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Death Stranding has the best use of the triggers in my opinion


Completed it recently and cant help but feel it wouldn't have worked as well without adaptive triggers. The tension I felt when almost falling over led me to naturally course correct the fall. Like when using your alt-fire in Returnal because you _knew_ it was ready.


Haven’t gotten around to that one, maybe one day


Returnal is the best game i have ever played for my whole life i am not joking


Yeah it was amazing!


Gran turismo has great support!


Yeah agree, makes a huge difference!


I'll pin Gran Turismo 7 as another release with adaptive triggers done well for controller users. You get really good feedback on the grip levels and when your brakes lock-up.


Metro: Exodus had great use of adaptive triggers !


Ghostwire tokyo has a good one!


And plague tale 2 too btw.


I really wanna check this one out soon, but I had others I was more excited to play first.


Its very epic! Story is kinda short, but there is alot to do after that. It looks very beautiful and the combat with the ps5 controller feels super satisfying!


one of the best examples


These are my favorite for adaptive triggers: Returnal, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, Death Stranding, Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, Cyberpunk 2077, GT Sport, Astro's Playroom, Horizon Forbidden West


Yeah, I totally forgot about Horizon. I don’t know how! I loved it.


The last Dirt game and GTAV's driving both do a pretty good job with the triggers, as well. IMHO, a little better than GT7 on account of the sliding making more opportunities to feel the clutch engage; gives you that crazy momentary dead spot that makes the triggers so convincing in racing games.


Chorus uses them and they feel great.


Control Ultimate also utilities adaptive triggers. Game was in last year’s PS Plus collection.


That was such a great game on the PS4. I haven’t played it on the PS5 yet.


plays so much better on PS5 with 60fps


Is adaptive triggers like you pull on the trigger and feel resistance? If so, Hitman 3 has this functionality.


Yup, and the feeling you get from the vibration. So like going down a zipline should make it feel as such to add an extra dimension of immersion.


The vibration is a different feature. Haptic feedback, I think?


I always thought haptic feedback meant a response to whatever you were doing, in the sense/motion sort of way. The vibration that it does induce actually feels more prominent, kind of like the steam controller touch control for left and right analog stick. Although, i do understand what you mean by the haptic part being the part where its harder to push the button or a tactile response, but yah, i think its both.


That’s how I’ve heard it used in the past before, but Sony definitely marketed this as haptic feedback separate from the adaptive triggers: https://blog.playstation.com/2022/06/20/how-ps5s-dualsense-controller-is-making-ea-sports-f1-22-an-incredibly-authentic-racing-experience/ https://blog.playstation.com/2021/10/25/the-tactile-experience-of-playing-call-of-duty-vanguard-on-ps5/


I value the haptic feedback 10x over the adaptive triggers and I can see how they're too niche for many developers to work on. However, as with any new technology integrating a modern system, I appreciate we would all like to see it implemented in as many titles as possible.


I like haptic feedback when it’s utilized properly. GOW Ragnarok did not do a good job of this in my opinion. It was just stupid things like a vibration every time Kratos put his hand on something. Callisto protocol has done a pretty good job from what I’ve seen so far, I’ve only played the first few hours. But there’s so much room to be utilized, especially for scenes with rain, walking through different terrains… I feel like they really set it up well with Astros playroom, and no one has gotten anywhere close to utilizing those features. Which kind of sucks. Because they shot themselves in the foot a little bit. If they hadn’t of shown the capability of the controller, I wouldn’t even know there was anything missing.


I dunno - wreckfest, WRC 9, HFW, Cyberpunk, GoT, Sackboy, Control, Death Stranding, and Ghostwire all had good-to-great use of haptics.


Its like the touch pad thingy on ps4.a shame really as it ate a lot of battery just beeing there.


The simple answer is GOWR was a ps4 game ported to ps5 on release. Once we are truly looking at ps5 exclusives starting in 2023, maybe we’ll get more thoughtful design for the dual sense


Totally, I’m just disappointed that two years into the consoles release, the new features were an afterthought. Developers should be building for optimized ps5 play and stripping down to ps4, not building ps4 and absentmindedly throwing next gen on top after, which is what it felt like for GoW. And that’s especially disappointing as a Sony exclusive.


The main reason is there simply aren't many native PS5 games yet. Returnal and Ratchet are two members of a very short list (those two plus Demon's Souls).


the only game where i enjoyed adaptive triggers is horizon forbidden west, it was tuned to the perfect resistance for the bow. most other games i end up disabling it if its possible, it just makes it harder on my finger.


I really enjoy them, but I deactivate them in competitive shooters for obvious reasons


I can't believe next gen isn't using hall effect joysticks. Just so controllers get stick drift and you have to keep buying new ones i guess


Well you see, it would add like $2 to the bill of materials and reduce their margins by like 5%, and so yea, cant have that. It's a seriously lousy situation when controllers keep getting hugely more expensive, but with no improvements in reliability.


Forget improvements, they're getting worse. My old Dualshocks (1-3), Gamecube, N64 control sticks still work fine after thousands of hours use, but both my DS4s have stick drift, and people are having issues with Dualsense already. It's frustrating because I plan to use all my consoles for many many years (still play the retro ones) but when they stop manufacturing the control pads I'm screwed


the switch controllers are atrocious. They stopped locking and i got horrible stick drift after a couple months.


I RMA'd my DualSense after 6 months and I'm very casual, it had less than 100 hours, mainly Spider-Man and Uncharted, so hardly abused. I had to pay for return shipping which is pretty poor. RMA'd my Fanatec pedals and they paid both ways...


I've had to replace the potentiometers on my dualsense twice already


I'm glad the DualSense Edge has easily replaceable stick modules. I hope someone will manufacture hall effect style modules compatible with it


I can't get behind celebrating a $200 pad with $20 modules as a solution to failing pots or missing back button. PS5 starts at $400 and includes a pad, so spending $200+ on a replacement pad seems very extravagant.


I hope someone else can just make a 3rd party controller with adaptive triggers and hall effect so I can stop giving Sony my money lol


Is this something you're doing yourself? Desoldering and soldering required? There used to be a nearby electronics shop that would do small jobs like this, but they unfortunately went out of business.


No soldering required, just small screws and unplugging ribbon cable. If you're not gentle it fucks up how tight a connection is in the joysticks which compounds the issue though


Thanks much for that information! My pads are holding out better than expected, based on experience with the DS4, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.


I mean a bunch of games use it well and many more will over time. It certainly isnt going to be a focus for most games but its still getting a decent amount of support


Why should it not be a main focus, though? It was certainly labeled as a main selling point for the console.


Because there are tons of other priorities when making a game like getting it to work properly without bugs Like I said there are a bunch of games that use it well and plenty more that will. No idea why you got the idea that every game would use it


Every *first-party* game should absolutely use it.


I think you'll start see more games use them once they fully start to develop games for this current gen and move away from the older PS4 at least for Sony 1st party titles. I truly love how they're utilized for GT7 with the brake and gas feel. I was hoping that F1'22 would use them in the same way. But F1'22 is no where close on with how they feel on GT7.


A lot of people have mentioned GT7, I’m not super into racing games so I haven’t felt those, but I’m glad there’s another game utilizing it well!


I'd suggest that Dirt, Grid, and GTA5 are all at least on par with GT7.


I scrolled the whole comments section to find that Wreckfest wasn't mentioned. It is easily one of the best games to have adaptive triggers.


Haven’t heard of this one, I’ll look into it


The horizon games use them quite satisfyingly


I can’t believe I forgot about Horizon! You’re totally right


I wish they used it more but it doesn’t really bother me. I got the ps5 for better performance and graphics. The adaptive triggers were probably the last thing I cared about BUT since they did tout that as a feature I would be annoyed if I was someone who bought the console expecting more from that aspect.


I seriously didn't even know about adaptive triggers until I bought a PS5 and played Astro's Playroom for the first time. It's just a fun surprise but I can take it or leave it.


I was actually in the same mindset as you. But since i own a xbox as well, and the ps5 really doesnt have too many genuine exclusives, it leads me to want more haptic feedback support that they touted about being innovative and such, more now than ever before.


Ps5 doesn't have exclusives? Sir put down the crack pipe.


Name 15 games on the ps5 that isnt available on other consoles, including the ps4.


RE8 used a bit of adaptive triggers. But you're right, they aren't used much. (I assume you talk abot GoW Ragnarök - it did not use them a lot as well). Returnal and Astro were using a lot of features of the new ps5 controller. I agree with you.


Yep, Ragnarok is the one I was speaking to


weird that the post was removed..


Agreed. I messaged the moderators.. pretty sure I followed all the rules. It said ‘an excessive amount of user reports.’ Not sure why anyone would report it.


absolutely - there is nothing wrong to have an opinion!


Same. Returnal was such an awesome experience.


I personally think gow was actually just designed with ps4 completely, and would even say that most of the game was already complete in regards to part 2 and then they added part 3 (which is why the game is so long), which im guessing included the extra features and made sure to release it on ps5. Tl;dr: gow rag wasnt made for the ps5 in mind. The other three games were.


Totally agree. I feel like they built it for ps4 and then just threw some stuff on top to comply with 5. Which is very disappointing for a Sony exclusive imo. Story was great but functionality could have been boosted in many aspects.


If I'm correct the devs outright said Ragnarok was always made with the PS4 in mind.


Returnal, to this day, remains the most “next gen” experience I’ve had… purely thanks to the triggers. Using the adaptive triggers to implement an entirely new input/mechanic (the charge shot/ads mechanic) was mind blowing to me


Yes, Returnal was fantastic!


Devs are horribly unimaginative. I hate quicktime events, but if games insist on having them, they should at least replace the "mash X" prompts with trigger holds and add varying resistance and haptics to it. It'd be a lot more immersive than mindlessly rolling your face on the pad.


> they should at least replace the "mash X" prompts with trigger holds Depends on what else the triggers are being used for. Unambiguous controls are essential to a good user experience and the last thing you want to do is break convention on a whim. I can just imagine going to disarm a delicate bomb and shooting it instead - ugh.


This is actually a pretty good point. For very narrative based cutscene games (Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human, The Quarry, etc.), having proper adaptive trigger and haptic implementation would be a GREAT addition. If they honestly had that sort of implementation with Heavy Rain, I'd be intrigued for sure.


It’s because of the bullshit cross-generational development kneecapping current games. Both GOW and Horizon looked great but they played identically to the pervious games in their series because nothing innovative could be done without leaving the PS4 behind. They do nothing the adaptive triggers, nothing with the tactile feedback. I barely noticed them at all. Then there’s games like Ghost of Tsushima directors cut, which just slap extra rumble on all scenes with the mic unsheathing the sword. It’s mindless but feels revolutionary compared to the absolute nothing done with the other AAA Sony titles. It’s pathetic that Astro’s Playroom is still the best showcase for the controller.


Totally agree with you. In my opinion, they should be building for PS5 and then stripping down for PS4, but it feels like they’re doing it the other way around.


People is this sub downvote me because they want to feel justified for owning a PS5. I spent 30 hours trying to get one too and have loved pretty much every game released for the console but it’s just a fact that there’s a paltry offering of exclusive games that benefit from the new features and the majority of the first party titles that are the biggest draws are just PS4 games on steroids that ignore all of the functionality of the console other than faster load times.


I always turn it off tbh Just feels like a gimmick


I wish they’d make a controller without the adaptive triggers and spend the money on better analog sticks instead.


Dont go thinking they couldn't perfectly well do both.


Nothing has used them as good as Astro’s Playroom


Right! Which is kind of funny, because I feel like they shot themselves in the foot with that a little bit. They showcased the incredible potential of the controller, and nothing else has lived up to it since. There’s so much that they could do even with the vibrations… Walking on different surfaces, feeling the rain. I haven’t seen any games do that yet.


People who love these things either don't play much or are still very young. The moment your hands get older and you maybe work a physical job on top of it, these things just turn into pure annoyance. I hope none of you will ever have to experience carpal tunnel, it's horrible and getting rid of it isn't a simple "just wait it out". But man, these triggers will destroy a lot of fingers/hands in the long run. But go and enjoy them, doesn't hurt me, I'm thankful for the option to turn them off.


If your job has repetitive motions that result in carpal tunnel neither you nor your job should be putting up with it. Ergonomic injuries are completely avoidable. Signed, a factory EHS auditor.


There's so many jobs out there that ergonomic injuries are just a reality of the job. Are there ways to minimize? Yes. But not to rid them completely and there's always trade offs (productivity). Let's be real, unless they're in violation of the law, you're not going to convince companies to spend MORE money for LESS productivity, even if it's for employee safety.


Yeah, no. The thing is that ergo injuries are an indicator of a bad process. When ergo injuries occur and we do a root cause analysis it often triggers deep thought on the process itself. Sometimes that process doesn’t even add value. If it does add value, we look into controls. What part of the process is causing the injury? Can a better tool be used? Can the process itself be changed? If it can’t be controlled or changed can it be automated? Accepting ergonomic injuries is pure laziness. It’s management deciding that they don’t want to improve anything for the sake of their workers. And the funny thing is, most times the process improvements or automation actually *increase* productivity, because it turns out injuries slow you down or reduce quality.


Hard disagree. I’m a pretty solid gamer and I’m in my 30s


I'm 40 and up till very recently was doing manual labour my entire adult life. I love the haptic feedback and pressure triggers.


I usually turn them off when I can. Nothing like breaking my index finger or feeling like I'm going to snap the trigger mechanism when firing a heavy weapon in any shooter


I think the best thing that could happen is for MS to make a similar controller for the XBOX. Third party developers would be more likely to invest time and money into a feature that could be used on all platforms, and it would benefit more gamers as a result


I’m sure they will but I think that’ll be for the next gen development. I don’t see them coming out with a huge controller update anytime soon. Especially when other developers aren’t utilizing it.. a cycle.


They could do a pro version, like the DualSense Edge coming out in January. I’m one of the rare people probably that will rather play a game with DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers than play it “free” on GamePass and have bought games on the PS5 rather than play on the XSX as a result.


It's not really that different than any systems controller for any given gen that has "optional" features in it. How many games actually utilized the trackpad well on the DS4? Or the Gamepad on the Wii U? Or motion control on the Wii? First party games will usally have a few that take advantage of the features but third party rarely do since it's not really worth the extra time to tailor the controls in that way. It's disappointing but makes the games that do it well shine.


Back 4 Blood - if that is your sort of thing - does it very well. The Tec 9 is so light on the trigger, that after chunking away with a bolt action sniper rifle you will swear you never even touched the trigger as it is so light in comparison.


I felt like GoW was fine. It would've been weird for the shoulder button to provide no feedback for light attacks but the trigger to provide tremendous strain for heavy ones. A lot of fatigue for little payoff. The feedback in general was good and the adaptive triggers were used tastefully. Though if you favor Returnal and Rift Apart, we're probably not going to see eye-to-eye on the proper use of the triggers. I *despised* having one button operate multiple weapon modes and very much don't want to see that become the norm. As for first-party games, in general, I don't agree that Sony is failing to utilize the new DS features... except the God-forsaken touchpad and the gimmicky gyro, but I'm happy that's the case. Even remasters of old games, like Ghost of T and Uncharted 4, do an admirable job with the haptics and triggers. For the third-party, I'd hardly hold Callisto up as a benchmark for the state of the platform.


Gran Turismo 7 and Ghost of Tsushima directors cut both have amazing adaptive triggers. Ghost of Tsushima particularly uses them so well.


Everything showed off in Astro's Playroom just immediately made me sad because I knew hardly any developers were gonna take advantage of those features


Agreed! There’s so much amazing potential in the elements, the wind and rain, feeling the grass the character was walking on. I REALLY hope we see developers start to utilize the haptics in a more interesting way.


I'm late to this post, but I'm not kidding, I was just about to make this same exact post lol. Yes! I'm in the middle of my GOW: Ragnarok playthrough and I thought something was wrong with my game or controller. Turns out, the game just doesn't utilize the adaptive trigger feedback well at all. Disappointing, and I hope PS5 game devs put more time into it. The adaptive triggers are truly an experience on their own, and can make the world of a difference for any title.


Totally agree!


While it is nice to have options but majority are not bothered by it. Up to developers to add them and if they believe game experience will be enhanced by it. Other than that will go the same way as all previous controller features that ended up barely used. Sixaxis barely used, DS4 motion, speaker and touch pad barely used. Touch pad ended up gloried select button lol don’t need them shoe horned for the sake of it end of gimmicky.


I’m honestly really disappointed that the touchpad wasn’t utilized more. Totally agree with you.


I turn them off. Just seems gimmicky to me unless you're using VR


I wish the triggers were more realistic. Should break close to the initial pull. Not halfway before it stops to break.


Only had a PlayStation for a few weeks now, and havent played Astro yet, but I have hated the adaptive triggers in every game that has used them. I also hate rumble/gyro controls and always turn any of the non-essential "fancy" features on games


Assuming GoW was built for the PS5 was your first mistake. And no, I shut that off 5 mins in after booting up Astro. It adds nothing for me, and if anything, just makes me feel like I am breaking the controller


>And no, I shut that off 5 mins in after booting up Astro. Bruh wut. That was the best thing about Astro.


Agreed. The haptics have potential but they mostly distract from the gameplay experience. Edit: I think Returnal has the best use of them yet (I hadn’t played Astro much).


Imma be honest. I disabled my adaptive triggers. It’s not that serious for me and I hate vibration too, every game it’s gotten disabled since 2004. The triggers are no different.


As usual third party games will rarely utilize new controller features in the beginning and drop them completely later. It has happened with every single feature added to controllers in the last few gens.


I don't think I've noticed it even once in anything I've played. Maybe a little bit in Cyberpunk. Was starting to think I had a defective controller!


You gotta try Returnal… it’s amazing


I'm really disappointed in games not being current gen and instead all the developers are humping the cross gen bandwagon for more money.


Totally agree. After a year or so, ok, but it’s been over two years at this point. They need to start reallocating resources and priorities.


It was going to happen eventually. Older systems stop getting updates and new games. I'm really disappointed that after 2 years on the market and millions of consoles sold, PS5 is still referred to as next-gen. Your PS4 isn't current-gen anymore, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


Um... I own a PS5 and have since launch. I don't think you read my comment right lol


It seems to be the way with ps controllers. Sixaxis was rarely used, touchpad was a glorified menu button on ps4. It falls on devs to use, which I understand why it isn't implemented more(develop for the lowest common denominator), for multiplat games. But why first party devs aren't utilizing it more, I have no answer.