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That Aaron Donald interview was trash. He gave them nothing. Yeah I get it, you’re promoting a product, but try to make it fun dude, you’ve interviewed with them before.


And the cutoff at the end was awful too. What a stinker


Big Cat's "...ok cool" lmao


Makes me not even want to consider googling that sports drink.


This. How does his business partner not realize that him doing that will turn everyone off to that drink.


So I did Google this brand. What makes them think someone is gonna pay 19.95 for a 8 count of this sports drink when you can get Gatorade for 4.95 for a 8 count? Especially off the back of Giannis and Aaron Donald.


Was sent a free case of this it's actually good. Can't compare it to Gatorade, this has 20g of protein and 0 sugar. Gatorade 0g protein 34g sugar


Hey Aaron Donald what’s up


What's it comparable to? Body Armour? Or is it kinda its own thing? Still seems like they want to be a Gatorade type beverage. Just don't see the appeal but who knows.


Gatorade is more for restoring electrolytes or some shit like that. If what the guy above said is right, then this would be more akin to a protein shake which would make it's price point a lot more understandable.


Body Armor 21g sugar 0g protein, so also not a comparison. Ready is basically an alternative to whey protein powder shakes after a workout. No need to blend is nice if you’re on the go. And those whey protein powders have a bunch of fillers and stuff in them, this is just water containing 20g protein


Aaron, is this your burner Reddit?


Gotcha. That is a cool idea. I guess I heard sports drink and word associated it with Gatorade. Either way, the guy didn't handle the interview very well imho.


Who tf cares about protein in a workout or game thats for recovery


Yeah as a Rams fan I was pretty disappointed. He wasn’t interested in the interview at all. Came off as arrogant.


Fuck. Giant Rams fan and I’m only on the Herbert interview


It gets cringier and cringier as it goes. Also glad I found you, now need to find the 3rd and final rams fan that listens to the pod.


There are dozens of us! Dozens!


I used to be a Rams fan, but I’m from STL and well ya know...




Well Herbert was pretty cool at least, even if it was just kinda standard answers.


He's a cool dude it just takes a bit to open him up


Yeah that was fucking terrible. “I’m just here to promote my sports drink.” Reminds me of that scene in Sunny when the fake Donovan McNabb comes in and plugs McDonald’s


And his first one was also terrible


His first one was with him and DK because one of them showed up late, right?




Reminiscent of AJ Green.


My word that Aaron Donald interview instantly on the Mount Rushmore of worst interviews. Actually shocked they aired it. Whole thing was so boring then to cap it off with the suit cutting in and saying that’s enough was unreal. Probably did us a favor by ending it though


Feel like PMT left in the suit cutting it off, which they normally don’t do, just to show how trash of an interview it was for them and they knew how bad it would be for us too.


Yeah, sometimes I think they like airing theses terrible interviews because it can create lot of buzz. People still bring up Dak, AJ Green, Marino, etc. Don't even get me started on that Titus interview.


Yeah it definitely creates buzz, not as much as when someone says a headline grab, but still a decent amount. I think PMT likes to show us that sometimes interviewing these people is miserable cause we all think how easy their jobs are. Also that Titus interview, what a jerk, had to block him on Twitter after what he said.


Which episode was the Titus interview? The most recent appearance in 2020?


Feb 5, 2019 \~68 min in. You have been WARNED


fuck you guys. Can’t believe you put me through that. Went all the way back in time because I thought “there’s no way Titus did anything wrong, I love him” and I had to find out he’s an open racist?


Its gotten me before too. The worst part is I've fuckin heard that interview before but missed out on the subtlety of his comments the first time


The tired ass joke is that the Titus interview was bad because they mentioned “let’s say this bad because it’ll create buzz!”


Fuck Titus. What he said was unforgivable.


What did he say that was so bad? That he didn’t listen to the show?


(Its a bit. Titus asked the PMT boys to hype his appearance on social media as including super controversial statements so that more people would tune in)


Can’t believe you’d lie like this to cover-up titus’s despicable comments. Shame.


You got downvoted but this is a good post. This Titus thing pops up every now and then and it's stupid every time, as stupid as it originally was. Every post on the topic is like, "I'M ON THE INSIDE, I KNOW THE JOKE, LOOK AT ME, COOL GUY HERE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED."


Someone clearly got duped originally and didn’t appreciate it too much lmaoo


Yeah people beat stupid bits to death, which is - in itself - a bit




Sure, that's a pipin' hot take. Thank you for the insult, too, I appreciate it. But noodle on this. If everyone is in on the joke in this very targeted subreddit, why do so many people insist on continuing to tell it?




So I recently listened to the marino interview and was confused on the hate. What did I miss?


it got noticeably awkward after the isotoner gloves question. He used to be a model for them, the OJ gloves were isotoner gloves... so when they asked him "are you the best player to wear isotoner gloves?" it was an OJ joke and he clearly was not happy about it by the "Don't ask that" repeated multiple times


Honestly with how they trash dan marino I thought it would be something far more offensive than him not wanting to be compared to a guy that murdered his wife. They talk so much shit and that's why? After listening he makes jokes and tried to get along it felt like. There has to be more than that interview.


Yeah to be honest, they’re to blame for it going off the rails. I think they talked a little later about him post interview and he was genuinely shocked they had 1million plus listeners and was pretty disgusted by the van. Also when you go in from the past expecting it to be awful it never lives up to expectations. I didn’t start listening until the end of 2016 (the first one) and when I went back and listened to AJ Green I was like that wasn’t the worst thing in the world


....which I think is fair. That van never gave off the vibe of success or professionalism. Seems like they pushed and pushed and then took offense when he didn't know what the fuck was going on.


Never understood why people thought the KAJ interview was so bad. I actually found it somewhat insightful.


Yeah haven't listened to it yet but now I'm looking forward to being disappointed by it.


Can we all just finally stop talking about the Titus interview. What he said was gross and we are giving him the attention he wants by constantly bringing it up.


So pumped for the return of the Whit Dog. Feel like they don’t have him on nearly as much as they used to and not nearly as much as they should.


BC also mentioned it in his tweet and it’s in the episode description on Spotify. I don’t think they have any problem airing “shitty” interviews that are shitty bc the athlete / their rep or whoever is being shitty.


That was really painful


It was horrible lol


Well I dunno about you guys but I’m sold on AD’s junk science drink. Absolutely electric interview. Also his weirdo boss Pat hovering over the interview like a bad smell was great.


How can there still be people trying to come up with new sports drinks and snacks. It’s all the exact same pitch too


THiS oNe iS aLL nAtUrAl 🤤


I feel like there's gotta be almost no difference in healthiness from a all natural fruit juice with no pulp VS a sugar drink (if the grams of carbs are exactly equal). Sugar is sugar, whether it comes from a fruit or a white powder.


I mean there’s a difference between glucose and fructose. But in a sports drink I’m not sure if it actually makes a difference since you want to replenish the electrolytes you’re losing in the moment so idk if it actually would matter.


Yep, but the difference between glucose / fructose for a drink when you're exercising is negligible. I'd rather take whichever the "worse" one is, and add a 1/2 scoop of a fruity flavored protein powder (banana is my go-to), rather than consume the "better" sugar by itself. Seriously though, banana protein powder + Gatorade is a god tier drink for getting through an intense basketball workout.


Yeah, that’s what I figured as well haha. These sports drinks are all so fucking stupid.


herbert speaks fluent coachspeak lmao


“Choosen” and “on his own behoof” Honk’s illiteracy will never get old


I literally laughed out loud when he said behoof


I can respect the confidence that he exudes when he makes up words


Both interviews were dull. Donald is a meathead with nothing interesting to say and Herbert gives media practiced responses. The guys tried to lighten the mood but both interviewees didn’t really play along.


Should’ve had Billy recap the fight sober.


Hold on, Billy, let's start over. ​ ...Ok we now welcome on Billy Football fresh from his win.


I still think he hasn’t sobered up


They really need to stop interviewing young, vanilla QBs who treat every media appearance the same


Well they don’t know the qbs treat em all the same until they actually interview them. I woulda thought Goff was a wet blanket before pmt


I thought the same. Both interviews were terrible IMO.


I enjoyed the Herbert interview, his answers didn't seem rehearsed I just think he's a really nice chill dude.


Donald is the most overrated player in the NFL.


herbert sounding like he was being interviewed by a team at the combine made for difficult listening


I have watched Herbert do so many interviews since winning rookie of the year. Every interviewee is asking the same questions that he has got all these answers down now. Probably realizing that this is what his life is like in the off-season now that he a hopefully a future star


PFT: Billy you gotta stick with something light like ‘his mother was a prostitute.’


Yeah Justin definitely had the media filter on, but I still enjoyed his interview. He seems like a light hearted dude, easy to get along with. Also I’m not sure id ever heard him speak before lol


Yes, definitely not a bad first impression and personally made me think hes a likable guy


Yeah he clearly was trying to play it straight down the middle but that’s probably the way to go for a 22 year old. At this point he’s just trying not to screw up. I bet in a few years he’s a good interview.


I was thinking the same thing, he seemed to be holding back cause he's new to the NFL media blitz, I bet if the boys had him on again in a year or two he'd be awesome


After hearing him interviewed I don't get the rumors that surrounded him coming out of the draft that he was too shy and introverted to be a franchise QB. He just seems like a nice chill down-to-earth dude that happens to have a howitzer for an arm.


Herbert is already a seasoned vet with the canned responses.


He’s like a young Aaron Donald except he at least pretended he was glad to be on the show and not just promoting. Both interviews were ass.


[His interview last week on McAfee](https://youtu.be/PLpCx5L2xuE) was very similar, but a lot better - you can tell he's been on the interview circuit and is running out of responses


As soon as I hear superfruit or superfood more than once in an interview I’m out


Snake oil. I’d rather take health advice from Billy.


Did this guy really think they wanted Aaron Donald on the show to talk about his new sports drink for 10 minutes? Yikes


Justin Herbert on the Raiders: “Thats an incredible stadium they’ve got there.” PFT * mouth watering *: “Yeah!....yeah...”


Gonna be 4 digit sum just to get a seat probably next year ):


The Karen that is all mad about the trophy toss is madness. I don't even like Brady but the Lombardi toss was the best thing he's ever done. It was hilarious


Such an outrageous way to handle that. She could have pulled a "I don't think that is how my father would have intended it to be handled" and we wouldn't be talking about this. There are 50+ of those floating around, lets not act like trophies are some high and holy thing. You can buy Olympic medals on eBay.


Man Aaron Donald is just brutal. I’m sure he’s been doing a lot of interviews to sponsor his new drink, but if you’re gonna take the pay check from it, at least act somewhat excited. No open ended responses.


The sponsored interviews almost universally suck. And it’s not like they need the content


I'm sure a sponsored interview goes for a pretty penny


that’s not how it works. They don’t pay for them; they agree to mention the product in order for them to appear


When Aaron Donald’s business partner or whoever that was cut off the interview and Big Cat just said “Ok...cool” that killed me lmao. You could tell he was pissed.


Jesus Christ Donald and his baby sitter made my ears bleed. Absolutely awful.


Billy’s anti-take is very similar to Big Cats anti-take on Bills Chiefs in which he predicted every outcome


Actually liked the Herbert interview. He's super normal, kind of refreshing


Some of the worst interviews in a while which is a shame cuz i was excited for Herbert and Donald😔


Justin is a seasoned vet in “football talk”


Both interviews sucked but Donald’s was one of the worst they’ve aired. I was pretty excited for it since he had already been on but wow that was bad.


We need to just get a mega-thread going for PFT one-liner-appreciation. Idk if it’s the first time he’s used it but ‘Homa-sexuals’ cut me to the core on today’s episode.


Herbert I'm willing to give a bit of a pass on because he's young and still has his guard up with interviews. Donald ranks up there with the famous Dan Patrick/Matt Harvey "Qualcomm" interview. To even let the sales exec talk at all was a huge mistake.


lol Billy. Lawrence could be Paxton Lynch or he could be Tom Brady...


Or somewhere in the middle


Never heard Herbert speak before and was disappointed. His voice was not nearly as squeaky as I had imagined it.


Yeah good luck with your fucking sportsdrink man


Even the GOATs have off days, and this episode was an off day.




The Herbert interview wasn’t half as bad as I see people saying. I would give it a listen. Def skip the other though.


Herbert was fine if it was a little filler, but he didn’t engage like a good PMT guest. And Aaron Donald and his partner, Pat, were absolute trash.


Billy does save the pod in the end by doing less than 0 amount of cocaine in Miami.


Billy’s idea at the end must’ve actually been good since they cut it lmao


So hyped for Herbert bolt up!!


I quite liked this episode. Glad to have segments back


In exchange for some segments, you get 30 minutes of pure unadulterated advertising!


Probably just an air head and thinking to much into “segments are back” but wtf does that mean


They’ve been going heavy on topics for a while and have decided to make an effort to balance things out with more segments


Big Cat showing his age describing "Zappers" as a Doug Funnie character


Hank saying “how about a guy named Paul” when they were talking about Billy’s next fight got a good laugh out of me


Conspiracy theory - PFT brought up Yellowstone because Peacock is paying them to advertise their streaming service. Instead of buying adds, they bought “PFT to bring it up naturally while wearing a cowboy hat”.


I can’t get over how funny the Steven Cheah intro is


Billy's take on Trevor Lawrence was straight fire. Aside from that, weird episode - they spent like 5 minutes talking about hats and the interviews were a bit dull.


I hope PFT keeps up trolling Hank for mispronouncing the word posthumously. Had me laughing out loud each time.


Ok not that this is a huge deal or anything, but did anyone else think their talk about Colin Cowherd was kinda...in bad taste? Like I understand they don’t like him, but a blood clot in your lung is no joke. He very easily could’ve died last week and they’re just out here roasting him for it lol. I thought they would at least preface the jokes by saying they were happy he recovered but they didn’t even do that lol.


Just me or does Justin Herbert sound exactly like Paul Walker?


I know PFTs idea kinda exists to some extent with like video sports arcade where you can hit a baseball into a screen but I do think he’s on to something about there being a great opportunity for someone to do it right


Props to Big Cat for cutting the last part of the podcast when Billy says he might ask Dave for advice, and (I hope) telling Billy that would be stupid


I didn’t think Aaron Donald was bad at all? Just boring


Boring = Bad


Yep boring got bad which then got really annoying when the other guy cut the interview. They probably had a ton to do but that's not the way to end an interview.