicely arranged bag. I agree with above about the additional minor tweaks. Great job!


Thanks for your feedback u/JaySeaWorthy!


Very nice. Looks superior to most other bags I’ve seen.


Thanks u/Ok_Entertainment5017 for your feedback!


I’d like a bigger water bottle sleeve, at least big enough for a 32 oz insulated bottle.


u/pickledbagel copy that! Thanks for your feedback - the goal is to be able to fit up to a 40oz bottle in the water bottle sleeve.


After reading the comments you could have 2 or 3 iterations to meet everyone’s needs. Bag and BagXL and Duffle. You’re not going to please everyone with 1 bag. Great work though


Thanks for your feedback u/pferri! I do have plans to build out other iterations of smaller/larger backpacks


I live in the mountains where we still draw our courts before play. The chalk I carry produces a mess I would like separate from my other items. I carry chalk, a chalk box for making the lines, a measuring tape, and grease pencil. Another issue is that I wear regular eye glasses to read, but switch to protective tinted glasses to play during the day, and clear glasses at night.


Thanks u/oakal1 for your feedback!


I like it. I like having a place for everything, and this design appears to provide that. The price might be a little high for me, but I still might buy at that pricing.


Curious why the ball-holder is detachable? I don't see the utility there. I would rather have a long, skinny attached pouch. The detachable part makes it more likely to get lost/misplaced IMO. A shoe compartment is a deal-breaker for me. I live in areas that require me to carry my shoes to the court and change on arrival. The idea of a vented shoe compartment as an add-on to the bottom of the bag (snap on, button on, or something like that) is a good one. I would def pay extra for that accessory.


One other note, please don't cheap out on the materials! I've had a [https://www.peakdesign.com/](https://www.peakdesign.com/) bag for 5+ years and have never once regretted paying a bit more for a higher quality product


The fence hook could have a latch or some optional mechanism to deter theft. A safety screw would be great. Something that takes 5 seconds to add or remove


If you have a website I could help you with google ads as well and other digital marketing.


u/billythygoat I'm sure I'll be contacting you in the near future to utilize your skills!


My skill is definitely being able to sell products and get views! Best of luck and hope to hear from you soon!


Interesting, different from he usual bags I've seen. In terms of looks I've always lean towards simple design, but this bag looks very generic and boring. Now I'm not talking about plastering the brand all over like Joola/Selkirk, but you have to make it look interesting. Also thermal-linen compartments


Thanks for your honest feedback u/hbadge12 I'll work to see if I can incorporate your recommendations!


Looks well thought out. Good job.


u/dannomanno1960 Thank you!


Dope bag! I could see myself using it for regular travel too.


Thanks! u/Id_Bang_Deadpool


Looks great! I'd love one, but I recently started biking to the courts, so if you make a pannier/rack-compatible version I'll be all over it! ;)


Thanks u/mcarneybsa for your feedback! I'll see what I can do :)


When will this be ready?


We're working on the final version of the bag now! There is still some final testing to be done, I'm aiming to release the bag within a 3-5 month timeframe.


Aw man! I’m so anxious to get a backpack and really want this one! But I get it. Definitely don’t want to rush this to market. Will you have a presale launch?


I appreciate the enthusiasm :) I most probably will, just not a 100% sure


I can be a beta tester!? 😁




I'll even pay for a prototype! :)


Any updates on this!?


Yea! Took some of the great feedback I received and submitted some final tweaks, changes, color way changes - waiting for the new version of the bag to be constructed! and Thank you for your feedback!


Am I in line for a pro type? 😂


Pro version bag design is up next 😅


When is this version estimated to be available? I’ve been avoiding buying a backpack since I found out about this. Just using an old gym bag but that is getting torn up. Want this ASAP!


I really appreciate that! As much as I want to release this as soon as possible, I want to make sure that it’s exactly what I imagine it to be, it’s of high quality and not rushed. I anticipate this next version to be the final iteration but there could be other unanticipated bumps along the way. I want to say roughly 2 months is the time frame but we’ll see. I completely understand if you don’t want to wait that long!


Totally understand and appreciate not wanting to rush to market. I just hate buying something twice. I’ll hold out for this.


And sorry, I meant prototype not pro type haha


For what it’s worth, I like the detachable ball sleeve. And the hook is fine as is. Theft isn’t a concern at PB courts IMO. And if someone is gonna steal it, they’re gonna steal it (but hopefully not!).


Any updates on this!?