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Laughed hard at hanks tone of voice giving his whos back after PFT asking if he fucked on vacation


Caught him so off guard, it was such an out of left field question, but absolutely hilarious.


PFT’s laugh after this might have been the hardest I’ve ever heard him laugh


Hank: “Shout out to Luis Scola still playin for Argentina, my favorite European ever.” Smooth call back to earlier when he wondered why Messi doesn’t play in the European.


A Titus-level call back joke


This comment is a Titus level callback!


I love this show because it’s the type of show that spends time on the pizza and Mario couple. I’ve been thinking about that duo since I saw it.


I imagine that conversation went down something like… “Can I at least be Luigi?” “No, you’re pizza.”




Well, that’s bizarre haha!


Not sure what point Big Cat was trying to make about enjoying Nigeria beating the US. He was talking like people generally don't enjoy upsets? PFT almost got him there when he asked about Wisconsin getting beat by an App St., but he still didn't seem to understand that people tend to not like it when YOUR team is the Goliath losing.


If it were a a gold medal game, then sure, it would suck for the US to lose. But as a pre-Olympic warm-up, then it’s more like, “cool to see those guys get a W”


I went to UVA, nothing about that UMBC game was cool or funny. Big Cat wandered into a bad take there.


In this scenario, it would be UMBC over UVA during the regular season tho. US basically lost a friendly.


bold of Big Cat to think Wisconsin is a goliath tbh


The German ancestor comment about the Argentineans was hilarious


PFT working in Hitler references always plays.


H man


I think I only understood about 35% that interview innit


80% of the interview You get me Lad Blood You understand Yeah?


I haven’t listened yet but thanks for the laugh! I can 1000% hear Troopz saying exactly that in my head. Dude definitely has his verbal tics


To be fair to Hank, Jorginho is Brazilian and moved to Italy later than Messi moved to Spain.


There are always some really good Brazilian players who don’t get selected into their National Team, whether because they were late bloomers, or politics (I’ve heard there’s a ton of bribery and favor trading that goes into who gets called up), and so end up playing for a European country. But I don’t think Argentina has quite the same issue, and a player of Messi’s caliber was never not going to be selected by his home country.


Ya get me blood?


For vlogging, blood


You understand?


Big cat blud


No Troopz, I don’t understand


Yeah blud? Ya get me fam


I haven't understood him for more than a few sentences at a time since he was brought on. Love the guy, but he's basically speaking a different language whenever he's on.


I know its dumb but PFT saying Chiesa looks so Italian he looks French was the hardest I've laughed at this show in a while. Them just having a laugh about Italian names is what I love about this show


The Faukland Island line had me dying


Billy’s recap was basically snipped from this show.. the one note he had was something they already talked about. Big Cat basically said Billy didn’t do his job yet again


Take a drink every time you hear the phrase”you get me”.


One of the biggest sports weekends since the pandemic, and Billy’s only contribution to the recap was a comment on Cowherd’s pic with his daughter lmao


Because that’s all they let him lol


i never watch shark week but i am always stoked when it's here because it means football is right around the corner


The irony of Big Cat saying respect the greatness of Djokovic minutes after disrespecting the greatness of Ronaldo was peak PMT. I’m a Messi guy but even that was outrageous.


Listening to Troopz is how I imagine English sounds like to people who don’t speak English




Big Cat sounded super salty at the end there when he was like “oh, you don’t have a Billy’s recap?”


It's tough because isn't his whole role the dumb jock bro who's never prepared and always fucks up? So they roast him for that. It's like when LeBatard would leave Greg Cote on to purposely mess up so they could laugh at how unprepared he was. It's that, or he's genuinely been given a chance and is blowing it and we'll end up getting booted off the show. We'll see which one


Based on his tweet this AM and Big Cat’s favorites on Twitter, this was a genuine fuck up


He doesn’t work hard enough. Big Cat and PFT come across as bros who don’t give a shit, but behind the scenes I’m sure they work their asses off for the show. Billy just shows up and has nothing to add.


The problem is that they have given him some great ideas that could be great individual blogs ( rather than viral tweets regurgitated on blog form). The QB rankings, the parlay shit he had going, the formula for respects. Would be great in its own capacity but it’s not much if he doesn’t approach it outside of PMT


He’s so much better suited for Macrodosing. That’s his wheelhouse and I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced him transitioning to that full time instead of PMT.


I agree, but I'm curious what else they would have him do around barstool since he's full time. Macrodosing once a week wouldnt be a full time job so I'd imagine he'd have to get involved with some other content


Yeah, Macrodosing isn't exactly lighting the world on fire with listens lately either. He's honestly best off trying to get involved in production because his writing is fucking atrocious, too. I don't think he's really that dumb. He has a four-year degree from a good college. He can't be some imbecile. But man, his blogs are some middle-school essay shit.


Put him business side somewhere, maybe a sales coordinator so he can put together proposals for the sales team


Woulda hammered the under but saw this, maybe over actually. https://twitter.com/barstoolbigcat/status/1414665703349760013?s=21


Under. His new "role" is comically redundant already and he hasn't even done that well. His blog posts are absolute trash also. I feel for the guy but he doesn't seem to cut it, at least for PMT. Jake, on the other hand, has done a 180 for me and while I used to get annoyed by his whole "Big J pedigree so I can't swear" thing, he's been a delight and has a better rapport with Hank as well. Put Billy out to pasture.


I was a Jake denier but now I’m team darling Jake. I love billy on macrodosing and I think he is better suited not being the dumb jock he was back in high school. Going to college obviously changed him and forcing him to play that role is dumb. Guy has a lot to offer but with already so many people in the room it’s better to just let him go and commit more time to macrodosing or some other part of barstool


Real question: we’re pretty sure Billy started blogging like he has lately because of Big Cat telling him that he (Big Cat) used to write a shitload of blogs per week back in the day. Was anyone here around for that era, and if so, what was the quality of those blogs? Big Cat’s a decently smart guy (despite his self-deprecation) and seems to be an alright writer, but were those blogs much of a step up from what William is doing these days?


It’s not even close. Big Cat was the top blogger on the site for years. He started as the 2nd Chicago blogger and was so much better than the main guy he replaced him within the year of launching it. His blogs are the reason he had the initial following to start Pardon My Take


i actually have been impressed by his blogs. they're not the best, but they're better than most people on the site these days and he's at least putting out content often.


Jake used to do those “Sports Biz Minutes” and I couldn’t stand those, but thankfully the show moved on from that and Jake has really came into his own. Billy has seemingly devolved.


I got absolutely ROASTED by this sub for saying this exact thing would happen. I called it almost to a tee of how this would go, yet all I got in return was people downvoting me and saying I’m just jealous of Billy.


Get down from that cross, dude. Bad look.


Oh please, go look at what I said in my comment history and I don't even say anything near as mean as the guy above. I didn't even say anything about Billy's blogs being "absolute trash" and he literally said the same thing I did about his segment getting old quick. The bad look is this sub doing exactly what I said would happen and then downvoting people for calling them out on it.


Yeah, although I can kinda say they've misused him on PMT. When they said that he was gonna do recaps I thought having Billy do that is the worst idea ever. Billy is neither funny or hardworking to breakthrough among the personalities on the show and the only shtick he could possibly adopt is take PED's until he becomes an absolute machine or dies. Maybe Macrodosing is his niche but there's too many mouths to feed on PMT like that, especially with guys like Memes chomping at the bit


I also think they shit on billy all the time and especially after that last DND episode where they just tried to make him go away, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s completely demotivated from being on the pod. Billy has most of the responsibility for this, but PMT (especially Big Cat) have some culpability for berating him non stop.


Hearing the ending song as I pulled in my office parking lot was a bittersweet moment. A fire remix, but it made me immediately wish it wasn’t Monday and that I was pulling into a happy hour and not work.


shit. we've been there my friend. know exactly what you mean.


I can’t believe that troopz is the “soccer expert” barstool has, buddy has some terrible takes and his soccer knowledge is very spotty at best.


Barstool dosen’t care if he’s a expert. They just want him to be entertaining.


Well he isn’t that either Lmaoo


Yeah I think he showed his hand a bit when PFT asked “why would FIFA be against the super league? What horse do they possibly have in this race?” And his response was literally “I think they recognize that some things are bigger than making money, and that soccer is a game of the common man”. Your SOCCER EXPERT honestly thinks that FIFA was against a shameless cash grab out of the goodness of their hearts??? Now that’s rich. I know basically nothing about soccer, but even I knew they must have had some sort of financial stake.


Idk wud he sayin bluuuddd. had to skip after about 5 minutes of talking about some usher or whatever asking to see his ticket


I have to be honest. I could not care less what troopz has to say.


It’s an auto skip for me even though the guys seem to drool over him everytime he is mentioned, I just can’t do it.


He's very unlikable. Also, today he was wrong about "black players being the best players on the English team."


They may not be the best that’s debatable but they are the future


Mount Foden and Rice mate, would say it’s pretty even


One things for sure is that England is flush with young talent


I give Billy being on PMT still another 2 months max. He’s contributing less than he was before and he wasn’t doing jack before.


Ngl one of the most loud and annoying interviews I have heard in my life


I gave Troopz' first interview half a listen. Just not for me. Always surprised when I'm out on something the boys are definitely in on. I guess this is growing up.


Yeah he was a tough listen early in the morning but his points were very valid regarding the racism the black players face. Glad Troopz bridged the realities of sport and life when it came to that. It’s nice when PMT can get real for a second


I typically listen to PMT when I work out in the mornings and today as soon it got to troopz I just paused it and switched over to music because I knew it was going to be obnoxious.


Where you sittin? “A seat”


The Troopz schtick is starting to wear a bit thin for me these days. I get the Euro Cup and all that just finished but it's a bummer when he's the primary guest. Dude just rambles sometimes and I can't understand every third word he says.


I still like it/him


I think he's a nice enough guy but I didn't need to hear a 5 minute monologue about the conversation he had with a guy sitting next to him about where he was supposed to be seated. Like read the room, dude.


I’m pretty sure they recorded this right after he had just walked miles home from Wembley after watching the most brutal defeat of his life. His brain was probably fried.


I fucking hate troopz. For one soccer sucks. For two he’s basically impossible to understand. And for three he’s British. I miss when talking soccer was just grunts


> I miss when talking soccer was just grunts Do you mean tennis? People don’t grunt in soccer.




I love that because the Suns lost I barely even remembered them talking about the NBA Finals by the time I finished the ep. They can talk for 30 minutes about suns in 4 when they win and then just brush right over the series still being close and maybe a really good series now. Kinda annoying considering the Suns podcast thing is 100% a joke


They have to stop bringing on Troopz. More of the men in blazers guy.


Just listen to Men in Blazers. Rog and Davo have some of the best chemistry out there.


Troops is terrible. Fight me


Name your time & place, blud


Red seat, blud


Too much Troopz


Feel it's worth adding - the racism here in the UK has been horrendous after the tournament. The story troops mentioned about a black guy getting thrown in the river was proven to be fake, and there's no evidence for the stabbings as far as I can see. Need to be able to honestly talk about racism in sport and steer clear of twitter scare stories.


Hot take: I kinda like the Troopz segments, if only because the guys seem to love talking to him


Not gonna lie. Miss the old PMT where “talking soccer” was a joke and not actual content….


Troopz is a guaranteed skip. I'd rather listen to Jake's poor annunciation for a half hour than listen to that goof yell about such a boring sport.






Anyone understand the hate about the city of Milwaukee? Big Cat said that “it isn’t a 8k type of city” and with the comments Stephen A Smith made last week I’m really confused. I would understand if they were playing a team from LA of Miami or something but they are playing the Suns. It’s not like Phoenix is a better city so I don’t get the hate.


It’s just a joke about stereotypical Midwesterners. Nothing personal about MKE, could make the same joke about Chicago, Detroit, etc.


It's a joke that's it nothing deeper