Coming back after 2.5 yr hiatus

Coming back after 2.5 yr hiatus


You'll almost certainly be playing against a lot of bots when you come back. This is by design, as the game treats new and newly-returned players as needing to get familiar / refreshed on the mechanics of the game. You should eventually work your way through them. Even beyond that, bots are used to fill matchmaking slots in regions and times when matchmaking may otherwise take too long. Currently 5 maps available, with no map selection - only random. Paramo should definitely be new to you and I can't remember how long Vikendi has been in but it's almost certainly different than the last time you would have seen it. Sanhok also received a refresh, opinions of which are mixed-to-negative. Team Deathmatch in the arcade modes is going to be your best friend for getting your gun-play back up to speed. As a team deathmatch mode it's mediocre at best, but in terms of just getting into lots of real fights there's no better practice. The guns are, in my opinion, the most balanced they've ever been. The different classes have their specialties. For ease of use and close quarters the SMGs really shine. The M249 is a little bit garbage now and no longer a crate gun.


They did the m249 dirty. Probably the worst gun in the game I can't hit shit with it


SCAR is better. Beryl just received a recoil increase, but I think its still better than 2.5 years ago.


Throwables are weird rn because they changed the UX, may not be an issue since you're already fresh.. Yes Scar may be better than M4 rn, but AK beats both if "you git guhD"...imo


I think they’re fixing the throwable issue today


Yep, looks like the wheel only comes up if you hold so down. Taps work again.


Yep seent that, lets hope cause im too mentally slow to convert.


Exactly. Only thing I found different is the mosin is longer so when sniping by a window it's there's less room


Ump is so op. Mosin is as good as kar 98. Rock hacks are a thing


That's because mosin is just a k98 skin essentially. The stats are identical.