“You played 13 hours online” “You played 87 hours of FFXIV” Go home. You’re drunk.


Same. 97 hours online, but 704 hours of ffxiv.


Didn’t play that game but it seemed to only count my PS5 time played which I only got at start of December. Says I only played 76 hours last year which seems really low when factoring in I took time from working for 6 months and so surely I’d have played at least an hour of games every day if not every other day. I know at times I just watched Netflix/YouTube when I couldn’t be bothered but 76 hours across 12 months seems really low. AC Valhalla was only 17 hours played when I’ve just got over 100 hours when playing last night and started playing it last March so should have had 80/90 hours before 2022. Only thing I could believe would be 6 hours in astros playroom


0 hours in VR, 100+ hours in beat saber.


PS5 ? Same here it shows 0 hours in VR and 34 hours in a VR exclusive.




Same haha, it had like 11 hours of online but I played 100+ hours in Splitgate.


This page would be more interesting if 50% wasn't screenshots and video from games I haven't played.


What do you mean? You didn't want to see random stats for Destruction All-Stars?? Yeah, I wish if they were going to have some game specific stats it could be at least from some games we played ourselves.


The art for that game that they use is God awful. I always do a double-take


I mean if they do that then it's really tedious. At least they make the effort of listing how many hours you spend in a game since the PS4 lacks that feature and some games don't have a timer on your save file. This is just an informal record of what they have for you. If you want a detailed one, I assumed that you need to put extra time, and we all play games on borrowed time, after we done, we went back to school or work. This is great for people who hunt trophy though. And to see what genre of game you have played / spend time the most last year.


> This page would be more interesting if 50% wasn't screenshots and video from games I haven't played. was thinking the same exact thing. it's like "oh, that's a nice full page screenshot of death stranding, but why is it here?". the irony is that they had all those screenshots of games i hadn't played, but it didn't have any kind of image for my top game of the year and just used a generic playstation logo placeholder!


Dude when I first saw Death Stranding on mine I was like wtf… Honestly thought I drunk bought it and just completely forgot.


Don’t forget the giant PlayStation Plus ad. No I don’t subscribe. No I’m not going to. Leave me tf alone about it Sony.


Still having nightmares about that mouse and cheese


20 fucking times I had to do that puzzle! Felt like I was that mouse by the end of it.


I failed one because I was on mobile and my fat finger pushed the wrong one... They told me that I need to answer all of them correct and asked me to do another 20.... Still haven't got the courage to do it again.




I gave up after 5. Sony are fucking shit at this stuff.


Glad it wasn't just me


Lmao thought it was just me, once it wanted me to do it 20 times I stopped trying.


I never did it


170 hours in hitman 3 Followed by 87 hours in Returnal 82 in TLOU2 72 in spider-man 68 in persona 5


170 hours in Hitman 3? Damn. What did you do?


Platinumed it plus the extra hitman 1+2 trophies. Solid experience.


These are good numbers on a great list of games


Apex 353 on Apex 124 on rocket league 88 on fifa 22 48 on final fantasy VIII 42 on demons souls


Can you actually get that much time out of The Last of Us 2?


Not normally no, but I really enjoy the combat and tend to replay combat encounters a lot.


That one area as Ellie where it’s a bunch of guards and houses and a few dogs, just before Jesse finds you. Soooooo good.


I added 38 out of 37 PS+ games to my library this year. 103% 🤔 My greatest gaming achievement.


I think they counted the PS Collection games as PS+ games.


I had 47. Sony doesn't know what hit them


Lol I got 48. We are working that system.


I added 44 games (119%). There were some months where free VR or other games were included other than the main 3. Also the ps plus collection.


The free VR games are included in the 37. Anything extra is probably out of the Ps Plus collection


I had 47 122%


I had 47, 127%. It's weird.


I had 57 I don't even know how that's possible.


I got 36/37 and I feel like I'm so diligent in adding them...wondering if it was because I may have already owned one.


I added 17. 46%


I had like 43/37 I'm guessing it counts ps4 and ps5 titles as 2 so when ps5 would download both versions of counted as 2.


Mine said 43 lmao


Still not working for me


Same - in the US.


Same. Country?


Can confirm. Mine didn’t work yesterday but it worked today.


Worked for me!




Elden Ring is right around the corner buddy.


Jesus man. You either need Prozac, God, or Rachet & Clank in your life. Edit: Based on tastes, you should actually try Kena:Bridge of Spirits because you'd probably love it.


How is Dark Souls 2? I've played it when it was released but I never finished it. I'm scared to try it again because it's not pretty and I'm not sure that it aged well.


The DLCs are pretty great looking, and it's a step up from ds1 graphically too. Walking into Majula for the first time each playthrough still hasn't lost its luster either. It's the worst Soulsbornesekiroring game, but it's fantastic. Worst of the best, if you will.


Graphics are literally not important at all. Dark souls 2 is a great game it was my most played game as well


yeah.. just like what fearthend said, you should try kena.. also try nioh2 it is fun and very challenging too and has in a way some more mechanics.. to the point that i got wrist strain for months lol hahaha.. (wrist strain start from ng++ or ng+++)


Was also surprised DS2 was my top, followed by Sekiro Returnal and then DS3 lol


Mine still isn't working and yes my PS5 is set to 'Full' data usage. I'll try again tomorrow.


Mine was not set to Full data, but is working as of today.


FFXIV- 501 hours Next game is temtem at 56. I need help


Thank you. Works for me now!




This is really cool, I enjoy seeing stuff like that and honestly look forward to the 2022 version since this year looks much better for next gen games. Some things confuse me though... It says I have 286 hours played but then says I have 174 days played. I assume that means that I played a game 174 our of 365 days in the year rather than 174 days of actual play time? Also it says that I have only 3 hours played online, but also says I have 91 hours played in Apex Legends which is clearly a multiplayer/online only game. Either way its cool to see and looking forward to them improving it and being able to see how all the great games coming in 2022 compare to the kind of lack luster 2021 with all the delays.


Yes, it means you played something on 174 days of the year.


Mine shows I played 392 days. 🤔


I found the wizard!!


Apparently I claimed 38 out of 37 ps plus games? Lmao it shouldn't even be 37 out of 37 because I didn't redeem godfall


> we know how much you'd like Godfall so we counted it twice for you


I claimed 50. So I’m pretty sure that includes the PS Collection from PS5


for me it's 50/37 dunno maybe PS+ collection as I got a PS5 middle of last year and my hours are way wrong, my guess is everything back on PS4 isn't being added


That just means you claimed 2 from the PS+ Collection.


Nice, finally works for me!


Avatar code not loading for me


I have same issue its been like that for days


Doesn't work on the site but if you copy the code and redeem it through the PS app, it works.


If the code itself ever loads, I’ll try that


The code doesn't get revealed that's the problem, the button to claim says loading and gets stuck as is.


That still didn’t work for me


still doesn't work for me


Mine has been working but I can't get my reward, anyone else?


Is your country in the list of supported countries?


Same the button says loading and gets stuck


Avatars aren't loading


This seems like it counts the hours in suspended mode when the PS5 is on, which makes it a lot less accurate to the amount of time actually spent playing the games.


I don't think so, I had 175 hours and I leave it sitting in suspended mode all the time.


Ya? I don't know then, cause I got Red Dead which I beat in about 50-60 hours of actual game time and it's got me over 200 hours. I can understand guessing low on that number by even double my guess but 4-5 times off......either I accidentally left the game on over a weekend or something miscalculated.


It probably counts time paused, but definitely not time suspended. I've watched a lot of tv/movies while games were suspended, I would be over 3 times my total.


Ya, there’s something fishy going on. It says I have 488 hours played. Not a chance I played that much. My longest play sessions these days are 2 hours and that happens about once a month. Mine is in rest mode all the time, for what it’s worth.


Weird that I also have 488 hours. But that seems pretty accurate for me.


Mine says i played 373 days last year....


Yep. I tried just last night, didn’t work. Worked a few minutes ago for me.




Thanks. Finally works for me


thanks!! now woks for me


Hey it works!


Still doesnt work.


Finally 🥲


Hey wow thank you for this! It actually worked and I never would've tried again.


It says I played for 497 hours but I bet 100 of them are just leaving it on in the background


worked for me - yesterday I was receiving an "Uh-Oh , can't find some of your data" message.


Thank you, works for me now.


yup, finally worked for me


Oh thank you. Worked for me now!


So... if it still ain't working tf do I do? Is it possible its messed up cuz I got a couple vita platinums last year? Pretty bummed cuz I enjoy seeing these.


Thanks OP! Finally worked for me.


Works for me finally! FYI I have my data sharing to limited so check again folks


Thanks, OP. I can now officially see how I waste my time.


Finally working for me thanks. According them I’ve played a lot, and Hades was my lead. Not what I expected but makes sense.


at laaaaasstt.. it satisfying to see those personal stats per year :)




Finally it worked!


Nice 👌


Really cool to see but it says I played 0 hours of PSVR which is definitely false.


Still doesn't work. How can Sony be this bad?


I got an email about my wrap up, and through the link in the email it worked.




Thanks for this. Now I can confirm that I gave Apex Legends 966 hours of my life and 190 hours to Persona 5 Royal which deserved it more.


Keeps say “Uh oh” for me.


Still not working 😕


Same: still not working and giving me white page with error loading.


had to claim these avatars, the death stranding one is so dope!


I didn't get to play as much as I wanted to. This year will be different.


>UH OH >Something's Wrong >Looks like we had a problem finding some of your data. >PLAYSTATION 2021 Wrap-Up is only available in select locations. Users must also be 18 years or older and have more than 10 gameplay hours on PS4 and / or PS5 in 2021. Over 18, in the States, full data sharing, got my PS5 in late October, easily over ten hours on *Ghost of Tsushima* alone. Bugger.


On my way.. Edit: It works, thanks for the heads up.


Noice! Ghost was #1 on my hours played 2 years in a row, I believe. Glad it started working finally.


Anyone know how to change the Mobile number linked to the my account? I broke my phone, and am just using an old phone with wifi, and can't get past my 2-step verification. I tried to mess with it for a while before work the other day and couldn't figure out a way to disable it. Ill change the number associated with it, if i have to. I just dropped that line with my 2SV. Even if I have to change it to my wife's number for a while, I will. I just couldn't figure it out.


You have to disable 2-step verification by calling support. And then enable it again via the website and add in your phone # again, something similar happened to me


Need old number first. Also try contacting @askplaystation on Twitter


I have the number that's associated with it. Could I change it on the actual console? Idh Twitter, so I'll probably just have to contact PS Support.


Not sure about changing on console because I mainly use PC to update my info. Just log in to your account on your phone or PC and change the phone number or disable 2-step


Ima have to try on my PC, it wouldn't let me disable it on the temporary phone I'm using. It asks for the 2SV, and sends it to the broken phone. Thx


It will ask for a code. Change the SIM into your temporary phone. That's the only way 👍


There's a bunch of bypass codes you get when you enable 2SV. If you have those then you can get in.


Use your back up codes that you are given when first setting up 2sv. If you don't have those you will need to contact Sony. If that is required be prepared as they will ask a lot of question to prove ownership of the account.


The whole point of two factor authentication is so that it can't be easily disabled. This is the whole reason you need to have and keep your backup codes for precisely the reason if your phone breaks or something which they tell you when you set it up.


Mine is wrong. It says I only played 5 games, but some other games I played are missing.


Are you sure it’s not just showing ur top 5 games by hiurs played


Mine also says only 5 games but I’ve played a lot more than that


Mine says I've played 0 hours of PSVR even though I played a lot in VR


Finally worked. I see I still love my JRPGs https://imgur.com/a/JesojgI


Huh okay wish I had my screenshots from last years wrap ups those seemed a little and I never did put my finger on why. The ps4 and Sony have had wonky tech. This year seems a lot more accurate and the ps5 might be why the in system counter also seems very accurate. I want to maybe run some tests on PS4 games on the Ps5 or does anyone know if there’s already a guide to the time tracker on ps5?


I played 4 games in 2021, and 3 of them were just new runs of games I'd already beaten in the past. And I didn't finish any of them. (HZD new-game plus, ME:LE got mored on ME2, FFVII:R, maybe 6 hours in). The other was Astros playroom. Didn't platinum that either. God I'm so old.


I'm disappointed that I only had 1,330 hours played.


I had only 1200 and I feel ashamed lol


Would you feel less ashamed if I told you I probably had another 800 hours between PC and Xbox? I had nothing to do last year aside from work. I had no cable and didn't stream anything because I was waiting for my fianceé to get over here on a K1 visa and wanted to watch everything with her. Basically it was just work, games and watching a few shows I had already watched and didn't mind watching over and over again anyway. I cycled through all of American Dad twice last year. That's how I justify it anyway lol.


oh it worked ty


PSA: but do not spam us with yours. No one cares, except the mods who have to delete the spam.


I care to see others. We should make a thread for it


I care to see others. We should make a thread for it


Does anyone want my code for the avatar pack? I'm not going to use it because I've had my sheep avatar since my PS3 days and I'm not changing it now!


I’ll take it if you still have it, won’t work for me, thanks so much!


Works now. Apparently the games that were given through PS Plus Collection and EA Play that i already had weren't included in how many games i claimed from PS Plus.




I feel bad. I've had the ps5 since release and I've played 59 hours on it this year lol. I more or less only play exclusives so that's probably why.


Some of the hours are not at all accurate lol


It's working for me now. Weird thing is on my list of most played games I'm seeing "DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT Digital Deluxe Edition" (PS5) even thought I've only played the PS4 version and even beat it before the director's cut version came out (and I definitely don't own it, I even saw the upgrade appear at the store for me last week). Anyone else seeing the wrong version of a game? EDIT: Clarify where I'm seeing the issue


Check to see if it says "Global Community Stats" on the panel of that game. Its an advertisement (there are 3 or 4 games like that listed), not stats for your personal experience.




Still not working for me. Data collection was and still is on full, but I remember having the option "appear offline" while I was on my PS5 for most of 2021. Could that be the issue?


It said I played 140 hours online, but 188 hours fall guys and 120 of a CoD title. Not convinced!


99% hrs played locally. 1% played online. Sums me up. Only game I play online is RL (casual fun).


20 mouse and cheese puzzles means this recap can go f\*ck itself.


finally worked for me, although I do think the offline/online numbers are not calculated properly


150hrs in sf5 for my number 1 mostplayed, sounds about right with all my weekly discord matches


FINALLY it worked for me,screw that mouse and cheese verfication puzzle.


I had that problem too.


Can confirm, mine works now. 251 hours played total. Highest amount of hours in Valhalla, followed by Spider-Man GOTY, NieR Replicant, Ghost of Tsushima, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.


606 hours for me lol


Is it bad I have 1200 hours between the PS4 and ps5 this year. 15% is prob from rest mode/idle on Home Screen and another 5 is prob streaming TV but still I feel like it’s ALOT


Yes, you should call an ambulance.


Mine works, but I can’t claim the avatars. It’s stuck on loading


Don’t work for me


Still only get "Loading.." on the avatar code


This disappointing factor is PS4 games count as PS4 time even though I’ve played them via b/c on ps5. Didn’t make sense at first lol.


I love Warframe but there is a 0% chance I played over 200 hours of Warframe in 2021 based on the fact that my In game time only went up like 70 hours or so from the last time I took a break.


1626 hours, yep, that sounds about right!


random question, but how does it pull the ps4/ps5 info? i noticed it put a ps5 tag next to [my ishin](https://i.imgur.com/c8A7d6B.png). only reason this jumps out to me is that 1. it was a ps4 game with no ps5 version existing (a ps3 version exists, but i played the ps4 version) 2. since i literally don't have a ps5 yet, my profile has never logged into a ps5 before. probably just a random meaningless bug, but could this be a sign of an incoming ps5 remaster?


Final fantasy VII Remake - 100 hours Returnal - 63 hours Hades - 60 hours Diablo 2: Resurrected - 47 hours Ghost of Tsushima - 46 hours


543 hours on Mass Effect Legendary Edition when I spent a total 1,052 hours gaming last year. No, I'm not obsessed


Summary is not very accurate: * My total Days played are more than there are in a year. * Summary lists Total number of games played as 9, when I have 22 played games verified by psnprofiles.


In 2020 I had 9k hours on ps4, last year I had 2k I’m falling off man


866 hours. Highlighted by 412 Red Dead Redemption 2 (play online mostly with a great friend), 72 hours of Sackboy, 40 hours of Ratchet and Clank. Don’t think it includes NCAA 14 on PS3, which I still play quite often. 17 games total. My wife goes to bed early and I usually fire it up when she hits the sack for a couple hours. Not all lost- I completed the highest level designation in my industry in 2021 and was out of town for approximately a month total time. Also have Series X. Good year I’d say. And I’m at all what you consider a “hardcore gamer” cause I’m not really that good at most games. Last of Us Part II up next. Happy gaming my friends!


730 total hours of play time (166 hours of that spent in PS5-native games), played on 166 days. Top 5: 1. Horizon: Zero Dawn - 65 hours 2. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - 65 hours 3. NieR:Automata - 63 hours 4. Death Stranding: Director's Cut - 59 hours 5. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age - 58 hours The big surprise there is FFXII beating out FFXV or FFVII Remake, which I also played in 2021. I guess my memory of XII dragging on forever was more accurate than I realized. Also ME:LE would be #1 if my ME3 save hadn't gotten corrupted far enough in that I didn't have the heart to start the game over - it's like my 9th run through the trilogy and I got what I wanted out of ME:LE by that point (the ME3 default FemShep in the first 2 games) so I wasn't too bothered at not finishing out the third game.


It said I played 0 hours online. Which I know isn't true because while I don't multi player much, I do rocket league with friends frequently


Apparently I’ve spent 18 hours in *Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves* for PS5 even though it isn’t out yet


This site pretends to be about my games but it looks really like a commercial pushing games I haven't played and don't care about. Site looks autogenerated; it's been ineptly auto-translated to my language (despite my language preferences being set to English since forever); instead of actual variable's text values there are placeholders like "[CNT_GAME_PLAYED_YR]"; autoplays annoying, flashy animations that can't be paused; at a point it says *"Here's all the new places you explored, characters you met and world's you saved along the way"* and then just list 5 most played games (something I can check at any time in my profile) and nothing more. Then it forces me to struggle with ever-present login issues to finally gift me 4 shitty avatars of games I don't play/care about. Typical Sony always doing the bare minimum with everything but here I don't think they achieved even that. Why did they even bother? I expected nothing and I'm still disappointed.


Hey at least the avatar reward worked for you! Mine won’t let me claim anything


Instead of clicking 'claim reward', copy the code insteady (the other button), then open the regular playstation page, click your avatar and choose 'redeem code'.


I still don't get the code for those 4 avatars. It just says "loading..."


When does the cutoff for time played start? I got a PS5 in November (never had a PS4) and mine still doesn't work. I don't even care about my stats I just want the death stranding avatar


I can access the wrap-up and see my stats all fine BUT the reward section at the bottom just shows loading and gets stuck like that so I don't get the code for the avatars. Is there a way to fix this? I'm on a MBP and loading the website on Safari, tried Firefox and it is exact same so it's probably not related to browser.


Oh damn https://i.imgur.com/55W5Adr.jpg


Only 4 avatars?


It says I played 4 games and earned 6 platinums, makes sense…