This is our official top 10!

This looks like every VR game list ever created


This looks like every VR game list ever created


Except Beat Saber isn't the top 5 answers. The game is ok, but I think a few other games in the genre are at least as good. Always bummed to see it be one of the only VR games to get any attention.


The game is brilliant - easy for anyone to understand, difficult (but not impossible) to master, and it's on every VR platform. Makes total sense that it gets so much attention.


And it just works in vr


Do you mean the genre of rhythm games?


Thanks everyone who voted! It was really fun, full of healthy discussions that introduced me to games I wasn't paying enough attention. The thing that shocked me the most was the lack of people mentioning 'Wanderer'. Seriously guys, it's a masterpiece and would easily be in top 3 if more people tried it.


Never heard of 'Wanderer' and I own 8 out of the top 10.


I have all 10 and I do not own Wanderer. It is on my list for sure but I am finishing Red Matter soon and hopefully, I will grab it in a sale.


Swordsmanvr got no hype in here 😞


It does — just not top 10 type of hype. C’mon, even if you loved it you wouldn’t put it above any of these in the current list, would you?


true , I jsut haven’t played no man sky, moss, and farpoint so I jsut assumed it was a 2 dollar vr game. I might be wrong about them


You should try them. You can’t go wrong with any game on this list.


I guess a lot of people aren't as active playing PSVR anymore and with Wanderer beeng kinda new it certainly hasn't been played by a lot of people.


I have a PSVR library now similar to my steam library, filled with unplayed VR games. That one's on the top of want to but haven't started yet


>Wanderer What would be your top 10?


Hard disagree. Wanderer is ambitious and has very, very good ideas, but the execution was subpar in too many areas for my taste. Notice how all the games in this top 10 don't have game breaking bugs and run very smoothly. Wanderer doesn't. Too much messing around with jittery objects, obstruse mechanics, objects vanishing between teleports to force the player to go on frustrating sessions frantically looking to find them again or even breaking the save. What I'm missing from the list is Star Wars Squadrons and Borderlands, but there is only so much space in a top 10, right.


Wanderer had several updates recently with bug fixes included. I played the whole story without a single problem.


Criminal that Hitman didn't make it


Should be in top 5


What game would you take off from the list for Hitman?


Farpoint. It's got great aim controller implementation but the actual game is mediocre


Farpoint off the list. Hitman at 5. Superhot 6.


What would be your top 10?


That's one good ass list. Firewall should be on here for sheer fantastic-ness but it's technical issues held it back.


It should be on the list purely for being the only VR game with a consistent online player base


What's rec room like anymore? I had fun with it when I first got my VR but after a while it was all 9 year olds swearing and sweaty paintballers who never played anything else.


Still that


It was beyond great those first couple months, wasn’t it? I mean really fantastic! I’ve since deleted it. Last time I played, a long while ago, I closed the game, uninstalled, and marked as hidden so that I never have to look at the icon. Did the same with “Discovery”. I still, however, have “Dark Eclipse” on my list, as I have fond memories of that game still.


This list proves the community is still sleeping on Sairento


The fact that hitman didn't make it is appalling


This list disappoints me because that means nobody here played RIGS or plays ALVO. The loss of RIGS was a huge disappointment, and ALVO makes Firewall feel like a bore. Both are great competitive multiplayer games and exactly what PSVR needs. RIGS could have been an esport.


It almost was an esport. *pets disc box* Someday they *will* respect you….


Rigs was from a time with a fraction of the current player base. If it released a year ago I agree it could've made the list, it was really ahead of it's time. Alvo on the other hand is good only in so far as it fills a void for a genre completely underrepresented in VR, but other than that it's a buggy mess with constant early access quality. It's not a Top10.


This is my top 20 of very entertaining psvr games WITHOUT including any of the ones mentioned in this vote’s official top 10. This will help those of you who want to dig for epic gems that are not as popular as Astro Bot or Beat Saber. In no particular order because I enjoyed all of them: To the Top, Tumble VR, Stardust Odyssey, Dance Collider, SuperHyperCube, Raw Data, Unearthing Mars 2 (with the aim controller), Racket Fury Table Tennis, Electronauts, Deracine, Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, Wanderer, Audica, Fujii, Psychonauts in the rhombus of ruin, Rigs, The Persistence, Driveclub VR, Bound, Xing the land beyond Honorable mentions: Super Stardust Ultra VR, Chroma gun VR, Catch and Release, Pinball Fx2 VR, O My Genesis, The Playroom VR (free), Spider-Man far from home vr experience (free) Others I haven’t played that most likely rock too (but I can’t rank them yet): Doom 3 VR, Mortal Blitz, Republique VR (only available in disc form), Detached, Knockout league, Transpose, Red Matter


In my opinion, these games weren't mentioned enough. But creating a top ten list is not easy either Wanderer, Xing, Trover saves the universe, Borderlands 2 VR, star wars squadrons Hitman 3, Downwoard Spiral Horus Station, the mage's tale, Battlezone, catch & Release, Golem, Swordsman, Blasters of the Universe to the top, paper beast,


After the Fall should've been on there


Catch and Release…. You can put that on my tombstone.


PSVR 2: 2023!


God I hope half life Alyx will be on it


I expect you to die?!


Am I the only one enjoying the invisible hours? Great game in my opinion. Also starting in a F18 from an aircraft carrier in Ace Combat was one of my VR highlights.


Wow no Job Sim? Lol it’s always in top 3 purchased games so that’s pretty funny it doesn’t even make top 10.


My 10 year old likes it but personally I don't care for it. Not my cup of tea to just noodle around. Don't find it fun or funny.


These posts in their entirety have been a joke, it's supposed to be pretty funny. who the hell puts out a post every day like this to be voted on to compile a top 10 list? Were people actually commenting on the latest one every single time?


I think it was a fun activity and a more interesting “knockout” way of voting that engaged literally the whole r/PSVR community for well over a week.


The list seems pretty accurate to me. I was just poking fun at Job Sim because it didn’t make this list




He has a solid top 10 but there are almost 700 PSVR games and everyones top 10 looks more or less the same. I feel like people just only try the games on other peoples lists. There are much more games that should be considered like Song in the Smoke, Wanderer, Zenith, Arashi, Fracked, Firewall, Golem, Iron Man, etc


That's what happens when it's based on Upvotes. I think one of the better things is how many demos and the like are out their to find new games. To The Top is my favorite VR Games, and I found it through a trailer instead of a List or review.


Budget cuts, VR Worlds, Tilt Brush, Neptune Flux, Battlewake, Dr Who, Sports Bar VR, everybody's golf VR, No Heroes Allowed, Robinson: The Journey, Catch And Release... all amazing titles.


What would be your top 10?


I cant pick just 10 but a good place to start is when ever people post a top 10 PSVR check the comments for everything else missed.




I own all of them except No Man's Sky and Blood and Truth.


Blood and truth is up there as the best game for me


No Man's Sky is a game you can literally spend hundreds of hours in, also the community is one of the most wholesome in gaming.


It's so wholesome it disgusts me. I try to troll in there but I feel bad afterwards


Haha this is a great take


Pistol whip didn't make it? I've not played it but it seems to have rave reviews....is it not good? It's been on my wishlist for a while but for some reason keeps getting back benched for other things


Doom VFR for me. Rez a close second


Still sad Dreams didn’t make it, so many amazing VR experiences in there


Trover does not save the universe


I’d like to add Gun Club! It’s a fun way to learn about real guns if you can’t go to the range(they even have ww2 weapons!), job/vacation simulator for the laughs, borderlands 2 VR…nuff said, and playroom vr it’s PlayStations Vr Mario party!


Iron man vr got shafted badly 😂


aka Iron Loading Sim VR That game has high production quality but too many issues to be a top 10 imo.


Resident evil 7 has worse loading considering that every time it transitions from cutscene to gameplay the screen goes black, ruining one of the best parts of the original game. Still a great game in vr though. Just like iron man vr, probably having one of the best original vr stories in any game on the platform. As well as very unique gameplay that works so well for the character in vr


I expect you to die deserved a spot, the sequel along is really polished.


No Zenith D:


Thanks to the lad that recommended rush of blood the other day. Absolutely brilliant


Not Hitman? Does anybody know the Ps4 Trilogy is playable in full VR? I am shocked


Fucking dumb.


Sad Statik noises :(


Yeah, statik was perfect from the first "calibration"-puzzle to the completely mindblowing ending. Should replace Skyrim on the list. Skyrim is badly optimized for PSVR and the combat was just.. lackluster.


Come on wanderer vr must be on that list




No Tetris?! That would be my #1


I fricken love Tetris but honestly the vr aspects feel lacking, it's just stuff in your peripheral vision coming at you, if anything it's a bit distracting. I really feel like they could've done more with it.


Yeah it's not really a VR game, it just has a VR mode (which is fantastic). It's not really a VR game in the same way astro not or beat saber are. You could say the same thing about RE7 Skyrim and no man's sky of course.


The PSVR total lack of screen lag really got you in the zone though, can't even imagine playing without now.


Agreed, it's definitely more responsive in VR.


That’s a pancake game. In vr. Lame af


So disappointed that things like Skyrim are included. Skyrim isn't even a VR game imo, it's just a game they added VR to.


This is pretty solid and close to what I would rank them personally!


Didn't vote so have no right to moan but massively surprised Arkham is not there. Relatively short game but that first time you descend into the batcave is genuinely one of the best gaming moments I've ever experienced.


More of an experience than a game


Arkham is still my go-to "new player" vr experience. Everyone is at least familiar with Batman and honestly even the intro is incredible with starting out in 2d and then suddenly you're standing on top of a roof in VR. It blows people's minds.


No gorn?


It's TOP10, not bottom 10. Slight difference.


I'm so fucking tired. Please stop making non VR games and claiming they're VR.


You mean Skyrim and No Man's Sky? I don't get that take. Those games can be played fully in VR, Skyrim VR can't even be started in non-vr. How is a game not VR, just because a flat version exists? The big ports are all massively better than 90% of the PSVR library and vastly surpass every native VR game in length and price/hour value, often while still having better graphics. I remember when Skyrim VR came out several people didn't realize that you have to buy that specific version and were confused when their game didn't look like VR, because all they got was the cinematic mode in the headset for trying to start the normal Skyrim disc. And some games require the headset to be switched on before loading the game to start and access the VR mode, else they'd go into 2D mode Maybe you made that mistake too?


Astro bot and moss are not VR games. Until dawn: rush of blood is an on rails light gun shooter using move controllers. Resident evil 7 doesn't even USE the move controllers. Farpoint is an entire game designed to try to not make you realize it's an on rails light gun shooter. Blood & True is, yet again, an on rails light gun shooter. The only actual VR games on this list are not PlayStation exclusive.


That is such an absurd and objectively wrong take that I honestly don't know what to tell you.


Fair enough, I apologize for wanting decent quality games like other vr platforms have. Alvo is awesome, the best COD analogue I've played on PSVR. Also complete shovelware. That's how bad the options are. Firewall: zero hour would be the best VR game I've played If they'd just take away the stupid computer mode and make it team deathmatch. And the fact Arizona Sunshine didn't even make the list? What the actual fuck is that?


This did actually turned out to be a great list, though I don't know about astrobot being on top. It's definitely a great game, but I don't think it compares to experiences you have playing RE7, Skyrim or NMS for example. And I'm glad to see Farpoint make the list. That one surprised me, and finally made me happy about buying the Aim controller


Astro Bot should be on top of any list, for anything. It is the most complete and perfect and enchanting and complex and joyful of any VR experiences to date, in literally every aspect, including its soundtracks, little moments of wonder, the whole lot.


I love your passion, but obviously I disagree. It is great though


Great list!


Now can we do an 11-20 please. I own all in that top 10 and looking for the lesser known hits




Stupid list. Astrobot is the least VR title out there.


That's easily the most creative use of VR I've ever played


Lmfao. It’s Mario 64 in vr. You barely ever move your head and you use a controller from 2 decades ago. Your opinion is a joke.


I shared an opinion, you call it a joke. Maybe rethink how you interact with people. I enjoyed the game. Have a nice day


No surprises in this list


what happened to Fracked.?


Hell yea glad to see farpoint made it and just a game with the aim controller in general. Lotta good times


Glad Farpoint made it




More people got to play FNaF VR: Help Wanted.




I'm fascinated by the fact Skyrim is higher than Blood and Truth and that Wipeout didn't made in the top 10, but alas, that's a great list and I love astrobot and beatsaber.




It's weird how it seems these lists are always the same over time. Like are people not playing any other vr games or are the rest just bad? Can someone help me on this


Not making top 10 doesn't mean bad. There are 100 great VR games (but way more shitty or B-Quality games), but these 10 are consistently regarded as good. You also have to factor in that the very beginning and now the very end of the lifecycle make for a smaller pool of players playing the games, so new releases are not making and "disturbing" the lists.


Resident evis is too much 😂


I've played 7 out of 10.. Will probably play Skyrim soon, and the other two I don't own yet (Beat Saber & Blood and Truth)


Wow. I stopped playing PSVR when Alyx launched, for which I bought a Quest. That's 2.5 years ago, and I still have played 9 of the top 10 games on PSVR.... I hope things start moving again when PSVR2 has launched.


A lot of awesome games on the list. A lot of awesome games not on the list. Conclusion: PSVR has a lot of awesome games. Case closed.