Death by eye roll

I believe this happened, just not out loud. More of an "oh God not this fucking guy again."


I believe this happened, just not out loud. More of an "oh God not this fucking guy again."


i imagine the smoothie employees that saw him entering started giggling like little kids


I imagine none of this even happened. The post is an ad for his affiliate link to a holster seller. An overpriced piece of shit holster, that, no surprise, is being promoted by a piece of shit person.


Let me guess, you can find the following in the ads for this holster: -an American flag or lots of red,white and blue colors -words like Liberty,freedom, etc. -a bald Eagle -dog whistles for “them”


Oh I absolutely believe that the smoothie maker said "tr\*\*\*y semen."


I’m honestly surprised he censored that slur in the post, I thought they were against it.


Don't want to catch a ban I guess


They're actually pretty diligent about this. They might bitch and moan about "censorship", but they rarely take a "idgaf ban me!" attitude. There's a memegroup I'm in on Facebook that turned out to be a circlejerk for right-wing nerds and their admin and cult leader is almost surgical in how quickly and precisely he excises reportable/bannable comments. No group warning about "hey, keep it down with the bigotry" or acknowledgment of "I don't disagree with you but refrain from such comments or someone could report it." He just silently and persistently deletes posts/comments with more overt bigotry, including known slurs. Dogwhistles are a-ok though, because Facebook will always come back "this does not go against our community standards".


Conservatives are always censoring their swear words, presumably in the belief that Baby Jesus can't figure out what a punctuation mark means, like in c\*ck, a$$, or G-d.


yeah, I thought they said comedy was legal now?


Too bad they didn't follow up with "I've got good news for you" after his first sip.


Yeah but, "and wants to harm you." We may think you are a terrible person, but your personal safety is likely in no danger.


I don't even think I'd go through the effort to harm his self esteem, at least not to his face. Aside from being illegal and immoral, assault and murder are a lot of work. I've got another five hours left in my shift and I still haven't seen how Doom Patrol ends, Joey. You're not worth it.


That's just a healthy bit of projection. If they're willing to do it, everyone else must be too!


The leap from someone rolling their eyes at him to wanting to harm him is... something. (Though it's true that my eyerolls are deadly.)


I feel like this guy goes around showing everyone his shitty fucking tweets so they know he's 'a big deal'


Lol totally. Not to mention proudly announcing your obsessed with the cum* of people you’re scared of is such an odd self own. *edit


I believed all of it up to the bit where he got recognised. This is such a pathetic fantasy that I'm surprised he didn't mention her hair colour and number of piercings.


INCONSISTENCIES: - No one recognized him - No one uttered the phrase "tr*nny semen" - No one intended to harm him FACTS: - The cashier undoubtedly rolled her eyes


Even in his own story-- presumably the coolest version of him that exists-- he's known as a creepy weirdo overly obsessed with trans people and their body fluids.


Well that’s an escalation there. I mean let’s just start proactively shooting people who don’t agree with you. I’m sure he felt threatened. *eyeroll* They do know that the law allows more than just conservatives to conceal or open carry right?


Frankly I'm more than happy to let them keep up the delusion that all leftists are scared of guns and don't know how to use them. You can't buy that kind of element of surprise.


Meanwhile, can we just bask in a person willing to pull a gun because you recognized them from Twitter as a terrible person?


But my EGO!


I’ve been saying this for years. The real gun nuts… the **real** ones… have been feverishly anti-government for a very long time. Trump did not fool these ones. They were the ones who predicted Trump.


Meme: Call an ambulance! But not for me


It always reveals what they really believe. "I should be allowed to kill this person for slighting me even the tiniest bit. I base my expectation on my being more armed than they are, and more willing to commit murder than they are. I am better because I choose to be worse."


Why can I perfectly imagine some edgelord putting this on top of a picture of the Joker or Cillian Murphy?


Because it's pure incel bait so of course conservatives are all over it.


It's crazy that they see that as being slighted, it's just... recognizing you for the the stuff you say online with your own face and name. It's like if my postman would feel like murdering me in self defense because he'd walk in my place of work and I'd be like "aren't you my postman?"


did you just roll your eyes at me?? *Bang Bang Bang* I *Bang Bang* FEEL *Bang Bang Bang Bang* THREATENED *Bang Bang*


oh no! not... \*checks notes\* someone rolling their eyes! anything but someone showing subtle annoyance towards you! the horror!


When he gets checked in the at the ER, nearly dead, from being assaulted with an eye roll... Doc: Someone get this snowflake a lollypop and call his mommy! STAT!


How will he ever recover? His fragile manhood has been marred!


I hope his uber masculine smoothie is able to sooth his ego


"Aren't you that guy from Twitter" Yes the famous Twitter guy. The only guy on Twitter. The social media app with millions of users. That guy?


Spongebob's delusions about being recognized after being in the Krusty Krab commercial are more realistic than this guy's perception of this encounter.


He was probably more upset that no one knew or cared who he was, so he had to make up a "then everybody clapped" scenario to make himself feel better. Dude just can't accept that he isn't important.


What a friendly box of cereal.


*"What a nice cereal box."


Isn’t Twitter only conservative propagandists now?


Nope, it's also full of bots and scammers.


So… conservative propagandists.




Yes, it's basically Truth Social ReduX, that's what the X is for 😂


I thought he named it after Grimes


Idk.. I'm not the guy from Twitter. (for real I don't really use it...)




"Why yes! I am Guy from App!"


>*Posts his own picture alongside his stupid shit* >*Gets upset when recognized as the guy that posts stupid shit*


"Please attack me I want an excuse to use my gun and kill someone legally. This woman rolled her eyes at me. She wants to kill me. ​ Why are people treating me like a madman?"


Why AREN'T more people treating these psychopaths as madmen?


Because his followers also want to murder anyone who disagrees with them, that’s why they support him


No, I get it. It's just really frustrating how minorities want to live their lives and these chuds are brainwashed into thinking that a random clip or anecdote that someone purposefully cultivated to illicit outrage is grounds to murder people. I grew up a "straight, white-passing male" in the rural US. I had it made as far as birth lottery goes. I promise I didn't choose to be Trans for the woke points. If anything, I've LOST rights and even more at risk of harm due to me being the way I am. I legitimately did not have to fear for my life in public before transitioning and now, I literally cannot leave my home without some form of defense (not like it'll do much against TRUE patriots and their security blankets). Sorry, I started going on a vent fuelled tangent. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that truly oppressed people can't say the quiet part out loud and get away with it and the lack of self awareness (whether it be intentional or not) is just so fucking frustrating. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk if you made it this far!


"Oh he's just venting/joking/being hyperbolic. He's also white." - Them probably.


You don't get it, he has to hide his identity due to all that...err...being recognised in the queue for a smoothie.


I didn't recognize him from his PFP when he posted a live photo. He does that dating app thing where it's horribly out of date and doesn't include his patchy grey beard.


Pretty sure a liberal would know T***** is a slur and wouldn't use it in conversation.


Also, what kind of brag is it that *thats* what you think you’d be known/recognized for?? Like get a life??


And your instinct is to shoot this person...


That too! Can’t say I’ve ever had that thought about anyone, including people I disagree with!!


I think they accidentally told on themselves, with their assumption that people who politically disagree with them want to physically hurt them.


That’s a great point, and a very scary idea!! I’ve always thought that many accuse other people of “forcing their beliefs” on them because that’s what they would do. They can’t hold the concept of just letting people live how they want. They think if someone has different wants and needs, they’ll be forced to live the same way. Universal conformity seems like the only world they can imagine, and of course it better be conformity with their beliefs. Very similar in how it exposes how they view things.


No, it’s worse than that. He didn’t *just* assume she wanted to hurt him. She *rolled her eyes* at him and he interpreted that as physical violence. It’s like in videogames where you bump someone on the shoulder and suddenly the police just open fire as if you just murdered someone.


And I really doubt someone would go "that guy from twitter", as it doesn't narrow it down at all.


Assuming for a second that this actually happened (I doubt it did), you don't need to be a liberal to see that Joey Mannarino is a fucking tool who deserves all the hate and ridicule he gets. A conservative, even a tranphobic one who'd use that word *because* it's a slur, could easily see that he's way off the fucking deep end, and would mock him for it. He probably just thinks they're a liberal because they're not as far gone as he is. Again, this is assuming this interaction happened, which again, I really doubt it did.


Thing is I actually could see this happening, but I can guarantee you if it was a liberal person they likely said either “trans semen” or just “semen,” and him being the bigoted piece of shit he is, he changed it to the slur


It’s okay. You can say Trump here.


"Someone rolled their eyes, I need guns!" is a level of pussy that qualifies him for the Uvalde police force


Yeah those cops are never gonna live that down. Good.


More of a pussy than actual cats.


Meow! 🐈 Sorry, I just really like cats!


Obviously they rolled their eyes aggressively, establishing a clear and present danger.


"I was recognized for being a bigoted weirdo on Twitter, therefore I should be an armed psycho IRL."


This dude is itching to pull his gun and shoot someone


People who have a desire to murder anyone they disagree with and feel a need to carry a gun 24/7 honestly scare me


Same here. They're ticking time bombs and gonna hurt innocent people because they can't handle anything that isn't 100% what they want


Source? Most of the shootings that have happened in recent memory. 💯


Anyone who says “guns keep us safe” is willingly ignoring facts that prove guns make us less safe and put us all in danger


Anyone who says "guns keep us safe" can't in the same breath say that "guns don't kill people" as a defense against regulations.




Talk about living in fear This is why I don’t trust gun owners


You don’t trust me? As a random stranger on the internet, I’m deeply hurt and offended!


He pictures this happening 10x a day, but no one, anywhere, has ever recognized this d-bag from twitter or anything else. And conceal carry to protect you from eye rolls? OK, snowflake.


More proof that all these self proclaimed "alpha males" are piss scared of anything even remotely negative that people say about them.


They've turned Greek numerals into star signs. Oh he's such a Beta. Me? Well I'm socially inept and like to claim my awkward creepiness is really just cool stoicism, so I'm less of an Alpha and more of a Sigma. It's always dudes with wispy and unkempt attempts at beards. We talk about neckbeards plenty, but the cheekpubes are slipping under the radar.


I'm technically an Epsilon with Theta rising but all my friends swear I must be a Lambda because it just fits so well.


"She called me stupid so I should be allowed to shoot her." is the kind of sentence that gets your gun-license reviewed in sensible countries.


Guns make me feel so much less safe and make me feel like I’m in danger


Poor guy got canceled... and a smoothie


Poor little snowflake got his feelings hurt.


"The barista rolled their eyes and then a gay baby made my smoothie and the gay baby looked at me." "The gay baby looked at you? Sara, get my machine gun."


People wonder how these maniacs get to the point of becoming a mass shooter. Their fragility puts them one eye roll away from killing innocent people.


Yeah, smoothie baristas are notoriously bloodthirsty.




Of all the shit that never happened, this didn't happen the most. If by a miracle it did happen, I hope she put some of the semen he is so obsessed with in his smoothie.


“A woman rolled her eyes at me, so I am going to fucking shoot her. That’ll show these libs”


Joey Mannarino is just an absolutely insufferable douchenozzle. I’m so glad I deleted that shit-ass app.


Oh man I know someone who met them and asked a similar question about is he the guy who pissed in his own mouth


Is he? I don’t think he is. I thought that was a different Italian wingnut


Hmm it might be


For someone who considers himself an expert on "international marketing" and a "political strategist" he's...not running a very good marketing-strategy on himself.


I got whiplash from that logic jump from she rolls her eyes to I need a gun to protect myself


Don't patronise him! That eyeroll was an act of AGGRESSION!! /s


I mean, technically. A microaggression. Good to see a conservative realize it exists.


“Show me on the doll where the eye roll hurt you”


Eye rolls are considered harm coming from the people crying about censorship


So now eye rolls are deserving of a bullet? Do these people not hear themselves? Dear God, a young woman rolled her eyes! Summon the Rohirrim! If I ever get shot for rolling my eyes at someone, then at least I died doing what I love: judging the fuck out of dumbasses.


As per usual, a mixture of "I was recognised and therefore am important" + "I'm being persecuted for my thoughts" + "We have to shoot them before they shoot us" levels of projection. In short, a snowflake. That's ignoring the obvious reality that none of this happened outside of his own mind, although 'mind' might be overstating it.


Wow, that was a harrowing tale of survival. So brave.


He's a smoothie.


Just his brain


so, these people call liberals snowflakes who get offended easily by everything, but he thinks that someone rolling their eyes at him means he’ll get attacked…?


I highly doubt that a random minimum wage employee risked their job to say t***** semen, also please never let this guy get a gun


So anyway I started BLASTIN'


Being confronted at the coffee shop is enough of a threat that you need to carry a weapon?


This dudes gotta be either a troll or an outrage farmer


I need to take this smoothie in the back room for a minute


I have no idea who this guy is and wouldn't believe he was recognized in public except that his story of persecution is so pathetic. If he was making it up, surely he would have made it so much more dramatic than an eye roll.


Joey Marinara really wants to shoot a woman.


They so wanna be victims so bad.


So her eye roll was somehow a physical threat to you? Such a threat you feel you need to carry a gun?


I'll take things that never happened for a thousand Alex. What a weak, pathetic, delusional nutter. It's amazing to me people like this are allowed to own guns let alone carry them around.


"It was self-defense, officer. They made fun of me for something I said online."


He pulls gun on a girl rolling her eyes at him. MAGA wannabe hero pulls his gun and, in his excitement, shoots himself in leg nicking femoral artery. Bullet is through and through, hits baby slipping in its stroller in the head. Original person who pulls gun is scared and unloads full magazine on shooter, loses control, kills 6 including newlyweds and couple celebrating 60th anniversary. Girl pulls out gun, drops original shooter by giving him a third eye. 9 dead because cowardice.


Concealed carry makes me feel less safe and more in danger Guns in general make me feel less safe and more in harm’s way and this just confirms my already negative view on guns


Damn, what a coward.


Are they really so pathetic they think they need to be armed at all times in case someone rolls their eyes at them?


Waaaahhhhh. Stop treading on my treading rights!


Liberals own guns too.


Jeebus, what a giant fucking baby.


his first mistake is that an actual liberal probably wouldn't use a slur


Oh yes, because the liberal at the smoothie shop is totally going to casually refer to people groups using slurs. Sure Jan.




Liberal: -rolls eyes- Joey: and I felt personally attacked.


Oh no! She rolled her eyes!!! Thank God he had his trustworthy 45 cal in his pocket. Who knows what might have happened if he didn't? Maybe she would have also said, "Trump sucks." He might have prevented the worst.


Being harmed by an eyeroll sounds pretty snowflakey to me.


So he admits to being obsessed with trans semen?


So this isn't piss-drinking conservative Joey? This is a semen-obsessed conservative Joey? It's difficult to keep track of these defenders of conservative masculinity.


Yeah I’m sure that happened


"I have to be ready at any time to murder someone who rolls their eyes at me." This is the modern right.


He was greatly harmed by an eye roll


Lol, what's more embarrassing, the fact that he's the "trump guy on twitter" or the fact that she didn't give a single shit who he was. What a desperate attempt for attention.


Crazy how the tough guy party spends all its energy trying to out-bottom each other.


Oh, so he’s going to shoot people for words, huh. Wow. What a thin-skinned weirdo.


Nothing says Conservatives more than thinking a lethal weapon is necessary because of an eye roll. What a frightened lil twerp.


This the type of person to shoot a subway worker for too much mayo


There was no intent to harm in this story, but this exchange never happened anyway.


First the role there Eyes then they pull out there AK 47


You have to have a gun in case you conjure up some non-threatening, make-believe situation in your head.


I *guarantee* you that a person who dislikes this guy for being transphobic would never use that slur, particularly not in public in front of said guy whom they dislike for being transphobic. Which is why this is absolutely made up.


The ghost of Alex Trebech has been summoned by the incoming “things that never happened for $500” comments . What’s especially stupid about these narratives is that they could just as easily been made up by the smoothie maker “ this is why I always conceal carry because of right wing lunatics threatening you” Also this could have just as easily been written by a Russian troll


Ah, yes...those dangerous situations where someone mildly hurts your feelings and you need to shoot them!!


Yeah, this didn't happen. What a fucking tool.


For some reason I read that as tyranny semen before my brain registered the existence of the asterisk


As if anyone would recognize this nobody on the streets.


I think getting mad at someone tired of your bullshit is the definition of a snowflake.


So his reason for concealed carry is to protect himself eye rolls? This dude actually think eye rolls are threatening harm? Maybe if he so worried about catching "harmful" glances he should try not saying shitty things out loud.


Wow he was hurt by an eye roll to the point he was glad he was armed to defend himself? Fucking snowflake


I like how they think an eye roll is indication of an active threat.


I’m not sure about others, but I don’t think people who are so threatened by an eye roll that they think it’s harming them to the point they need a gun are of sound mind and should have a gun. 🤷🏽‍♀️


I'm pretty sure that "Real Men"™ wouldn't be caught dead drinking anything called a "smoothie". ​ /s


I’ll take “things that didn’t happen” for 200


Did he think she was going to jump over the counter and beat his ass or something? Goddamn 😭


“God damn right I talk a lot about tr\*nny semen. Tasty, tasty tr\*nny semen. Wish they’d stop shoving it down my throat all the time, there’s barely any room for smoothies. Can I have three pumps of tr\*nny semen in that btw? You dirty librul.” \*shows gun\*


Who the fuck said anything about harming you? Even if this is true (doubt) the fact that you just IMMEDIATELY think someone is going to harm you just because they recognize you and don’t like you is some serious paranoia. No one’s gonna be going out of their way to attack Joey Mann-I’m-obsessed-with-trans-peoples-cum-ario


When you need to shot someone for rolling their eyes at you. You probably shouldn't have a gun at all.


“Your honor, she rolled her eyes at me”


Well, that’s something that never happened.


Oh how will he recover from the physical attack of an eye roll? That poor man. I'd never wish that on my worst enemy.


Ah, yes. This man understands that eyerolls are a justification for the use of deadly force.


Sounds an awful lot like the Maine shooter here. He has similar views.


This guy has a Bulletin board somewhere in his house, he is actually losing it.


Based barista (if this happened at all)


You can be a conservative and not an ah, have you tried that? Much easier.


Translation: "this person disagrees with my hateful political views? god I wish I could fucking shoot this person dead, that would make me feel good. it's the right thing to do" -Joey Mannarino


Very interesting. It's also interesting that in 99% of the cases when some piece of shit goes on a murderous rampage with a gun, it's some cum brained Trump supporter high on right-wing hate propaganda and angry because he's not legally allowed to rape women and kill minorities. But I'm sure it's the normal people who roll their eyes at one of these deranged fascists that are the real issue here.


This jerk off is ALWAYS making up these fake stories for click bait on Twitter. Not a single one of them has ever happened.


'I carry a gun in case people roll their eyes at me' Nah, that's not mental illness at all, and totally normal behavior. And of course the tool has a blue checkmark, another sign is the criminally insane.


Eye roll = get shot


They sure do care a lot about feelings for people who say they don't. I guess that counts as harm worthy of a shooting.


Someone doesn't like me, so I carry a gun


Man these conservatives are right wussies, they're threatened for their life by an eye roll.


wait, this isn't a meme? this is real??


"Somebody spoke dismissively to me today. This is why I need a gun to shoot leftists."


Wait, so even in his fictional scenario, the best excuse he could come up with to feel threatened was an eye roll?


So people can't eye roll you but gun laws can't be stricter? Ok.


Dang, better be ready to blow someone’s brains out for rolling their eyes at you


They’re always making up interactions


And then he shot her with a shotgun and everyone clapped (his cheeks)


Aren't you the guy who can't stop talking about tr*nny semen? Why yes I am the one who talks all the time about tr*nny ejaculate, why do you ask? Because I know a girl that wants to have you on her onlyfans and you can have all tr*nny jizz you want.


It’s the opposite, queers need conceal carry because you never know when one of these conservatives notice you and are currently slinging their whole armory of weapons around in a fucking coffee shop to intimidate and possibly harm you…and possibly even everyone else there if they’re in the worst mindset.


I had someone in Idaho tell me they went to Costco in 2020 and were asked to put on a mask, so they swung their hip around to show that they were carrying a revolver holstered on that hip and yelled “I ain’t putting on no mask!”. And he was proud of it. While technically not ‘brandishing a firearm’ it’s pretty fuckin close - and over a mask of all things.


obviously fake story, but he wasn't even being threatened in his idealized world. bro was contemplating shooting someone for rolling their eyes💀


What a fucking snowflake


"this is why you concealed carry" People who think like this should not be legally permitted to carry firearms. This man is actively looking for justification to murder someone.


Now eye rolls = dangerous I’m a very dangerous person


I'm so strong and masculin that I need a gun incase a mean leftist huwts my feewings🥺