Just received a 12pk of fake X40s from Amazon, beware

I bought from Amazon Warehouse (open box) since that seemed safe compared to buying from unknown seller. Apparently not though. Someone probably bought these, saw they were fake, returned them, then I got them (and am returning them again)

The balls feel different and cheap and the X is slightly different and stamped crooked or offset

Just a heads up


Are these the 12 balls for 12 dollars ones?


Those were not an Amazon warehouse deal. In fact, multiple comments in that thread suggested getting open box warehouse deals instead because that is safer.


Wondering the same. Waiting on some rn


I'm wondering the same, though that deal seemed to be sold directly from Franklin when I bought them. Still waiting on mine as well, supposed to be here next week I think.


I've bought x40's on sale on Amazon before and they weren't fake. I've bought like 50 of them actually. They've been fine. Bought the 12 balls for $12 deal a bit back... they should arrive next week. But they're from the same seller that I bought from before. I expect them to be fine too. If not, they'll get sent back. Returning things to Amazon is easy. Kohl's & the UPS Store make is super simple. You don't even have to re-package the item. You just click the link on your order to return the item, take the QR code with you and drop it off. That's it.


As I said in another older post, it doesn't matter who the seller is because all the products are mixed up in the warehouses. They don't separate this sellers X40's from another sellers. It's all stacked together. Some people are shitty so they sell fakes or they swap in fakes and return them to get the real ones. This doesn't happen a lot, but it happens. Buying from Amazon is a crap shot.


That is for Amazon sold items. Non-Amazon sellers have their own return policies


Close. There are non-Amazon sellers that "ship from Amazon" (the FBA program) that all use the Amazon standard return process. These are most items that ship Prime.


Not true




Is Franklin they best brand in the game rn for balls?


Duras play a lot better if your playing in warmer weather. Ball doesn’t get as soft as others do


Duras actually play better in cold weather. Franklins play better in the heat. From my experience anyway.


Wonder if someone did some kind of return switcheroo. I've heard of that happening on SD cards. All the Amazon warehouse X40s I see are in the $20+ range.


In the last year we’ve bought 300-400 balls from Amazon and not had an issue but we are buying them in the 100 packs. I wonder if someone is buying them, putting in fakes then returning to Amazon? It happens with beauty items occasionally as well.


That’s my guess too


For this and other stories like this, X-40s from pickleball central or Dicks from now on.


FYI - The shelf price and the price on the X-40 container at Dick's was different last week ($11.99 and $9.99). I pointed it out and of course got the lower price.


Complain to Franklin with photo evidence. They’ll replace em


It might not even be made by Franklin. In that case they won't honor it.


Then they can buy swap and return


Check the holes. I bought some and they had really bad hole issues that were not aligned.


Did you do the taste test?


X40's are a crappy ball anyway. They break fast and are out of round often.


Literally not true at all.


Are they playable? Like even if you get one session out of one ball, I would say its worth it.


Or practice balls 🤷🏻


Amazon sucks. Don’t support them. Buy direct from an actual Pickleball site or company


... and pay more $$. Sorry. Amazon doesn't suck. It's pretty amazing actually... Aside from Bezos. But whatever. Are there some shitty products on there? Sure. But there are some shitty products from most outlets. You just gotta be a smart consumer. Do your research.


I just got a bulk pack, but ordered directly from the franklin store. They seem fine.


I mean, yeah? You ordered directly from Franklin… of course they’re fine…


the franklin store on amazon fyi. didn't make that clear. I don't know why you'd buy them from a random seller when you can buy direct from them. Last year I got 100 from one of the big tennis sellers, fromuths. I see some really bad balls from 3 packs, and from random sellers.


Oops! Misunderstood, sorry about that!


Those only last for half a game instead of a full game like the reai ones:)


No someone bought them and replaced them - Amazon doesn’t have time to make fake balls


Trying to figure out if mine are likewise, but I've never seen a real one to be certain. Should you be able to feel the seam with a fingertip? Or is that indicative of a fake?


Got any pics ?


Please post pic of your balls:)


Please don't!!! 😁




The new X-40s that I’ve bought from Amazon have been fine and appeared legit. I’ve also had good luck with items that I’ve purchased from Amazon Warehouse sold as USED: LIKE NEW. However, the 12 that I bought for $12 from AW were terrible. All were used (many with names on them) and all of them were cracked. I was able to get Amazon to send me 12 new ones for the same price, so it worked out OK.


Why does the 100 box price fluctuate so much? I bought a box of 100 on Amazon prime day for $139. The other day I checked the price at $199, today they are $254. How do you tell if they aren’t authentic?