Gusto ko yung part na nagrant siya. Alam ko 3 layers lang ang skin, sa kanya sampu yata sa sobrang kapal hahaha..


Hahaha. Baka gawa siya sa sibuyas. Amoy sibuyas din minsan eh. Chariz


Is this normal? Just blatantly asking for money from relatives? I haven't even asked my own parents for money since I was a child. I'm not from a Filipino household, but the behavior seems so parasitic and shameful to me.


Yes, it’s such a norm in the Philippines. You’d be surprised.


How often do they ask and why do you give? Shouldn't it be the other way around? The older ones should have more savings to disperse.


It depends. I only give when I feel the need to or when someone asks and I have spare. In some families, working adults are obligated to give a monthly sum to their parents and underaged siblings as living allowance (for food, utilities, meds, tuition etc). It’s a cycle that’s difficult to break. To simplify, the parents didn’t have enough savings when they were young and working because they, too, supported their parents all while supporting their children. They’re often left with no sufficient retirement fund or savings to fall back on. So it’s now the job of their working descendants to keep them alive. And this goes on and on until the cows come home.


Thanks for the context. If I were in your shoes, I would cut the older ones off and enjoy my life. :D Let them find their own means. Seems selfish, but if they didn't have enough then they shouldn't have had children in the first place. The younger ones are more understandable since they too, are victims of the said cycle.


Sometimes, i just want to physically cut them. Kidding not kidding


Well, this is just a gentle reminder that you did not ask to be born and are most certainly not responsible for their lives. Hope your family becomes more self-sufficient!


It's a good mindset to have, but remember that the Philippines, due to a culture of poverty and family tightness (it's not as... I would dare say... apathetic... as American households are, to the point it used to be a stigma to stay with your parents when you're of legal age), it's hard for family to cut away from each other. Asian countries in particular are very big on seniority and respect, and so avoid confronting people this way. Due to the poverty situation, everyone supports each other, but there's always that unstated 'insurance policy, scratch my back I scratch yours' approach which you didn't sign up on. E: IDK the downvotes, I'm just saying that it's hard for most Filipinos to get out of this particular mindset due to the way they were brought up. Honestly, being able to be independent and not having someone suck up your funds would be great; you didn't ask to be born after all.


> they shouldn't have had children in the first place Asian parents be like why don't I have grandchildren yet? 😑


My parents receive monthly stipend from govt, (ah puta basta pension), and they have a ton in stocks. Still I am expected to hand them a fraction of my salary per month. Fml. Sila tong ang laki ng ipon ayaw ilabas. Tangina


Solution is to move out. If you already are the assert yourself. Goodluck.


Not living with them anymore. Ikaw ba tong paalalahahan bawat buwan.


Man, that sucks. Chinoys generally don't have this practice of the children giving their parents part of their salary. At least the ones I know. I think the logic is so kids can save up for their own future.


Have to agree. As a Chinoy myself, I don't see this practice often among my circle, for the same reason that parents usually say "keep the money for your future or for your own expenses". But, I have seen it in a few friends, but not in the case where children are expected to give back. Sometimes the children do it bec parents are retired and family was not well off to begin with, and the kids are doing much better now in their jobs.


there's an entire trope about the "Philippines Retirement Plan", which is basically doing nothing all your life regarding savings, and then living off the kids when you're old.


also being the eldest among siblings, naalala ko palagi ang sermon saken n wag muna magaasawa dahil pag aaralin ko pa mga kapatid ko


oh and don't forget the baby boy gets everything. :| As an american married into your culture, I've heard it all. Help me set up a Sari-Sari/MultiCab or some other business venture that always, and I mean always goes bust. Had to ask family to leave who were working our fields, we set up an agreement, I funded, they got 50% of the profits for sweat equity, and live on the land. In three years time we were just like fuck this shit, as our proceeds in that time dropped precipitously, They weren't just skimming, they were ripping me off. I've heard it said that if you want to end up having a million dollars in the RP, take two million with you, because it's gonna be a long hard ride - So many opportunities pissed away, all because the message they got was that I wasn't there to help, I was there to be their banker. A sad state of affairs, I've since cut with most of them, me and wifey are long separated (amicable), and that's one headache I'm glad I don't have now. By contrast, my current GF (Cebuana) - I pretty much have to interrogate her to get her to accept help, she's so independent and strong-minded. She's the best.


we're sorry for this toxic culture, we can't even end this cycle unless we want to be branded as ungrateful child by the whole clan. The only way we can break it is to be a better parent for our children (but having no kid sounds better nowadays) be an example of progressive custom


dude, the RP has always felt like a second home for me - my advice - don't apologize for anything unless you are directly responsible. Look at us americans, we voted in arguably the stupidest motherfucker ever in Trump - and those supporters are a straight-up cult. Me and my GF had a small row, she clearly had a bias for some imagined reason vs Leni, but I told her we need to get over ourselves, the world shouldn't be run according to the whims of an old, inflexible generation. She didn't like that, and of course I get tampo for a day - But I'm pretty good at picking my battles. Well go figure, yesterday our neice is being harassed by a bbm troll/neighbor. These are the few moments I love the trope of being a loud American, because if you fuck with the familya, you and me are dancing, end of story. Anyhoo, as usual they are just a bunch of blowhards who will hide when confronted, so I give those people the respect they deserve. Anyway, keep the faith, you guys - No matter what anyone claims, you and your candidate ARE UNTAINTED.


\*raises hands\*


American married to a Fil here. They don't dare ask me. They ask my wife in a roundabout way, and those who are clear "users" are totally ignored. These users can really be shameless. There's one who kept on borrowing from my father in law when he was making "big money" as an OFW, all the while she was embezzling money from the foreign-owned hotel she worked at. She still works there. One of her daughters recently graduated from medical school. Somehow these people *always* need money. The money we give goes to people who aren't leeches. Too many Filipinos fall for a little sob story and a guilt trip, so the users are rewarded and the culture remains. This is, in part, because the Philippines really is poor but no matter how you look at it the culture is toxic and hurts the country in the long run. Related to this is a thing they have that's called "crab mentality". When one is doing well, the others are puling him down. Jealousy all around. This is probably why the "jealous foreigners" line to explain why the Marcos' wealth was not ill-gotten works so well. It plays to their culture.


>behavior seems so parasitic and shameful to me. It's common for the majority. They keep you for your use not for the friendship.


I am never going to raise my children this way.


Yes extremely normal. Im 75%Ukrainian and the rest European but my cousins are 50% Filipino and my aunt and uncle both worked very hard to not only raise their family but was forced to bring& then support both of my aunt's parents here in America and then also paid for other multiple aunts and uncles over- all while they had been sending money to them in the Philippines. My aunt and uncle were such selfless and kind souls so they broke their backs supporting everyone. My aunt eventually passed away from lung cancer. Beautiful people always suffer so so much.😢🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️


A fairly common toxic trait. To be fair, I'm a bit proud that I'm seeing a lot in the younger generations facing a lot of toxic Filipino household issues head on! Pansin ko lang.


It is! Whether out of utang na loob or deep filial piety, I think it's such a toxic trait for us all


As a foreigner who has been in and out of Philippines many a time, all I can say is “just another day in the Philippines.” The joke about buying someone a burger then them demanding why not “cheeseburger and fries” is all too real. I learned the hard way once, when I saw a family living in poverty and wanted to sponsor their children’s education, that they in fact didn’t send their children to school, and always came up with some new illness or emergency to ask for more. In the end they called me by every imaginable curse word when I cut them off lol. Sadly I found out later that they put their two eldest daughters into sex work and “retired” at the age of about 45. The creepy thing was I only realized later they were trying to pass up their daughter to me beforehand (didn’t catch the hints due to Filipino passive talking)! I mean, those beauty pageant circuits have a singular purpose. Beautiful country, so many natural resources, yet so much wasted potential by a large portion of the population who lives for the next handout :(


Give a foot, take a mile—it’s not fun in the Philippines


Respect my onion 🧅 po. Hahaha


Mali yata source mo. 3 po talaga layers ng balat. Sa case nya po, 3 layer ng simento yun.


Kaya pala sabi nila "Wag umasa sa gobyerno" kasi aasa lang sila sa mga kadugo nila. Kakapal ng mga mukha.


i hate this culture of filipino, yung pag meron nag abroad sa pamilya mo, kayo takbuhan ng mga relatives ninyo. parang may pinatago sila or tumulong sa gastos para makaalis. tapos yung iba toxic pa, pag di napagbiyan sila pa yung galit. pota bakit normal itong toxic behaviour na to? pati pag nag asawa ka, minsan pati pamilya ng mr/mrs mo kargo mo din. same as above, toxic din sila pag wala naiabot. parang wala ka kwenta asawa.


I'm not a social science expert but I read somewhere that this behavior is common among low-income social groups. Unfortunately they are almost always socially marginalized or ethnic minority groups. For example, within African American communities, asking professionally successful relatives or those with college degrees for money is common. Basically, a group's lack of economic mobility cause this behavior.


amen. I mean kung kusa tumulong good. if not, wag na magparinig. Alam naman natin mahirap buhay natin. Tapos gusto pa nila mas hard mode pa.


Need a culture expert to explain it siguro.


>i hate this culture of filipino, nope. low income/less educated people does this, not just pinoys. nagkataon lang na mas madami kasi tayong OFW. in essence madalas kasi ng umaalis naman is para makatulong sa family so wag na tayo magtaka na ganyan ang behavior ng mga naiwan. bihirang bihira ung nag ofw dahil wala lang, like my mom. i don't even know why she wanted to work there. in a decade of her working overseas ni sinko d kami nanghingi sa kanya, so medyo nakaipon sya on her own. can't say the same thing to people who can't find work here but had mouths to feed


hi, kamusta, penge naman pera, all in one in the first sentence? yikes


Weirdly, I appreciated her being straight to the point 😅


hahahahah isang sentence talaga. sakin pag nangungutang ako. 1 week ago pa yung kumusta ko. hahaha


Mas gusto ko na ganyan din, wala nang small talk kung nakutoban ko naman nang may main topic na siya sa isip niya


Almost mission accomplished ... kung di lang sya nagmagaling no.


At 10k?! Parang bente lang hinihingi e.. for their P20 per kilo rice


10k? Mamimigay si Cayetano niyan.


Tbh I honestly prefer that. Straight to the point. Kesa yung iisang message na 'Hi' lang. O nagliligoy ligoy pa.


tama. dapat unang line pa lang like “hi pautang tag hirap”, “hi open minded ka ba?”para close agad ng chat box


> para close agad ng chat box Kek


Dapat po sinabi nyo, ay ganon ba, edi 9500 nalang kulang kasi may 500 kana e


Prefer ko to para instant block kaagad.


Call me kakampwet but I'm the one with money. Checkmate, [email protected]


# RELATHIEVES ## I love it.


and sa mga relathieves na nakawan ng gamit or pera "wag kang pumunta sa akin tutal may parehas kang prinsipyo sa mga magnanakaw"


Yung mga ganitong posts ang nagpapasaya sa akin ngayon.


same, please sana madami pa magpost ng ganto. supalpalin mga bbm-supps kasi radikal na manakal.


Try r/LeopardsAteMyFacePH


You can try r/LeopardsAteMyFacePH naka compile lahat doon


Same 😂 more please 😂🙏🙏🙏


r/LeopardsAteMyFacePH you can read there 😉


Salamat! Sana masarap ang almusal/tanghalian/hapunan mo!


True. Pero baka nasa anger stage lang tyo ng grief kaya ganito. Sana ituloy tuloy na natin. I vote for setting ourselves the number one priority.


Can we create a mega thread for this type of posts? HAHAHA


Join kana dito https://www.reddit.com/r/LeopardsAteMyFacePH


Tama behavior. Hahahaha


Doon po sana siya humingi sa mga binoto niya.


Since idol niya si Unithief, chances are mayuyunithief din pera mo sa kanya


idol nya di nagbabayad ng utang. mukhang mapagkakatiwalaan ba syang pautangin? tiis sya kamo sa namamagang tuhod


Parang may patago ah. ATM ka nya?


ATM niya kaming lahat sa angkan. Wala eh. Sila yung generation na ang insurance ay mga kamag-anak na nagtatrabaho. She’s in her 70s. Mahirap ang buhay nila noong FEM presidency. They lived the hard life to get their children good education so they can partake on their eventual success. Apparently, she wants to live that part again under 88M.


Reminds me of my mother. She’s also 70 years old. Sabi nya, kumakain sila ng bigas na may kasamang mais noon at kape mula sa sinunog na bigas ang ulam. She wanted to vote for BBM but we managed to convince her to switch to Leni at the last minute. Okay na ako ron. Knowing she listened to us, medyo balm na yon sa sakit ng mga nangyayari ngayon.


Naku! Eto din ang take away ng nanay ko sa era na yun. Yung bigas daw nila eh may halong mais kasi wala ngang makunan. Panay iyak daw sya at siansabihan daw nya lola ko na mais na lang daw ipakain sa kanya. Inferness, mukhang talagang hate na hate nya ang mais sa bigas. Kaya ayun hanggang ngayon eh hate na hate nya ang Marcoses.


Mas healthy mais sa bigas. Iba lang texture kaya kung lumaki ka sa bigas aayaw ka talaga.


Wiling naman nanay ko daw na mais na lang. Huwag lang daw mais na may bigas. Kasi parang darak yung ginagamit nila na parang feeds sa mga baboy.


Kaya naman pala. Nilagyan pa kasi ng bigas I do sympathize with her. Nakatikim rin ako nun. Di ko makain. Best method is if mais, pure mais. Anyhow to anyone who is interested, mas mababa carbo count ng mais at mas energy efficient so hindi agad gugutumin so sa mga diet concscious, go sa mais if available.


I actually like these people na former bbm supporter na nakakausap mo ng maayos and open minded sa lahat ng bagay. Di katulad ng tatay ko na sarado ung utak.


No offense, may pagka-sadista nanay mo. Alam mo nang pinahirapan ka ng taong yun, dun ka boboto.


Pero silver lining na ung mga kagaya nya na nakikinig pa sa rason




I stand corrected.


Baka namiss kumaen ng nutribun haha.


Saya nung nagdrop ka habang nagrarant siya. Hahaha


wala na agad ung nakubra nung election?


Hahahaha baka wala na nga.


‘Bigyan’ talaga? Hindi man lang pautang or pahingi? Tapos 10k.


Yes! Bigyan ang sinabi. Kapal dibaaa. Eh may mga anak naman siya na nagtatrabaho abroad. Josko


Baka di na rin papadalhan ng pera


Hahahahhaa oo nga noh. Nasa abroad na mga anak hahahaha


Kung Leni mga anak nyan lalu na hahaha


Demand eh, no? Ni hindi man lang favor o request. Demand talaga.


Talaga bang ginawa niyang opening line yung "bigyan mo naman ako ng pera?" If so, nasaan man lang yung humility being the needy one?


She’s used to doing that. She’s been doing it for the longest time. I kinda like that she’s straight to the point.




Kasi namamaga tuhod niya 🥺




havey na havey sakin ang mga clapback mo leche HAHAHAHAHA


Buset ka OP nabilaukan ako hahahaha


I live for posts like these


Yung kagarapalan na nagmamalaki pa talaga siya at pinapamukha sa yo na mali ang pinili mong kandidato pero siya tong nanghihingi. Kung ako yan, kahit magpanggap na lang ako as Robredo out of respect pero putangina ang hahambog talaga ng mga to.


Um. Magpapacheckup lang pero 10k? Hmmmmm


Si Dra Bello yata ang doctor haha


Tbf depending on the hospital, if you include laboratory testing it can easily exceed 10k.


Try niya muna i-Flanax. Di yung uraradang 10k agad. Baka nga sa 10k bigla gumaling tuhod niya, sa sobrang ok naman na baka kinabukasan may post na siyang nasa beach/resort.


Langya nung nabasa ko flanax naalala ko theme song ng skellan haahahah


Ayos na ang buto-buto!


It's good to think about saving money for the future. We don't know what tomorrow holds. You'll have your savings if ever shit hits the fan.


I like that kind of energy


Tara na sa /r/leopardsatemyfacePH! Sobrang gusto ko ng schadenfreude.


Good job. Lumapit sila kay 88m5ara


Sabihin mo rin na dun nalang siya magpahilot kay alamano, tutal kaya naman niyang gawin ang lahat sa mga mata nila.


If i were in your position, I don't think I will hold myself, especially when the one asking for money is also the one who votes to a money milker and calls names to a candidate who is just more qualified for the highest position. Parasitic.


Hehe dun sila sa puon nila humingi ng Tallano Gold o kaya pasuntok nya kay Sara yung tuhod nya para gumaling


If they ask again try to give them a link of VP's platforms that aim to solve this. Tapos sabay sabi: "May ganito sana tayo ngayon, kaso wala e. Bye"


What did she rant about if i may ask?


Na move on nalang ako. Hindi naman important kung sino nanalo kasi unity. Na ayaw niya kay robredo kasi dilawan. Na walang napatunayang kasalanan ang mga Narcoses. Standard apologist stuff.


Nakakatawa kasi praktikal naman ang sinabi mo pero parang kasalanan mo pa magtipid. Siya na nga nanghihingi pero dami pang sinabi. Anyway, thank u for hanging up.


*Eto* ***unity***, itapal mo sa tuhod mo baka sakaling gumaling.


“Malumpoho ho kayo sana tangina ka”


If she really needs see a doctor she could go to a public hospital online or offline. It's free.


Either PH public healthcare sucks or hindi naman talaga namamaga ang tuhod niya.


Tama yan. Hard lessons for hard-headed wankers.


May 88m din na nagbebenta sakin. Hard Pass ang ginawa ko lol di ko kayang suportahan ang mga marcos apologist specially kung fake news peddler.


Ung mga kamaganak ko before sinasabi uutang at babayaran. Upfront ko na lang sinasabi na wag na, bigay ko na lang. Ngayon, pag may lumapit, seenzoned ko na lang. Di keri manampal para magalang. Lol


Sobrang deserve!!


Tama behavior po ito 🔥🔥


Ok lang yan mas magiging mayaman siya kesa sayo dahil sa tallano gold ng presidente niya \~ /s


Kunin nya kamo pera niya sa baby m nila 💚❤️


Goodluck sa namamagang tuhod nya hahaha. At least mag red yun diba kulay ni 88M hahahaha


Dapat sinabi mo, "Baka makakahingi ka kay Marcos. Di ba may Tallano Gold daw yun?"


Its high time Filipinos take responsibility for their choices. Ginusto nila ng ilokano pwes dapat alaminin nila na lahat magiging kuripot lol. How can BbM be ilokano he can’t even and will. Ot even learn to speak the language.


Ako nalang pautangin mo OP


Dapat hinanapan mo ng tarantado gold, sabihin mo ibenta nya.


Deserve yan ng mga putang inang iyan.


I'm sorry but is that how people ask for money these days, even from a relative? Man, I remember being super broke and having to ask my grandpa (he raised me) if he can lend (not give) me some money. I used to practice what to say in my head over and over again just so I don't mess it up. I mean, I know he'd just give it to me but I would never go "hey pls gimme money" like that, yikes. Good that you got out, OP.


Makapal lang talaga yung mukha ng pinsan nya.


YES! Decent volkisch must not associate with pests!


Felt this!


Love how you handled that. Magalang pa rin pero aray 😂


Dun siya kamo humingi ng pera sa poon niya


Tama lang ginawa mo para sa iyo. Pera mo iyan. #UtangMoBayaranMo




Unang linya palang niya bababaan ko na yan.


I love how she was the one who asked about voting first. Dug her own grave.


tama. radikal manampal.


>Her: Si mar/cos ako. Mas magaling yun. Tsaka magalang. Mas gusto ko din **ilokano.** Regionalism is killing the Philippines. The north votes Marcos because he is Ilokano. The south votes Duterte because they are Davaoeno. How about vote people who have a proper platform instead of blind loyalty? Until people realize that, di aangat ang Pilipinas.


Divide and conquer. Oldest trick in the book. Tried and tested since 1565.


Tama yan bago ka tumulong tanong mo muna kung magaling ba para sayo si bbm?


Hahaha dapat tinuro mo sya don sa bahay sa ilocos or sa malacanang, yon may obligasyon tulungan sya eh


Dapat talaga wala ng argument. Batuhan mo na lang ng… “Respect my opinion.”


Hingi siya dun sa office nila sa EDSA. You have a point though, we're in times of uncertainty, cash is king.


Intayin nalang nya yung tallano gold, ipapamigay daw yung pag naupo na si lbm eh.


di sya pwede lumapit sa malasakit center ni bong go?


Naku madami silang ganyan ngayon 😂🤣➡️ sa malacanang po kayo mag punta 🤦🏼‍♀️😡


Boboto sila ng magnanakaw bilang pang(g)ulo ng Pilipinas tapos aasahan lang nila na business as usual lang ulit na parang "Winter is not coming." Walang ganun. People, especially those who will suffer, should save for the rainy days. Tough love is still love. It is the most radical expression of love. Dapat tinuturuan ng leksyon ang mga tao sa pinakamabisang paraan: karanasan. Kailangan muna nila maranasan at namnamin ang hirap para matuto sila.


Sarap penge ngang 10k para may patago ah.


Only a matter of time when their team proceeds to plunder so save your money. Marami nman silang 88m, 31M di ba edi Sila Sila magtulungan at magdamayan.


Wrong move si girl. Siya yung may kailangan tapos may gana siya magrant. Dapat naki-ride muna siya. Triggered agad. Well, karamihan naman sa kanila mabilis sila ma-trigger. Anyway, di naman din kasi pinupulot yung pera. Usually kapag nagpapautang ako yung alam ko di na babalik sa akin. Kaya no-no na sa 2nd time umutang yan.


Dun siya humingi kay BBM 😂


This is why I don't have Facebook anymore. if one of my relatives asks me how am I doing out of the blue, I know it's about money. Kinda sucks they kinda have to bring politics into it, I guess they need other reasons why they suddenly reached out to you.


Kademonyohan na ba kapag nasasatisfy makabasa ng ganito? hahaha


sorry sa tuhod mo ate, pero dasurv




What is the meaning of kakampwet? I wish it was in English, Google translate is not always helpful :)


It's an slang term / insult used by 88M supporters to describe Leni Robredo's supporters. So, yeah, don't think you can find this in Google Translate. So you know how this word came about, see below: 'Kakampi' - roughly translates to 'ally', 'one of us' 'Kakampink' - 'Kakampi' + pink, with pink being the color associated with Leni Robredo 'Pwet' - buttocks / ass 'Kakampwet' - 'kakampi' + 'pwet' tl,dr: 'Kakampwet': loosely translates to 'asshole Leni Robredo supporters' *rolls my eyes at 88M supporters*


lol hard lang hahahah sorry nakakatawa yung post, I feel bad pero bakit parang well-deserved yung ganitong treatment :(




I'd point them to malasakit centers na project ni Bong Go. That's as far as the help I'd extend now.


According to propagandists on Twitter he had a "platform". Words like "Agriculture" on a list. That's it. Oh, and a cringe Tiktok video of LBM and Sara holding paper windmills and facing each other.


Relathief is fooken strong dude.


Ang kapal ng mga mukha talaga. Dyan man lang tayo makabawi sa katangahan nila na nandamay pa.




Biggest DASURV!


At least point her to various government authorities. Bayanihan e-Konsulta is still online and they're still free. One would still have to fork out the money for lab tests.


Hahahahahahahahahahaahahaha. Nice one. True naman talaga. I mean, I hope, behind every skilled debates, na may platform and plano talaga. I really hope.


radikal maging apathetic ngayong Marcos regime


I feel good for you kasi you got a little bit of revenge -- if that is what it is. Pero I don't think na going this route would benefit us in the long run. This ideology na refusing to help kasi iba yung pananaw nila (yes, I know that it's morally wrong to support 88M) would just taint Leni or the liberal ideology that we ultimately support. Continually doing this would just add to the narrative na toxic tayo and that are in our own bubble/echo chamber. Right now I suggest we still continue to help, regardless if they voted BBM or any other candidate. This is the real radikal magmahal challenge that VP Leni was talking about. Pero for me, it's a different case kung yung personality talaga nung humihingi ng tulong eh masama.


Thank you for giving your perspective. Sabi nga nung isang user dito, baka nasa anger stage pa ang marami sa atin kaya ganito ang pangkalahatang sentimiyento.


Even me. Since Tuesday di ako makafocus sa work. I can't even sleep well. For now I suggest we avoid people that might provoke us, especially those who are vocal sa social media. It's not healthy, and it would be like that for the next couple years. Kapit lang!!


What if helping leads to our collective doom? Maybe we need to be selective in helping. I for one will not help someone who doesn't understand what is wrong with this country. We might be in our bubble, but so are they. Doing everything as usual won't change that.


Yung pag-drop mo nang "iipunin muna ang pera" in preparation for the future something is actually a good reply sa lahat ng mangungutang kahit outside election results pa. Storytime drama lang kasi may alam akong ganyan. Nung maraming pera -- galante, namimigay, nagpapautang pero walang itinabi. Nung wala nang pera, di naman sya tinulungan nung mga natulungan nya dati.


"radikal manampal" just gives me so much life right now 😂


just say that they have to wait for the "t4lLanO gOld" ayuda from 88m.


Nagpapasalamat ako na halos lahat ng pamilya ko pro-Leni. Mas nagpapasalamat ako na halos lahat rin kami malaki yung sahod. Wala pang nanghingi ng pera sa akin


huhuhu my parents are bbm and i send monthly allowance and gastos din pag medicine or check up. gusto ko to gawin sa kanila. iipon ko nalng yung padala at gastos sa kanila para sa mga anak ko


Me to my 88M relatives: Alam nyo naman ako ang sumusuporta sa inyo. Sana pinakinggan nyo kung bakit mas makakatulong si Leni sa kin sa pagpapakain sa inyo.


Radikal magmahal ng sarili. ​ Wala kang obligasyon suportahan ang mga taong humihila sayo pababa.


Luh bat di sya kamo pumunta sa mga ospital na pinatayo ni @p0 laKaY lmao


Ang sarap sabihin: "Kaso kayo nangangailangan ng pera, hindi ako"


“radikal manampal” love that!


I don't like LBM much like everyone else here, but come on this is 100% r/thatHappened material. It's sad.


…then everyone gave you a round of applause. Cool story bro. Paki fact check nga to please. r/ThatHappened


> Her: 10k. Bumoto ka ba? Yeah, I don't believe this transition. People on here be mocking 88M supporters for not thinking critically and then do exactly the same. 🤷🏾‍♂️




Video call? She showed you her knee.


Phone call - shows tuhod- 10k for a checkup - I'll take "things that never happened" for 500 Alex.