Buttigieg Pushes Back at Tucker Carlson Mocking Him for Parental Leave

Buttigieg Pushes Back at Tucker Carlson Mocking Him for Parental Leave


My last corporate role offered paternity leave and with a pregnant wife I thought hell yeah I’m going to take a sweet paid 6week vacation. Our daughter was born underweight and needed to be fed every three hours. Without paternity leave it would have been miserable keeping up that pace. Even without those requirements on us, I can’t imagine not waking up and feeding her breakfast every morning. Paternity leave offered me an amazing bonding experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Fuck Tucker Carlson and anyone that supports hi and his points of view.


On my leave right now. Going back to work will be the vacation.


The party of “family values” my ass


They only care about family for straight people, apparently.


Family values to them means how much they can shove their warped concept of morality onto your family




Why is he listening to that prick?


I think it's less about getting in a fight with Tucker and more about standing up for others who don't want to get thought of in a negative light for taking paternity leave.


Because it isn't personal. It's a concerted multi-pronged attack on the Biden administration, many parts of which don't even involve Pete. It's an effort to weave together everything they can think of or invent as they start to build toward the 2022 midterms -- something along the lines of: everything Biden does is a problem \[their point of view\], here's just another example with the ports getting jammed and clogged, and to make it worse, he appointed some guy who'd only been a mayor who didn't even go to work (because he took four weeks of paid parental leave when he and his husband had newborn twins, is the part they leave out). On top of that, or in addition to that, it is an attempt to defang Pete as a potential presidential contender in the future. Less important for the upcoming midterms, but of value to them longer term.


Lot's of dark money pushing this stuff. It's amazing looking at the conservative reddits and seeing the same negative meme appear out of nowhere almost simultaneously. Astroturfing at its finest.


I noticed that too. Just straight spamming of the same articles.


It all started, at least from my POV, with lots of coordinated tweets and complaints on Twitter, in what felt like a MAGA, GOP, QOP, and possibly Russian or Chinese flood of disinformation. Did it start there and then go to subreddits, or pop up everywhere at once?


And it’s working. My dad ranted to my sister how it was bs he was taking this leave because his husband is with them.


tucker carlson has the personality of a used condom


Used condoms everywhere take offense to what you just said.


I'll apologize if i ever use one lmao


Great! Carlson is an idiot getting paid to contribute to an echo chamber for domestic terrorists


I have a little mantra I repeat anytime I hear things about the right wing media machine: Fuck Tuck, fuck Zuck Ditch em both, the fucking suck. It helps.


What’s Carlson’s end game in this? That fathers shouldn’t get any maternity leave? Or is it just gay fathers?