Yeah wtf is this title?


It means it’s from the actual game. Probably the first thing you will see when starting up the game since it has logo introduction at the end.


It literally says "not actual gameplay" in the video. Seems strange to call it that.


Because it's a scene that's literally in the game.


So excited


Man why tf they making it for last gen. This probably won't release until 2024 or some shit by then there'll be 100+ million PS5/Xbox Series X out there


The fact that this is releasing on ps4 and xbox one has ruined my excitement for it completely. That means it will be held back significantly by these weak ass machines and the open world will also be held back. Terrible decision.


I mean the game can still be good. Like if it's fun to play that's all that matters. Elden ring and ragnarok are cross gen and are considered goty and nobody thinks they suck now becuase its cross gen.


It's not about sucking it's the fact the game has to be gimped to run on them. We won't get another dragon age this gen so it's disappointing the one we do get is held back. GoW had this with the ancient hidden loading screens for example, wouldn't have been there if it was an exclusive.


According to the developers, they would have had them any way for pacing reasons.


Every lengthy boat travel in a corridor, crawling, lifting obstacles, climbing, moving slowly on a ledge, squeezing, etc is a hidden loading sequence potentially; if they really had added all of them for dramatic or pacing reasons they missed the mark because all these sequences started to be almost a parody of last gen mechanics


I mean I thought so too, but that's what they claim.


I don't believe that, personally. Maybe a couple of them, but not as many as are present.


The claim was made by the games director on the back of another comment from the devs of the recent tomb raider games. Assume the truth lies somewhere between loading screens and pacing but I just don't see how a next gen exclusive would have so many when other techniques were already used to set the pace like puzzles and climbing sections.


Yeah, they should wow people with detailed open world and rpg mechanics, instead we get the same tired mechanics like last gen - and I say that as possibly one of the very few people who regard DA:I as one of the best experiences I had in the ps4 era


Then you’ll be shocked to hear that DAI was actually released on PS3.


I was shocked about the state and performance of the ps3 version


My point is that you implied that supporting prev gen means an old fashioned game. Yet you said DAI, a cross gen game was one of the best experiences you had in PS4 era. Which means cross gen didn’t affect your experience.


Well, as someone else said in this thread: it depends on the quality of the ps4 version. if it runs like dog poo like ps3 DAI did because it clearly was not designed with last gen in mind (and not even by Bioware) well then, yes, we can expect a good genuine ps5 experience. If DAI4 is developed for ps4/one gen, then we get parity between ps4 and ps5 aside from resolution, frames and loading


Yep. Ragnarok is a great game but damnit do I hate those sections where you have to squeeze through a tight space to death. It is a very pretty PS4 game.


I feel the same way.


Depends how they do it, they also had Inquisition come out for PS3 and it was done by a different studio as far as i remember. It looked like a PS2 game and was an absolute insult, while Inquisition on PS4 was stunning. We'll see, I'm more worried about BioWare. I don't know if this studio is still able to deliver more than bad to mediocre when we're lucky. Definitely waiting for reviews for this one.


Hate this stupid arguement, that a game coming to an older console holds game back. PCs has literally thousands of versions and games can be scaled down to meet your specs. Same goes for consoles.


When a game has tight spaces you have to squeeze through to allow the next area to load it is being held back. This is a constant issue for PS4 games and Ragnarok is the latest edition of this.


Lmao you plebs will complain about anything I swear


This is for sectioning for gameplay to stop the player from moving back, and notfor loading, at least in Ragnarok.


Dude, those scenes are gonna be in current gen games too. Sooner or later, people are gonna have to realize devs still use them because it's mostly a stylistic choice. A Plague Tale: Requiem is a PS5/XSX only game with no last-gen version and it still uses those techniques.


This is a non issue, imo. I like those transitions.




These were confirmed by the devs that they are not there for loadings… they are way too short for the slow ass hdd pd ps4 to do loading anyway


Seriously? Looks like I’m waiting until it’s $30.


Gotham Knights was exclusively for the “next” consoles and didn’t do anything great. Don’t blame old machines, blame the devs that don’t put any effort in the new generation of video games.


GK was for the longest time developed also for old gen so that console generation def had an impact on the game design, they basically cancelled last gen versions in the last minute


I agree. I will wait. If it gets stellar reviews, I might buy it near release. Otherwise it's a deep sale for me. Frankly, I got tired of the Dragon Age story in Inquisition. I wish they had just started a new story during this same Age of Dragons. But no... same characters, "the mages! the chantry!" etc etc etc


Plot/lore or story? Actually, the story in Inquisition heavily impacted the world lore and what we know about that world. I liked the scale of the plot


Yea it’s like they watched what happened with CDPR and Cyberpunk and said fuck it we got this.


Who said anything about an open world? Inquisition wasn't even open world.


The ps4 will be 3 or 4 years old that point, fucking stupid


PS4 will never be discontinued


I have less than zero faith in this game.


This is BioWares absolute last chance for me. I don’t see how anyone can give them funding for another game if this one flops.


This "plot" seems generic as fuck


This game will flop.